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The History of Google

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Chas P***** (10 days ago)
Want the real dope? Google DARPA! This video is completely B's!
Aviad Goldstein-ago45 (20 days ago)
RIP google+
Garrek Reed (1 month ago)
You guys need to pay me
Silvia Gomez (1 month ago)
d j (2 months ago)
Beware of google for your business they let anyone put fake reviews and will not do anything to remove them which will hurt your business
Paul (3 months ago)
Since this video came out googles revenue has nearly doubled every following year!!
Pam Mcgarigle (3 months ago)
google good
Kat Rivers (4 months ago)
These guys sound cool at the heart but can they really control how google is used? I ask that in the understanding that all processes hold the ability of both good & evil. Maybe we need to clearly define both so we can identify & stop evil where it starts.
سديم ! (5 months ago)
Syra Joi (5 months ago)
Google - chan
JD (6 months ago)
UnfinishedGaming :/ (6 months ago)
I'm someone from 2018 Google has been out for 20 years for me
ELZIE HARRIS IV (6 months ago)
U bitch ass goggle inventer. Let me calm down.7 dollars or more was stolen from my bank of America account watching though watch ur self it. Fuck peace u piece of shit
WatchMojo.com & Google, good job! :) :)
Stephen Peter Delahunt (8 months ago)
Please help me
9ftHobo (4 months ago)
I hope lmao
Diogo Nascimento (4 months ago)
+9ftHobo Nothing provably
9ftHobo (5 months ago)
My guy it's been two months what happened??
9ftHobo (6 months ago)
I know it's been a month, but are you okay?
Stephen Peter Delahunt (8 months ago)
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i watched dis 7 years after its release
Gerald Tamayo (8 months ago)
These tech companies were already planned by me/us during the late 1970s Cold War to the early 80s. I'm supposed to have ownerships already of Microsoft, Apple, IBM, and Intel, etc. Then Yahoo, Google, and Facebook. I am supposed to be hopping from company to company, owning bonds and shares, and be one of the top world billionaires. But I wasn't officially included at the time of startup of Yahoo and Google in the 1990s, and Facebook in 2000s, as founder/co-owner. You know it was the power struggle and the lure of predicted wealth.
Gerald Tamayo (8 months ago)
I planned hence created Google when i was a NASA kid scientist during 1970s Martial Law Cold War, and its technologies. Some were questioning because there was already the planned Yahoo. Most of these companies that boomed in the 1980s and 90s got by under my scrutiny and authority up to the 80s. I knew i co-own these companies. I was the one deciding and moderating for the computer and internet and tech companies by inventing, and improving their technologies and maneuvering for the companies' rise and fall according to the superiority of their technologies. So Google happened, even though i was also predicting Yahoo trillion$ along with Apple trillion$. Maybe the reason why Microsoft hired only Yahoo scientists for Microsoft Research. Google happened. I now ask US $110 billion from Google.
Cutie pie_playz (9 months ago)
Faisal Babu (9 months ago)
I like it
sixe video (1 year ago)
very nice video. thankhs
barbiedoll baraguy (1 year ago)
this is history.. thanks to those people involved in this kind of work. it feels nostalgic when you saw the old version of Google chrome browser.. 👍
Sorry this is adult homework
Antonio Tsetina (1 year ago)
Yeah but when the Google invented ?
Dwight Fairfield (6 months ago)
Did you watch the video
e./lucaS0577 evil39 (1 year ago)
really a monster if internet search engine is concern..👏👏👏👏LOVE GOOGLE...A LOT
Silas Wilbur (1 year ago)
Made 6 years ago it has lots of history
Chandan Mallick (1 year ago)
Very interesting
COOKIES (1 year ago)
Knowledge with Stuthi (1 year ago)
thanks because your video help me
T B (1 year ago)
Thank Janet Reno for Google.
