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10 Disney Connections That Will BLOW YOUR MIND

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10 Easter eggs in Disney movies. Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/cv6b96 --------------------------------------------------------------------- We all love and grew up with Disney movies and their awesome characters. “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Little Mermaid,” and “Tarzan” were all classics everyone loved and watched over and over again. But until we were able to watch those movies on our TVs and laptops and pause them, we missed plenty of Disney connections. We’d never even guess that “Tarzan” and “Beauty and the Beast” are connected! And that there’s an object from 1986 that made an appearance in plenty of Disney movies? Or that Flounder appeared in “Moana”? And that the legacy of Baymax from “Big Hero 6” lies in two other movies? Wait until you hear about some of the references and easter eggs that prove some of the characters were actually related! Today, we’ll explore these 10 awesome Disney connections and they’ll actually blow your mind! Make sure to subscribe to TheThings and give this video a big thumbs up if you love Disney as much as we do! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheThingscom/ --------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thethings.com/
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Text Comments (1594)
ruth merritt (8 days ago)
its not frozen its tangle
Right Side Studio (8 days ago)
Actually moana and ariel are connected with other things moana wants to go to sea and ariel want to go to land .Both movie has crabs and monsters in moana a crab want to eat human and in little mermaid a human want to eat a crab .
TAEDEN LABBE (8 days ago)
Did anyone notice that Jasmin from Aladdin is Shimmer and Shine sister or mother think about it
Toy T.V. Vlogs (9 days ago)
Idk is anyone else noticed this but in coco you can see the sully and mike.
Crazy Girly Gamer 77 (10 days ago)
Julia C (13 days ago)
I have another Easter egg... In the scene in frozen when everyone is walking into corination, look really closely and you can see Raphaepunzel walking in
The Luxo ball should be the official sign of Pixar. Oh wait, I think it is 🤗
Bronte Sheens (16 days ago)
The Lexo ball is a from toy story
QUIRMELO CAJEGAS (17 days ago)
How about winx club
Idris Borwis (18 days ago)
Maybe the pot and Mrs pots separated from each other
NerdyNina (18 days ago)
they missed the incredibles in finding nemo, moana in zootopia, and lotso in up
Gaming With Sophia (19 days ago)
I really love how you ise gif's
Kiley Baker (21 days ago)
U forgot the best one finding dory in Moana Ya know when there in the underworld u can see the whale swim across the rocks Come on even I noticed that!
Infinite Quality (24 days ago)
3:30 thats the family from coco
Gabby Braner (26 days ago)
5:10 there is jack in the box from Rudolph the red nose reindeer
Lisa Morris (26 days ago)
You miss something in big hero 6 it shows bamix destroying a Hans sculpture
Esther Veen (28 days ago)
well i couldn't find the luckso ball in the movie nrnia thats also part of disney so.....
Esther Veen (28 days ago)
pardon narnia
sherlyn martinez (30 days ago)
Finally a video with something I don’t already know
That Fr3nzy Family!!! (1 month ago)
And the toy story ball. Sully is holding it.
MIRIAM CANSECO (1 month ago)
Those are called easter eggs.....
Jamie Martin (1 month ago)
Did you know that there's actually a connection with Finding Nemo and The Incredibles the scene where the fish got out the fish tank and you're flopping around you know the part where the kid was looking at the book they have one of the characters from The Incredibles on it
Madeline Universe (1 month ago)
Frozen and Big hero six has another connection When Baymax used his rocket fist for the first time, the fist flew to hit the Statue of Hans from frozen
Josey Lane (1 month ago)
The same flower from Tangled is in Moana 🌻
Miku Saotome (1 month ago)
I welled up at Treasure Planet~
I love Moana so much!
Robert Hickam (1 month ago)
Toko Bichiashvili (1 month ago)
Who ever you are, I hate you voice
Cameron Gillott (1 month ago)
the rat in Coraline had the lexo ball too
Brooklyn Hazel (1 month ago)
There is also a hans statue in big hero 6 and a statue of olaf
Krista Haven (1 month ago)
I know where the kinden eggs are
Abigail Maksumov (1 month ago)
I found that Big Hero 6 has Stitch in the picture when hero had the idea
Amelia Heroman (1 month ago)
Um they are called Easter eggs.
maya's magic place (2 months ago)
Toy story3 and up because you see lotso in up
Aldred Ausa (2 months ago)
Mons. inc is from pixar
Aldred Ausa (2 months ago)
its not connections its easter eggs
Hannah Xin (2 months ago)
9:15 where are they both looking at...
