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Dragon Nest SEA: Sea Dragon Nest - June Challenge

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Gio Mercene (5 months ago)
Good Times in DN :')
LordDennis Channel (6 months ago)
Who's watching this 2019??? 🤣😎
Jejak Kaki (6 months ago)
if you looking for the best equipment you in the right place~!! come back soon ^^
MysterionZ666 (5 years ago)
Chez man fight self to with your friends it is boring if you stand on the Side line
ʟᴠᴇᴢᴢᴀ (5 years ago)
ada orang yg g tw strategi *miris bsny ngasal komen
Oh Fandy (5 years ago)
i never know a guy wears panties....
Anpan Chan (5 years ago)
The lag in PvP in SEA is pretty annoying though. I've started to play DNEU because the ping is much better. There are not so many people atm but everyone from Europe should at least check it out, it's so much more playable. And at least we finally got Aca and 50 cap will be there soon enough
33jurse (5 years ago)
Wtf??? This game sucks -_-
33jurse (5 years ago)
Naruto Uzumaki (5 years ago)
I regret saying i could Solo this with a max'd character "-"
KuroYukiii (5 years ago)
ignorant fool
Gerry Schyte (6 years ago)
Gerry Schyte (6 years ago)
Martin Strapek (6 years ago)
can i get your skill and item build? :D
DBO Pro (6 years ago)
Jan Ethan Lozada (6 years ago)
Jan Ethan Lozada (6 years ago)
Why are'nt you fighting!
galih primabudi (6 years ago)
iRaine Moonlord (6 years ago)
hes the MT u idiot !
jhonatan gutemberg (6 years ago)
mt massa
Greatzel Unabia (6 years ago)
i wanna go :( but i got really bad equips :(
Devan Omil (6 years ago)
No weird language here please
Ia Alfin (6 years ago)
yeah, he don't do anything, just stand and provoke hah, can't you do something man?
Justin Lee (6 years ago)
wrong. Ymint have ice def potentials on all his eq. thats why he can tank it like a baws
José Zamora (6 years ago)
Chinos,Chinos everywhere
mahar asfury (6 years ago)
is very good
Simonas InstincT (6 years ago)
how intereseting, just stand and provoke.....
reimxsz (6 years ago)
Got chills watching this. Insane.
Satria Astawan (6 years ago)
i cannot download this video by idm whyyy????// TT
Bagja Nugraha (6 years ago)
Awesome O.O
Daniel Nathanael (6 years ago)
Full FD and +13 about 19.32 or 19.42, My friend cleared this at level cap 40 (After June Challenge) with +12 set
Daniel Nathanael (6 years ago)
Because level cap 50 already fixed Level 40 CAP : about 500/600 each Level 50 CAP : 4000/6000 each
Daniel Nathanael (6 years ago)
Yes you can, because this is June Challenge, about 1 month after Sea Dragon nest released
Jericho Borja (6 years ago)
I can do faster
Вова Титов (6 years ago)
Спс за видос оч посодействовал:)
Anime Kun (6 years ago)
davisbong0925 (6 years ago)
wooh,,,, a guardian,,,,,,,
Reverie Wilde (6 years ago)
the trick is a combination of ice % def on tank and havoc howl max + ring by the merc
Reverie Wilde (6 years ago)
Chronicles SEA - .facebook(dot)com/groups/ChroniclesGaming/
Kev23Puckerz (6 years ago)
howler with skill ring
Genesis DN (6 years ago)
wait wtf. how come rotating breath does shit dmg to you? in NA DN it does 6k+ per hit o_o..... tank dies almost immediately. how come it does nothing to you?
Kits Belmondo (6 years ago)
Не взрывай
WeCufflins Sam'Richy (6 years ago)
eso mismo weon
muhammad nurjen (6 years ago)
wow amazing :D aing iri :(
Grant Kamakura (6 years ago)
are you guys lvl 40? ...... 40
Alexander Person (6 years ago)
лолка, эта не достаточно.
Ffy SB (6 years ago)
27:12 Oh my dog. T^T
Mr Chelsea (6 years ago)
can anyone tell me how he tank the rotating breath?? havoc+elem aura?
Victoria XD (6 years ago)
Dude i though his gold wuz like 120kg
FuQingHeroo (6 years ago)
บางคนที่เล่นเป็นคนไทย -*-
PokaiLaozaBo (6 years ago)
这个才 40lv 时间是需要的
Justin Lee (6 years ago)
2 mins? wew, u playing private server or something?
clement fernando (6 years ago)
ah ah ah ah Insanely Marry me plzz <3
Reverie Wilde (6 years ago)
Wow Insanely makes my panties wet!
Li Zhong (6 years ago)
Wow Insanely so handsumm!
Brandon (6 years ago)
the total amount of gold I have on all char's is 300g Im super jelly of this guy >_<
夏目しんじ (6 years ago)
小海而已 ...打36分 ......
