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TOP 21 New WAR Games 2018 & 2019 - PC, PS4, XBOXONE

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These are 21 War Games upcoming 2018 & 2019 . Games List: 00:05 303 Squadron Battle of Britain 01:15 Air Missions HIND 02:22 Victory at Sea Pacific 03:06 UBoat 04:42 Skull & Bones 06:33 Within Whispers The Fall 07:28 11-11 Memories Retold 08:39 Blunt Force 09:20 Enlisted 10:59 War of Rights 12:28 Tannenberg 13:50 Steel Division 2 14:48 Iron Harvest 16:21 Age of Empires 4 17:44 Total War Three Kingdoms 19:19 Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord 21:06 Mordhau 23:01 Post Scriptum 24:00 Insurgency Sandstorm 25:40 Battlefield V 26:58 World War 3
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Text Comments (352)
Gappie Al Kebabi (2 days ago)
BF5 had the worst launch trailer ever, but the gameplay itself is OK
Szkoła Podstawowa (5 days ago)
26.48 you wknow its POLAND game?>
11:02 what a inspiring leader
Alex Carlson (11 days ago)
26:56 i need that soundtrack
Alex Carlson (11 days ago)
for the ww3 trailer
alexander albornoz (16 days ago)
I’m done with multiplayer ww2 games! Where is Brothers in Arms: Battle of the Bulge
Dan Brown (25 days ago)
Anything that has a superbitch feminazi as a hero won't be finding its way on my PC
GOD メメ HYPER (26 days ago)
Why do some of these games look like they came out 6 years ago
VAGGOS GAMER (1 month ago)
Soundtrack of world war 3???
Gappie Al Kebabi (2 days ago)
littlemouse (1 month ago)
the last one seems promising.
littlemouse (1 month ago)
from the trailer B5 seems to be totally over the top and stuff for 10 years old kids. it seems more fantasy to me than WW2 girl or no girl. but maybe that's what they wanted to do a fantasy war game inspired to WW2. if I'm not mistaken they did something similar for Brothers in arms some years ago and they killed the franchise.
BlacK DusK (1 month ago)
yub, they'll keep producing goats.
GodBlessYou2008 (1 month ago)
women showing up in the war = the end of the world
Wilder Napalm (2 months ago)
I watched a War of Rights 150 player battle the other night. one thing is obvious that game is a labor of love for the Devs. I suggests watching it, the look and feel is impressive I just hope it isn't rushed...
General Cody HD (1 month ago)
The game is not rushed. The devs take time.
jonathan morissette (2 months ago)
dont believe every one of them the first one look like war thunder this guy look for view and like he edit some by himself. reported and after i look everygame in this video i can say i wont buy any of them even the AAA and skull and bones cuz they show only the bad game here so thx at least you save me money lolll
jonathan morissette (2 months ago)
EXEPT for ONE games that will rock solid and it is age of empire 4
Jason Leask (2 months ago)
I'm a simple (uneducated) man. I see BF:V and I downvote.
Goalden Inturnet (2 months ago)
A new Age of Empires? wtf. Looks great though
Goalden Inturnet (2 months ago)
Everybody in here whining about BFV lol :D
Nick Siegfried (2 months ago)
Il-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Bodenplatte is also coming early 2019. Doesn't even have a trailer though
DCRAFTER (2 months ago)
01:56. did he shout *BLYAAAT*?
CrAzYFiXcO (2 months ago)
World war 3 is what Battlefield V should have been anyone agree?
Yongjie Jiang (2 months ago)
Whenever comes to be a woman character in a game,which makes the game becomes the show.I give it up without hesitation.
Vinicius (2 months ago)
Disliked for the bf5 mention.
Abhinav Nambiar (2 months ago)
Insurgency sandstorm, post scriptum and ww3 are my favourites in this list.
Me Only (2 months ago)
I won't be playing anything that I have to choose to be on the side of the one world military Obama United Nations.
Terry (2 months ago)
BF5...is that Bullshit 5? now Hell Let Loose looks amazing
Jakub Načeradský (2 months ago)
Enlisted looks more and more interesting, and reminds me great games of the past (COD1,2, MOHAA). After unclever preorder of BFV, sadly i can assume that this will more fit in my taste.
Haroon Anwarzai (2 months ago)
Nice online games, this is really interesting. Thank you for sharing, at the same time please check out these games at www.mymobagames.com and let me know.
Horaison (2 months ago)
25:40 Battlefield5 wait 20 November
Andrew Nardo (2 months ago)
At least there's not another COD abortion on the list. All the other games look good. Some aren't my taste. I'm not a huge gamer but a few I'll definitely be playing
Nacho Peludo (2 months ago)
8:20 bro the dude who pet the cat deserves to live even tough its a nazi bitch
RowdyDemon70 (2 months ago)
Number of games shown:21 Number of games with ray tracing: 1
Gappie Al Kebabi (2 days ago)
ray tracing makes you drop fps..
FragPoppa (2 months ago)
All you had to do was show World War III by Farm 51.
