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Ben Arthur (1 year ago)
Bit of a longer video today lads, hope you Europeans found this one useful! Cut as much as I could whilst retaining the value!
Benjamin Ash (8 months ago)
mate where did you get the vintage vo5 packaging, they dont sell it that way anymore.i preferred it great reviews btw
Liam DiCaprio (1 year ago)
Hi from Singapore 🇸🇬
ishi (1 year ago)
EveryMan you should do a full review on the fish putty or put it up against derma V10 putty
Morten Aanstad (7 months ago)
lol, L'Oreal Paris was something I used for ages when I was still a noob who knew nothing about styling and didn't put any real efforts. (I used gel for a long time without realizing that it looked horrible). Fortunately, I've learned my lesson, and upgrading my styling products and putting more effort was like going from cheap plastic to real leather.
Aftab Ahmed (1 year ago)
@Everyman, how does got2b phenomenal moulding paste compete against Gatsby Moving Rubber purple? In terms of hold, finish, texture, application etc...
Aftab Ahmed (1 year ago)
@EveryMan, loved the video... How would you say got2b Made4Mess Texturizing Putty compares to Gatsby moving rubber wild shake (purple)? in the department's hold, texture, application!
Aftab Ahmed (1 year ago)
EveryMan, thanks man, but would you say the got2b phenomenal molding paste is better than gatsby purple as overall styling product?
Ben Arthur (1 year ago)
+Aftab Ahmed thanks! They are quite similar products actually. The consistency is almost the same. The main difference is the gatsby does have a better hold :)
Grease Monkey (1 year ago)
Johnnys chop shop is probs my favourite
James (1 year ago)
Great video, I need to try the fish range... I think the VO5 Matt Clay is really good as it is my daily styler!
ishi (1 year ago)
James try the stonefish for me the Matt clay doesn't hold
hansredgate1 (1 year ago)
mate if you were to pick from a mixture of these products to style your hair (usual hair routine), which will they be?
ishi (1 year ago)
EveryMan I just bought both of them
Ben Arthur (1 year ago)
schwarzkopf mousse, fish putty and probably the schwarzkopf hairspray
Mdcatt (1 year ago)
I've tried most of those products and I agree Fish is the best out of those. Trying some Johnnys chop shop products at the moment
Noor Hussain (1 year ago)
There's such a gap in the UK market, there's no good water soluble product line on the high street. Any one that wants to be a millionaire get in on it now :-)
Tom Geczy (1 year ago)
When you said "just to keep it simple for ya!" And looked straight into the camera I actually started laughing so hard that I had to pause the video. Maybe I'm easily amused?
CybiGermain (1 year ago)
Yes boy! I needed this!

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