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Drunk Asian Guy

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A bunch of us were drinking in my apartment and this guy got so drunk, this is what he did. LOL DRUNK ASIAN FTW!!! LOL recorded in Malaysia.
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SickDeckster (3 years ago)
He sounds like goku lol
Tasos V. (5 years ago)
Kumar5155 (5 years ago)
Glad it did. :)
Kumar5155 (5 years ago)
hahahahha yes he did. On a different night he slept in the toilet. damn was it funny.
Kumar5155 (5 years ago)
fuck off. This is not me fucktard. So just because i pointed out that you were a racist douche in the X5 video you come to my videos and rag on me?
Honey-Brii (5 years ago)
That just made my day
JpnMusic137 (5 years ago)
Damn, funny thing is, I'm suffering a hangover from a hellish night last night. I bet this hot ass drunk felt way worse than I do now....

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