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Future Top 10 Country Projected GDP Ranking (2018-2100)

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This video shows the Top 10 countries with highest GDP from 2018 to 2100. The projected GDP ranking includes countries such as United States, China, India, Japan, France, etc. It also shows how Asia will dominate the economy while Europe starts to fall slowly. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a monetary measure of the market value of all the final goods and services produced in a period of time, often annually or quarterly. Nominal GDP estimates are commonly used to determine the economic performance of a whole country or region, and to make international comparisons. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wawamustats Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wawamustats Twitter: https://twitter.com/wawamustats Historical Top 10 Country GDP Ranking (Part 1): https://youtu.be/wykaDgXoajc Data Taken from: https://pardee.du.edu/ Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/wawamustats?sub_confirmation=1
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WawamuStats (5 months ago)
Guys, just to clarify the source of the video. The data and projection mathematical model is taken from https://pardee.du.edu, which is a part of University of Denver in USA. It used datasets from past to 2016, so the data starting from 2016 are all projected, which might be off to some degree. But guys, this isn't intended to be exact projection since the future is unpredictable to say the least (we could all be dead if WWIII happens). It just shows a trend where each country will most likely be after 100 years!
The Generalist (15 hours ago)
+Rajdeep Dutta All driven by demographics. The China 1 child policy will result in China's total population to start declining in the middle of the century. India had no such policy and will not suffer from this effect. These are of course just predictions. If AI and robotics become widespread then population will not be as big a factor as will resources and diplomacy/trade relations. This is a very interesting analysis. I may just start investing in India and Bangladesh big time. They don't have the "boat anchor" of communism hanging around their necks.
The Generalist (14 hours ago)
+mahesh Kumar This graphic demonstrates two things: 1. demographics are a very powerful driver of national economic growth, and 2. Any nation of people can industrialize and develop given suitable political and socio-economic conditions. Corruption is just like pollution, once you get "fed up" with living with it you will clean up your environment. The Chinese got "fed up" with the corruption of the communist party in 1989 and the result was Tienanmen Square. The wild card in the future projections are the impacts of increases in standards of living as masses of people are raised out of poverty. The "west" has no monopoly on education, technology or economics. Other wild cards include the development and use of AI and robotics, combined with national geography, resources and international diplomacy.
The Generalist (15 hours ago)
Very interesting work. The time to start investing in India is now!
SomJokesterNigga (5 days ago)
what was the font used?
harwin monzon (11 days ago)
This is the most inaccurate list i have ever seen.
Ex-Rhino (2 minutes ago)
China = T-Series US = PewDiePie And remember to sub to PewDiePie thx
xenapior (2 hours ago)
I highly doubt the mathematica model - a simple constant increase rate? no country could keep a constant increase rate throughout a century.
Eurodoyl88 (4 hours ago)
This video is a bad joke.... Where is Mexico at? Currently the 12th biggest economy with 120 million residents. And you think countries like Turkey will cut them off when said banana republic has been lead by a crazy strongmen who recently carries 1-3% GDP growth rate per year... France surpassing Germany....The UK surpassing Germany.... ridiculous. France is stuck due to its crippled labor laws and such, The UK is about to leave the EU and become an irrelevant archipelago of 260.000 square kilometers without any significant natural resource or any geo strategic relevance and so on just to mention a couple of the ridiculousness in this video.
Li Wang (6 hours ago)
Indian people made this?
Felix Martino (7 hours ago)
It's a good time to be ASIAN. If my next life is not Asian, I want to be a bug.
Butterflow (7 hours ago)
If somehow India become more capitilist , less democratic country, less corrupt and more understanding society.
Tushar D (6 hours ago)
India have already started becoming a capitalist country, will never turn less democratic because of it's diverse population, already corruption has reduced with this new government(it's at it's lowest) and later part might take a while
Ryan Yan (8 hours ago)
Bs projection. No one projected the fall of Soviet Union before it actually happen. You never know what’s gonna happen in the future
chiko9100 (9 hours ago)
Economy is overrated
Why I can't observe the greatest and super richest nation named Pakistan in this list?? The bloody YouTubeber is fool that he believes on facts and figures but not on Pakistans top most media houses.
Alan FZ (10 hours ago)
, 🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶
Platon Bykov (11 hours ago)
Why is Russsia not on it?????!!!!!
