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Liars: Lying and Dishonesty from Handwriting Analysis - Graphology

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https://skl.sh/2IVYzy7 The 5 Super Success Traits & how to get them into Your Signature Love & Relationship Personality Test Book: https://goo.gl/57EB1a Custom Success Signature https://goo.gl/k5k7g4 All Handwriting Analysis books at: https://goo.gl/87mMsX Contact me: https://goo.gl/dWBmMJ Visit my website - https://goo.gl/Jr7RsN One of the things most important to many people, is to know whether or not they can trust other people. There are several ways of not telling the truth: evading the issue or being secretive. Also having fooled yourself into thinking something that is not true, you may then pass on what you believe to someone else – but it’s not true, so you are passing on untrue information. And of course there is intentional deceit – the out and out lie. All of these show clearly in writing and this video illustrates clearly how to identify them. And if you decide to change your writing, one of the best possible ways to do so is by journaling. Journaling allows you to express your feelings in words and the handwriting allows you to better express those feelings in the body language of writing. The Law of Attraction Journal has inspirational quotes every time you turn the page, to encourage and motivate you farther. So ask for what you want in the most effective way possible – through You can change your handwriting and change your life. Remove negative traits and replace them with positive traits, and once it becomes a habit, so does the behavior associated with it – you become the person you are ‘writing.’ A Custom Success Signature can help you get where you want to go. You know, every time you sign your name, the traits that you have included in it, so this works as affirmations and since you also see it as you write, it is visualization too. Others, who perhaps know nothing about handwriting analysis, see you signature and their subconscious picks up on what it is saying about you. So you are giving the impression you want to others every time you write your custom success signature. A great idea for you. A great gift to give someone else. Or use this handwriting to decide whether two people are compatible. This is one of the most popular used of Handwriting Analysis is for Personal Development, to find out how to make the most of you. It is also widely used to determine the compatibility between two people. This can be used for personal relationships or business, as it shows where the two writers will get along and where problems will arise. Often just understanding the differences can make a huge difference to how people get along. Personality shows in a handwriting signature and in all writing or printing. It is quick and easy to identify a specific trait and these videos give you quick tips to find out about the personality of the writer of any piece of writing. Graphology has been around since ancient Egypt, and in today’s society is used by Law Enforcement, Psychologists, and people from all walks of life. Fiona MacKay Young has been a Certified Graphologist for over 30 year, is also a Certified Law of Attraction Coach and offers Intuitive Readings from Handwriting. She also has written many books on the topic which can be found at http://goo.gl/pBgQg8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkoXGPfyVrs&feature=youtu.be
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Quillim (3 days ago)
So what proof does this field have, for all she has talked about is what means what yet never why.
Fiona MacKay Young (2 days ago)
Graphology or Handwriting Analysis has been around in some form or another since ancient Egypt. In more modern times, it has been proven empirically as well as in many other studies, and is accepted by law enforcement and legal organizations worldwide. It is taught in mainstream universities in Europe and part of the Middle East. It is recognized by the US Congress as a valid branch of psychology. In North America it has never been as popular as in, say Europe or Israel, where is has been a frequent part of the hiring process for decades, as well as being used for personal development, relationship guidance and as mentioned, for various legal applications such.
ValueYourLife (19 days ago)
I learnt a lot from your videos. Can you share a video how to the intelligence level of a person from his/her handwriting plz.
Kaizen Jhayzie Okamoto (27 days ago)
What if I don’t have any of these?
Fiona MacKay Young (27 days ago)
If you don't have any of the loops or hooks, you will have 'clean' circle letters which indicated openness and honesty. Good stuff to have:)
Bill Buttlicker (1 month ago)
i copied my writing style from a picture i saw once as a kid lol and it has the double loops but i'm not a liar XD i just like how it looked
Fiona MacKay Young (1 month ago)
It doesn't matter when or when you found a particular style of writing or strokes. And it doesn't matter that you tried it. If you try a style of writing then discard it, it means it wasn't a fit for who you are. If you try a style of writing, or a particular stroke and keep it, it means that it fits your personality. This happens with all styles and strokes, no matter what their meaning.
Deboprotim Sarkar (1 month ago)
mam, may i send my hand writing sample to you?
