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Hair Transformation - Pure Gore

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Originally filmed Oct 23rd-27th -Open me for all the info!- SONGS: 1) Dirt Devil - Al Storm (https://goo.gl/jQi5Ly) 2) The Pulse - Al Storm (https://goo.gl/KSCdZb) 3) Poltergeist - Al Storm & Mob (https://goo.gl/8t2Yk2) Music used with permission from the artist, Al Storm. Go check out his stuff! He's the best, and his music is the best: http://alstorm.bandcamp.com https://www.facebook.com/alstorm.eatrave https://soundcloud.com/alstorm https://pro.beatport.com/artist/al-storm/30674 Buy the album the first two tracks are from here!: http://www.hardcoreunderground.co.uk/store/product/id/150 Sammii's Synthetics: https://www.facebook.com/SammiisSynthetics/ https://www.instagram.com/sammiisSynthetics/ http://sammiissynthetics.weebly.com/ https://www.etsy.com/shop/Sammiissynthetics Get 10% off your very own custom set from Sammii's Synthetics by mentioning you came from my videos! Dreadlock Madness: https://www.facebook.com/dreadlock.madness https://www.etsy.com/shop/DreadlockMadness https://www.instagram.com/dreadlockmadness/ Thank you to KAGirl1606 for the name! There were so many rad ideas, so I want to share some of my favs with you guys: Hardcore Gore (from Dayna Lockwood), Bloodlocks (from megagene), Blood Lust (from sky fall, Jade X, and Female Predatorr), and Blood Bath (from VanityySecrets, iDesireeMarie, Luci Incarnate, and creepytwins __). There were so many to choose from! You guys are so awesome!! Also, I say that I used 40 vol. developed for the second round of bleach but I honestly can't remember if that's true or not. I'm like 85% it is, but I just wanted to throw that out there. Find Me Places! Insta: https://www.instagram.com/catchingkerosene/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ch527kerosene Tumblr: http://catchingkerosene.tumblr.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ch527kerosene YouNow: https://www.younow.com/ch527kerosene/channel Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ch527kerosene FTC - This video is not sponsored by any of the mentioned companies, designers, or individuals.
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ch527kerosene (2 years ago)
Thank you to KAGirl1606 for naming this set! FAQs! 1) The 3 songs are by Al Storm and I have info and links at the top of the description 2) The dreads are from Sammii’s Synthetics! All her info is also in the description 3) I installed 24 and they are 15-18” long 4) I have NO IDEA how long the entire thing took me haha. Probably like 8-9 hours over the course of five days (October 23-27). The install itself took about 3.5 hours, though. 5) I have a tutorial on how to install these AND how to wash them! Go check ‘em out :) 6) After I take the old dreads out, I clean them and store them. 7) Check out my insta for all the ways I’ve been wearing this set! My username is catchingkerosene but I have a link in the description (as always) <3 Also, I say that I used 40 vol. developer during the second round of bleach, but I honestly can’t remember. I’m 85% sure I did, but I just wanted to throw that out there.
Vika L (2 months ago)
Как это видео попало в мою ленту ??? Ютуб сошёл с разума !
Regular Tomatoes (2 months ago)
Very Beautiful 😍😘
stoute sven (2 months ago)
Dubstep and hardcore never die
李股歌 (3 months ago)
OMG...How you plan to wash your hair? looking good by the way. XD
WarLordTv (3 months ago)
27-23 = 5 M A T H H
Derpy Vine (1 hour ago)
The hell your hair is exotic it’s tropical nice design
Jacques Mcconnell (3 hours ago)
The poses at the end 😍😍😍
Khan Lala (15 hours ago)
What the fuck???
mthwr (16 hours ago)
God damn it what am i doing i have finals to study for
JamesLoudMouth19981 (1 day ago)
Wooks....Wooks everywhere ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
MetalHead Manny (1 day ago)
Wit yo fine ass
Random Guy (2 days ago)
Μελινα Ελλ (2 days ago)
With straight open hair you are more beautiful
Alkhaizer Musin (2 days ago)
So damn pretty
Jump Man (2 days ago)
Be my girlfriend😂
Eric Sanquist (2 days ago)
Watching you do your hair is oddly sexy and satifing as heck
Shane Miller (2 days ago)
She is gorgeous it hurts. All three looks in this video are exquisite. How is she not famous and working cat walks world wide already?