ChrxzPlays (2 months ago)
Battlefield 5 looks like crap
Gappie Al Kebabi (2 days ago)
just the SJW team that launched the trailer, which all got fired..
Kalen Chin11 (2 months ago)
I have to admit, the BFV trailer sucks but the gameplay ìn the beta was so good. But not as good as bf1
WALN Zell (2 months ago)
Mordhau is just Chivalry.
WALN Zell (2 months ago)
I'm not looking forward to Tannenburg. Not after the absolute train wreck that was Verdun. The game was okay, but it's what happened personally to me that ruined the game for me. My squad was stolen from me, people shot me through walls, it was a sh*t show.
WALN Zell (2 months ago)
Skull and Bones is just Assassin's Creed 4.
Rocket wj (2 months ago)
I wonder how many ww2 games they can make...
Văn Tiến Vũ (2 months ago)
skull and bones look like AC4 DLC..
Joachen III (2 months ago)
Why. Did you. Add. BFV!
best war games (2 months ago)
Kermit DaFrog (2 months ago)
I believe enlisted will be released on the xbox one
Morgan Myer (2 months ago)
Why isn't WW3 on consoles, that's the coolest looking one
Russia (2 months ago)
World War 3 - TOP!
A.P. Louws (2 months ago)
Insurgency sandstorm wirth the insurgents walking around in dresses and using old ak´s and mosins. Well … I don´t think this is really accurate anymore, a lot of video´s show these tipe of guys are geared af ( in real life that is ). So unless they include this in the game to be geared af for both parties or optional shitty AK's together with a arabic man dress for the insurgents its not really gonna be up there but this is my opinion offcourse. Added part : and battlefield five is like RAMBO on crystal meth and magic mushrooms thinking himself to be in ww2 with braveheart worriors and bionic super commando women.
Hate MeToo (3 months ago)
Air Missions Hind has been out on PC for a few years, and it is just a basic arcade style game. It seems strange to port it this late after the PC release.
Ankoyc Aio6 (3 months ago)
Fire Man (3 months ago)
By the time these games come out SJW would have changed all the male characters to female... I am going old school again and getting a ps3 so I can play the classics like world at war mw1 and 2 bf3 and bad company
Barel Sarusi (3 months ago)
Only Battlefield V!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Abhinav Nambiar (2 months ago)
Nope. It's trash.
Skadoosh Meh (3 months ago)
"A Hind D?! Colonel, what's a Russian gun ship doing here?"
Michał Madeja (3 months ago)
Air mission : hind? Its old, march 2016 !!!!!
cotsi (3 months ago)
303 squadron looks trash if you want a realistic aerial game and tank warfare game for that matter play warthunder
theselecta (3 months ago)
M&B Bannerlord...TBA since 1956 :/
Garry's Mod (3 months ago)
12:34- Magyar honvédek is lesznek, csoda, hogy még Magyarul is beszélnek, ez egy + pont a készítőnek :'D :D
Matarese Circle (3 months ago)
Mount&Blade 2 is crazy good! I love when I butch them all with the big ax! Mordhau too. Insurgency Sandstorm is also great...but all other games...it's been all already done by the original and best game ever COD (series), personally, I favor the Missions of Soap :) ....those new WW2 fps games are all like a big copy.
dmbrazzy71 (3 months ago)
95% of the games are for PC which blows.
samuel bejarano (3 months ago)
thanks for the video, and i think i will buy WW3 and 303 Squadron Battle of Britain and not that Trash BFV
DeepPoseidon (3 months ago)
Okay... let's be honest there is no way you could fire an MG-42 like that.
Bf1Noob Expert (3 months ago)
Enlisted best
ася1 (3 months ago)
fack usa
primaXnocte - (3 months ago)
Skull and Bones looked like a modern version of Sid Meier's Pirates tbh.
Stuart Fletcher (3 months ago)
Battlefield is going more and more like COD it seems. Wanky and sensational. Yeah aircraft really would be flying 5 feet off the ground and then the British armless female something or other just decides to show up and save the day?! Wtf is going on?
faisalhaider007 (3 months ago)
World war III clear winner :)
Major Spawnkill (3 months ago)
Some of these look ropey to say the least!
This is not 4 the mobile players order now
Michał B (3 months ago)
Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord in 2019 that's a funny joke.
Tsing Yarn (3 months ago)
battlefield V is shit game!
John Smith (3 months ago)
top war games... uhm... why the hell is battlefield enlisted???
Scott Allen (3 months ago)
BF5 will be the end of the Battlefield games.
Eirich von BaroncinA (17 days ago)
*Are you sure about that*?