Shahid Rasool (11 hours ago)
Made by a lunatic Indian... 😂😂
John K (14 hours ago)
It’s good to know that the United States will still be a political and military super power in the year 2100.
Tushar D (5 hours ago)
+John K Yes, I don't like it's government much but on average i like Americans and yes, America is great and will remain so.
John K (6 hours ago)
Tushar D I guess so especially when the United States 🇺🇸 has global influence among other countries.
Tushar D (6 hours ago)
It will always be in the top 3 along with china and India till forever.
K.james Carters (14 hours ago)
Any explanation to Philippines and turkey and Indonesia being so strong? I mean good luck if true but having a massive population doesn’t translate to wealth. I don’t see how in 80 years they will be stronger than Germany?
Forting Lee (17 hours ago)
2100s definitely is an India century, great Indian people will create history in 2100s. I think China should keep good relationship with India, as Indian will be NO 1 in future. Love from China.
Lil, Charmander (22 hours ago)
This graph is so inaccurate
之松风雨 (1 day ago)
Ankit Saini (1 day ago)
India-china gonna rule the world ❤️ I hope Pakistan will more focus on growth instead of war and grow more.. and stand aside us like a brother.
G Joeye (21 hours ago)
a country whose 70% believe in ghazwa e hind etc. should be left out. LEt them go to hell.
Music (1 day ago)
Pakistanio Gand jali na 😂
Erick Ramirez (1 day ago)
Chinga tu madre nno aparece mexico pero si tanzania, mamadas de proyecciones
I’m not use to not being first anymore😂
ernest ernesti (1 day ago)
Canada never had a biggest gdp than italy. Russia should be on top 10 in a few years. Brazil too on top 10 with italy (8th biggest for the moment). No european country will never pass the germany for biggest gdp
Helvie Smithe (1 day ago)
very incorrect who did these? correct ine is china ,india u.s ,indonasia, mexico ,brazil ,russia ,germany, u.k, and france👽trsut me!!!!
Neal Schultz (1 day ago)
So much has to go right for India and China, internally, for these projections to come true. I think the odds of these outcomes are highly speculative. Perhaps add another 50 years to 2150 for truth in advertising.
akhil psebastian (1 day ago)
akhil psebastian (1 day ago)
What nonsense now itself USA GDP is 21 trillion NONSENSE
Thanh Le (1 day ago)
So it means, more population, more gdp growth?
Small clips (1 day ago)
If you want to witness some unnecessary fights... Scroll down
lotus simgam (1 day ago)
Proud to be Indian
Aman Kumar (1 day ago)
Indian brothers itna proud hone ki jarurat nhi h kyoki per capita income bahut kharab h apni, jis din wo thik ho jaye us din proud honge. Aur ye comment hindi me likha h taki koi dusra samajhe nhi. Jai hind
malayanil chakraborty (19 hours ago)
Sach kaha
Viral Videos (1 day ago)
20th Century And Early 21st Century Is Europes Time To Shine After 2035 Is Asia’s Time To Shine!
Dendenmushi (1 day ago)
Dont think the world will be measured by USD after USA loses its economic dominance.. Probably some form of cryptocurrency?
TheBullionEra (1 day ago)
Bro, 5-10 yrs from now, you won’t use $ but... BTC 👍
Zodiac (1 day ago)
Imagine USA becomes the world 3rd and GDP is still measured by USD.
TUSHAR SOHALE (1 day ago)
Instead of Pakistan, I think there will be Bangladesh.
Mohan Gahalot (1 day ago)
The thing is that Chinese Economy would fall flat in next 5 or 10 years whereas Indian Economy has power to accelerate at least till 2040 so may be chances are that India may surpass US n China in 2050 is that happens n dollar drops n ruppee gets strengthen then bcz indian Economy would have been $4 Trillions had the Ruppee not fallen more than 40% since last one decade
Alpha (1 day ago)
3:34 but UK is doing Brexit so the largest economy is still France and Germany
Schrodinger's Cat (1 day ago)
I hope India/Hindus survive the civil war of 2040s.
Schrodinger's Cat (17 hours ago)
+malayanil chakraborty Demography is destiny.
malayanil chakraborty (19 hours ago)
Civil war ?
