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How To Properly Hack Round Trip Request on Uber & Lyft|The Bearded Uber Guy.com

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My name is Marvin and I believe that "Hustle" is the way to change your life. I go by "The Bearded Uber Guy" but this channel is all about helping you scale your business inside and outside of your vehicle. Visit http://www.thebeardeduberguy.com for more Info! Check out my new clothing line for "Side-Hustlers" http://www.thebeardeduberguy.com/store Subscribe to the Ultimate Side-Hustle Podcast and leave a review. Link:https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-bearded-uber-guy-com-podcast/id1434732506?mt=2 Signup to Drive Below & Get Free RIdeshare Coaching Plus & up to $1000 in bonuses! ★Lyft Signup Link:https://goo.gl/c9AKZX ★Uber Signup Link:https://goo.gl/SxpQDY Follow me on Social Media:IG/FB/Twitter @thebeardeduberguy Got Mail? The Bearded Uber Guy P.O. Box 69 Grayson,GA 30017
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The Bearded Uber Guy (1 year ago)
Obviously You should do this with the clients ok.
Damion Brooks (1 month ago)
Patrick J. Trevenen (2 months ago)
Great Advice, Thank You...5 Stars..
The Bearded Uber Guy (2 months ago)
Thank you for watching!
Gustavo Soto (2 months ago)
Lyft wont let you monopolize with pax .. u can get them for couple of times but Lyft wont mached u with that pax after couple times u picked them up
JIF (2 months ago)
Bill Plantz (3 months ago)
Great advice!
Wilson Villa Gomez (3 months ago)
Great tips! Thanks
yaboha aro (3 months ago)
I take uber every day I have the option to request a round trip up tree different lactation so don't stress tell the customer to do round trip
Roderick sharp (5 months ago)
So how does a client request a ride if it's a round trip through the app? Thanks for the info.
Timothy Smith (5 months ago)
Or you could get them to make this a multiple stop on the app. That way you are covered
michael hanford (6 months ago)
happened to me I waited got her again no tip
michael hanford (6 months ago)
they can do point to point to point
Married with 9 Lives (6 months ago)
I took a clientr to target last night to grab a few things and go back home. I really needed a drink and to stretch so I turned off new request and ran in as well. The client wanted me to take them home as well so I stated as we walk out I'll log back on right as you send the request. I recieved a ride request about 15 seconds later. FOR A CLIENT 8 MINUTES AWAY! The client was still waiting on a response when I left and I felt horrible and quite confused honestly. So my thought is next time as long as it's a short stop im going tto not end the ride and have the passenger change the destination to the address next door to their home. If anyone has advice on this method please share. It would have been about a 20 mile round trip however my thought is even though the destination changes to next door I'll still get paid for TIME, MILES ECT. As I see it though this was horrible client service as the system is set up! Oh and it was raining and 30 degrees cooler here in cincy Sat night then the day before.
Robert Lopez (7 months ago)
Hi do I have to report tips to the IRS
The Bearded Uber Guy (7 months ago)
Hi Robert! All income you receive from driving under the platform will be sent to you in the form of a 1099 so that question would best be answered by a tax advisor
OBServe Garage (7 months ago)
Houston is so God foresaken humid and hot from May to November. How do you wear long sleeves and a tie?
The Bearded Uber Guy (7 months ago)
You are correct. My AC is awesome. Otherwise I couldn’t do it any other way. Thanks for stopping by I have more videos coming. I don’t drive in Houston anymore I’ve relocated but let’s stay connected. I have a rideshare group on Facebook called “Uber Lyft Hustle Gang” search for it and feel free to join.
Hodor St. Louis (7 months ago)
I'll be the Judge of how "Dope" the video is.😀
DukeOfMarshall (8 months ago)
So how do you handle this when you're working part time as rideshare?
Cool, Thanks !
Wrong said Fred 3 (8 months ago)
Old post, but you are 100% wrong!! Unless you want to run the risk of getting acused of molesting somebody.... you have them enter all destinations, Absolutly NO UNSCHEDUALED STOPS!!
kurtmichaelson (8 months ago)
Great tip about using Google Voice, thanks! I'm willing to give out my cell number, but it does make some sense to keep it private and use a service like Google Voice to help give clients a better way to reach you. Good stuff!
