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Deep Ocean: Lost World Of The Pacific Part 1 - David Attenborough Documentary HD

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An underwater adventure in search of living fossils. The island of New Guinea in the Pacific Ocean sits on the equator, where immediately next to a richly-colored coral reef, a sharp underwater cliff drops down to 1,000 meters. A long-awaited exploration down the little known depths of this tropical sea is finally about to start. NHK has teamed up with eminent marine biologist Mark Erdmann, discoverer of the coelacanth in Indonesia. The spherical transparent submarine, which successfully captured the world’s first moving images of a giant squid in its natural habitat, is used as the team encounters true living fossil species one after another. During their last dive, in the darkest depths of caves in the deep-sea cliff, the crew encounters a huge, unknown exotic fish… Narrated by Sir David Attenborough. For this shoot, the submarine was equipped with a cutting-edge 4K camera, for pristine images. Join the film crew on an exciting adventure into a deep sea never before seen by humans, captured on six cameras shooting multi-angles, creating a breath-taking underwater documentary. Part 1: The Lost World Of The Pacific The same submarine which successfully captured the world’s first moving images of a giant squid in its natural habitat is used for exploring the deep sea cliffs off the coast of New Guinea. The team encounters true living fossil species one after another. Join this exciting deep sea adventure!
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Text Comments (187)
bobtailvw22 (3 hours ago)
Almost 90% of our oceans arent even alkaline. perhaps thats why they went deep
Garrett Burtwell (6 hours ago)
Ever since Fukushima the Pacific has been dead!
Jojo Marujo (22 hours ago)
34:47 is that a bucket of ice cream over there?
icUFOs (23 hours ago)
14:42 Your being watched : )
FreedomOrNothin (1 day ago)
How many more 100's of "50 million year old" species do we have to find alive and unchanged before we rethink all this evolution nonsense? Can we put a number on it? We've found some of the "original simple creatures" that "evolved" into everything else......still alive and........wait for it............unchanged. Repeat a lie long enough and loud enough and everyone believes it.
FreedomOrNothin (1 day ago)
Damn ocean, you scary.
mohi mcdonald (1 day ago)
I hate it
sis R (1 day ago)
Just leave the fish alone!
alexander little (1 day ago)
"fuckin' weird fish, man." haha
Travis Kennedy (1 day ago)
“Untouched by man the coral reefs are still healthy and well preserved” I felt such shadiness from this once sentence, but as a human I can agree we fuck up nature
Julio Santiago (3 days ago)
Does home Depot sell those subs ?
Orca (4 days ago)
23:40 i hope they pay them.
The818carlos (5 days ago)
52:06 wait.... is that a green/yellow leaf?! What is that? It looks like a leaf!
Zennofobic (5 days ago)
i keep waiting for anti-bodies to appear and crush the sub
bonifacio_kid (6 days ago)
54:41 Face of Jesus Christ!
Nelson Marcus (8 days ago)
This man has the best job in the world
Barry Weiser (8 days ago)
Sleep a good idea... What learned the ocean is very deep it very dark one or 2 fish we've never seen for an hour, Sir you've done marvelous work this is not one of them 15 minutes rapped up... zzzzzzzzz
Blues BX (8 days ago)
God, the way nautilus moves around is great. I absolutely adore those little guys.
Steve Kirksey (8 days ago)
It sad to see so many fooled by so called experts claiming the earth is hundreds of millions of years old when in fact the Bible doesn’t show this to be true the book of job which is one of the oldest books in the Bible, Job has a conversation with God and gets put in his place when asked where were you when I created all this, job was clueless kinda like these folks not everyone will believe in God not everyone is going to heaven it’s your choice if I’m wrong I’ve lost nothing if their wrong they’ve lost it all
snoggl'n bozz (7 days ago)
+The Bloop Sound have a good night
The Bloop Sound (7 days ago)
+snoggl'n bozz later man.
