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2 Chainz Eats a $295 Burger | Most Expensivest Sh*t | GQ

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The bun is dusted with 24K gold and it once held the title of most expensive burger in the world. 2 Chainz tries the $295 burger from NYC's Serendipity 3 to see how the 1 percent eats. Watch as 2 Chainz samples the most outrageous luxury goods on the planet—and decides if they’re worth the cash. Still haven’t subscribed to GQ on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/2iij5wt ABOUT GQ For more than 50 years, GQ has been the premier men’s magazine, providing definitive coverage of style, culture, politics and more. In that tradition, GQ’s video channel covers every part of a man’s life, from entertainment and sports to fashion and grooming advice. So join celebrities from 2 Chainz, Stephen Curry and Channing Tatum to Amy Schumer, Kendall Jenner and Kate Upton for a look at the best in pop culture. Welcome to the modern man’s guide to style advice, dating tips, celebrity videos, music, sports and more. https://www.youtube.com/user/GQVideos 2 Chainz Eats a $295 Burger | Most Expensivest Sh*t | GQ
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Text Comments (9332)
Frank V (1 day ago)
They don’t need to help the homeless they need to fix the real estate in nyc so that will prevent any type of homelessness period!!!
Carson Doak (2 days ago)
I can make a burger and sell it for $400, would that break the record?
Scott Mars (2 days ago)
I’d rather buy 295 McDoubles
Goblin Slayer (4 days ago)
Call me when it cost more than my PlayStation 4 20th anniversary Edition oh and I already tried that burger debatable if it's even a super delicious burger it's good at best
Sabrina Arnold (4 days ago)
I can make a hamburger that taste Great for $10 dollars
Los Has No Filter (4 days ago)
If I got like you 💵 ⛓ Chainz...but I can’t even afford a chain-link right now so it’s not worth it to me😎
Terry Smallwood (4 days ago)
If 2 Chainz likes it why won't I.
ThaCHUBBmonster (4 days ago)
Where is the lettuce ?
John Andrew O'Rourke (5 days ago)
He should try the $5,000 burger next.
You could feed 200 starving people with a cheap cheeseburger instead!!!
LeO Wilkinson (6 days ago)
Actually my phone costs more
Abigail Nunez (7 days ago)
$295.00 for an burger like that sounds like an good experience, but man!! It better come with fryes and a drink!!!!
Tata Badman (8 days ago)
Roshna Rai (10 days ago)
I just eat gold. Lol
Jay Knight228 (12 days ago)
2 stains got more more credit in the classroom then the streets 💯😂
Metro Bytmobile (12 days ago)
Only white people can pull this off lol
rac3r5 (13 days ago)
Le Burger Extravagant, you mean The Extravagant Burger.
Christopher Gutierrez (14 days ago)
All the juice was spilling
lethal zedster (15 days ago)
This is not ur ordinary burger
GalaxyAtoms (16 days ago)
Rip nipsey
Juan Arroyo (17 days ago)
That mf said i had a live experience
No Nonsense (18 days ago)
Most expensive caviar, cheaper than weed.
Yasmine Balennn (18 days ago)
Now I’m hungry
I'll stick to innout
Angelo Salazar (19 days ago)
2 chainz:This burger cost more than your iPhone iPhone X:AM I A JOKE TO YOU
super naruslam (19 days ago)
I'm eating burger coasts 1.67 dollar and it's so good
Lone Wolf93 (19 days ago)
I still don’t get why anyone would eat gold I mean come on?! Lol
I'm M.T.B.K (19 days ago)
Bro any burger can be the most expensive burger Technically
Nick Neff (19 days ago)
Still trying to understand the gold ????? I don’t wanna eat metal ..
BabyGrizz (20 days ago)
Ifailed Preschool (20 days ago)
2:37 2 chainz:I just ate some gold Mrbeast:lol I ate a steak made of gold
DEMON_ XYZ (20 days ago)
Eating mcdonalds, this comes up on my recommended. Finish watching. (Looks at mcdonalds burger for a few seconds. Throws it in the trash)
Dr.piston (20 days ago)
With or without the fries ,2 chainz asking the right questions.
ImChrisHansen (20 days ago)
Wow never mind wasting money on s disgusting burger but then to waste the money on homeless
What an awesome club.
MrNumberFour (21 days ago)
Im selling my cheese burger for $300. Can i have the world record now?
Michael Yang (21 days ago)
Jesus christ that cuban chain
Michael Harris (21 days ago)
Not to many people can buy that anyway so really not helping anyone at all 250 dollars PLEASE
Ta King (21 days ago)
Paul Hatcher (21 days ago)
That one burger could feed 50 people.