The Bearded Uber Guy (8 months ago)
Thankful to hear this and I’m glad it helps. There are weirdos everywhere so my personal number is for family and friends. With google voice it’s an alternative that keeps me private and protected since I can block calls as well but still get calls routed to my phone. Would love to stay connected if you’d like to join my Facebook group search “Uber Lyft Hustle Gang”
Frank Elfranko (8 months ago)
Uber pays you per minute also. I get 21 cents per minute, if I wait 10 minutes I get $2.10 for that 10 minutes. I think you get 18 cents per minute.
Daniel Napier (9 months ago)
You said, “if this is your first time watching this video” ? Why would someone watch this video multiple times, I’m not dogging your video it was fine I just wouldn’t ever need to watch it again.
Viltheegr8! (9 months ago)
Best thing to do is bypass the app just set up a fee with the client, Uber takes way too much anyways. I’ve started doing that I just give them a price and they’re ok with it no need for Uber to get anything. What you guys should start doing is pick up passengers have them cancel the trip and just negotiate with the passenger
The Fat Man (10 months ago)
You can also use the UZURV app and they can request you directly
The Fat Man (10 months ago)
Google voice doesn't work with uber anymore. You are paid by the minute as well, so just offer to wait and tell them by waiting they won't have to pay another booking fee, 10 minutes later, they come back to your car and you're on the way. Also, in order to get the ping, the passenger needs to be at least 15 feet away and you'll get the ping
Mike Arroyo (11 months ago)
The Bearded Uber Guy, you definitely offer a lot of value for someone who has been driving for a relative short amount of time. The hacks on $5 technology and bus station we're great tips. My only recommendation is to try and keep the videos around 5 minutes if possible (10 minutes max). The majority of people on YouTube for education and information prefer short and concise information so they can view more videos. Either way you're doing great work I appreciate your willingness to help grow the community in a positive manner. Take care, drive safely, and always be on the lookout to improve efficiencies!
The Bearded Uber Guy (10 months ago)
Thank you for the feedback
Johnnie Williams (11 months ago)
Marvin, I love this hack. I have successfully used this in Milwaukee. And I am relocating to the Houston area in June and will definitely be in touch with you.
The Bearded Uber Guy (11 months ago)
Awesome! I am glad to know it’s working. Not sure if you know but I have a rideshare group setup so we can all get better together. It’s called the “Uber Lyft Hustle Gang” you can search it on Facebook. Would love to stay connected I’m in Georgia now
don ashfield (11 months ago)
Get to the point. Video too long and too much rambling. Thank You.
The Bearded Uber Guy (11 months ago)
Hopefully you’ve watched more than one of my videos before forming an opinion or maybe there’s another Uber vlogger that might better suit your needs. Either way thanks for watching.
t Bey (11 months ago)
how do you get paid if they don't go thru uber app
The Bearded Uber Guy (11 months ago)
All ride request will be done through the app. I never recommend doing anything outside of the app for liability purposes
Vayne Rizzo (11 months ago)
This video does nothing. The client can put multiple trips before the trip starts or they can update while in your vehicle. Waiting for them while their trip should be over, there's no money in doing that because after you reached destination the mileage rate drops significantly. Your VIDEO'S MISLEADING.
The Bearded Uber Guy (11 months ago)
Well hopefully there’s a video within the nearly 100 videos I’ve done that will be more to your liking. Thanks for watching!
Raven's Reflections (1 year ago)
Passengers who want a round trip want you to wait. Which basically means you get a few cents more than if the trip was 1 way if the entire trip is less than the minimum. Passengers are not clients. They are customers. Personals are clients. Personals can pay anyway they want. If they want to use the app they call me and when I get there , they stand next to me and they enter all their info, I turn on my app online and they hit confirm. They will get me most of the time. If on the off chance they do not they can cancel and re order. But here is the thing , if I turn a customer into a personal, then it is a person and how and what they pay is between them and me.