snoggl'n bozz (7 days ago)
+The Bloop Sound so me and you are the only people who aren't arrogant cancer??? I beg to differ. I see you think highly of yourself....leave your opinions out of this conversation
The Bloop Sound (7 days ago)
+snoggl'n bozz the rest of our species is an arrogant cancer that just wants to eat and destroy another planet. . . "The Lord said "So be it, take away everything the man owns, but on the man you are not to lay a finger".
snoggl'n bozz (7 days ago)
+The Bloop Sound so you're saying all science is evil and we should just get rid of it and it will all be ok....Even when we use it to cure a baby of some deadly disease? No you're right...let's just sit here as a very...well, mildly intelligent species with our thumb up our ass...Just inevitably waiting for an asteroid to come reset the biological clock.....no thanks...go ahead and waste away while the rest of our species evolves and tries to puzzle together our beautiful universe we reside in.
Joseph Sylwestrzak (8 days ago)
wtf why spend millions leave these creatures alone
michael talas (8 days ago)
37:56 two suns!!!???
snoggl'n bozz (7 days ago)
I think you're smoking too much weed
michael talas (8 days ago)
Gr8 Video!!! THunmbs Up, 5 Stars, Award winning stuff! BUT! Kilometers and wonka meters SAY NOTHING!!! MEAN NOTHING!!!!
Rick Cruz (9 days ago)
You didn't find the fish you were looking for , we will see if you do!
dugclrk (9 days ago)
I've always loved Attenborough's documentaries, but much prefer the ones with no interviews or anyone else even talking for that matter. Just takes away from the story.
Kat nip (9 days ago)
Now I want a saltwater fishtank. 😀🐟🐠🐡
CynicalExperiments (9 days ago)
Y'all really gonna shit on Joe Hisaishi like that.
Indra (9 days ago)
salt water does not work on limestone or desolve it
Enzo Nazzaro (9 days ago)
love how the advance scientist used google to images to try and identify the species
elenthora (9 days ago)
Those guys swear a lot, does Sir David know?
Ossie Dunstan (10 days ago)
how the fuck can you claim south east asia is a lost world you fucking lying cunt.
Illumia zuis (10 days ago)
1:05 WTF?!?!?!?
Maxpackts (10 days ago)
26:46 jaw drop! :-D
PaulLonden (10 days ago)
This was so fascinating ...Thanks ! Bytheway.....The way Erdmann refers to "fishes" is correct..... Fish vs. fishes The plural of fish is usually fish, but fishes has a few uses. In biology, for instance, fishes is used to refer to multiple species of fish. For example, if you say you saw four fish when scuba diving, that means you saw four individual fish, but if you say you saw four fishes, we might infer that you saw an undetermined number of fish of four different species.
KubotaManDan (10 days ago)
Truly awesome, running neck to neck with the Okeanos Explorer, R/V Falkor & E/V Nautilus Live dives to the deep. Looking forward to part 2
Christine Still (10 days ago)
What wonderful profession to have these days. I guess deep sea creatures don't mess with good designs. Living fossils are amazing.
edgar helbling (10 days ago)
Wisdom land? And you are the grand wizard? Does your mommy charge you rent?
sylvia koziarski (10 days ago)
How do they know these creatures are rare? 200,000,000 years ago, blaw blaw blaw….How do they know? Were they there? Believing they are wise become fools. This planet and everything on it, in it, and under it, were created 6,000 years ago. Science knows this but refuse to admit it. Millions of years....what an educated GUESS. I think I will turn the volume down and enjoy the picture show of Gods creation. I think Mr. Attenborough knows now how out to lunch his guesses were.
