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Gamers Reactions to the Sea Dragon Leviathan | Subnautica

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Here with you "Gamers React Comp". In this video you will see some of the reactions to the Sea Dragon Leviathan in the game called Subnautica. Gamers: 1)Markiplier → https://www.youtube.com/user/markiplierGAME 2)8-BitRyan → https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx8vbgWs666cAS7wsKos5sA 3)jacksepticeye → https://www.youtube.com/user/jacksepticeye 4)Neebs Gaming → https://www.youtube.com/user/NeebsGaming 5)BrickyOrchid8 → https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqdcfoz9hDXCXbJDaklkwjQ Drop a like and subscribe for more if you enjoyed this compilation! Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/GamersReactComp Song: Rob Gasser - Ricochet [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Video: https://youtu.be/T4Gq9pkToS8 Download: http://http://ncs.io/Ricochet Game → Subnautica: http://store.steampowered.com/app/264710/Subnautica/
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Text Comments (556)
Exotic_Ghoul (1 day ago)
The primary containment facility is so deep down it’s crazy
Landon Crain (2 days ago)
The intro one is needs gaming
UpfrontBuckle04 (3 days ago)
That intro was hilarious!!
Natalia Vorontsova (6 days ago)
if i cant see you you cant see me!
Makayla Crockett (6 days ago)
I guess you could say the dragons pretty... *t h i c c*
BP & BK {Cat} (8 days ago)
*You are in a deep dark ocean and there is a huge monster that breathes fire, but it doesn't see you yet...* LETS GET CLOSER AND SEE WHAT IT DOES! NOTHING CAN SURELY GO WRONG!! 👍🏻😁👍🏻
SuddenFool (8 days ago)
Neebs gaming had perfect sense of humor to my taste and the whole HQ pilot thing was great :D
Hiro Ciko (11 days ago)
no body going to ask how could the dragon shoot fire breath under water...??
Anthony Ravella (14 days ago)
Oh man it starts off with the best channel in the world....neeeeeeebs gaming!
SimpleBanana612 (14 days ago)
We need to animate, like, a deep-sea expedition series starting all these youtubers’ reactions mashed together
CeSeGaO (15 days ago)
I find the reaper leviathan more scarier than the sea dragon leviathan
john smith (17 days ago)
Neon (18 days ago)
I feel like Ryan over reacts half of the time.
Gabriel M. (19 days ago)
God I hate you tubers they’re faker than the Kardashian’s.
army strong (19 days ago)
jacks face
Jaydnen Lucas (21 days ago)
When jack said holy fuck it’s huge I’m like that’s what she said lol
Damien Kincheloe (23 days ago)
This just reminded me how much i miss subnautica
Edilene Faleiro (23 days ago)
Awsome amazing and cool
Ryan Zimmerman (27 days ago)
I'v had just about enough of "save" of your....
Mirrored {} Chaos (27 days ago)
ahhhhh, early access, the version were you risk sending the cyclops into space when you try to dock the seamoth XD
Sarah Hough (1 month ago)
Who is needs talking to????
MlG Exoticbutters! (1 month ago)
What I learned: Dantdm(stupidly not shown) is the only kid/family friendly YTer to have ever done a play through of Subnautica
MlG Exoticbutters! (1 month ago)
Godzilla vs saw Dragon
Swafty Schwafty (1 month ago)
2:24 says it’s beautiful then says fuck you a second later at it
ICKotr (1 month ago)
logic kicks in
Shadow (1 month ago)
yes neebs gaming
Sasuke Uchiha (1 month ago)
“Shut the fuck up with the that’s what she said jokes! This is not the time” “We’ll come back to it”
Sasuke Uchiha (1 month ago)
I realize that Subnautica is a game that makes you terrified of deep water. It’s the greatest horror game because it always has you waiting to be killed or see the fun of some giant leviathan protrude from the darkness. Whenever I can’t see the bottom of whatever I’m swimming in, game or real life, I’m going back to shallow water man. I used to have no fear of the ocean, but after subnautica, My mind loves to make me imagine what it would look like if a reaper just sprang our from the darkness I don’t mean I hallucinate, I can just, picture it and I get paranoid.
julius durban (1 month ago)
It’s like category five kaiju in pacific rim
Yandere072Official (1 month ago)
now that I've played fallout and walked in water w/ power armour... I hate the ocean 😥
Dipdoo (1 month ago)
Most swear words: jacksepticeye Most emotional: jacksepticeye jack in a nutshell
Alpha Wolfyka (1 month ago)
First part: "Dats wat she said!"
