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Full Face of CHEAP vs. EXPENSIVE Makeup

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We gave ourselves a FULL FACE (half face???) of cheap (or at least “affordable”) drugstore makeup and luxurious (and WAY too expensive) high-end makeup to see the difference – and we have a LOT of questions. SUBSCRIBE for MORE weirdness ►► http://bit.ly/SubClevverStyle Help us turn Sound Guy into a Sound QWEEN ►► https://youtu.be/tZDPMzIJ6l4 (And watch Swapped, since we mention that too!) ►► https://youtu.be/GXVO4eb0KDY It’s the ultimate face-off – literally. Today on Beauty Break, Joslyn & Lily test a full face of cheap & expensive makeup products to see if going high end is REALLY worth all that $$$. It turns out there’s a lot of luxury versions of makeup products that are too extra for their own good. Seriously y’all - GOLD mascara wands? CHANEL oil blotting sheets? WHO IS BUYING THESE?!?! (Besides us for your viewing pleasure.) The results won’t you surprise you – but maybe the real makeup lesson was all the friends we made along the way… Watch last week’s episode AKA Tiny & Cute USB Gadgets! ►► https://youtu.be/crYSP_pS0Tw HERE’S WHAT WE TRIED! Serum – EXPENSIVE: Elizabeth Arden Serum Capsules CHEAP: ELF Hydrating Serum Foundation – EXPENSIVE: Giorgio Armani Foundation CHEAP: L’Oreal Paris Mix & Match Lumi Glotion Bronzer/Blush Contouring Kits – EXPENSIVE: Tom Ford Soleil Contouring Compact CHEAP: Maybelline Contouring Kit Mascara – EXPENSIVE: Hourglass Mascara & Wand CHEAP: CoverGirl Lash Blash Fusion Lips – EXPENSIVE: Chrisitian Louboutin Lipstick CHEAP: Nyx Lip Gloss Oil Blotters – EXPENSIVE: Chanel Oil Blotting Sheet CHEAP: Cleansing Care Natural Oil Tissues TALK TO US ABOUT THE EPISODE! http://twitter.com/joslyndavis http://twitter.com/lily_marston http://instagram.com/joslyndavis http://instagram.com/lily_marston For More Clevver: http://www.clevver.com Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/Clevver Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ClevverTV Keep up with us on Instagram: http://instagr.am/Clevver Add us to your circles on Google+: http://google.com/+ClevverTV Find us on Snapchat: ClevverTV
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Text Comments (1130)
Amy Sharland (3 days ago)
And you call yourself a booty guru 😂🍑
Amy Sharland (3 days ago)
And you call yourself a booty guru 😂🍑
vanessalynn sarver (5 days ago)
I was watching this for the hundredth time my doghter has the same name as your producer lol wow for Bridgette
Katrina Taylor (6 days ago)
I would never spend that much on makeup. I normally use cover girl. And some stuff from the dollar store.
Alyssa's Journey (6 days ago)
Lilly needs elf in her life my favorite after loreal
Alma Garcia (23 days ago)
The comparison would make sense if they knew how to apply makeup properly. I don't mean that to sound hateful, btw, but people who love makeup and know what they're talking about aren't people who exclusively buy high-end makeup. I feel like people forget drugstore makeup brands are used backstage on models and by licensed makeup artists and aren't just affordable makeup for people on a budget. They're reputable brands with many staples that people, including muas, swear by.
Stephani Rodriguez (28 days ago)
I have the L’Oréal glow thing and is good but if you put highlighter on top it pops
Simple Study tips (29 days ago)
My mom uses the capsules thingy
Lauren Harding (1 month ago)
Lilz. Your face looks so great and clear and bright!!
Ellis DeVille (1 month ago)
She said Christian Louis Vuitton 😂😂
nayeli ramos (1 month ago)
What perfume is it???😭
Katie heal (1 month ago)
You can use rizla sheets for oily skin and some cost £1-3
Lykke Hansson Mathisen (1 month ago)
0:53 did she say thatiana???
Jax Orrell (1 month ago)
Marry me Lily 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭😅😅😅😅🤣🤣
Mema Zachariah (1 month ago)
Your lashes look like they are the same exact volume . Like there is no difference between the two sides.
