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Boomerang Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

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Text Comments (43499)
Dude Perfect (1 year ago)
Crossbow Trick Shots launches TODAY! LIVE at 5 (CST) 🏹
Phalla 177800o1 (29 days ago)
Dude Perfect qq
Dude Perfect
Mary Jane Borcelis (3 months ago)
Sylveon so cute!! (3 months ago)
Mike Kemp (23 minutes ago)
Bangkok Dangerous (33 minutes ago)
ugh, way too overproduced. had an interest in the video, but couldnt finish it..
Jared Morrow (3 hours ago)
Umg Umg (9 hours ago)
Exactly a year old today
Nate Fontana (10 hours ago)
The best trick in the video is when he made a dog appear out of nowhere. Is it possible to learn this power?
Frank Gee (12 hours ago)
Not bad, .... for a cowboy.
Michał Tupak676 (14 hours ago)
oooo !!! whoowww yeahhhhh whoooow ooooo yeaaaaah wow yeahhhh ooooo!!!!!
Fiets Zadel (14 hours ago)
Do Flip trick shots 2
filho do arthur (16 hours ago)
ayman tattoo (18 hours ago)
جميل جداً
Alex Ramm (22 hours ago)
That’s not a bomerang
Raheela Siddique (23 hours ago)
I didn't even know boomerang was a frickin sport.....
İşimiz Sanal (23 hours ago)
Nasıl yapıyonux lan
UraL (1 day ago)
Beltrán Figueroa (1 day ago)
Bro that is a-ma-zing :0
LimuEmu777 (1 day ago)
I’ve watched this video so much when it first came out because of how EPIC this is!!
Ben Hansford (1 day ago)
Those are not boomerangs
Eivon Jaan (1 day ago)
The perfect use of Adobe after effects 😅
Aurelie Rijken (1 day ago)
Who’s dog
Rezky Dwi01 (1 day ago)
Amazing Dude Perfect
Packers 4 Life (1 day ago)
BTD5 anyone?
Celular Kauan (1 day ago)
Com Isso E Possivel vc São Muito legal
Eyos Themo (1 day ago)
Who else liked for the dog
sam jam (1 day ago)
It seems Batman bat blade's are practical.
ARTHUR MIGUEL (1 day ago)
Fake fake fake
iben batu (1 day ago)
Orang indonesia like 😄
I am a Heater (1 day ago)
Logan looks like Mark zuckerbeg
Ibtesham Islam (1 day ago)
Ibtesham Islam (1 day ago)
Cute dog
J.J REMIX (1 day ago)
Your Waifu Sucks (1 day ago)
Why are there so many Japanese and Korean comments?
ぼんぼん (1 day ago)
Theo Avory (1 day ago)
And I was proud that I didn't sleep till 10am........
The Revolvers (2 days ago)
The first time I threw my boomerang it got stuck in a tree. Because of this video, I’m getting a new one. I LOVE YOU GUYS!
The Revolvers (2 days ago)
You guys are the best!
foksick qq (2 days ago)
вы тоже здесь чтоб отыскать российский комент этак вот вы его отыскали))))
Eureka - (2 days ago)
I don't know Captain Boomerang exist
quest 77051 (2 days ago)
i am the 42 million and ONE subscriber lolol
quest 77051 (2 days ago)
quest 77051 (2 days ago)
came here from WIRED.....that dude is epic.
Dinu Gavli Creation (2 days ago)
Aim kings are you guys😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘
Ashley Reynolds (2 days ago)
Those are insane
Tobi Madara (2 days ago)
Fake video
Sun MOON (2 days ago)
illumanti confirm !!
K1ryan4ik :D (2 days ago)
Спорим российские быстро тоже самое будут снимать
شايل خرزة هذا😂💔
Avinash 123 (3 days ago)
angrez pagal hai
난또헤엄 (3 days ago)
아니 부메랑이 영어로 부메랑이라고? 구라ㄴ
Titis Giharja (3 days ago)
Is the base....
PederBey (3 days ago)
Ебать он баклажан
Jagjit Singh Ramgadia (4 days ago)
Wow Dude
Vishnu M (4 days ago)
Awesome dudes
Ch Ten (1 day ago)
初め社長の茶畑。 それな。金の力
Best youtuber ever!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💚💜💜💙
James Destratis (4 days ago)
Where is captain boomerang
ßANE - (4 days ago)
Where can I buy one
TheDerpyLuigi11 (4 days ago)
You should do a boomerang battle for coby to win something lol (maybe)
le'Rock (4 days ago)
Untill this moment i didn't know that a world champion boomerang thrower exist!!!
Noob Ninja (4 days ago)
PyroJohn19 (4 days ago)
Is it a boomerang if it has a three shafts?
Grandote (5 days ago)
99% de practica , 1% de victoria.
Bintang Alfariza (5 days ago)
Nice intro, dude
Fabrizio Bonanno (5 days ago)
Bel video montaggio
siobhan Sennas (5 days ago)
So cool
とび (5 days ago)
Ch Ten (1 day ago)
とび この人達リアルでブーメラン刺さってて草
とび (5 days ago)
shashank Gagan (6 days ago)
Tyty tell Logan where did he B title Logan where did he buy a boomerang
vD_LR فدلر (6 days ago)
مركب قطعه 😂😂💔
OTV오티비 (6 days ago)
Hey dude perfect lm asia dude perfect. every day imitate your trick shot! enjoy everyday
fernandinho Garcia (6 days ago)
Its a dron.....
Satō Matsuzaka (6 days ago)
Time to throw boomerang straight
lui5 _ (6 days ago)
What is if told you. You just hurt a dog cause he was under and they were stepping on him
BeyCompany (7 days ago)
fake :)))))
oniiチャンネル (7 days ago)
These people Psychics!?
Phew Im Alive (7 days ago)
I had to give it a like ... well played d.p.
canabiz sativa (7 days ago)
오래오 (7 days ago)
1:15 Jake Gyllenhaal
mateo OMG (7 days ago)
this is not real.
Shark Kitten (7 days ago)
I met Logan's dad once. He was super funny, nice, and told great stories. I really liked him
c Low (7 days ago)
28k people played with boomerangs and they never came back
palopatrol (7 days ago)
Are we just gonna overlook coby won a battle....
Bruce Wayne (7 days ago)
My mom threw my dad out years ago but he never came back I wish he was a boomerang
Like a boss
pisces pardillo (7 days ago)
Your America!?!?! Me manila it doesn't work
るなてぃっく (7 days ago)
BRANDON PLAYZ (7 days ago)
Amazing tricks I can't stop watching your channel
Flacko SevensUP (7 days ago)
42 million subscribers whaaaaaat
FAUZI GAMING (7 days ago)
This is Indonesia?
ElKaPapi Karlsson (8 days ago)
Subscribe amos Nyberg pleas
ElKaPapi Karlsson (8 days ago)
Roberto Caputo (8 days ago)
Zaira Zerie (8 days ago)
Yes!! Now i know what music ur using. I mean so that i can search it. Thanks i love ur editing❤
かいくん (8 days ago)
T3SKATLIPOC4 (8 days ago)
NJANK SOEKAMTI (8 days ago)
Awowkowkwowwkok, kerad ugha
Thimmaiah M B (8 days ago)
Anybody know the song?
سوسة سوسة (8 days ago)
اكو عرب بل طيارة🤣🤣🤣
Cow Matrikx (8 days ago)
Such a cute pup!!

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