Jon Suleiman (1 year ago)
A lot of wrong info on here dude not sure how you are so confident about wrong information clearly stating “you think “. You do get paid per minute wether you are driving or parked and there is no que system unless you are by an airport in the designated waiting area. The only reason you will not get a rider if you are right by them is if they gave you a rating 3 stars or less
carlismycat (1 year ago)
Jon Suleiman but why would they give a 3 star in the first place if it clearly says on the rating screen (for lyft that is) that each party will never be matched. And if they WANT you to be their driver for going back home why eould they mess that up by giving 3stars? I did a repeat ride 3x yesterday after ending the trip (not realizing to ask them to just stay connected in app) with 3 different (also repeat passengers so obviously they never gave me less than 4stars since we were matched a 2nd time) people and it pinged on my end but the thing is you have to go online seconds before they hit that LAST button for the request. If you simply go online while they are taking their time typing in their destination you will risk getting a ping from a different passenger further away. Personally Id rather wait that extra 5min for the same person for a 3-5$ ride than drive 20minutes that Im noy getting paid to drive that next person only up the street for the same 3-5$ pay. Thats how I look at it. Im starting to realize lyfy has a lower demand in my area compared to those using Uber. There are only 8 lyft drivers in a 5city radius at any given time (from what I can see in my rider app at the busiest times) So I save my car on wear&tear and gas this way to avoid those long drives just to pick rhem up. To clarify on that, my ride requests are often times 10-20min away and im only getting paid for the start&end of their actual trip. So if I can add on an aditional trip from the same person where Im at, it works out better for me. At least until there are more people using lyft that are in closer range ro where Im at. But I like the idea of staying connected and having them do add destination to make it a round trip. Only 1x someone didnt want it a roundtrip. But for lyft I dont think we get paid for any wsit time even if we are connected in app. Correct me if Im wrong. I know rhese videos are about uber but I wasnt approved for uber. I think lyft is still fairly new in my area. Im finding that passengers dont know how to do round trip rides. Ive been showing them how (not touching their phone just pointing to what to tap).
Jeffrey Kolikof (1 year ago)
I enjoyed your video. But quick question if we do get cards printed how do we ensure that we will be selected or matched with rider when we go to get the location, as you mentioned in the early part of your video.
The Bearded Uber Guy (1 year ago)
I’ve got a video coming very soon with instructions on just how to do it. Stay tuned!
csxcobra csxcobra (1 year ago)
Bitcoin Ninja (5 months ago)
I will wait, typically people that want you to wait end up tipping in cash(not always). I think it depends on the demand in your area if you can wait or not
shags shag (1 year ago)
I ALWAYS ASK IF THERE IS MORE THAN ONE CLIENT IN THE CAR “IS EVERYBODY GETTING OFF AT THE NEXT STOP” THEN I SAY “OK DOES ANYBODY NEXT A RIDE BACK ANYWHERE ELSE?” “ANY STOP OFFS?” If you get into the habit of saying those 3 things in 100 hundred trips i will gaurantee you 5 extra trips per 100 trips! Thanks!
Fadi Kh (1 year ago)
i hate uber. no support, being a dictator
Marvin, great information. You mention Uber Voice number? How do I obtain this feature to build my business?
The Bearded Uber Guy (1 year ago)
It’s a “google voice” number I created. You can goto google.com/voice to get your free number and have it forward calls to your personal phone number. With the google voice app it’s super easy. Hope that helps and happy driving! Thank you for watching and let’s stay connected.
Desaline Redux (1 year ago)
Great video but turn down the instrumental
HawkEye93 (1 year ago)
You know what would be awesome, but probably will NEVER happen? If riders could "favorite" drivers. Say you got a ride with a driver you really liked riding with, you add them to you favorites list. Next time you need a ride, you can see if any of your favorite drivers are online and how far away they are from you. If they're reasonably close or you're willing to wait, you can request them......I can dream though, right? Lol
Tino Soul (23 days ago)
Amazing Idea
Each One Lets Teach one (2 months ago)
That’s makes so much sense
submit your feedback to uber
Raven's Reflections (1 year ago)
That's how online and phone psychics do it. They have id codes just like we have individual referral code numbers. You give out your id to the customer and when they want a reading they input your info and if you are available they will get you.
DocRox (1 year ago)
Uzurv AP!
Happy wife.. happy life! Thnx for the advise ! U Rock
The Bearded Uber Guy (1 year ago)
+Lips Hips and Lashes by Younique only way to operate. Thank you for stopping by and checking out the video!
Matt Silva (1 year ago)
How are you taking advantage of supplying a number, when it can be difficult to get the ping in a busy area, even if your parked right next to the pax/client?
The Bearded Uber Guy (1 year ago)
+Matt Silva once they call me and I meet them and they request a ride it takes a few cancels from the client when they make the request but usually it comes to my phone after 3-4 tries. I typically ask the client to meet me at a landmark nearby. Starbucks etc. thanks for your great question. Usually if I am right next to them i get the ping first. Thanks for watching!