Tabby (2 months ago)
mabey the characters in beauty in the beast were turned into the items that they had and then they changed back the items were changed back into normal items
cherry blossom (2 months ago)
Lie that never happened
Me Bates (2 months ago)
yes frist one
Lillygirl_7 (2 months ago)
Moana and Ariel have a connection if Moana could see Ariel and any part of the sea
Rere City (2 months ago)
The moanna and big hero 6 that cocnut thing was there on purpose
Lyvia Iannelli-Rogers (2 months ago)
in coco you can see dory and nemo on a bench full of toys
Mark Krumm (2 months ago)
I love Disney
Flower gaming (2 months ago)
"If u dare too blink during disney movies...you'll actully miss alot" Me:Oh...erm...okie... *puts netflix on* Me: *tries not too blink* Me: *blink* Me:WHAT DID I MISS?!
Luso ball is in coco
the life of sam (2 months ago)
The wanted poster of hans also looks like flynn Riders wanted posters and if you rember during the corrnation of queen elsa you can see flynn and rupazel in the movie clearly. So it makes total sensce to show the hidden secrets between tangled and frozen but big hero 6 I need more info to beleive the movies are conneted.
Sue Shipman (2 months ago)
In Moana when the water opens up as baby Moana walks through it you can see Crush and Squirt. Squirt waves at Moana and his face looks a lot like Squirts face in Finding Nemo. So you can assume the bigger turtle is his dad Crush.
RamenIsWeird * (2 months ago)
No Baymax was just an Easter egg..
Serena Burgess (2 months ago)
0:06 why does he have 6 toes
po po (2 months ago)
Read more and find a surprise WHAT YOUR ACTUALLY READING THIS!!!!
Alexa Lee (2 months ago)
Why wasn't Frozen and Rapunzel in there? Because in Frozen when Anna's singing her big scene and she walks past a group of people by the gates. You can see Flynn and Rapunzel in the line.
recipes undercover (2 months ago)
I already thought of these
Daily Merdoc (3 months ago)
Ariel and Moana is twins
Narasimha rao G (3 months ago)
Cutie pie draws Draws (3 months ago)
I already now the first one
did anyone else noticed that in the Incredibles 2 when elastgirl was looking on the desk in the very creepy apartment of they think the screenslayer there is also a wanted poster of hons or however you spell his name on the wall? like if you saw that.
Izzy Kasey (3 months ago)
I actually think it’s flin from Tangled instead of hans because as you can see it has a big nose and they alway get his nose wrong
Half Tv (3 months ago)
In Finding Nemo, the little boy reading a magazine was reading one that had the Incredibles on the cover.
Tarren Enos (3 months ago)
Bells father and Jane's father are not the same, It could just be that when Ms Potts and the others got turned back the items that they were remained.
Kit_Cat_Gaming! YT (3 months ago)
There is moana with repunzel, repunzel with frozen and frozen with Tarzan also it is rumored that the old witch from brave is the little girl from monsters inc so just watch film theory for all of that
Artist 101 (3 months ago)
The toy story ball
Nashi Allen_West (3 months ago)
Bru,Hons. Moana,Little Mermaid,and Nemo. In the beggining of Moana,she help a little baby turtle and it was the same turtle and Father turtle from Nemo when the ocean parts.(she was a very little girl).Moana has the same shell as areal in the end of the movie when she put it on the rock stack.
Aries Mamac (3 months ago)
Thalia Vlogs (3 months ago)
Genie in Aladdin pulls out the crab 🦀 from Ariel out of his hat 🎩
Tye OliviaSusan (3 months ago)
Did you realize “Sven” from frozen is in Moana?