Haise Ken (1 month ago)
*A Sea Dragon spitting fire balls* wait what-
marrea nya (2 months ago)
Why always generic youtubers being loud for no fucking reason...
Dragon Girl (2 months ago)
rupat (2 months ago)
11:55 😂👌
Captain Stickman (2 months ago)
Thanks for doing the Dragon it's my second favorite creature
иди нахуй (2 months ago)
VokunKendovJosh (2 months ago)
You know what would be cool? If, when you first encounter the Sea Dragon, there's a scripted event where it's eating a Reaper.
VokunKendovJosh that would be badass
K1tty Gam3r (2 months ago)
A giant ferocious creature that won’t hesitate to kill you I’m gonna name him Mittens! ❤️
Midori Gurin (2 months ago)
10/10 intro.
Jungkook's Round Glasses (3 months ago)
lowkey thought it was some kinda Kraken when I first saw it lmao
baconsnacks - (3 months ago)
Me have vore
BlackRock Official (3 months ago)
When Appsro saw the Sea Dragaon and tries to fire at him with fire balls I thought neebs was going to say "SCAN IT!"
Jewel Fazbear (3 months ago)
Only Ryan and Jack awesome enough to ride a Leviathan ;w;
preecha Thairat (3 months ago)
anyone ever noticed at 2:37 there was a portal opened
Jaydnen Lucas (21 days ago)
It’s a warper they do that
Judd Leitch (3 months ago)
I love gamers reacting to bigass creatures on alien worlds
Paulla Rodrigues (3 months ago)
Monster giat!
Blacksun388 (3 months ago)
Mark is his usual nervously energetic self, Jack and Ryan are in awe and want to ride it like a damn pony, and poor Bricky looks like he's gonna have a panic attack at any moment.
Nathan Ahnemann (3 months ago)
Love neebs gaming ❤
Diego Jimenez (3 months ago)
9:30 fucking asshole- jackscepticeye 2017
Bring the Bee (3 months ago)
Nice you included neebsgaming
Piyush Mishra (3 months ago)
Lol! 8 Bit Ryan got so scared like he's gonna get him at the moment
Adiel Tanase (3 months ago)
What's the name of te openig song?? Thx
Andres (3 months ago)
When your only here for mark and jack
Imagine their reaction if something even bigger and uglier suddenly came and swalloed the leviathans body leaving a few tentacles out his giant fangs
The Drawing Kitten (3 months ago)
Why do I think this thing is cute..? *help*
Max gamer 20 (3 months ago)
The Drawing Kitten Fffvffv
Alayna Collins (3 months ago)
For marks it looks like it’s glitches or something 🤣👌🏻
Dustin Langewand (3 months ago)
I really don´t get why you should go into the ILZ or the Lava lakes with your fucking Cyclops, I don´t get it at all
Moon Flower (3 months ago)
its so majestic if there was a free play mode and I had the game I would spawn all the lathithins (wow y did I not look at the title to spell that?) so far this is my favrite :D
Moon Flower (2 months ago)
lol x3 I no spell good sometimes
иди нахуй (2 months ago)
Moon Flower *lathithins*
Rizwan TRG2 (3 months ago)
Why must LEVIATHAN (leviathan is my nickname)???
awsome cop show fan (3 months ago)
Neebs gaming and mark make it happen
Nan Tran (3 months ago)
Those things would be considered a small Kaiju
time lope (3 months ago)
This game would be great with co op
Kaylee Rose (3 months ago)
I’ve been patiently waiting for a compilation that includes Neebs Gaming reactions because ALL of those guys from that channel are hilarious.