Rafael Beato (1 year ago)
Hello, I have been seen a few video of yours. In this video you mention giving the client that really want to work with you, your number to schedule a pickup location and time but how will you get paid, will they have to pay you directly or how will they get you again in Uber when you picking them up thru a direct call? Thanks
The Bearded Uber Guy (1 year ago)
+Rafael Beato when I coordinate to meet them I will arrive at the meetup spot then they will request an Uber and hopefully I'll get the ping first although it may take a few tries by the client. Thanks for watching!
Commodore Rook (1 year ago)
I have my Uber "clients" simply change their destination once I get to their original destination back to their house if they simply run to the store or restaurant. I wish Uber would simply add multiple destinations.
Dan Kinnebrew (1 year ago)
Have Client add a stop <Destination screen add or change destination > [Home >Panda Express >Bank>Home] $$$ which will update your Driver side and stops incoming pings acceptance not affected you get paid for wait time and just became a legit round trip
The Bearded Uber Guy (1 year ago)
+James Miller haha I see what you did there with the "clients" reference you get it lol. I failed to mention that the change of destination option is there. A lot of folks don't know about it or how to change destination and rather than going into thier phone I just plug address into gps from drivers seat. I've had a few instances where the person that got into my car is the boyfriend/girlfriend of the actual person that made the request so that's why I presented the option as a way to always get full fare even if they can't/don't know how to change destination.
NY Uber Driver (1 year ago)
Round trip are common in NYC, just tell them to change the destination when you are close to their stop.
Alyssia Brown (1 year ago)
NY Uber Driver right, just stop incoming requests before they change the destination
Rob Man (1 year ago)
You mention how you extend a ride for a round trip but you lost me when you talked about them arranging for you to pick them up by calling or texting you. How do you insure that you'll get the ping? I have heard of drivers trying this with the client already in the car but another driver gets the ping. BTW great videos thanks, I'm new
aunty uber (4 months ago)
Rider has to be at least 30 feet away from car to get ping
The Bearded Uber Guy (1 year ago)
+Rob Man I'd suggest they request and cancel until you get the ping. It might take 2-3 times but eventually you'll get it if you've already ended the ride. Other than that don't end it and ask them to change the destination in order to continue riding with you and you just stay on the ride while they go in and get their food,grocery,etc. hope that helps thank you for watching!
Alan Petty Jr (1 year ago)
Something I'm waiting to try is closing the ride, and then using the Destination Filter to ensure that I get the request. I've heard that drivers using a destination filter are given high priority in getting pings over drivers not using one. I'm thinking entering in the rider's address as my destination, and then having them put in the request. Since I am going to the address using the filter, I'd think I'd be given he request, even ahead of others using the filter but not to the rider's address.
FeedMeSeymour (8 months ago)
Alan Petty Jr. - So what's the word? Did you test your theory? whats the result?
carlismycat (1 year ago)
Alan Petty Jr I definitely need to try this ! Yesterday I got THREE repeat passengers (people Ive had before in my car) who all wanted to stop at a store for 5-10min and then wanted me as their driver for going back home. What I did was show them how to go online and make sure they sae my car on the map (which they did) and then enter all their info. Right before they press that last button for their request, I went back online and it pinged me. Unfurtantly, the first teo times they as well as myself was unaware that they had to have everything entered &ready to go first and I got pingd from other passengerd I had to deny to honor my promise to them as I had promised Id take them. It affected my acceptance rate. Its easier to get that rate back up to 100% so Im not too worried but I now, know , to make aure theyve entered all their destinations first before hitting the request button so it pings to me . But I like the idea of **staying connected * with then IN APP and then having them just add the destination instead of doing an entirely new ride. ***However** I have been working hard to get my rating bqck up from some dumb mistakes I made my first week. And doing multiple seperate rides from multiple repeat passengers who told me they would gi v me 5stars upped my rating in only one day. And I needed that. So another reason I was okay taking a hit on my acceptance rate for a higher star rating. Also I only waiting 5minutes at these stops on my own time and told them upfront I would only wait 5min or id be gone and they said okay. So if you have to do this tell them upfront so they dont get mad that you up and leave.sprry for the bold text. Im not computer / phone savvy lol. One guy I did wait longer than 5min but he was my last ride of the day and I was over 30min from home. I was the closest driver to him. And as I mentioned above, I was trying to get my rating back up from my first week driving. The last 3weeks have been so nerve wracking being in the rating level that made me get emails threatening deactivation all from my first week :-(. So waiting that extra few min was worth it for that 5star . Im not out of the woods since 1 bad rating can indo all that hard work but now im not at risk of deactivation anymore.
