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$3million Diamond Watches

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MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO: http://share.epidemicsound.com/mptjQ ------------- Main camera: https://amzn.to/2IK93jW B Roll camera: https://amzn.to/2KPsnN2 Stabilizer: https://amzn.to/2GRqsFo Wide lens: https://amzn.to/2koXIer Less wide lens: https://amzn.to/2KRyGjo Drone: https://amzn.to/2IQPBSk Microphone: https://amzn.to/2KTE1a1 LAV mic: https://amzn.to/2KVxmMt Memory card 1: https://amzn.to/2JcdlDU Memory card 2:https://amzn.to/2J5WN0A __________ FOLLOW: @ProducerMichael: http://www.instagram.com/producermichael @AdamSwords: http://www.instagram.com/adamswords
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Text Comments (1276)
やや (3 days ago)
Very educational, really well done
Douglas Myrick (3 days ago)
Beautiful! Thank you!
Betty (4 days ago)
Yours still beautiful. I see the difference. Yours more look classy- it’s pricey of course. Nice choice Adam. I like also Mike’s choice
shield770 (6 days ago)
pls show us a vlog whit men s rings !!!!!!!!!!!!
Biig2008 (9 days ago)
I must say mikes Rolex looks better
SOLACE214 (13 days ago)
Put some gloves on please.
Luiehond (14 days ago)
Pat Backus (16 days ago)
If you tried to sell it they’d know the difference
Alex Vasquez (17 days ago)
I agree, I like the Casio G Shock 😂
morlvol (18 days ago)
That salesman though. Looks like the man taking out the trash at my neighborhood, except those teeth. Man, what kind of bleach is he using???
lem goe (19 days ago)
We didn't see your shoes?
J E (22 days ago)
ugly watches.
Marky Mark (22 days ago)
I just love Peter , what a great humble guy.
Morgan Andred (23 days ago)
They ruined the watches with all those diamonds. They all look the same.
M Ali (24 days ago)
I can pay 100 euro for all. Let me know if you are interested. I can apply bank loan.
Levi Dicksion (24 days ago)
Go there and get some big chains
SirChristian100 (1 month ago)
I must admit, my weak spot is bling bling, I am dreaming and hope to work forward for such a nice bliiiing watch
SirChristian100 (1 month ago)
Pls more from Peter
Trigga Rackso (1 month ago)
I wish he would buy him a watch
System32 (1 month ago)
I have a Rolex daytona rainbow everose gold and i love it im thinking of adding diamonds on the strap but not to much don't want to hide the gold got a offer or £18,000 and idea if that's worth it and should i go look for another jeweller
Peter Galbraith (1 month ago)
What a pair of poofie creepy bastards.
Brad Kynoch (1 month ago)
Micheal knows his watches
Jack L (1 month ago)
Don’t you wanna eat those
Garrett Young (1 month ago)
We get it everyone hes got white teeth geezzzz lay off it and comment something else
Idontlikethatshit (1 month ago)
Nice pieces..I don't really like totally iced,but a bezel is cool..Especially on a official Presidential Rolex
I Keeps It 100 (1 month ago)
Sky dweller has the 24hr dial. Sea dweller doesn't have that dial.
Zale 88 (1 month ago)
Year 2019 credit pay, Year 2456 watch pay (unused)
Jon Cid (1 month ago)
Wow I didn't know my watch turns like that it's on the right month now.
Frank Underwood (1 month ago)
why would producer michael want you to hit the subscribe button ..like he'd need the youtube pennies
Alvin Nwaokike (1 month ago)
When it comes to Bling Bling Michael (BBM) all these Illuminati sick puppets rappers are just bunch of noise making machines. Danggggg bruh, you’re literally shining like a Diamond 💎
Sergio GAMA (1 month ago)
Usem suas riquezas para socorreram os que estão sofrendo. .pessoas e animais
gemini232003 (1 month ago)
I like the Patek chrono the best.