Eli Savage (3 months ago)
2:09 .. can I say it?
Jonasz Przybycień (3 months ago)
Headcannon: Sea Dragon is a grown-up Cuddlefish.
So beautiful
Pilot Levent (3 months ago)
Nothing is scarier compared to a kill rushing reaper leviathan :D
MrNoobBlox Roblox & More (3 months ago)
Wth 666k veiws!?!?! Happend at 16/8/2018
Max gamer 20 (3 months ago)
MrNoobBlox Roblox & More R.I.P
Jesse McCree (3 months ago)
7:11 that's what she said
Apoc 2626 (3 months ago)
A lot of these seem like forced reactions
Lee Anne L (3 months ago)
Ryan "I don't need this right now" Lava larva "F you" flips him off by landing on his prawn lol
Simonsaysgaming (4 months ago)
Jacksepticeye has best buildup
AJon2121 (4 months ago)
Ayy they put Neebs in.
MattManh42 (4 months ago)
mark met the dragon befor it was implemented in the earlier versions he beaten everything he could so he checked the models and found a small emperor laviathan and a dragon laviathan
Rainimator for life (4 months ago)
Fucken asshole lol
BananaShake09 (4 months ago)
BRYH I was watching Neebs and "Dora" play scrap mechanic all night and decided to take a brake and went and found this vid. And of corse the first two people I hear are "Dora" and Neebs
You Rube (4 months ago)
So many sex jokes
Chris Fuentes (4 months ago)
That in the fucking game!!!?!?!?
[_XZ_] The_William (4 months ago)
Ace Of Spades (17 days ago)
Jolieana Jones (4 months ago)
7:10 that what she said
Jovia Elhorn (4 months ago)
Natsu_Cathelper (4 months ago)
Am i the only one that thought of the movie Pacific Rim?
Jack DeMarco (4 months ago)
this game is an embodiment of my worst fears fuck me this nightmarefuel
Nicolas weed (4 months ago)
This monster is absolutely not scary , it's ridiculous xD
Panzer Shreek (4 months ago)
Neebs Gaming was the best in terms of intense experience.
123ReKill123 (4 months ago)
DIOSITO PADRE 104 (4 months ago)
Se parece al kaiju categoria 5 de pacific rim
Dewis (4 months ago)
I want one of that Dragon thing to home.
Naim Nazri (4 months ago)
Nuuubbb ,stupid player
xDire Wolfx (4 months ago)
8:38 sea dragon swims over jack, so jack lowers mech in game and lowers head in real life as if he is going to dodge it XD
Abbey Smith (4 months ago)
That seadragon is adorable
Abbey Smith (4 months ago)
I think out off all the youtubers to play this game mark was the bravest or mabey thinknoodles was
Gennie Gonzalez (4 months ago)
1)Markiplier → https://www.youtube.com/user/markipli... 2)8-BitRyan → https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx8v... 3)jacksepticeye → https://www.youtube.com/user/jacksept... 4)Neebs Gaming → https://www.youtube.com/user/NeebsGaming 5)BrickyOrchid8 → https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqdc... 6)Vannamelon → https://www.youtube.com/user/Vannamelon/featured
иди нахуй (2 months ago)
Gennie Gonzalez congratulations you can copy paste
Static Rainbow (5 months ago)
This kid in my class drew one of these for an art project and let me tell you.... It was F***ING AWESOME!!!!!! ugh!!! I wish I could show all of you!!!! 😥
boop doop (5 months ago)
Ryan's first reaction to the Sea Dragon Leviatian "Is that an octopus"
Asmodeus (5 months ago)
Mark was the most calm
DexDevilDevastation (5 months ago)
Lol they think that’s big try the gargantuan leviathan that there introducing to the game. It is about more than 100 times the size of the cyclops.....LOL

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