G Joeye (1 day ago)
"CIVIL WAR" lollllllllllll.
samir panjwani (2 days ago)
PAKISTAN Will be Still Fighting for KASHMIR In 2100
Yasoboy (2 days ago)
Even 2100 India is still behind China and India already claimed they are superpower nation. China still so humble and insist that they are still a developing nation. Year 2100 India in still China, another 80 years time, which mean none of us here or even those babies that born today may not live that long to have the chance to see India surpass China.
dashboard1992 (2 days ago)
india and china the forbidden kingdoms rise
David Neuhoff (2 days ago)
What are the factors relevant in this projection?
PoRdiMinE (2 days ago)
I think Pakistan will not survive at end of 21st century
ankush bore (2 days ago)
I bet u indian gdp will be $10 trillion in 2032 5 years before than you show , and there will be no country named pakistan
Ferreira Ronald (2 days ago)
This is oversimplistic. Each of the countries' economic growth has been projected with different growth rates. For example, the US economy is projected to grow at about 1,1% annually over the next 80 odd years, the Chinese economy at about 2,4%/2,5% annually and so forth. To make it look more serious and "scientific" the growth rates can change (diminish) over different time periods. For China a simple model could be 4% over next 17 years, then 2,5% over next 28 years, then 2% over next 35 years. This would give the same result as an overall growth annual rate of 2,4%/2,5% over the 80 year period: Chinese GDP of 86 Trillion or a 7 fold increase over their current GDP. One could make the growth rate changes much finer over shorter periods which is what has been done. You can see this in the speed of the GDP numbers for different countries flashing by as the timeline moves in the video. Obviously high population developing countries with developing and replacement markets like India and China will grow much faster then Mature economies with lower populations like the USA and Europe with only replacement markets to sustain growth (hence the frantic race to create radically new markets....). And why would economies be calculated in Dollars when the USA is no longer the domonant economy? Clearly as economies mature growth rates slow. But this does not change the reality that evaluating growth rates beyond a few years into the future are randon guesses and witch doctors are as likey to be as right or wrong as spin doctors and pundits. Extrapolating the past into the future (the surpriseless scenario) is the least likely to occur scenario. Difficult to predict how and when game changing disruptions such as access to natural and energy resources might impact some countries (and their growth rates) more severely than others. According to this video model, World GDP will be about 4 to 5 times larger in 2100 than it is today. Since this is supposed to be real growth (after accounting for inflation) a 4 to 5 fold increase in energy (perhaps somewhat less) will be needed to drive this GDP growth (unless the growth is purely intellectual and even intellectual activity uses energy). There is a limit to energy efficiency. Most thermal engines, in whatever form, operate at about 70% efficiency, increasing this efficiency is possible but difficult and costly (diminishing returns) and even if one could get 100% efficiency, ( the laws of thermo dynamics makes this impossible) so what? Solar cells have a theoretical limit of about 52% in efficiency due to fundemental limitations in physics kicking in (quantum tunnelling is one). The earth is a "black body" which receives radiant energy emitted by the sun at different frequencies and about 50% of this energy is reflected back into space which acts as a heat sink, the result is that the earth attains a global equilibrium temperature of around 14°/15° C. We all know that fossil fuels emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which acts as an insulation layer blocking part of the reflected emissions and thus raising the earth's equilibrium temperature. Therefore the move to less carbon dioxide emitting fuels. But if World GPD increases 4 to 5 fold by 2100 requiring a corresponding increase in energy use, the law of energy conservation implies that 4 to 5 times more waste heat will be produced. Work always produces waste heat which is useless and simply increases entropy. In large quantities this waste heat will be a significant factor in global warming, IRRESPECTIVE OF THE KIND OF ENERGY SOURCE. This would result in a further global temperature rise of 6°C to 10°C in addition to that caused by CO2 emissions. Nobody has as yet figured out how to convert waste heat into matter though laboratory experiments to create sub-atomic particles are underway. Supposedly responsible organisations such as the UN, IMF, OECD, WORLD BANK are currently predicting World GDP growth of 4% and wringing their hands in dismay if it falls below. But World GDP growth of 4% annually is not sustainable so why is this economic model being marketed? AT 4% annual growth, world GPD will double in 17 years and in 80 years (year 2100) would be from 16 to 32 times larger than currently. Humanity will end up being barbacued!  The ultimate question is not about clean renewable energy in sufficient quantities or about natural resource limitations which we might or might not be able recycle, but how to get rid of waste heat due to energy utilisation. By using even more energy to transmit waste heat into the almost limitless heat sink that is space? So from the view point of fundemental physics the only sustainable economic model for the world is a no growth model. This will have to happen at some point in the future, perhaps when most economies are mature, though that might be a bit too late.