Flexo221281 (1 year ago)
Almost no information about the history of google. More about their current portfolio. :/
Mo Kaabbe PRODUCTIONS (1 year ago)
I like ur Well accent 😍
AMEN (-_+)
Akash K (1 year ago)
Thank you for sharing video :) My UX desgin Works https://www.behance.net/akash02designer
Estelle (1 year ago)
Hi, could I know who the author of this video is please? Thanks
Is the beginning of the end of Google, Facebook, Apple and Twitter. The next unicorn will be creat by KijotIsma (Artist-entrepreneur spanish), the most complet and innovative of all history!
DaFamNess The second (1 year ago)
You only need 1 million more subs to get as many as Dantdm
Oomph (1 year ago)
Maybe in the 2000s it's so popular, now it's like nothing a boring website to me.
Umesh Dhaked (1 year ago)
this video should be update
gokusondbz (1 year ago)
fun fact Google is the majority shareholder of billboard.
Alex Landherr (2 years ago)
How come there never are any listings of sources for any of these videos from this particular channel? How can I be certain that they have done proper research on the subject? How can I without the sources they have used verify the validity of the information myself?
Estelle (1 year ago)
@Alex Landherr I agree with you
nicholas moon (2 years ago)
yeah but i have a lot of work to do and i saw and now i have anymore so goodbye.
Anthony Deroy (2 years ago)
Shikhar Arora (2 years ago)
Chrome is not open source, it's freeware. Whereas Android is open source.
Sam Joseph (1 year ago)
Yeah, but Chromium is open source.
0:49 at that time I was one month 12 days old
z z (2 years ago)
Google smells of gay piss
Kyle Usher (1 year ago)
Google created the Russian people)
Heather Moberley (2 years ago)
Metal GearsolidSNAKE
Heather Moberley (2 years ago)
Avery Bell
Metalgear SolidSnake (2 years ago)
avery bell (2 years ago)
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FLATEE (2 years ago)
Jew people.... All clever people're jews! All the american rich people're jews)
Tinchy HD (3 years ago)
Google does not own the earth for y make a stupid statement for you've already been informed who owns the people which is JESUS so if for he owns the life on earth he's father owns the earth which is dieing rapidly and has left no choice but for god to destroy it and JESUS will save he's ppl who are only interested in how others are and not there self
Robert Winsor (2 years ago)
let's fuck
ExpitheCat (3 years ago)
It's funny how WatchMojo's history videos are more interesting than their Top 10 lists.
andrew hanes (3 years ago)
holy [email protected]#t Google is boss....and rich
Andrea Cap (3 years ago)
quanto è grande la storia di google
Ayush Sharma (3 years ago)
Jose Sediles (3 years ago)
Wouldn't be easier to make a 2 sec video saying "Google owns the world"?
Totally Anonymous (3 years ago)
+Faiz Roaghdun Rusab Mridha apple kicks M$'s butt!!!
+Jose Sediles nope microsoft owns the world and it has share in google profits
lily winx (3 years ago)
Sergey Brin is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate Google so fucking much. They made commenting on YouTube only possible unless you have a shitty Google+ account. YouTube was so much better back before Google fucked with the sight forcing us to use the atrocious piece of shit that is Google+ and breaking half of Youtube's features. I miss old YouTube so much.
Karmiangod (4 years ago)
I didn't know watchmojo has been around this long.
Armando Calderón (4 years ago)
+Google is the black spider !
uberdude102 (4 years ago)
Anybody know the music in the background
uberdude102 (2 years ago)
Ryan Stella (2 years ago)
not 7 i'm only 2 years late to the conversation
uberdude102 (2 years ago)
+Ryan Stella thanks but I think it's been over 7 years to get the song now
Ryan Stella (2 years ago)
paradise by eliam cruz m
uberdude102 (3 years ago)
I know but i will find it on my own
Mandraquex3000 (4 years ago)
great history of synopsis of google.  Even better since I didnt have to sit through a 30 min - 1 hr documentary about google.  All summed up rather well.
