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Franky Diamonds Miami Jeweler Teaches Us How To Set Diamonds, Talks Labor & GIA Certified Diamonds.

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Franky shows us how his company sets Diamonds, Schools us on the Meaning of GIA Certified Diamonds and the reason why Labor has to be incorporated in the price. He Also explains why different watch Bezels alone can change the watches price Dramatically.
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Text Comments (538)
Roni Huda (1 day ago)
Suwangar coook Kaguuum
theskullgamer 78 (11 days ago)
How i wish a chain like those..... Only in my dreams
I P. (13 days ago)
0,50 pointer chain he says about about 50-60,000$, crazy overpriced... Each 0,50 (cheapest quality) is about 600$, when u buy wholesale obviously you get a discount, especially if you have good connections in the business. Let’s say he gets 10%. So 27,000$ for the diamonds. Gold(18K) about 40 grams let’s say $1500, labour + setting is also at most is $1500. Total 30,000$.
YSLIME (13 days ago)
No way people actually take his stores serious when he’s selling straight out of a swap meet LMFAO
PvPGaunltett (14 days ago)
I'm english and if never though you where able to make gold and diamonds look so common.
EvandroQueiroz Jaba (15 days ago)
The Money team !!!
Joslyn Houston (16 days ago)
Craftmanship at its finest!
Brett (17 days ago)
It's bad enough when white people want to act like black thugs, (bro, shit, man, you know etc) but when asians do it, its just so stupid.
William Prince (18 days ago)
They used to call them blue whites
Mariah Lin (19 days ago)
A truly dumb way to spend money. Seriously. But then again, dumb people will do whatever they want to anyway so.. whatever.
mattchedzey (23 days ago)
Right, so hes just got tens of $100k watches lined up in a market stall? Spending that kinda money in Louis Vuitton and youd be getting champagne and your bags carried for you
A Attri (23 days ago)
Your shop says "no refund no exchange" man it's definitely fake shop. I would never buy stuff from that kind of shop 😂😂😂
MsVrotebal (28 days ago)
4.08 not resposible for items sold over 1 year-- lol i've got 3 years guarantee for my sofa..fuck this bullshit china
Chilly Lee (28 days ago)
Sorry about that I meant a Cuban link and a ring
Chilly Lee (28 days ago)
I want a king bed and a full of diamonds with a ring
Chilly Lee (28 days ago)
Could you please tell my want one for free
陳陞陽 (1 month ago)
就算是真鑽 也是等級低的鑽 就像是 美女 醜女程度差很多
Today Yesterday (1 month ago)
If you gottta brag you cant afford it ......if you want to get closest fakes www.14kgold.com
1:00 Shit talking aside, could someone tell me if that's a moissanite, man-made, lab-created or what-ever? That can't be a real diamond as you'd certainly expect a lot of impurities. That's honestly a really shiny diamond. I don't care if it isn't authentic. I just want to know what it is.
Akram Muhammad (1 month ago)
Check this diamond ring http://wirecellar.com/pGX
Sandra DeLuna (1 month ago)
Deb 1480 (1 month ago)
The demand is a water fall
Zindler (1 month ago)
Lab diamonds....
Kelly Robinson (1 month ago)
Never seen so much shit!!!!!
Barry McKokinner (2 months ago)
Diamonds are supposed be made out of carbon not silica.
Gregory Neysmith Chang (2 months ago)
how much for the jubilee watch with diamonds  @ 5min 36 sec in video?
Kay Mutua (2 months ago)
immagine the look on a crip when he finds out he bought blood diamonds
Ibrahim Mohamed (2 months ago)
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ramone tylar (2 months ago)
1:14 the brightest diamond ive ever seen😍😯😍😯
Tim Roth (2 months ago)
He raped that patek
Albert Timoteo (2 months ago)
Antartica is south...n he said straight out of the north pole..??something doesnt add up
O K (2 months ago)
Frankly Moissanite
O K (2 months ago)
Seen a guy who has blue, yellow, pink, red diamonds. 2,3,4,5,8 carats. So this aight... Not colored treated either.
ItsInTheDetails (2 months ago)
I hope to one day be able to afford one of those diamond filled watches
High Priest (2 months ago)
Love love yall chains!!!💖💖
perrraa aa (3 months ago)
Spend 100k on chain on that shop comback tomorow the whole fucking hood never existed
King Of Tech (3 months ago)
lmao diamonds are worth less the jews sold them and brainwashed America. look up diamond in world war 2 not worth a damn penny, rock cubic zirconia
АББАТ АББАТ (3 months ago)
Блядь будто бабушка нацепил на себя финтифлюшки: Пидар конченный.
HighKeyKid (3 months ago)
Check out my channel for more ICE💎. Also follow my Instagram @highkeykid
Young Gotty (3 months ago)
Ghetto jewelry shop 😂😂😂😂
Quiz Masterr (3 months ago)
You can't film (focus) for shit dude
Bb bear (3 months ago)
Ugly jewery
devin p (3 months ago)
no real shipping , wants wire transfer or western union, no protection for people that cant drive there to shop. also works out of a flea market not a real store. you must be a expert to buy from people like this
Seferino (3 months ago)
Worthless Stones.
kk kk (3 months ago)
You have money for all of that and none for a good camera man hahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂
ClashRoyale ;-; (3 months ago)
Yo guys do you realize how long it takes the camera to focus everything is so buss down that the camera can’t even focus damn bro too icy ❄️ 💎
ClashRoyale ;-; (3 months ago)
Yo what’s this fire beat 🔥
Rodrigo Veiga (3 months ago)
Why do they have so much gold and diamonds but they still look like poor people with bad taste ? If you compare with Chopard, Piaget, Bulgari, Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels, Graff, Cartier, Harry Winston ... what a difference.