王詠忠 (2 days ago)
The road to China's renaissance is proceeding with great strength, and the sleeping lion of China is about to wake up and return to the glory of the ancient century. Secondly, India is also making great efforts to move forward, dress and go back to their century of glory.
Hanisha Pankhaniya (2 days ago)
Let's make Asia great again!!
tarun agarwal (2 days ago)
GDP depends on your goverment...India me congress typr sarkar rahi toh khuch nahi hone wala...we need strong goverment to develope us...
Aditya Kumar (3 days ago)
Couldn't see any white racist here.
Aditya Kumar (3 days ago)
Lol. India's gdp growth rate is growing along gdp. The rate rises from 7.3 to 7.5 and Asian bank President said that India is likely to over take japan in 2028 not in 2033. So, it may overtake US 5 to 10 years before than expected.
Tyrannabush (3 days ago)
The West must fend itself! Get ready for war buddies!
Tyrannabush (3 days ago)
0:30 That moment when you become the #2 biggest nation by gdp :(
Eduardo Menes Romero (3 days ago)
It's not possible that countries as Turkey or Phillipines become in countries bigger than latinoamerican countries whole have basically unlimited resources.
Freddie Zhou (3 days ago)
It's already wrong in 2019. So, I should say future is unpredictable.
Tushar D (3 days ago)
As much as i like this video but i think that India will go through some difficulities and our growth will be impacted by it. We are projected to cross USA in 2060 but i think in reality, I might take a decade more or so. Predictions are bs. Many of them don't stand true because you don't know what might happen in future. Even china's growth might slowed down compared to what it was shown in this video.
abdullah aliraqi (3 days ago)
Iraq is 17th in 2100
pratik mohite (3 days ago)
As A asian and indian we don't want gdp we want good quality of life no corruption no crime and science but these dumb politicians ruined my country.
Na Ra N (3 days ago)
Oliver Benn (3 days ago)
Don’t think that China will overtake USA until much later.. they have been known to inflate their gdp growth per year + USA gdp growth is growing much faster.
Rich91 (11 hours ago)
Lmao and US doesn't inflate their GDP? How much GDP comes from lawsuits and financial services on wall street?
Sushant Kumar (3 days ago)
India 😂😂😂🐯😂 The loser country 😂😂
Chetan Jasud (3 days ago)
If a short war happens between Asian countries then we can see a different listing in next few years. That's why every Asian country should avoid war among them. Let's unite and grow together.
Ji Sung Park (3 days ago)
where is South Korea? Why not there ?
#123# 000# (3 days ago)
21st century is for Asians 1. China 🇨🇳 2. India 🇮🇳 3. Japan 🇯🇵 4. Indonesia 🇮🇩 5. Philippines 🇵🇭 6. Turkey 🇹🇷 7. Pakistan 🇵🇰 Leave a "like" if you belongs to Asia.
VIBGYOR (3 days ago)
Someday tell China to chill the fuck out. #ChinaIsTheFuture.
Reaktor (4 days ago)
2067 in the Philippines, that's a long wait... hoping I am still alive or have a good mind that year that to be called one of the Top 10 highest GDP in the whole world. Im 36 now. 😀
powerlinkers (4 days ago)
US will not go down so easily , USA will destroy China.
Lord White (4 days ago)
Yeah hopefully we will still be alive by 2100.🤔
정원 (4 days ago)
it's being truth
Ku Ba (4 days ago)
I find it a pessimistic thought that "growth" will still be a measure for economic success in 2100, rather than, let's say, the fair distribution of wealth and happiness.
Bruno (4 days ago)
Its sad to see Brazil losing so many positions and its all bc of the fucking politicians. Damn.
Bruce Lee (4 days ago)
Salem Chen (4 days ago)
joshua rabacio (4 days ago)
Even though it's just a projection and no one can really tell what the future holds, I am happy to see our flag there. Go my beloved Philippines! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Tanvir Ahmed (4 days ago)
I will fly a dragon in 2100
Suvash Yadav (4 days ago)
Those from developed natioms are just jealous of our developing countries Its better if we dont waste our time responding to their factually wrong comments.
Where is Mars GDP?