sylvia koziarski (10 days ago)
It is these people, so called scientists who should be opening their bibles to the first book, Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created everything you see including what in the mirror in the morning. These people have lead you down the garden path with their lies and half truths. It is not me that is the idiot here, but I would not call you and idiot, just ignorant and deceived. I'm not the least bit interested in your link. There is far more mystery to this world and universe then these people could ever explain and get it right. Even the so called dating process is a fraud you listen to liars. +Darrylizer1
Darrylizer1 (10 days ago)
Haha, educate yourself, you have a computer. Your ignorance is shocking. Here's a link to the various dating types from the Australian Museum. Carbon dating isn't mentioned but it's usefulness ends after 50,000 years due to the nature of radioactive carbon decay, but other methods are good for up to 4 billion years. https://australianmuseum.net.au/dating-dinosaurs-and-other-fossils
Rose C (10 days ago)
Carbon dating. You should really read up on it and understand how the science works so you don't look like a religious idiot that has no knowledge of the real world. It's not an educated guess, you moron, it's been proven and accepted by pretty much everyone in the world except you and all the other religious zealots out there who refuse to stop living under a rock. By the way, do you even know where religious idiots get the 6,000 year number? Because some idiot religious leader counted up all the years of the people mentioned in the bible were alive, which has nothing to do with when God created the earth and animals. Do you seriously believe that dinosaurs were created a day or two before people?
Homo EconomicusX (11 days ago)
"Lost world of the pacific" >>> WHAT? looooool you can't use methaphores more inflationary as at BBC. idiots, looool.
FlipperInc (11 days ago)
20:37 anyone know where i can get the scale model of the sub?
joette (11 days ago)
cool very. Cool thanks!
Valentino A (11 days ago)
loogaan koolsen (11 days ago)
I’m surprised there aren’t more comments anywho great video I just love David Attenborough I just wish I could watch a video without people screaming in the comments “evolution is a lie made by the devil the earth is flat vaccinating will give you aids” I don’t understand why people can’t believe in god and science at the same time
Rose C (10 days ago)
Yes. Scroll up and read all of Veremetrix's comments on why evolution isn't real and God created everything, like....yesterday? Or some other bullshit crapola he believes.
Michael Rutledge 67 (11 days ago)
Do you often hear people screaming from comment sections of videos you are watching?
Stephen Goddard (11 days ago)
we need to dig , we might find species fossilised older than dinosaur infact i'm sure of it , been watching natural world since six yrs old 37 years , he is the best teacher around , long live sir david
augy (11 days ago)
that fish is so damn fascinating, ive never seen a deep sea fish with feelers before. not only that but it had 4 fins and a eel like body. what a creature!
Joaquim Rukawa (11 days ago)
Amazing 😍😍😍
ferdinand tambunan (12 days ago)
one word, MEGALODON
Dean Whyte (12 days ago)
Sir David Attenborough is god 👍
Martial Kintu (10 days ago)
You sir, are a moron.
shady shane (10 days ago)
all he said was " that bit of halibut was good enough for David"
sylvia koziarski (10 days ago)
I am certain that 5 minutes inside that sphere on the surface I'd be barfing.
WAFFEN COLLIDER (12 days ago)
4:55 A Wobegong.
I only sleep to Sir David documentaries. The best ever.
icUFOs (23 hours ago)
14:42 Your being watched : )
Ben Dabber (4 days ago)
Me too
Janar Leas (5 days ago)
+UNSTOPPABLE-AR MARI I also look videos from numberphile
Janar Leas (5 days ago)
+UNSTOPPABLE-AR MARI he's talking about futurism via scientificaly possible perspective, which is kinda dreaming on it's own. "... launching a whale to the orbit, with in a rocket, would be an interesting exercise... ".
Omar Zaragoza (5 days ago)
+UNSTOPPABLE-AR MARI ima gonna start a dream channel [email protected]
Johnny TYRRELL (12 days ago)
Sir David Attenborough is the G,O,A,T. Their will never be another like him.
WonkaaVision (10 days ago)
Hes a big fat Freemason liar. He always taught me we evolved from monkeys. But when i did my own research i found out that the human race was genetically engineered by ET Gods (Annunaki).
Lily Hughes (12 days ago)
no 400 million yrs, spastic
Astto (12 days ago)
What's with this 720p shit? This is 2018, not 2010. Disliked because the Channel owner is a noob.
Keri Graham (12 days ago)
Public Announcement to those who want to post negative comments or 'debunkers': WE DO NOT MESS AROUND WITH DAVID ATTENBOUROUGH!!!!
