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Staten Island Ferry, New York - Roundtrip on ferryboat Sen John J. Marchi

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Roundtrip ride from Manhattan to Staten Island on the Staten Island Ferryboat Sen John J. Marchi. Great shoreline views of Manhattan, Jersey city, Brooklyn and the Statue of Liberty. Recorded: April 24th 2018. The ferry departed Manhattan at 13:30.
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Priyanka Sen (1 month ago)
Could you guide me how to go on another country on these Ferry?
Nat Turner (11 months ago)
it's been a while since i rode the Ferry,the trip is free by the way and i see they've made some improvements to both terminals since my last visit!!great video!they also stopped transport of vehicles i believe since 9/11!!
jonaz gt (11 months ago)
Nice fact some part of the second newest spiderman was filmed on that boat ☺👍
Community Tours Australia (11 months ago)
Lovely trip ,Great to see New York from different perrespective ..thanks :) Last week I posted Sorrento Ferry on my visit in Melbourne
Davin Crawford (11 months ago)
Lovely video !
EstSailor (11 months ago)
Fk i think u are gone from there already i will be there at 6th of june
EstSailor (11 months ago)
MS Marine Diesel yea it is great place as my grandma lives at nyc
MS Marine Diesel (11 months ago)
I was only there for a short time, NY is a great place to visit, enjoy your trip.

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