Ryan Carpenter (3 months ago)
8.16 face in top right cloud
Aubrey Adrine (4 months ago)
I noticed that flounder in moana the first time i saw it😐 Your are just noticing it NOW
Kylie Alfaro (4 months ago)
Most Disney movies have things from other Disney movies
Mohamed Ellabban (4 months ago)
You missed something, when you found nemo in monster ink in his hands there was a ball and tha ball buzz from toy story numbed at the same ball
Pixelated (4 months ago)
Honestly, that Hans wanted poster could be Flynn Rider or Hans
Pixelated (4 months ago)
Actually, nevermind lol
Alisha the best for Life (4 months ago)
In Aladdin when the sultan is stacking the toys you can see the beast and mastic carpet plz respond
Kylie Parkinson (4 months ago)
So, a couple of Disney connections that I noticed are: 1 (Moana/Frozen) Maui from Moana turns into Sven from Frozen. 2 (Moana/Wreck-it-Ralph) In the Credits of Moana, right before the extra scene, Wreck-It-Ralph is clearly visible on the right side.
Kylie Parkinson (4 months ago)
Also, I am not sure if this counts, and I am not sure if you noticed this, but in the credits of Moana right before the extra scene, you can clearly see Wreck-It-Ralph on the right side. Like I said, I am not sure if this counts because its in the credits, but I thought it was funny.
Kylie Parkinson (4 months ago)
This video is fantastic, but you missed a connection between Frozen and Moana. It was at the scene when Maui (?) got his fishhook back, and he starts transforming. He can't get it right, and turns into a bunch of different animals, right? Well, I had to go back to make sure, and I paused it at every new animal he turned into, but if you look closely, he turns into a reindeer that looks very familiar! Its Sven from Frozen!
Eleanor Keith (4 months ago)
I've heard about ALL of it.
Rose the Kitty (4 months ago)
Snow White knows aura at Disney I met Snow White she said
irene rodriguez (4 months ago)
😁 love it
mewmew kitty (4 months ago)
10:03 were is the ball??????
Ourania Vekri (4 months ago)
I think that the wich from brave is boo fron monster inc grown up. She mished shally so she drew him on the wood
Moonlight Shadow (4 months ago)
They Is a connection between Aladdin and the little mermaid
sheetal singh siddharth (4 months ago)
3:05 is that Ugen on the board
What about book of life and coco?
HANNAH FREI (4 months ago)
I found the luxco ball in lilo and stitch 😱 (and lilo and stitch is one of my favorite movies)
Why is he putting his hands in his pants at 1:57
kendall cordes (4 months ago)
What about the one when Rapunzel appeared in Frozen?
Akivito Kapivi (4 months ago)
I liked it but there r many people interfering .
Akivito Kapivi (4 months ago)
If I'm not mistaken its finding Dora not finding nimo !
boys over flowers (4 months ago)
I remember watching a clip of Moana when she was a baby and I saw the turtle from Nemo
קורן אלמגור (4 months ago)
On the gif of buzz lightyear going down andi's bed you can see micky mouse on the clock on the wall
Alejandro Gonzalez (4 months ago)
This looks amazing
Dolls And More (4 months ago)
I think that before their bodies got trapped in the objects they were already there so maybe they left the things and the gorillas found them and took them
Annya Kavair (4 months ago)
Annya Kavair (4 months ago)
in beauty and the beast the magic carpet is also in the background they missed that
Maggie Meyer (4 months ago)
Did you know you can see Rapuzel and Flinn in frozen in the scene when everyone is linking up to get in the castle
Angel Xoxo (4 months ago)
I know the Tarzan and Beaty and the beast
Valesophiagui Gymnastics (4 months ago)
10:09 lotso the bear in toy story is on the bottom left corner of the screen
Valesophiagui Gymnastics (4 months ago)
I meant lotso the bear in toy story
ItsJustAshleigh MSP (4 months ago)
At the end of monsters inc you can see in boo's room a jessie doll
Sweetie heart Gaming (4 months ago)
Rapenzel Did you know that the movies frozen tangled and the little mermaid are all related. You know how? When Elsa’s parents died in the ship reck that ship reck let to the little mermaid and the ship reck Elsa’s parents were going to Rapenzel’s corenation and in frozen in the open door song if you payed attention you can see Rapunzel and that dudes name o forget to spell entering
Michael Johnstone (4 months ago)
I live in Scotland
Xmia2X5 (4 months ago)
There was another movie I can't remember which one but I saw the purple bear from toy story

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