ADILKOW 007 (4 years ago)
ttv0 (4 years ago)
Take that, Bing.
chuby cow (1 month ago)
So is Samsung internet and safari
chuby cow (1 month ago)
Bing is better than Google
Gerald Tamayo (8 months ago)
I created Bing too.
agario gamer (1 year ago)
ttv0 bing sounds like it should’ve been created by trump. 🤔
Johnny Ray (3 years ago)
I only was telling him what Bing was, I Google it xD And I had no intervention advertise.
KevSomeone (4 years ago)
Google is bullshit now!! "Don't be evil". Google is already evil for destroying youtube!!!
LoveLan (4 years ago)
+zubhanwc3 Eeyup, I took a flop there. XD
zubhanwc3 (4 years ago)
LoveLan (4 years ago)
+zubhanwc3 Not literally. 
zubhanwc3 (4 years ago)
so their life is youtube comments, interesting info, ill remember that
LoveLan (4 years ago)
+zubhanwc3 I can see how you think that. For many people it seems like g+ ruined their life.
Elizabeth Flakita (4 years ago)
Old Account (4 years ago)
I came here through google. I watched this on a google owned site. And i used a google made phone to watch it. 
Shoegvze (4 years ago)
linux made *
S AND B PRODUCTION (4 years ago)
wish to work for google
Bryan Ridge (2 years ago)
DJ ToKyO (5 years ago)
@kaptein klaus: reddit is the home page of the internet
Casey Edwards (5 years ago)
god i love watchmojo
Half-Life Scientist (5 years ago)
"Don't be evil" Yep Google has totally let down that guard with Google+.
FailedTrojan (5 years ago)
I need a garage
Peter Gamer (6 months ago)
LKisWriting (5 years ago)
Google is starting to get mean, I DON'T CARE ABOUT GOOGLE PLUS BUT THEY'RE MAKING ME USE IT!!!
Prabhu Rathod (7 months ago)
vanthursday (5 years ago)
Google making more people more stupid. Fact.
James Perry (5 years ago)
Google owns my soul. Lol
anna rori (5 years ago)
roripon.com vs google.com
Happy Birthday to the best search engine on the web and the owner of YouTube HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOOGLE! (The GOOG)
Daniel Xu (5 years ago)
this 4 minutes and 30 seconds saved me from reading 20 pages of google case study. thumb up
Mr.ActionGal101 (5 years ago)
richiororipon roripon (5 years ago)
roripon.com vs google.com
anil angadi (5 years ago)
Google is me. Me is Google.
Rubii AViles (5 years ago)
I love google,someday I will work for google,and prob become like the 3rd in command in google INC
coolrealguy1 (5 years ago)
youtube cool oh wait were in youtube
boxman139 (5 years ago)
I had no idea about Google Talk.
christopher caldwell (5 years ago)
I had no idea that google had so much extras
TIM WILL RETURN (5 years ago)
Nice new icon btw.
TIM WILL RETURN (5 years ago)
TIM WILL RETURN (5 years ago)
OH SHEYAT IT'S INCREASED TO 7!!!!!!!111!!! Kill them with fire.
Swedish Meatballs (5 years ago)
How come all of your comments are in caps lock? is it the fact you do not know how to take it off?
Leon pettersson (5 years ago)
Money is why :)
Daniel Hillier (5 years ago)
Android vs iOS
the1log (5 years ago)
poor youtube
John Malcowich (5 years ago)
Im betting those two guys who invented Google are sitting in their billion dollar Chairs made of gold and going "How the fuck did this happen?"
Angel Martinez (5 years ago)
i gave u a thumbs up^
Zorex The Dolphin (5 years ago)
I love it starts out as a "history video" then it turns into a advertisement.
Elizabeth Gurl (5 years ago)
well bing is because its not google
TranCeFORM3R (5 years ago)
Google brought me here.
Anthony swart (5 years ago)
I dont like bing because it is not fun.
lghal1 (5 years ago)
do you understand how a company works?
leirgauk (5 years ago)
They own shittons of equity. How much they own is not publically available information, but it's widely known that google and facebook have a tight cooperative relationship.
androidtekx (5 years ago)
it does not own facebook. That right there just made everything you said not interesting to read

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