The Antagonizer (2 months ago)
Rodrigo Veiga What are you expect most of this is sold to the poor and disenfranchised ghettos of Florida
Sasha Brown (3 months ago)
Can you be my boyfriend lol
GenesisGODZ (3 months ago)
4000th like on vid
juankie77 (3 months ago)
Looking at the comments all I see is niggas come here to vent.
Quincy cromwell (3 months ago)
Do you have WhatsApp
Jujun Albar Keling (3 months ago)
whether you still need a diamond fixer?
Steve Gilbert (4 months ago)
I love to see you show some in platinum and also high quality inside the watches jewelry necklace ring and charms and pendants
CharlieBoyTV (4 months ago)
Good request we'll have more of all that in the future.
2:29 that's how not to set a diamonds
Jordan Idk (4 months ago)
I’d love to vacuum there carpets
Johnathan Whitehead (4 months ago)
Moissanite Diamonds
king king (4 months ago)
it's crazy how they go into Africa to get the diamonds they come to America to sell to africans
Joe Andrews (4 months ago)
Never seen someone talk shit about jewelry in my life
Joe Andrews (4 months ago)
See how blue this is man....holding it on blue paper u dick
Stellar Space (4 months ago)
Man i could've shot a better video with a 50 dollar Nokia android
Dobonsolo Egon (4 months ago)
You buy diamod namber hp 085243751428
Brian Maldonado (4 months ago)
Search up peter marco and find out what real diamonds look like
Marino Domokus (4 months ago)
Moj ISUS JE POGOĐJEN .TOČNO TAKO IZGLEDA. BRAVO. VOLIM TE ISUSE. I nakit je potekao od tebe. 👈👑📿📿📿📿📿📿📿📿📿💍💍💎💎💎💎💍💍.KRALJU MOJ .
^ "My Jesus is hit. That's exactly what it looks like. Bravo. I love you Jesus. And the necklace began from yourself. My king.
Marino Domokus (4 months ago)
Za božicno drvce okitit 😉😉😉👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👸🌲
Breno Draco (4 months ago)
My dream ⚡
James Tyler (4 months ago)
All the stuff in the case is fake. They are for show. When you want the real one they order the materials to make it. My advice is to not buy cheap 8k gold from the flea market.
YST 3700 (5 months ago)
Should've went to Franky's
Spice Gaming (5 months ago)
How can you trust this dude is selling real stuff when at 2:14 if you pause you can see that he has fake yeezys on....
PlatinumG101 (5 months ago)
Don’t walk into spots like frankys less you got 5+ bands to drop
A-laboratory (5 months ago)
Wow. They are shiny but have little use.
FilmsTracker (5 months ago)
shahzad Babu (5 months ago)
G&dMining Group (5 months ago)
Hello, I have Gold Bars for sale, Can you help us to look for Gold bars /Diamond buyers in your country and i promise to be giving you 5 % of any sale please ?. [email protected] Ismaila.
J J (5 months ago)
Glued in diamonds?....and still charging that much ummm
Jose Bogle (5 months ago)
Lab grown has no inclusions I bet this are lab grown
dt (5 months ago)
Cut your nails bro
THE BRAVADO SHOW (5 months ago)
Mikael Krukoff (5 months ago)
No need to shine when everyone alrdy knows you run shit
Eg boi (5 months ago)
saddest looking patek :(
aj12 (6 months ago)
YoYoMA _ (6 months ago)
And one day the REAL price will be known. Worth 0
Kelvin Rangel Gomez (6 months ago)
Sub to me
Kitty Ling (6 months ago)
Dont rock with diamonds, way better jems out there . also adding diamonds to a Rolex kills the value of the Rolex.
KaranJit Sodhi (6 months ago)
Yo man hi I am Karan from New Delhi India I want have the best neck chain diamond studded across approximately wink 5 ounces and the diamonds must be approximately 50 carrots my number is +919212394705 if you can make that for me customise beautifulContact me and tell me the cost whatever the cost will be I don’t care I want the exclusive piece in this world so you let me know if you can make the most beautiful chain in this world
Justin Lee (6 months ago)
u guys looking for diamond setter . im micro setter let me know
Breon Mitchell (6 months ago)
Max (6 months ago)
Flexin Flexin Uh Yah,
D CH (6 months ago)
Juberlee got the wrong locking clasp. Has the oyster lock instead of the crown
Alfredo Gonzalez (6 months ago)
This chinese guy is full of ego....keep saying not any one can do this type of work. Why would you say that man?
I learned nothing from this video.
mark hampson (6 months ago)
Proof if needed that money can't buy taste. Also a fool and his money are easily parted...
Pro Pro (6 months ago)
Rich Asian gang
Nirmal Randhawa (6 months ago)
ohh Jesus the camera man'
Malik Brown (6 months ago)
Cheap ass factory stones
britewire s (6 months ago)
I respect the craftmanship. Did he do that Nautilus or is it an original 5719/1g?
José Stadler (6 months ago)
2:04 name of that music ??
Benz Boy (6 months ago)
I respect jewellers!
Culture vulture
Krice James (6 months ago)
I wanna be a jeweler here in hollywood

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