Skrrr. (2 days ago)
Bebo jaka si ko i mili znaci jako grmis
jason baekeland (2 days ago)
If you wash your hair, you must do your dreads again or let you they in your hair?
Заз Иронаи (2 days ago)
Изуродовалась нахуй
Dave O (3 days ago)
You looked so cute with normal hair. Why did you change it!?!?!?!
Lucas Torreira (3 days ago)
Eres muy hermosa no mames.
Derin Rubino (3 days ago)
Fevkalade söylenecek söz yok 👍👏😊
Mirko Meier (3 days ago)
I wasnt prepared for the music, at all. BUT I LIKED IT!
That shit look like hot Cheetos and cream
Rathernot Disclose (3 days ago)
Jen Johnson (3 days ago)
Al love all her looks but all the hair dye she used doesn't that like kill you hair
L Edwin (3 days ago)
I wouldn't fuck that ugly ass bitch if she was the last pussy on earth. Fucking stupid mother fucking hair. Any one that thinks this is pretty or cute is a fucked up retarded dumn ass
Mal Rose (1 day ago)
Hey, everyone has their own opinion.
Manuel Garces (4 days ago)
Wow so beautiful
Trevor Creager (4 days ago)
Two things to say to this girl...you have a shitload of patience....and yes you can join my raiding party
AUT Makeup (4 days ago)
Issai Solis (5 days ago)
Idk about the music, but she cute 🤷🏻‍♂️💯
Amanda Sparks (5 days ago)
My arms are tired from just watching this, damn girl
Ebero Vieira (5 days ago)
Quando a mina é linda qualquer corte de cabelo fica bem
Cute Hair Models (5 days ago)
LilKataru (5 days ago)
1:16 🥰
MAX Million (5 days ago)
how do you wash your hair with that lock? will it look good to a guy?
Joel fisher (6 days ago)
You go sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up
hydrocodone TM (6 days ago)
Hey hmu ;)
easy pezy (7 days ago)
Why you have used broken mirror in videos?
John Lennon Tuazon (7 days ago)
so beautiful
Lea_ Spielt (8 days ago)
you look so cute love u
Anônimo 007 (8 days ago)
Anônimo 007 (8 days ago)
Alonnah Dehaan (8 days ago)
I thought she looked better with her regular hair
Alonnah Dehaan (8 days ago)
I thought she looked better with her regular hair
Delaney Anderson (9 days ago)
Did anyone else realize that she had Supernatural on?
Anita Gurjar (4 days ago)
Delaney Anderson (5 days ago)
+Anita Gurjar its a tv show that she was watching
Anita Gurjar (7 days ago)
what you mean
Я естественно понимаю то что я из России и быстрее итого никто не сумеет почитать этот коментарий, однако всё-же. ..меня одну подбешивают эти височки?
Who's got the time? (9 days ago)
Reminds me of Cyberpunk 2077.
Jeanne Laplante (9 days ago)
ur hair is ugly
Madison Heath (9 days ago)
If you don’t know when you bleach you hair by your self you don’t want apply the bleach directly to the roots because then you’ll get hot roots and that’s when your roots are brighter then the rest of your hair if you were just bleaching it
marvin cespedes (10 days ago)
Это круто
tired artist (11 days ago)
Holy crap that looks cool
Sha Yushiera (12 days ago)
sis, you're CRAZY. and i LOVE IT
trump erdoğan (12 days ago)
Vay mk biz yapmaya kalkişsak soluğu berberdr alırız
Mujirama (12 days ago)
hot AF!
えみ (13 days ago)
4:14 自分用 美しい
Sophie Wheeler (13 days ago)
music is horrible
Ahel Helly (14 days ago)
Omg, how her hair doesn't fall?
