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Amit Singhal, SVP, Search, Google - The Story of Search

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Music Mania (1 month ago)
This guy is terminated on sexual charges
Shobha Kumar (1 month ago)
Didn't this loser grope a woman at a Google retreat and was fired with a 35 million dollar settlement? Such an embarrassment! Take him off damn YouTube!
Gordon Jenkins (1 month ago)
Bangin' chicks at work for 35 Million Bucks is just plane awesome! Pornstars don't even get that for bangin' chicks at the office. Google Rape culture rocks for "brownies".
Genius123 (1 month ago)
check your facts racist https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/oct/25/google-andy-rubin-android-creator-payoff-sexual-misconduct-report
Jac X (1 month ago)
Why just for brownies you racist pig.
Me (4 months ago)
Here I am commenting on a google owned platform. Only thing i am concerned about is the search algorithm in the brain of our future generation, what will happen if they lose their phone, will they be able to locate themselves, find nearest help, or even interact with any person to get to their destination. Hey, their are sign boards and bill boards around you. Yes google has sorted out things for us, but to a certain level it has destroyed analytical and personal skills of many.
min thit (7 months ago)
Really amazing and empowering. The 'Now Card' part is a little creepy though. How will they make sure which info is not creepy for users?
Chander kant (10 months ago)
Jst amazing sir
Rahul Siyanwal (1 year ago)
This guy is amazing and passionate about his work but the audience is so dead.
Reji Mon (1 year ago)
Nice Video! I can not go away from this page without sharing some thing my daughter Jwala told me about search when she was in elementary school. It was one fine evening and I was browsing net after dinner and she was frantically looking for something in her table where she was doing her work. "What are you looking for Jwala ?" I asked. "My home work which I finished earlier" - she replied almost crying as she could not find it. Sarcastically i passed a comment "One should know where one keeps important stuff" Moments passed. She walked up to me very mad and sad and asked very seriously "Can't you atleast search it in Google for me instead of watching youtube while I am suffering here?". Want to know more about her? Look here: http://www.JwalaRejimon.com
Marten Benatar (1 year ago)
I came here from Coursera. I really like your presentation. I personally am more concerned about misinformation and inaccurate information. It has become very troublesome on the internet. With misinformation it feels more like indoctrination, because many people believe if it is on the internet, that it must be true. Yes. Googles search engines have come a long ways. I applaud you for your advancements. The best search engine IMHO to date would be a search engine that can differentiate between accurate and false information.
Manny M. (6 months ago)
I came from Coursera too. I however do not trust any corporation (especially one that has a monopoly on the internet) to decide what is fake and what is not. Google already penalizes conservative YouTube channels. I don't want them in charge of deciding what is true.
krishna koduma (6 months ago)
i came from coursera as well mate @marten benatar
healthdios (2 years ago)
just because this muddafukar is ugly as fuck....with his shrek looking self,doesn't mean he wouldn't try to fuck any female that crosses his ways....this repugnant human being gets horny like any other normal looking person
Chris Kelly (2 years ago)
He quoted spiderman...a version anyway "with great power (privilege) comes great responsibility". It a good one.
Nicardo Smith (2 years ago)
Muhammad Aasim. I am here from coursera.org SEO after your presence. To reply to your thought. I believe we will make something that people want to search for instead of us trying to find people.
Hammad Haseeb (2 years ago)
Really inspiring
Wayne Phillips (3 years ago)
7:03 Yes, I can think of something more empowering. Imagine if everyone can be like the entity *Q*!
Matthew Gore (3 years ago)
Is utility or functionality formulated to evoke explicit concerns and deny pragmatic concern, though? The hardware needs to get into the hands of the third world, first of all. Then how content is being shared needs to be addressed, Translate and Facebook don't integrate so well, FYI. THEN, one can formulate experiences relevantly. And, metaphorically, not by AdWords alone, not using only inferences but by the Nocturne, by the daily rhythm of news and song.

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