Not Sure (21 hours ago)
Hurricanes that pass over blue holes drop sediment into them, and we can read them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Uzx7tjvaWc https://www.nature.com/articles/srep03876 http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2016AGUFMNH31A1897W "The record is corroborated by cores collected from three other blue holes near AM4. Over the past 1500 years, there have been periods of elevated hurricane activity from 750 to 950 CE, 1150 to 1300 CE and 1550 to 1850 CE." Yeah, it's about to get dangerous. These are isolated volcanic period.
Stevo (1 day ago)
look into the correlation of what was found in the blue holes and global warming. gives a more "solid" answer than arctic ice.
Not Sure (2 days ago)
Why not? The asshole was a climate denier, until recently.
Ossie Dunstan (10 days ago)
then why hasn`t the cunt that posted it been deleted
Stripe Rainbow (10 days ago)
+dougefresh133 give the person a break, I to like Alttenborough
Cavsome (12 days ago)
26:22 Megaldon
Veremetrix (12 days ago)
Elohim forgive you!! The real evidence of the Bible depictions are everywhere now. Evolution is being proved, not only wrong, but a perpetrated lie on humanity by satin himself! Enjoy God's creation now and prepare yourselves to meet him! Cheers!
Rose C (10 days ago)
The name is Satan. Satin is a silky shiny type of cloth that make good pajamas. I see your spellchecking is as bad as your religious zealotry that ignores the rest of the world in lieu of living under a rock of ignorance.
Ron B (11 days ago)
Veremetrix. Tard.
Veremetrix (12 days ago)
18 million years ago!??? Not! God "Created the Earth and everything in it in much less than a million years. The earth has been found to be remarkably younger than the evolutionists claim. Get over it! :)
TarynPeter Barlow (23 hours ago)
Ur a tool. A dumb one at that
korncows1 (3 days ago)
Well if God did inspire the bible, he sucked at it.
snoggl'n bozz (7 days ago)
I would like to know where people are getting the information that evolution has been debunked... you cant read 1 scientific document, that's already probably not credible...written by a biased source, and clame you know what's going on. Do more fact checking and research before you sound like an idiot.
Steve Kirksey (8 days ago)
Veremetrix thank you for speaking the truth not to many people out there are willing to, I will do my part an post something for these people to ponder
Seth of Lagos (9 days ago)
@Ron West - Lying for Jesus. Even he knows that 'the uranium done it': and he really doesn't like those who bear false witness, especially in his name.
Veremetrix (12 days ago)
NO! This "Fish" was not the predecessor of land life! Are you kidding me?!! Stop with the BS. God created the fishes and the creatures of the sea and they were many! Evolution has been debunked for years now, however, you don't want to admit it, because it will cut into you grants and money flow!! I say Fraud!!! However, nice video!
Rose C (10 days ago)
"evolution has been debunked for years now" orly? Cite sources, please. I'm curious to see who's still living in the 15th century where the earth is flat, the sun goes around the earth, and God created everything on earth millions of years in the exact same form you see them now. Only religious zealots who cling to one 2,000 year old book wrote by a number of old guys who had zero knowledge of anything remotely concerning any of the ology studies (biology, zoology, archaeology, etc. etc.) would believe the literal translation of something that's been translated into hundreds of languages.
Ron B (11 days ago)
Veremetrix. Tard.
Goodco limgpu (12 days ago)
42:17 on a trip to north norway i saw a fish with a similar tail and color but no tentacels, it was dead in the harbor tho
Les Roberts (12 days ago)
Can we have this without the MUSIC.
Ben Dabber (4 days ago)
Just turn your volume down bitch
Miss Marshall (11 days ago)
Bob Riley (12 days ago)
I wonder if they found THE MEG !!! lol. GREAT Documentary from the master. NONE better than Sir David.
Ivan Pedersen (13 days ago)
I actually get chills and tears in my eyes when I heard David Attenborough speak! I Know im inn for a good time!
Specialized 29er (13 days ago)
me thought David passed away, why post now.
Carol Hall (10 days ago)
No we keep him under armed guard eating on organic, gm free superfoods, drinking water that has been through electron filters. He is far more important to Britain than any royal, sports man or anyone else.