Fiona MacKay Young (1 month ago)
I only do individual readings for a fee, Deboprotim. If you are interested you can find the info at http://www.practical-handwriting-analysis.com/pricing-readings/ and you can contact me at http://www.practical-handwriting-analysis.com/contact/
Deboprotim Sarkar (1 month ago)
how to develope leadership skills and diplomacy by graphology?
Fiona MacKay Young (1 month ago)
Leadership skills involve many traits - far too many to list here, but it definitely is possible. One leadership skill is Dominating - there is a video on that on my channel, but you want to develop dominance, not domineering which is the other on in that same video. Strong starting power and determination would also help, but, as I say, there are many more influential traits for this. Diplomacy is one trait, but I'm afraid I don't have a video on it yet. It involves making an "m" or "n" get smaller towards the right, or a line of writing getting smaller towards the right. It doesn't have to get a great deal smaller, but it must be a little bit smaller as it goes along. It is difficult to explain graphology in words, so perhaps this won't be clear, I'm sorry. Hope this helps.
Kathryn Farrell (1 month ago)
when I was learning to write copperplate we were taught to loop. This has nothing to do with lies.
Kathryn Farrell (1 month ago)
So true. Thanks. Actually, I learned cursive in the sixties not copperplate. I enjoy the baroque touch. Thanks again. Very informative.
Fiona MacKay Young (1 month ago)
Unfortunately, Kathryn, the people who 'design' handwriting styles usually know nothing about graphology, so many common handwriting styles taught in schools and other places have undesirable traits in them. Once anyone has successfully learned, from another person or books, a way of writing, things continue to change for quite a while. The reason is that once you stop carefully forming each letter the way you were taught, you start to change the strokes that don't fit your personality and replace them with ones that do. It happens with everyone since probably no-one has ever been taught a style of writing that exactly fits their personality. It happens with children in schools (where they're still taught to write.) As soon as the emphasis is off practicing writing and is more on it just being legible, each student will gradually change first one then various other strokes to fit who they are. This is easy to check by looking at the writing of any group who all learned to write at the same time in the same way. None of them, a few years later, will write in exactly the same way. They will all probably look similar in style, but for graphology we're not just looking at the style, but at the individual strokes within the style, and everyone will develop some of their own variations on the strokes they were taught. So, in short, whatever strokes are in anyone's writing show that person's personality. And so it is for everyone who writes.
Samya Alvarez Jimenez (1 month ago)
I make these o loops a lot and I am a very open person. I am not secretive at all. I am a little confused.
Fiona MacKay Young (1 month ago)
Hi Samya, I'm not sure which of the loops you make, but whether it's right or left, you can make either and still be very open. If it's left, there is some self deceit, but you can still be open about how you feel or how you see things. If it's on the right, it's secrecy, but it doesn't mean you are secretive about everything. You may want to keep some things to yourself and be very open about everything else. A mixture is very normal.
rumination (4 months ago)
Great videos! Thanks!
Fiona MacKay Young (4 months ago)
You are very welcome. I am glad you enjoyed it:)
Siddarth Sharma (6 months ago)
Hooks means in signature or letters mean ?
Fiona MacKay Young (6 months ago)
A hook at the beginning of a letter, Siddarth, means acquisitive or the desire to acquire (not necessarily money - it can be anything, love, appreciation etc) and a hook at the end means tenacity, the ability to hold on and not let go.
Noah Robinson (6 months ago)
The only reason I'm learning graphology is to make myself look like a better person via handwriting... HAHAHAHA...
Fiona MacKay Young (6 months ago)
And the beauty of that, Noah, is that even though you're doing it for fun, once it becomes your natural way of writing, you will really be that person you started off "imitating'!
Lisa N (7 months ago)
Damn is there any way to make an O that shows truth?
Fiona MacKay Young (7 months ago)
Since it's my business, I'm afraid I only do paid readings. If you are interested please go to https://bit.ly/2HV1N8v, which is my website, to find out more. There is a contact page on the site at http://www.practical-handwriting-analysis.com/contact/ from which you can contact me privately.
Lisa N (7 months ago)
Well I just typed a long message and it wouldn't post so can I just send a sample of my handwriting and see what it says about me? Sounds like fun!
