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Top 10 Best Super Bowl 50 Commercials (2016 Funniest Ads)

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Top 10 Best & Funniest Super Bowl Commercials! (NFL Football The Big Game - Superbowl 50s best Ads) What video do you want to see next? Song: Tobu - Hope Other Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/FCGlitching Commercial's Names & Brands 1. Snickers - Marilyn Monroe, Williem Dafoe 2. Hyundai - First Date W/ Kevin Hart 3. Coca Cola - Brotherly Love 4. Doritos - Super Bowl Baby 5. Taco Bell - Quesalupa 6. Coca Cola - Mini Hulk vs Ant Man 7. Buick - Ft Emily Ratajkowski 8. Heinz Ketchup - Wiener Stampede 9. T-Mobile - Drop The Balls With Steve Harvey 10. Toyota - Prius Please Subscribe and Like the Video for More Entertaining videos like this one on Trend Crave! Business Inquiries: [email protected]
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Text Comments (6417)
Nor Aniza Azmi (10 hours ago)
R.I.P Avicii 1:43 hey brother,you'll always be remembered
Juno Marz (15 hours ago)
Aww the puppy add!!! Ahhhh I’m dying of cuteness!!😆
Nicole Thompson (17 hours ago)
Big f.chichijf
sid tallamraju (23 hours ago)
3:11 best ad ever
GTA GANG LEADER (1 day ago)
He rong for that
I've just came here because I saw the KEVIN HART THUMBNAIL
Jason Ross (2 days ago)
very nice!
Ameya Shetty (2 days ago)
That Doritos ad
Mia Brown (2 days ago)
I died at the first one XD
Eric Fukawa (2 days ago)
I cant believe they got a Neymar cameo
Mixed Groved (3 days ago)
1:52 Im crying rn #RIP #Avicii
Chris Edwall (3 days ago)
Not football, **soccer
Rigel (3 days ago)
Tried to skip an ad to watch ads (Said by some dude who's name i forgot...) Also the third clip offend me so bad cuz im a big brother myself, and i have a sister who's 10years younger than me, and i love her so dearly
Robert Hughes (3 days ago)
Kevin Hart one is CUTE at best. Considering it a "Best" in the SUBERBOWL COMMERCIAL category is ludicrous. That should be reserved for commercials that knock your socks off.
kaltan the gamer (4 days ago)
I love the third one
Ralynn (5 days ago)
The last ad just basically said "It is possible to make a getaway in a Prius"
Tobi Zero (5 days ago)
Avicii and Queen are what make my life
Lucas Mackey (6 days ago)
You Messing with the wrong daddy!
danielle barksdale (6 days ago)
There are 2 of the same baby dorito ad in A ROW
Janet Miller (7 days ago)
The Prius maded me LLOL.
Gabbi Durham (7 days ago)
2:45 understandable
Prodigy Productions (7 days ago)
The big brother little brother one was sad idk why tho
GeorgianMoBster (8 days ago)
3:41 that’s Hayes Grier on left
Zappy 4001 (8 days ago)
8:43 Chicago ?!
Debbie Lavers (9 days ago)
What the fuck is super bowl
Hannah Byers (9 days ago)
Really GOOD!!
Moritz Weiss (9 days ago)
My english teacher used this for his lesson
funnycatwazhere20 bob (9 days ago)
Hot dog Assemble 🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭
DRpancakestudios_LOL (9 days ago)
1:37 I feel the little brother my brother does that stuff to me all the time all of those things
DevilGearHill (11 days ago)
What the fuck is wrong with that elder brother ?! What, is that supposed to be endearing or something ? I am an elder brother, ten years difference with little bro and I've never treated him like this douchebag treats his ! WTF !? Why is this supposed to be endearing !?
itz satan (12 days ago)
We skipped an ad to see ads
Okie TC (13 days ago)
Tax payers must hate hulk
Kieran Henriques (13 days ago)
Watches a video that has only ads, skips the ad in the beginning of the video
Love yourself (13 days ago)
Watching a video full of ads and it has a ad in it😂😂❤
Somo Ch (13 days ago)
bonus content
Imalka Chandimali (13 days ago)
3rd more powerful
Con- Nater (13 days ago)
It’s kind of sad that we find ourselves ignoring commercials on TV, but now we are watching them for fun.
Mark Yates (13 days ago)
The coke commercial was super cringey Wow! I was that little brother but it's a Coke dear lord it's not that special haha!
Mark Yates (13 days ago)
I just remember a time when Super Bowl commercials were good and funny but rarely does that happen anymore lol.
Oodledoo Gaming (13 days ago)
You doubled one
itzzMajin (13 days ago)
How is that the hulk can take 4 big gulps when i can barely get 2 lmaoaoa
The dark Reble (13 days ago)
7:20 lol
Christian Martinez (14 days ago)
The coca-cola one is sad
DevilGearHill (11 days ago)
Why ? The elder brother is a douchebag ! It's not sad, it's fucking infuriating !