FuQingHeroo (6 years ago)
could u plz tell me what is your equipment? And i would say nice tanker
Web Hacker (6 years ago)
wow cute
vary good
Reverie Wilde (6 years ago)
the main tank maintain constant provoke on the dragon while standing at the edge of the map to prevent BH
zilvercross (6 years ago)
คลิปต่างประเทศ เซิฟsea คุณคิดว่าเซิฟไทยคนไทยเหรอครับ ขยันเรียนหนังสือบ้างนะครับ อย่าเล่นแต่เกม เดี๋ยวจะโง่ไปมากกว่านี้
Angela Palomo (6 years ago)
what is his FB name? *o*
chatof king (6 years ago)
ภาษาอังกฤษไง แค่นี้ก็ไม่รู้ซะและ
Moonlord Ton'za (6 years ago)
gamaliel Jr. domingo (6 years ago)
check Out at 33:57
gamaliel Jr. domingo (6 years ago)
Wew! di he casted hound strike to used that hound as a shield so that he could dodge being frosted?
Xav Own (6 years ago)
someone say DPS2 LIKE a FAK
FreshTango (6 years ago)
Why did he use rotating at x4?
AlEx Stiffler (6 years ago)
I wanna experience this nest.. but people keep finding players who already exp this.. -,- so sad T_T
Baked Potato (6 years ago)
4 clerics, 2 sorceress, 1 warrior, 1 alche?
Reverie Wilde (6 years ago)
i agree that a guild will be useful for a newbie to experience the nest (so much easier now at level 50). in the meantime read up and watch videos on the nest so that you would know what to do and even if you die, learn from your mistakes so you can progress further next time.
Reverie Wilde (6 years ago)
Chronicles has no level/gear requirements for recruitment. We strongly believe that in the philosophy that while gear can bought and skills can be honed, personality is hard to change. Hence we have always been looking for people who can add value to the guild and have a good attitude. Many other guilds would happily take in well-geared characters and you would fit in better there. - broccoli
Jordan Spark (6 years ago)
Jordan Spark (6 years ago)
u guys better invite me im lv40 with APO set +11 yeah!!!!!
Strela (6 years ago)
you mean acrobat okay but here the reasons: 1. Squishy 2. Attack from melee 3. The speed boost sometimes will screw you up 4. BT has more than twice amount of cooldown reduction but ofc having FU + Acro can be handy however she's not that important character, I personally would rather pick BM or EL rather than Acro
Johnny Lumaad (6 years ago)
I wanna experience this nest.. but people keep finding players who already exp this.. =.= how am i supposed to exp sdn ? hhuhuhu
Miyu Yachiyo (6 years ago)
too many stupid haters here. gtfo! i bet u guys can't even reach stage 7.
Veltix (6 years ago)
are these singaporean?
Cris Subang (6 years ago)
better invite FU with BT
bien villanueva (6 years ago)
Why dont you have any archers? SB is very usefull
bien villanueva (6 years ago)
That is one pro party ^_^
crossdaisuke (6 years ago)
21:28 so much gold >.<
Raven Child (6 years ago)
springwood 1st xD
Lee PB (6 years ago)
That's because of mercen's Havoc howl..
darwin cera (6 years ago)
isa lang masa2bi ko taga singapore mga GM.. malamang sa mga kababayan nila ibigay ung price un lng un.. ^_^
loko moko (6 years ago)
F*king FAKE..!!!!!!!!
xMaki (6 years ago)
omfg.. he survived dragon breath with no sweat at all. >.<
Chii Marcelo (6 years ago)
edited na ng gm ? :DD anyway ... RC everywhere O.O nice team pa rin. kahit sinabi pang edited ^^ atleast, nakatapos :)
O Jumalon (6 years ago)
"Dragon Nest SEA: Sea Dragon Nest" oh the irony of the title.. nice team btw :)
Juuri (6 years ago)
Haters....haters everywhere.
Ueki - kun (6 years ago)
nice RC xD
JP LAYUG (6 years ago)
wow congratz
Kelly Valentine (6 years ago)
i watch the all since of the video but its different is this real?
Renier Ligaya (6 years ago)
Phazhaway Mhalditasz (6 years ago)
YES I AGREE TO YOU if you really watch this video you will see it exactly this video is not unbelievable and lot of different to the original i agree to dislike this video they all fake
Rudester Manila (6 years ago)
DISLIKE THIS VIDEO AND WATCH IT CLEARLY IN GOLEM :) THEY EDIT IT ALSO WE KNOW THAT 2 mins before we go up in stone before lava come lol this is fake :) and guys watch the video clearly and you decide :)
Rudester Manila (6 years ago)
QUESTIONABLE VIDEO WHY THIS VIDEO RELEASE NOW LOL its really clear when the admin post the website after you finish the SEA DRAGON NEST they will announce it and see that video but its been a long time now it aug lost lot of different :) DISLIKE THIS VIDEO IS ALL FAKE >_<
Rudester Manila (6 years ago)
Its Been a long time since june SEA DRAGON NEST SEA this is questionable video why this video release and post it now in face book this is fake win on dragon nest sea winners lol
john achas (6 years ago)
the paladin whos recording the vid is so pro..nc 1 guyz

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