James Brace (1 month ago)
I see the difference
Don Malo (1 month ago)
10:00 he said the 41 mm is a 33mm and the sky dweller was a 40mm XD
Don Malo (1 month ago)
We need new peter marco
Joseph Gallegos II (1 month ago)
Ill be there in a couple years peter! Let me get promoted. Yellow diamonds. Save em for me. :) 👍
fevGames (1 month ago)
His teeth is brighter than my future. I guess I’ll die
Jesus (1 month ago)
I'm curious but how did Michael earn his money again? Because I'm sure he has some type of business going on that's allowing him to afford these things.
brainfornothing (1 month ago)
I'm enjoying this channel and the people involved. Adam have good questions and Peter seems to be a very good guy. Thanks for sharing !
barry Clarke (1 month ago)
Hi bass Great Watches Michael and Peter
Dennis Jahren (1 month ago)
yacht master 😍
Liam Terrien (1 month ago)
@producermichael do more jewelry videos!
Liam Terrien (1 month ago)
Moulay Abdeslam (1 month ago)
If you can help me...plzzz do !!
Moulay Abdeslam (1 month ago)
God bles you in your amazing life
Moulay Abdeslam (1 month ago)
I would love to get €10.000.- from you as a gift...so i can pay all my costs and be free in my life...that is my diamond !
MrVee24 Matabudul (1 month ago)
ur teeth fyi sir r overly white. hilarious.p.s y not just get a knock off and invest ur money in something worth while.just a thought.
MrVee24 Matabudul (1 month ago)
advertising nonsense at it's best.
Jay Zim (1 month ago)
Lovely video, would love to see more watches in the future!
shamoon choudhury (2 months ago)
You just motivated me to get a Rolex, going to work hard and get one in the next year 👊
Larry Shipman (2 months ago)
6:48 "I hate talking about money, but this watch is about $135,000." *slides watch back onto wrist #mineisfactory
DeRaafMedia (2 months ago)
IMHO these things are ugly as Hell. Some of these time pieces are really nice ... without the diamonds. Not a hater but please do something sensible with those diamonds, instead of using them as ammo to kill of these watches.
Renegade Sound (2 months ago)
I'm guessing it's by appointment only.
Jabu Mngadi (2 months ago)
When I go to America I will definitely go Peter Marco to get a watch or bracelet.
Diane E (2 months ago)
I chose the same one as Adam!
MAKSTR (2 months ago)
Exactly after one year YT recommended this ;)
gerarde john (2 months ago)
This shop.is ripping everybody off.... Take a flight to belgium or surat, india . Those are wholesalers of diamonds.... The jewelry setters buy diamonds from them, and set ir on jewelry or watches and then resell to pricks like these who then resells it 100 times the price to fools like gou and me.
matenin traore (2 months ago)
God!!!!!! Some people really got the cash. I wish I have a fraction of it, 20k will make my LIFE 👌👌👌👌👍👍👍that's dome people lunch money.am hopeful one day it will happen
Silver Hunter (2 months ago)
just buy a casio and sprinkle it with sticky glitter and you have a piece that tell time and sparkles. the best part. you save thousands of dollars. leave the expensive watches to the suckers
THE THİNKER (2 months ago)
A pumpkin faced gay prick and a camera guy of whom u can find millions more in UK if u cross by any construction site loool.
the watcher (2 months ago)
i hate expensive watch.
JustAName (2 months ago)
tbh I stumbled to this video and never have I ever met such down to earth humble well off people: Michael is so nice, the salesman is great and the cameraman is doing an excellent work, especially his well thought quesitons.
Sahin Simsek (2 months ago)
11:20 is a Skydweller 🤗
Shahid Ali (2 months ago)
Buy from me this watch in half price from Pakistan
karim ezal (2 months ago)
واو واو
CaptainMorgan113 (2 months ago)
These are Timex?