Tyler Gordon (14 days ago)
Ahmed Alam (14 days ago)
4:40 was so legendary. All the americans prob grinded their teeth watching that😂
LadyBug (14 days ago)
The wiener stampede made me cry because I just list my daschound October 9th
Voytek Zeglin (15 days ago)
Check out https://thewinner.is if you are looking for some unusual marketing tactics.
Surya Chhetri (15 days ago)
Doritos ads, In this video where the child's ultrasound, the father is calm and have a concern about the child's good health, but the doctor too is excited including the mother.
Dogaman (16 days ago)
repeating one so you reach 10minutes miserable
Mr Ramdom (17 days ago)
93 38
Mr Ramdom (17 days ago)
Mr Ramdom (17 days ago)
37 93
Mr Ramdom (17 days ago)
:33 ;":35 :29 :24 :21 :19" :12 :9 :6
Mr Ramdom (17 days ago)
Why did you do #4 2 touinmes lpotatoss.
Novanance (17 days ago)
i didnt even realize i was watching TrendCrave
Dafydd Rees-Jones (18 days ago)
What is the superbowl
RAZ0229 (19 days ago)
Unfortunate of me,I did watch the Dubbed Ones Of Almost Each Ad Above!
Mateusz Wojtkiewicz (19 days ago)
6:40 no, it's an Opel ;D
Cristian Playz (19 days ago)
The hot dog one made me melt
Olivia Renee (20 days ago)
The Doritos commercial 😂
Aokiji (20 days ago)
Hulk needs a snickers bar
Alpha Night Fury (21 days ago)
Bigger than football......the real football ...ok i'm dead
Space Panda :3 (21 days ago)
Lmao in 2:42
Onion Bagel (21 days ago)
Lexee Deitz (21 days ago)
Number three made me cry I’m literally crying my house is flooded with tears
Overwatch Squad (22 days ago)
At 1:55 it’s not even raining
Lila Franscatian (22 days ago)
They have a differant ad for coke in africa
Jacob Starr (22 days ago)
LoRiderr (23 days ago)
6:45 It’s a Buick...... badge on Vauxhall Astra.
Avi Hyatt (23 days ago)
7:11 is my destiny
AnthonyLikesDinos (23 days ago)
Avicii... :( Rest In Peace man
Wonderpanda123 Aj (24 days ago)
5:01 Illuminati confirmed
Blueberry McPhuckerson (24 days ago)
Did Kevin Hart fuckin' mouth "With the brim pulled way down low!" at 01:06? lol.
Tfgabe105 l (25 days ago)
I didn't know it was trendcraves channel till the end
Jelle Kunz (25 days ago)
Prius. Easy to steal.
Noobious McNoob (26 days ago)
cherz569 (26 days ago)
So the number 10 ad says that there cars are good for bank heist escapes?
MKBorn2000 (26 days ago)
"yes it's a Buick." No it literally isn't. It's an Opel with Buick logos...
Benjamin Ely (27 days ago)
#4 is my all time favorite
Clayton RBLX (27 days ago)
what about puppy monkey baby
Filip Zubic (28 days ago)
Coca-Cola as makes me sad
Emybell (28 days ago)
Half Savage (29 days ago)
At 6:26 rip the dress
Vici Krisdian (29 days ago)
Alicia Renee Williams (29 days ago)
My favorite was number four
loganboi (29 days ago)
At 0:36 the car in the shot is an Aston Martin but the car for the commercial is a hyundai genesis
l Mystic l (29 days ago)
I did not know this was a trend crave video, wow
Karyme Torres (29 days ago)
Taco Bell commercial ending....
Inferno EV (1 month ago)
At&T x Verizon Partnership confirmed
SarahAnnRose23 (1 month ago)
Tbh, weiner dogs wearing hot dog costumes is the only thing I care about anymore
But what's a top 10 without 11?
Elijah Dal Broi (1 month ago)
I like the Hulk and Ant-Man ad, HYPE FOR AVENGERS 4!!!!!!
Patrick Schmook (1 month ago)
6:12 she OBJ it
DA\/ID 0MAN (1 month ago)
What's superbowl???
Lantz Watts (1 month ago)
Omg the Heinz ad with the Weiner dogs made me cry
Jordan Mapfumo (1 month ago)
gosh, that coke ad, gets me everytime. am i just a big baby?
Jamal Hacu (1 month ago)
kevin hart worst actor in the world
Renata Gross (1 month ago)
That was great fun !!!!
Scrapz Taru (1 month ago)
lol love the "dude were u sleeping?" "no i was meditating"
Austin Philip (1 month ago)
wouldn't get a prius, especially after watching The Other Guys
Olivia Marsillo (1 month ago)
IT DORITO BABY!!!! I haven't seen that in so long

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