Nawel Mahamud (2 months ago)
Toni Erickson (2 months ago)
To me the makeup that they are considering "cheap" is what I consider expensive, and cheap makeup is dollar store makeup! Haha
Ava Holmgren (2 months ago)
My favorite cheap brands are wet and wild and LA colors
Ian Gif (2 months ago)
I was just waiting for joslyn to drop the make up 😂
Emma McDougall (2 months ago)
So isn't that the shirt that joslyn wore on the cowerkers switch lives for a day????
Dilara A (2 months ago)
Do more of it cheap expensive make up 🙌🏼
Dilara A (2 months ago)
I hate it nyx price as us dollar 4 but for my country the price is 32 something😓
Britney Jones (2 months ago)
Soap and glory brand their plumping gloss is great it tingles but works really good you guys should try the brand then also I the company found I think Joseland would defensively love it has make up and good skin care
Violette Kay (2 months ago)
Blonde might have a thyroid issue her neck is swollen
Tiffany Orton (2 months ago)
lol Someone keeping their perfume a secret is so strange to me!
Nour Elsaeed (2 months ago)
I have the same sweat shirt as Lily
Ava Ellison (2 months ago)
Too faced
Jolie Wyatt (2 months ago)
Megan markle uses the $98 dollar serum on her dogs face
Alexis Breau (2 months ago)
TatAlbring (2 months ago)
Is this why defy went bust?
ash (2 months ago)
"That says Christian Louis Vuitton, but close" no lily... 😂😂😂
Seyri Garcia (2 months ago)
Who sees the troll in the background
Leah Ginsburg (2 months ago)
Morgan Ball (2 months ago)
I use that mascara cover girl rip 😭😭😭😂
KawaiiPanda 54 (2 months ago)
““And you call your self a bOoTy gUrU” I’m dead 2:07
Horse Love (2 months ago)
Well why do they make elf nail polish
Snow Jade (2 months ago)
Are the challenge going to happen please say yes
Erin gemini (2 months ago)
Revlon full coverage foundation!!
Erin gemini (2 months ago)
That bullet necklace thing with the black sock caused Tati to be detained by TSA at the airport once!😱
B P (2 months ago)
Lily’s face looks like Emilia Clarke in the thumbnail
Brenna Kittell (3 months ago)
raquel maría (3 months ago)
1:15 mAyBe ItS mAbELliNe
Yacob 707 (3 months ago)
What I notice in rich product is much more natural because rich people are very naturally pretty
Sadie-Marie Lefebvre (3 months ago)
Hi Y’all (3 months ago)
when is it comin back
Alexis Bartrug (3 months ago)
2:07" and u call urself a botty garue
Emily Craft (3 months ago)
Did you guys hear her friends name THOTIANA like what
Joana Torres (4 months ago)
0:53 bust down thotiana 🤣
Fatima Akbar (5 months ago)
The unremoved foundation on the corner of her face of the girl in white shirt had me cringing
W K (5 months ago)
Jocelynn is my spirt animal
Charlotte Philliskirk (5 months ago)
Josyln should buy the elf hydrating water essence as it’s amazing! It’s a water based lotion that is really good! Lily should as well if she wants to!
Lucy Biermann (5 months ago)
I could have ten million dollars and I would still spend the least amount of money possible on everything... I am extremely cheap.
Lucy Biermann (5 months ago)
Lol I have a 6 dollar off brand sweet like candy by Ariana Grande perfume by Ariana grande, and a 2 dollar mascara. I have a bunch of cheap makeup like thay
Carrington & Krista (5 months ago)
Bust down thotiana😂 prolly spelt that wrong lmao
I have to say I really like jos without the curly hair
Do Clinique vs MAC PLEASE
Amelia Kendall (5 months ago)
The most expensive makeup product I use is either Makeup Forever HD Foundation, Fenty Beauty Foundation, or Urban Decay Naked palettes
Jena Frumesfan (5 months ago)
Love this💘
Emma Stilwell (6 months ago)
I use the cover girl lash blast fusion!!