C (2 months ago)
You cant take diamonds or gold when you gone. We all leave this world broke!!!!
Leona Dior (2 months ago)
Wow !!! Absolutely beautiful!!! You have a very fine taste ! Good for you !!!
James B (2 months ago)
That watch Michael has on is very very nice, my favourite I've seen him wear!
Giancarlo Eiras (2 months ago)
Why does he never ever explain what parvé (spelling) diamonds are? Is that like pave diamonds?
ricknancy7980 (2 months ago)
What great knowledge, thank you
Yossef Cohen (2 months ago)
I have the same shirt and provide from h&m
Evan O'neill (2 months ago)
There are 2 watches , on the lower end that I was very Interested in . Is it possible to do biz online with this guy ? As in making the transaction, not in an actual website ?
M (2 months ago)
I love watching this rich british grandma
Wagner Lopez (2 months ago)
My CASIO watch with calculator is better. I'm the fucking king. 🖕😎
Kef103 (2 months ago)
Those are small for even for pave diamonds
paulovans15 (3 months ago)
Lolz how many African slaves have to die to find does fucking diamonds that's my fucking question !!! That fucking sad
Genes (2 months ago)
paulovans15 There are no african slaves you idiot
Amanda Kay (3 months ago)
Dont care to watch the rest cause owner not talking ...sorry...bye
Amanda Kay (3 months ago)
More fun to watch when the owner talks about the items. !!😒😒
Amanda Kay (3 months ago)
Not worried about getting robbed ???😖😳😳
Amanda Kay (3 months ago)
You should wear gloves to keep prints off
Bi0runner (3 months ago)
A Submariner with a bezel that rotates both ways? That’s Fishy
MSWvlogs (3 months ago)
love the peter marco vids you boys do
william evans (3 months ago)
His own watch is a million times better than the after factory watch.
McCloud91000 (3 months ago)
Stop smacking your lips Michael lol
david Kerridge (3 months ago)
Honest question? Diamond is a controlled market hence the price? Do these guys go direct to acquire these diamonds at a cheap trade cost and sell at market or how does it work??
jstrat121 (3 months ago)
I learned a lot from this video,thank you!
Kash Malik (3 months ago)
Peter Marco aka the collector
Zoran Ignjatovic ́ (3 months ago)
My immediate impression is limitless exaggeration and "fagged" stuff of a degenerated Liberace.
Maximus Harvey (3 months ago)
One day I hope to enter that shop with a handgun and leave with about 400 million of diamonds and jewela
伍达贤 (3 months ago)
Manufacturer would still guarantee it to be waterproof aftermarket don't and they mostly once you go aftermarket, you are no longer warranty. I'm a peasant but if I got the money, I would not want buy an original painting by a famous artist than have someone painted something over it...
Higher World (3 months ago)
FLORINDO CROCE (3 months ago)
Michael! I think you're a victim of compulsive shopping syndrome; the remedy is: Do not think about it and make some purchases, watches, to distract yourself! (https://www.facebook.com/Florycroce/?ref=bookmarks)
J kar (3 months ago)
I am not a fan of "Diamonded out" watches. I much prefer the complication of them. That being said, I love your channel! Thank you for sharing your lifestyle with everyone.
Erik in Minnesota (3 months ago)
It’s all a matter of taste. Ultra conservatives might say these are garish, gaudy or tacky. Other more liberal minded people might think these are gorgeous, or stunning pieces. It’s all in your preference and perception.
Justin (3 months ago)
This video makes me want to pave diamond my casio
Justin (3 months ago)
This video makes me want to pave diamond my casio
The Gowlo Family (3 months ago)
OMG Just look at those watches. speechless peter, Great Video guys. Thanks DARREN X
Wilmar Payot (3 months ago)
I love all ur videos...new subscriber here.
Andrew Safarik (3 months ago)
Crazy to think you can either buy a nice house or a watch!

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