Arijeet Tripathy (4 days ago)
Someone please tell me what is the tune used from 1:20 till 2:40 @WawamuStats
sahil bhardwaZ (4 days ago)
Bhai tumhare hisaab se 2030 m INDIA JAPAN ko surpass karke 3rd largest ECONOMY ban jaaega. But agar MODI JI P.M rahe to ye kaam 2025 tak possible h
Viral Videos (5 days ago)
Bruh In The GDP 1960-2017 Video At 2017 It Had 4T Ur Telling Me Got 2T Dollars In A Year?
Felix Tama (5 days ago)
How do you know? The Brexit will crash Great Britain and France will never reach Germany
Pedro CG Gamer (5 days ago)
This wont happen, chinese economy are stopping to grow too much
Sahil Kumar (5 days ago)
Leah Garces (5 days ago)
sarvesh pratap Singh (5 days ago)
India will definitely beat china before 2080
G Joeye (5 days ago)
i dont think so.
Cosmo John (6 days ago)
The GDP is a report card of the gov. It cannot be audited by an independent body. Only the gov has the data. The gov will fake the GDP to keep themselves in power. Search the internet for how is GDP audited. You will not find anything. The IMF and world bank base on fake data
Musafir Iss jaha ka (6 days ago)
Catch the above number ...........Ban tik tok....currently youth spending too much time on there ....
The AJ (4 days ago)
India just banned tik tok 4 days ago
Alb Alb (6 days ago)
Nice Dreams USA wuld be allways nr.1 they will do anything to stay first ;)
zangmin Khongsai (6 days ago)
You guys compete ill be dead by that time
Arnab Mitra (6 days ago)
I know that can't alive in 2100 but I have to work hard for my country to archive that level it's my childhood dream , i always want to saw our tiranga fly high over the blue sky , may I didn't alive but our next generation can get a great life and future to live , i can see that we can bring back our anicient golden era in modern time👌👍💪👊✌
ladiesman (6 days ago)
i am all for chinese people to be rich and properous but i am concerned that if China dominates the world, will the communist party interfere with our lives as it does of its citizens ? Communism has always made life for people difficult but so has too much of democracy as in the case of india. Americas democratic system speaks for the citizens even though the country is ruthless. Its people speak up against the government if they do any wrong but Chinese are not allowed to do the same and they know it. Can any chinese citizen on youtube give me insight of how effective the communist party is in improving their lives and are they happy with it ?
G Joeye (6 days ago)
u think WEST follows democracy
Dein Gewissen (6 days ago)
Wow! I didn't know, that Germany will suck that bad in the future!
Doom Cannon (6 days ago)
Fun fact: *_More population in this country, higher possibility in the top of leaderboard_*
Shubham Jadhav (7 days ago)
This is the end of earth .
Paul Winston (7 days ago)
And all of this wealth will be built through the power of DEBT.
Harry potter (7 days ago)
My things India 3 before 2028.... Because this time India government is strong.... In 2019 at position 5..
Mahesh Chaube (7 days ago)
Those figures mean the fed has to print a lot of dollars they must be psyched . No country can be bigger than USA, dollar wise as USA prints them so it's just fanciful .. let's see gold holdings to get a better picture
george ribov (7 days ago)
Liveticker _ (7 days ago)
LOL Indians are to dumb to understand that they literally will just be up there cause they have a population of 1,5 billion. Doesn’t mean that the shithole your living on will be better. Life standards and HDI and everything will still be low. So keep your nationalist thoughts in your head and don’t think that ur super awesome.... jezz
G Joeye (6 days ago)
SUPREMAC1ST [email protected], as of 2019, india's TOTAL MIDDLE CLASS - 1 BILLION(out of 1.3 billion) with 131 billionaires and 263,000 millionaires(fastest growing). THATZ why your COUNTRY'S LEADER IS BEGGING to do business with india. india's POOR is only 47 million as per UN report 2019 march and india's population is 1.36 billion, WH1TE trash, not 1.5 billion. google "world poverty clock" and india comes under "NEWLY INDUSTRIALIZED NATION" not "sh1thole" . Your supremac1st media only show GHETTOs in india and have stereotyped india for far too long and have BRAINWASHED U. And as per WORLD BANK, a country is called developed if its National average income (GDP PPP per capita) is equal or above $35,000. And we will ACHIEVE IT BY 2060.

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