ZeRo RaIn (14 days ago)
You kind oif look fire with curls
Mal Rose (1 day ago)
That's her natural hair, curly.
Jack Smith (14 days ago)
Super beautiful. You don't need any of that stuff.
Jennifer Crane (14 days ago)
LOVE this!♥️
Alyssa Marie (14 days ago)
Omg she’s watching supernatural 😍🖤❤️❤️🖤
Leandro Torres (15 days ago)
That looks bad ass
ACLG (16 days ago)
*this music sounds like an aggressive sjw raped a slav leaving it pregnant with a weird mic between some hippie shit and hardbass.* i need sleep
Vox Obscura (17 days ago)
id prefer this track didnt have any words in it....
Darth Vader (17 days ago)
Dread the hairs on my balls!
Just showed this my cousin and now we both want the same hairdo!
sara carroll (18 days ago)
I really wanted to finish your video just can't handle the back ground song realy can't let my kids watch this wow great hair though maybe a song with a few less fucks
Lisa-Marie Aliev (18 days ago)
What the fuck. It's so FUCKING awesome!!!!! ❤️
Diamond Martin (18 days ago)
Are you familiar with Alice Dreads?
llllllllllllily (18 days ago)
This is my favorite look on her
Crunchy B Roll (18 days ago)
Sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up
Guriya Kumari (19 days ago)
u look amazing
Jenn Svoboda (19 days ago)
thank you for doing this video. I bet your hands and arms hurt after doing that. Mine do after watching that. looks great. beauty comes with pain. So I just say no way jose. I don’t need anymore stress. blessed be. focus on your body.
I want blood in my hair! XD
heidi4442 (19 days ago)
Jeez you did all that damage in a day? You usually need to do sessions.
scp- 049 (19 days ago)
*so pretty* my wig is snatched!!!
luz delgado (19 days ago)
Lonely Person (20 days ago)
Again she looks like a badass fortnite skin
Lil Annie (20 days ago)
Omg, pero que chica taaan hermosa, me he enamorado de ti. Crush♡
Emilia Lee (20 days ago)
Angie's vlogs (20 days ago)
She was watching Supernatural... thank you.
Miguel Azevedo (21 days ago)
kkkj eae man
edward vargo (21 days ago)
Hell Yeah! I'm Diggin it! 😉
Kai Hiwatari (22 days ago)
Ben oturduğum yerde izlerken yoruldum kıza helal olsun ayakta ve tek başına uğraştı onca saçla 👏 👏 👏
babydoll 17 (23 days ago)
i tried trimming my hair today and completely fucked it up. so hats of to you.
FtmFN 96 (24 days ago)
Soo wonderful Girl
Emily Mundy (24 days ago)
She has like a millions years bad luck looking into that mirror 😂😭
Drakinini (24 days ago)
Me dan ganas de bailar con esas canciones Xd.
philis k (24 days ago)
Ur so beautiful
Name tag Animations (24 days ago)
I want to shave my hair and get dreads like that but my Madre would kill me Edit: at least I get undercuts and dye my hair a crazy color every year lol
Adrilu Adrlu (24 days ago)
IM WEIRD (25 days ago)
I really want a death hawk but my dad says they look dumb and I don’t want to get made fun of at school ( I’m in seventh grade)
Danielle Quinn (26 days ago)
you are so pretty and i love your dreadlocks no affence but the music is a bit weird but appart from that you did great i love it!
mafaz zaidi (27 days ago)
What is your ig?
Bird Graves (29 days ago)
I know this is 2 years old, but your short hair on the sides at 2:45 reminded me of a calico cat and idk but it's awesome.
Marione Santacera (1 month ago)
you are so Gorgeous
Alyana M. (1 month ago)
Kristin Frazee (1 month ago)
This girl has mad skills and brave as hell!!!! My hands. Fingers and arms are wasted tired just watching! !!!
Walker Bait (1 month ago)
Do I spy supernatural?!
Def Ne (1 month ago)
Şarkı seçimlerin bok gibi
Ar7'meesho0 O (1 month ago)
i don't know what that hair did to deserve all this ,.?

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