Arnold Robert Lee (13 days ago)
Nope, he's still alive and producing programs at the age of 92 !! there's nobody quite like him as a narrator of nature programs and I've seen him from his early days in Black and White
addjewelry (14 days ago)
Does anyone know what the pink and red striped fish at 14:40 is?
addjewelry (11 days ago)
@A Berido Thanks
A Berido (11 days ago)
Looks like a deep body boarfish.
Julian Huntly (14 days ago)
Great programme but why the terrible music soundtrack... completely unnecessary and intrusive
Ben Dabber (4 days ago)
Euan Taylor (6 days ago)
@/\'Cypheir I'm at a loss for words really... I'm not sure Michael can be saved. I suppose he's harmless enough, lets just hope he doesn't brainwash any children... we can't have any more humans figure us out. ◬
Euan Taylor (6 days ago)
@Michael I know that its likely you have a mild psychological disorder and paranoia... the common trait in conspiracy theories is their base on far-fetched claims that are virtually impossible to prove or disprove. You blindly believe as much if not more than anyone else, you just lie to yourself thinking it was your own reasoning that got you the conclusion. You watched a documentary or read a book that said 9/11 was an inside job and somehow you think you're now enlightened. My "direct experience" is a scientific degree and hours upon hours of research, field work and lab work: my own and assisting others. I have actually directly used carbon dating, can you say the same? Unless you give me solid, cross examined proof to back up your crazy claims why on earth would I ever believe a word you say? Would that not be blind belief? What makes you any different to me than the evil authorities you so despise?
/\'Cypheir (6 days ago)
Michael Rutledge 67 Realistically, I was being facetious in the sense that Euan Taylor refereed to himself as a "Lizard Person," and since I agreed with his scientific logic over your feelings and intuition based justifications. So no, I didn't think you, nor Euan believed in lizard people... but clearly that went waaay over your head, as did my prompt retraction of said "name calling." But thanks for solidifying the "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" adage.
Michael Rutledge 67 (6 days ago)
+Euan Taylor you are making way too many assumptions about me. I have done hundreds if not thousands of hours of unbiased research. Why in the hell would I want to lie to myself? I had the same indoctrination within the Belief System as everyone else, for the most part. Do you believe I woke up in morning and decided most everything I knew was just things I believed I knew? I trusted the Social Engineer's minions too and was as invested as anyone else but when you see the events of 9/11/01 a thinking man starts to question everything. It was a bitter pill to swallow but observing our objective reality left no choice. We have been lied to about damned near everything and have been making very important life decisions based on the mis/disinformation and lies. Don't be so damned naive. Take a good look around. Psycopaths seeking and gain power and humans have been around long enough for the one percent to nearly gain complete control over every aspect of our lives because they have knowledge while we simply Believe far far more than we know. Believers Enable Deceivers. What do you Know based on your direct experience?
Crazy CAT Lady (15 days ago)
Great documentary, thank you to all who created it. The cherry on top is David Attenborough.
DogFaced Boy (15 days ago)
A: Am I the only one in the world who thinks that if something is still here, it's not pre-historic? It's not a living fossil neither, because fossils are DEAD. B) You know, scientists don't really leap about plotzing their pampers when they see a fish. They only do that on TV.
Vincent Bones (1 day ago)
what a pathetic, backpedalling excuse. you were just spewing vitriol because you felt like it. You were just now shaming people over semantics and a passion for their career. fuck off
korncows1 (3 days ago)
Yeah I disagree , id say most scientists love what they do, and I do that when I win a good video game- something i love to do.
DogFaced Boy (9 days ago)
I just get a little cranked because it seems as though EVERYBODY feels the need to hype up the language and add the "WELL GOSH!" factor to every single show to "compete" for the viewers. Like, you start to make your science shows all zippy and !FLASH! and three-headed froggish, and then realize that the viewership on science shows are down, so: the solution is to make them even MORE zippy with FIVE-headed frogs having sex with alien spores! Friends, or... 'HOSTILES!?!" Etc., etc., etc.... The notion that maybe smart people would LIKE to have something to watch that didn't insult their intelligence is kinda stampeded to mush real quickly. I haven't watched network television for a decade, but a quick YouTube survey shows me that just about EVERY archeological anomoly can be made into a REALLY STUPID SUBJECT with the invocation of "Alien Astronauts." So by gum, IT WAS. Who wins? Me? You? Them?