Fiona MacKay Young (7 months ago)
Yes:) An "o" with no loops shows honesty.
boyd sims (7 months ago)
I often have trouble writing fluidly due to arthritis. I don’t take this video too seriously lol
Fiona MacKay Young (7 months ago)
Any writing by someone with any physical problems that affect their writing cannot be analyzed in the same way as other writing. Sometimes, when the graphologist knows what the physical problem is and how it affects the writer, some traits can be accurately identified. However, it is always a question that should be asked before doing a reading. It is usually pretty obvious when looking at the writing, anyway. So with your arthritis you can write with all the looped circle letters you like and it should never be analyzed as being any kind of deceit.
Adaptive Discourse (7 months ago)
I have all of these loops and a starred T and hooped d. I don’t feel I’m a liar, but perhaps I am! I’m still happy with my handwriting. Also have a hooped r. I just thought my writing was scripty and a bit lazy.
Fiona MacKay Young (7 months ago)
It depends how often you have each of the loops, after all just about everyone tells a lie now and again. The other strokes you mention, I can't comment on without seeing them, since what people describe and I see are not always the same thing! But if you're happy with you, that's the main thing. Keep on being happy!
Pallavi Chatterjee (8 months ago)
Hi...please analyse my handwritting?
Fiona MacKay Young (8 months ago)
I'm afraid I don't do it for free - it's my business. However if you are interested go to http://www.practical-handwriting-analysis.com/contact/ and send me a message and I will email you back. Thanks for your interest, either way, Pallavi.
Karin Axén (8 months ago)
This is not correct. Not even close to the truth. Im sorry.
Fiona MacKay Young (8 months ago)
It is of course, quite understandably, something many people find difficult to hear. However it has been empirically proven, on both sides of the Atlantic, to be true.
Jay Tamayo (11 months ago)
Greetings! Graphology is sooooo interesting. Aside from this I saw a few more. After watching this some peole might attempt to read others 'c', 'a' and 'o' but make a mistake. Again it has to be repeatedly written, wrtie madam? So I suppose a word alone is not enough.
Fiona MacKay Young (11 months ago)
You are indeed right, Jay. Just as you would not decide someone was a really bad tempered person just because they got mad once. With any and all traits in writing, appearing once in a page of writing means it may show occasionally but it’s a very weak trait. The more often it appears the stronger it is. You can make a ratio calculation quite easily: if something appears once out of a possible 10 times on a page of writing, it is there, but mild. If it appears 5 out of 10 possible times, it is moderate, and if it appears every single time it possibly could then it is a VERY strong trait. And in the bigger picture of graphology, you then have to see what other traits there are that might either weaken or increase the effect of the one you are looking at. However, in videos such as these, it is only possible to look at a few traits at a time. So, you are correct, Jay, one word is an indication but it is not enough to decide that someone is ‘whatever’.
An Angel (1 year ago)
i got those double loops y'all, and i am often intentionally deceitful
Fiona MacKay Young (1 year ago)
Thank you for the validation, Angel. And for being willing to tell us about it:)
Sophie Horan (1 year ago)
my "o" when writing in cursive and in print are different :/ When I write "o" in cursive, it has loop (right) because that's how we were taught in school (that's the way I was accustomed to). When I write "o" in print (noy cursive), my "o" has no loops or anything in it, it's just plain "o". What about that? I'm confused :(
Fiona MacKay Young (1 year ago)
Ah, well print script is an entirely different scenario, Penelope Anne. In that case you can take it that you just have some secretive and some not secretive, which means you are secretive some of the time & about some things, but not on all things all of the time.
Sophie Horan (1 year ago)
Fiona MacKay Young, thank you for replying :) I'm just confused because I'm the type of person who (most of the time) write in mixed print-script (esp. when I'm taking down notes during lectures/discussion), that's why I asked 😂 If you're going to look at my handwriting, you would notice that some Os have loops, others don't have 😂
Fiona MacKay Young (1 year ago)
Well, Penelope Anne, firstly we all change how we write from what we were taught in school. We keep what fits for us and change what doesn’t, so the fact that you kept the loop on the ‘o’ has more to do with who you are than what you were taught. Printing does not show everything, and since the loop on the ‘o’ is the first part of the stroke that connects that letter to the next one, it is unlikely appear in printing. Anything related to connection strokes does not show in printing. It does not mean the trait does not belong in the personality of the writer, it just means that in this instance it is hidden. That is why we prefer script, wherever possible, for analysis, as it shows more.