The Bearded Uber Guy (1 year ago)
+Alan Petty Jr let me know how it goes. In my city I still get rides significantly out of the way whereas the filter is supposed to only get request going in the direction of destination. Thank you for watching!
Excellent, excellent video, Marvin! As always, thanks for your current and valuable topics.
The Bearded Uber Guy (1 year ago)
+Lady Vet Rideshare Driver Services thank you,thank you,thank you! More to come, thank you so much for the support.
Miss Collins (1 year ago)
Houston Texas
Kevin0205 (1 year ago)
this was awesome advice!
KETO Uber IE&OC (1 year ago)
she could have just updated the destination
The Bearded Uber Guy (1 year ago)
+Dennis Hartson very true and that's usually what I do. sometimes it isn't the client that gets in the car. My hope is that most folks are on the up&up and won't try to pull any funny business. It hasn't happened and if they've done that before usually another driver has rated them poorly so it helps keep fraud to minimum. Thank you for watching!
Dennis Hartson (1 year ago)
The Bearded Uber Guy if client doesn't update the destination, they can dispute the fare afterwards. If they don't know how, walk them through it in their app. You will get 5stars from client as your empowering them with the knowledge for next time.
The Bearded Uber Guy (1 year ago)
KETO Uber yes that works as well. Sometimes the person that's picked up isn't the one that booked the ride or they aren't that savvy with the Uber app. You'd be surprised. Thank you for watching!
cliff mahfouz (1 year ago)
congrats on another great video,you inspire me with how you want others to do well while driving .I'm about to launch my new company next week so i would like to invite you to be a key part.Lets have that meal i promised and get you making more now.
MizzEgypt91 (1 year ago)
Another thing to add to getting more round trips! I always try to conversate with my clients and find out where I'm taking them and what they're about to do. If they mention that they're just running a quick errand or picking something up I always ask if they want me for wait for them, even if they didn't think to ask me first. When you spark the idea in their head that you can wait for them instead of them having to order another ride they love it and 9 times out of 10 the client told me to go ahead and wait for them. I've done years in sales and customer service so my mind is on constant hustle mode! I do Lyft FULL TIME and I'm able to comfortably live solely off of my Lyft income! A lot of people question how I do it but if you want to you can make it happen!
Tino Soul (23 days ago)
How do you deal with Taxes?
Antwan Thorogood (1 month ago)
It really depends on how busy the night is if it's worth it to you.
IT'SME (5 months ago)
MizzEgypt91 I don't think it pays to wait.
Paul Sullivan (1 year ago)
I did this the other day and it worked out super well. The passengers were very appreciative as well since they were going to an area where they would have either had to of bused back, or have waited 15 minutes or more for another Uber to get out to them. They ran inside Wal-Mart for their purchase and I ran in for some Dunkin Donuts.
Good Boog Enterprises (1 year ago)
Yes sonebone100 is correct. You should have pax do a destination change when you get close to original destination so Uber will not try to stack another pick up on you when you get close.
The Bearded Uber Guy (1 year ago)
+Good Boog Enterprises yes you both are right. I ended up doing that but failed to mention that in this video. Thank you!!!
SoneBone100 (1 year ago)
You could've told her when you were close to her destination to change the address on the app.
carlismycat (1 year ago)
MetroplexC70 do you mean that once you get to the destination to ensure they get me as their driver again (lets say they are shopping) I ask if rhey want me to let the app run and then when they get back in the car thats when they add the new destination (back home) ? Wouldnt we get in trouble for that with lyft or is that okay ??? Please let me know. Thanks. I might habe to personally ask lyft their own policy ob that for my own protection from being possibly deactivated.
the passengers can add additional destinations any time now.
The Bearded Uber Guy (1 year ago)
+SoneBone100 yes you are right. I ended up doing that but failed to mention that in this video. Sometimes the person in the car isn't the person that ordered the ride. I've dealt with that a few times so I end up just waiting and round tripping it Thank you!!!

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