Madison Chenoweth (6 months ago)
Maybelline fit me foundation. I don't use drug store mascara.... My fav it 2 faced batter than sex
Ruby Owen (7 months ago)
The cheep makeup is expensive to me 😂
Mecia Is Royalty (7 months ago)
The Meghan Markle comment, so uncalled for, Meghan had money before Harry😒.
Sara Anders (8 months ago)
RIP Clever
adrina7 (8 months ago)
I want to know Lilly's perfume now lol
Nicole (8 months ago)
elf is like so gr8 and like Clinique and like MAC lololll
ziky 🔥 (8 months ago)
i'm gonna miss this SO, SO MUCH 💔
Mia Corpuz (8 months ago)
The glotion is basically a highlighter!!
CrunchesAndLunges (8 months ago)
"Speak for yourself" lmao
Bethany Johnson (8 months ago)
where did lily get her top/hoodie
Madison Nivens (8 months ago)
now i really wanna know what the perfume is
Seacláide Agus Fola (8 months ago)
Lol all makeup is manufactured in the same warehouse, but all companies take and add to in order to improve the product, the cheap makeup normally gets minimal additives or nothing add which makes it bad quality. Higher end products add a lot to make it worthwhile and better quality.
Jenna (8 months ago)
The clean and clear oil sheets ($6ish) don’t take off any make up from my experience and my friends using them to with full face and if it does take some off you can’t tell there like
CcakeAsh (8 months ago)
I wish they had spent more time matching the drugstore with the cheap to actually see the difference. They got like the worst drugstore products
Amanda Blum (8 months ago)
L’Oréal, Milani and maybelline
Ari Avenue Xx (8 months ago)
Revolution is the best drugstore makeup brand just my opinion I’m from the uk and it’s £9 for foundation AND ITS AMAZING and as well as all of the other stuff
kar leggett (8 months ago)
Jocelyn is clapped in this
Melissa Amarillas (8 months ago)
Eyes lips and face??? Lmaooo lily and I were on the same boat 😂😂
Legend Girl (8 months ago)
She said she is a boutty gure
Emily Hilgeman (8 months ago)
The one on the right looks like Billie eilish
Desiree Cooke (8 months ago)
Are you James Charles not being able to Match your foundation😂😂
Haley Kydd (STUDENT) (8 months ago)
hands down best drugstore foundation is long lasting finish 25 hour it stays on with comfort serum and the brand is RIMMEL LONDON
glenn Sarka (8 months ago)
Hahaha butty guru
Itsme Ana (8 months ago)
I’m suprised this video isn’t called best friends try cheap vs expensive makeup .
Emily Huntsman (8 months ago)
You guys should do a Wet N Wild vs E.L.F. cheap drugstore makeup battle
Kendra McD (9 months ago)
I have the same Maybelline Contor kit
Jessica Hensley (9 months ago)
Tap the excess off brush 1st, 😂👍 i love the Maybelline lumis line and tattoo brow
Jessica Hensley (9 months ago)
Ahhh 😂love y'all 😌
Makeup Jessabel (9 months ago)
Is this their first run in with makeup?
elsa ford (9 months ago)
Lily where did you get your friends shirt???
Alex Martynowicz (9 months ago)
Do you get to keep the makeup?
Gabriela C (9 months ago)
“Booty Guru” 😂
Chays Love (9 months ago)
Hannah Smart (9 months ago)
Kmart in Australia is so good!!! It’s good quality for super cheap like a great foundation is 3 dollars
Sarai Gradeless (9 months ago)
I got such bad anxiety when Jos picked up that Tom Ford pallet, It looked like it was gonna fall out of her hands and $110 was gonna break all over the table 😧😂, also, Katy Perry's Katy kat eye covergirl mascara is the best mascara ever, don't at me 😂
mbr715 (9 months ago)
that one bit of foundation left on lily's face is driving me nuts
Cecilio Mendoza (9 months ago)
12:18 riDICKulous 😂
Russell Martin (9 months ago)
Is the drag queen thing still a happening
Briana Vlogs (9 months ago)
It’s elf as in the mystical creature
mychaela huckaby (9 months ago)
Can I just stand up for maybeline for a sec? It's not the product itself it's the fact that you didn't powder ... At all and puting a pigmented product on dewy foundation that has not been powdered isn't going to represent the product well.

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