Stalin Anthony (1 year ago)
good book for beginner .plz
Stalin Anthony (1 year ago)
Fiona MacKay Young tysm ma'am.. .i will surely read it
Fiona MacKay Young (1 year ago)
I have just recently published a book just for beginners, Stalin. It is called "Practical Handwriting Analysis: Graphology Explained - Everything you need to become an amateur Graphologist" It is on Amazon at https://goo.gl/XKFbS1 . Hope that helps and good luck with learning graphology.
Max Mustermann (1 year ago)
You are simply assigning personality traits based on the features of someones handwriting. How dare you make such daring and insulting claims (like calling someone deceitful) based solely on methods of graphology. Graphologies claims have been repeatedly refuted in scientific experiments and is generally considered pseudoscience. Please stop misinforming people on the internet. Many of your viewers will believe your unfounded claims. You are harming them.
boyd sims (7 months ago)
It’s a pseudoscience ..,empirical studies fail to show the claims made by it’s supporters
Fiona MacKay Young (1 year ago)
Graphology is recognized by the US Congress as a genuine and effective segment of psychology, also widely recognized and used throughout Europe by both psychologists and law enforcement agencies.
Niels Erik Pedersen (1 year ago)
Of course it's not possible to cover the entire method of graphology in a series of five minute sequences but it's great to see it here and you are a fascinating tutor. However, since Ludwig Klages it has been a must to consider the handwriting as a whole. Mother Teresa's handwriting, i e, does have these closed formations too!! But - ok - thanks for this series. I used graphology as a layman when I was a primary school teacher and it was indispensable <3
Niels Erik Pedersen (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for a great reply & carry on the good work, Fiona <3
Fiona MacKay Young (1 year ago)
You are right, Niels, any series such as this has to just look at individual, simple strokes and cannot deal with the complexity of how traits interact with each other or evaluation of the entire personality. For either of these the entire handwriting must be taken into consideration, of course. Mother Teresa’s handwriting shows some secrecy but no deliberate deception or self-deception, so she kept some things very much to herself but she was very honest. She had very interesting writing overall. I can imagine graphology would be a very useful skill for a school teacher. I worked for a time as a career counselor, with unemployed adults, and found it equally indispensable in helping me get to know and understand clients with whom I only worked for a short time. Thanks for your comment and for your kind words also.
Ajitesh Shah (1 year ago)
Perfect videos! I m shocked why this channel has so lesss subscribers. AnywY, i like the videos.
Fiona MacKay Young (1 year ago)
It`s a relatively new channel, Ajitesh, and growing quite nicely. I`m glad you`re enjoying it.
Tomy Vo (1 year ago)
You doing a great job!
Fiona MacKay Young (1 year ago)
Thank you.
cccseven7 (1 year ago)
always fascinating! great info. liked & subbed.
Fiona MacKay Young (1 year ago)
Thank you "ccseven7". I'm glad you're enjoying this.
nekoniko7887 (1 year ago)
especially the secretive type of 'o' is how we are taught to write 'o' 's in primary school. When you are connecting the letters there is no other choice to easily and quickly draw 'o's I think. ---- Edit: well I have watched the other videos as well and saw that the loop on o can be made very tiny so that it can not be seen as a loop. But still I believe in some cases, how we are taught to write is more effective.
Jessy Fereira (1 month ago)
I can across a useful compilation of videos that will help on Secret smart scripter
Fiona MacKay Young (1 year ago)
If you find it more comfortable to write with a loop on the 'o', then that is quite OK. However, nobody still writes exactly as they learnt in school once they are an adult - you keep what fits and change what doesn't. You do that whether you know anything about handwriting analysis or not - it's a natural action. It is possible to write 'o's in script without the loops - but do what is good for you.
raman dodiya (1 year ago)
very nice video...i want to send my handwriting sample to you....how can i send....???
Fiona MacKay Young (1 year ago)
Hi Raman, You can contact me directly through my website at http://www.practical-handwriting-analysis.com/contact/ . You can find information on readings at both https://goo.gl/iqTjf5 and https://goo.gl/uMQoBg explaining how it works and what I need etc. And thanks for your kind words.
So humble. ❤ Keep on making and improving these videos!
Fiona MacKay Young (1 year ago)
Thanks Jenavee. Glad you like them.
mahammadwasim shaikh (1 year ago)
plz watch this and interprete that plz plz
Fiona MacKay Young (1 year ago)
I watched the video, but there was no handwriting - except on the blackboard. It would take a long time to analyze what is on the blackboard.

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