Kennerz (20 days ago)
+Nacho Peludo What are we now? COD? No.. Stick with Modern (possibly Modern-Future - like 2020-2025 where we still carry present day weaponry) or another past event. Hell, who the fuck knows. They might do some kind of French War thing, we'll just have to wait and see how the community will like how the game goes.
thekillerchicken (1 month ago)
Nick P BEING HISTORICALLY ACCURATE. You’re fucking retarded, women amputees didn’t fight on the front lines and no one said that black people didn’t fight in wars they were just in segregated groups
Critical XP (1 month ago)
Not really
enter.the.void.II (2 months ago)
IT's actually a great game. And the community is less toxic now that incels decided to boycott it. Thank you for that
chris qi (3 months ago)
M&B 2 release before i die of old age?
white67 (3 months ago)
Jacob Grum (3 months ago)
HoboTango (3 months ago)
Mordhau : looks horrible, all this high speed running around your target... -_-
Jeffrey Koepke (3 months ago)
Bf5 looks trash af😴
Bumblebee3009 (3 months ago)
in tannenberg, as opposed to bf1, the galicia map has cover, which is nice sometimes
Noss Njeppa (2 months ago)
But I liked the dead Ukrainian fields in BF1, exactly as I imagined they look.
Bumblebee3009 (3 months ago)
17:28 new cat simulator 1918
IV4N4RMAN (3 months ago)
Heritage Pride (3 months ago)
Shitty Bill (3 months ago)
Enlisted and WW3 are the only two that looked half decent in this lineup.
TheKins7 (3 months ago)
Sgtforge (3 months ago)
Battlefield v is ww2? Ww3? What a trash
mark peracullo (4 months ago)
04:42 world of warships : the prequel
Nic Williams (4 months ago)
clickbait it's from the PC
7 Cubed Films (4 months ago)
WW3 looks amazing
StKn BG209 (4 months ago)
Why does ps4 N Xbox get all the gay games
Stalinize 513 (4 months ago)
I wish games like enlisted and war of rights would be on Xbox they would make good profits and it would definitely be a game changer in terms of gameplay
Teemu P (2 months ago)
Making a game for pc is easier as there isn't console cababilities restricting ideas and features. But I see your point.
Deacon Jonesy (4 months ago)
Sorry this game/sim doesn't stand a chance against DCS Digital Combat Simulation...most realistic air combat flight sim ever
Russel Fang (4 months ago)
Blake Smith (4 months ago)
Most look terrible.
marco van der meer (4 months ago)
Busy proposal though leap still mode let Asian automobile index
Tomas Benavides (4 months ago)
Uboot looks like it's based off the movie das boot. It's an interesting movie btw for those who haven't seen it
Tomas Benavides (4 months ago)
Anthony Vaccari can't argue with that.
Anthony Vaccari (4 months ago)
Tomas Benavides amazing movie and kick ass theme...
Tomas Benavides (4 months ago)
Leave battlefield 5 out and the list is complete
C Bravo (2 days ago)
Indeed bfv sucks ass. Played the beta and found it a very shitty game, unlike Bf4,bf3 or even bf1! So much progress thrown away by a shitty studio that not only made several retarded changes in the game but implemented the SJW agenda. Good thing that EA has lost money i will not buy this piece of shit
Ghost112 (5 days ago)
Abhinav Nambiar fortnite graphics are shit, the environment is based on reality where there is no such thing as a super dark and gloomy effect. And there actually is a class system your just too blind to see it. Yes, the costumes are wacky and which I agree, but they look bad ass and I guess that’s all Dice cares about. There’s no narrative? Yeah welcome to test versions of games dummy, oh and there’s no story? Who the fuck only plays games for story, and who the fuck complains about there not being a story in an uncompleted test game? Your parents probably regret having you since your fucking retarded.
Kennerz (20 days ago)
+Abhinav Nambiar because it was the beta dumbass. changes happen when it is actually released, and don't compare fortnite to battlefield.. fortnite is nothing but 9 year old kids who think theyre the shit or adults who act like 9 year olds.
Abhinav Nambiar (2 months ago)
+Harrison Goodman believe me bro, I've played bf 5 beta and I have never ever regretted this much in my life. It's just a piece of shit. The graphics are over the top fortnite like and there's no class system. Weapon upgrade is shit, wacky costumes are shit, narrative is shit, there's no goddamn story, it's just fresh shit from a dog's ass. I've played post scriptum and insurgency sandstorm and it's just god level compared to bf v.
IronDrugfreeWhite Youth (2 months ago)
bf5 looks like shit ... look at that shit graphic and now rember it comes from a major production studio , now you know what looks like shit you asshat
warre brits (4 months ago)
2nd game looks like shit
spacedigger (4 months ago)
Jesus, battlefield is getting worse and worse.
Caleb (17 days ago)
spacedigger it’s a good game so?
T1G4R 1 (4 months ago)
16 was like a rip off of Assassins creed rogue
SpACE CAptaiN (4 months ago)
looks like games college students would make for a class project..
David Harlan (4 months ago)
Another year without a Bad Company 3......
Shoto Todoroki Trades (2 days ago)
David Harlan it’s for the better DICE and EA would have fucked it up
Yaboi Sugarnips (4 months ago)
#1 looks good
thurqs (4 months ago)
banner lord don't think its going to release any time soon but i really hope so

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