Nicholas Gill (21 days ago)
I think its worth it
Siyah Beyaz (21 days ago)
Its always like put some gold in it than its expensive... Really boring, its not about the taste
Louis Yu (22 days ago)
my iphone is $1200
Deez Deez (22 days ago)
2 chains but I got me a few on
lil smurf P. (22 days ago)
It changed his life guys
Robotpanda89 (22 days ago)
Burger is way too juicy, was like a wet rag. Probably still tasted good thou
b y m i e (22 days ago)
imagine dropping that
Ariff Firdaus (22 days ago)
whereee da friesss mayneeee
Chels Thiruselvam (23 days ago)
Bites in *IT’S RAW!!!*
Kc Emery (23 days ago)
Meat looked raw
Edwin Bermudes (23 days ago)
Or cost more than you 32" tv
Ryan Michael (23 days ago)
I wouldn’t be shocked if this guy is filing for bankruptcy in the mere future!
genaro juarez (23 days ago)
Dumd Kids eating tide pods, rich People eating gold. Both pretty dumb to me lmao
STK-1_Lonely (23 days ago)
Patrick Collier (23 days ago)
Why in a cave? Cuz why not.
Nick Bloodborne (23 days ago)
you pay $295 takes a bite spit it out because of bad taste regret you spend $295 on a burger
Turner Wilferth (24 days ago)
Kaluga caviar..... the kaluga is about to go extinct because of their "expensive caviar"
Daniel Korngold (24 days ago)
Its cool and all but definitly not better than that burger joint down the corner
Ben Gamer (24 days ago)
The most expensive burger is 777 dollars
lateira Nelson (24 days ago)
That actually looks good and the juice that came out omg yummy 😍 but I'm too broke to eat gold right now lol
Jaysin Hawkins (24 days ago)
I woulda smacked the Mess outta that burger!
THEBIGMEOW (24 days ago)
Is it grass feed butter
Mauricio Lozano (24 days ago)
It will be funny if the burger was a microwave burger hahaha jk yeah boiiiii😎😂😂😂😂
Sean Lin (25 days ago)
0:30 this is what screams a completely different time
Matthew Fisher (25 days ago)
Imagine having the money to be able to do this. Throw down some money for a 300$ burger. Man, what a life. 😂
xghoul x (25 days ago)
Gordon Ramsay wants to know your location
Beast Mode Activated (26 days ago)
I can make a burger and make it worth 300 dollars bam i just broke a record
Robbin Hood (27 days ago)
MurryCoolz HD (27 days ago)
Costs $295 and dont come with fries or a drink. Wtf.
Ololade Akinola (14 days ago)
Dude this comment deserves a 295 dollars burger
Roberto Mac (27 days ago)
theres the $777 burger on worth it / buzzfeed ?? oh uploaded in 2014, that explains a lot
Kirushanth Sharva (27 days ago)
He sounds like a nice guy for a rapper.
NoName (27 days ago)
Gordon ramsay would say : look how much oil is dripping,and the shape, how can anyone eat this, i mean seriously, this so disgusting,raw...spits food, unbelievable
Klavier (27 days ago)
Meanwhile in Africa
Dillan Richins (28 days ago)
I’ll just stick to a Big Mac and coke
Alex Nter_2807 B (28 days ago)
777 burger is more expensive
Epic (28 days ago)
And I am sitting here eating a McDonald’s burger then this gets recommended to me.... I threw it against my window
WildCatGaming (28 days ago)
Ok fine so I get that gold is edible. But does it taste good? Like why would you want to eat it.
Snoop Brown (29 days ago)
I'm wit it.... I don't eat meat but hey live yo best life...
DEMOLITION GAMER101 (29 days ago)
names two chainz... wear 3 chains
Acer Robinson (29 days ago)
At 30 jokes on you i have a iphone x looooool
Whyinem (29 days ago)
GeeQueee (29 days ago)
I cud feed myself fr a month with 295.
Shiny Fox Bachin (29 days ago)
Taste quality must be there, not the price.
EpicClips (30 days ago)
*Gordon Ramsey Enters* It's Raw and Disgusting
Cisco Navarro (30 days ago)
Gordon Ramsey triggered
Factoid (30 days ago)
The 777 burger is 777$
SayfRG2874 (30 days ago)
🔥🎆🌟🍔🌟🎆🔥 **[SpongeBob has left the chat]**
Saitama (30 days ago)
I want a Europe trip with that burger
Mikael Aguilar (30 days ago)
Finna start selling this golden Mexican ball sweat for 20,000 a drop 😤💪
onofre eduardo (1 month ago)
2Chainz: Try the Burger , My life has Changed 😆😆👍👍
nerfgoonie (1 month ago)
So environments are destroyed and people die during mining processes for idiots to eat what they mine for no reason... and have a little diamond on the toothpick? So unnecessary. Yeah I'm triggered. As a geography major, with a knowledgeable background in gold mining, diamond mining, as well as other precious metals that people sacrifice their lives for others to feel classy. Ridiculous
nerfgoonie (1 month ago)
Not a matter of opinion either, I do professional research on this.
the laanie (1 month ago)
This video has been recomended to me 4 times in 4 years and I've watch it every year
whynot ttt (1 month ago)
I'ma eat the broke burger
My Thoughts (1 month ago)
There’s a new burger that’s 3k
N0B0DY1327 (1 month ago)
That looks good, my mouth actually got watery
Terry Red (1 month ago)
Bro that Burger don't cost no $295 they getting people for their money for real cuz they rich
Terry Red (1 month ago)
Wtf I wish I would get tf out of here
Charlie Hadfield (1 month ago)
Guy needs french lessons😂

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