Anakin Wildstar (10 days ago)
if it survived certain epochs / ages, and morphed/evolved very little to adapt to the surroundings, it made it throughout many ages, yes... it's both current and pre-'historic'. IMO.
Carol Hall (10 days ago)
The scientists I know will 'plop their pampers' just to observe a little known behaviour in an insect. This is a huge thing in this guys career, I think we can let him be a little excited.
Simon Ingram (15 days ago)
A very rare fish just became more rare due to catching/killing and not just let the fish or any other living things live and observe from afar. That's just too logic for humans to realize
Simon Ingram (9 days ago)
Are you really that stupid, go flush your dirty little mouth out with bleach, then flush your sad life down the toilet where you belong. MORON. I never said anything about eating to survive, My comment was killing in the name of needless science. IDEOT. Continue playing computer games, which shows your mentality. My guess is your a wannabe big bad man, you'll never even be a man let alone big or the bad part.
daisx beohfox (11 days ago)
Unless its your food sources. Seriously oil spilla killed more fish in a year then what the islanders had caught in the past 100 years. Go pore your bullshit somewhere else.
Phuque2 (16 days ago)
Arrrr…. Tell me I didn't just see this douchebag wearing his pirate costume underwater!!??
ImNotMad ButUR (17 days ago)
I love New Guinea’s birds, some of the most beautiful and fascinating in the world! For these guys to get some of the males as they went about their courting rituals, I can’t thank them enough. The amount of time, study, discomfort, not to mention the costs, is the epitome of dedication and intention to their career calling.
SuperDavi jr (17 days ago)
Thx the post...love these vids
Keith Lea (17 days ago)
cool sub. whats cruch deapth on it? the fish rocks to
Peter Karig (17 days ago)
Cool fish! The position of the "legs" make them useful mainly for feeling out the topography of a cave, but not for catching prey. What does it eat? It didn't go for the little fish it's "legs" touched, so what would it eat? If it sucked algae it should have a more carp like mouth. Maybe these fish do eat other fish, but were in breeding season or perturbed by the sub? Maybe their natural way of feeding uses stealth and vibrations instead of touch to acquire it's food?
Pat (13 days ago)
I think it's likely a scavenger, cleaning up dead things dropping to the sea bed.
Doyley U.K. (18 days ago)
Nice one sir David Attenborough. The best ever. 👍👍👍👏👏❤️
Martial Kintu (10 days ago)
+Homo EconomicusX Usually people do praise him way more than they should but this was one of the (if not the) best nature documentary ever made.
Martial Kintu (10 days ago)
So far it's the best I've seen from him.
WonkaaVision (10 days ago)
He's a big fat liar. According to that Asshole we evolved from monkeys. BULLSHIT. We were genetically engineered by ET Gods.
Doyley U.K. (11 days ago)
Homo EconomicusX Where you from
Homo EconomicusX (11 days ago)
hautpsache klug geschissen, lol. mr. attenborough, could you please bend down - so this fellow can kiss your ass with all the respect? thanks.
Doyley U.K. (18 days ago)
Thanks for this amazing vid. Nice one bro👏👏👏👏👏
Gaala Eri Cusman (18 days ago)
2:31? Amazing!
ickochi (19 days ago)
Wish someone could document a sperm whale feeding
Ben Dabber (4 days ago)
In my pants
Anakin Wildstar (10 days ago)
you'd have to go to san francisco to see that
peach nathaniel (11 days ago)
shouldn't it of been "...on in your mums room?" struggled to get it without the 'in...' coexist \/
ickochi (15 days ago)
ganymedeIV4 dude try to read everything (wink)
ganymedeIV4 (15 days ago)
You're banging my mom? Gross dude shes like 70

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