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Deep Ocean: Lost World Of The Pacific Part 1 - David Attenborough Documentary HD

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An underwater adventure in search of living fossils. The island of New Guinea in the Pacific Ocean sits on the equator, where immediately next to a richly-colored coral reef, a sharp underwater cliff drops down to 1,000 meters. A long-awaited exploration down the little known depths of this tropical sea is finally about to start. NHK has teamed up with eminent marine biologist Mark Erdmann, discoverer of the coelacanth in Indonesia. The spherical transparent submarine, which successfully captured the world’s first moving images of a giant squid in its natural habitat, is used as the team encounters true living fossil species one after another. During their last dive, in the darkest depths of caves in the deep-sea cliff, the crew encounters a huge, unknown exotic fish… Narrated by Sir David Attenborough. For this shoot, the submarine was equipped with a cutting-edge 4K camera, for pristine images. Join the film crew on an exciting adventure into a deep sea never before seen by humans, captured on six cameras shooting multi-angles, creating a breath-taking underwater documentary. Part 1: The Lost World Of The Pacific The same submarine which successfully captured the world’s first moving images of a giant squid in its natural habitat is used for exploring the deep sea cliffs off the coast of New Guinea. The team encounters true living fossil species one after another. Join this exciting deep sea adventure!
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Text Comments (435)
JESSE B (1 day ago)
I love adventures like this video!!!
Wayne From the U.K (27 days ago)
What a great video but I knew it would be as soon as I saw the name Sir David Attenborough. A truly great man. Well enough about God, (sorry, i meant Sir David lol), this video was amazing. I'd love to be able to go down in one of those submersible and explore the deep. They do say that we know more about space than we do about our oceans and that's a shame. The creatures that live down there look out of this world. Wayne (From the U.K)
LMatt 88 (1 month ago)
Wow how much of the world we dont know
Niko Andrikopoulos (1 month ago)
The Water Nature is so Wonderful!
Dustin Schoemaker (1 month ago)
Maybe that's proof that the earth isn't as old as people keep saying. I'm just saying it seems like they just throw a number out there. This fosel is 100million years old, and this fosel is 800million years old ect. Look down here these sea erchants look just like our 4billion year old sea erchant fosels. And I'm not buying carbon dating bullshit i don't believe it at all.
Jules Dussault (1 month ago)
Was using the mic and the mic didn’t write the weird thing was said apologize sorry should I use a the keyboard
Jules Dussault (1 month ago)
Yap it was a joke far u
Mike Rotch (1 month ago)
27:00 you need to fire your music guy
Max Sands (1 month ago)
I have loved Mr. Attenborough's voice in narration my whole life . . . it has always somehow both relaxed me & held my complete & total attention at the same time. He is a real treasure!
Frances Lambert (2 months ago)
Thank you so much for pts. 1 & 2. I missed them every time they were aired on t.v. It was great seeing the "jelly nose" fish.
Shi Tea (2 months ago)
22:58 your'e reaction when u won a grammy's award
marshall de corazón (2 months ago)
GREAT DOC! Obviously this perpetually open-mouthed biologist was in the navy, army or played football in college with his constant exclamations of 'we nailed him'. And his often calling them weird fish. yes, when you go down 500m deep into the ocean, one usually finds 'Weird Fish'!! ( Also a great song by RADIOHEAD= "WEIRD FISH" :) )
Pacero (2 months ago)
Why is he speaking, when his wife, theoretically , was the one who found it? Of course, the fisherman was there before. "Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's".
panjualede (2 months ago)
the creatures haven't changed since the fossil records where created, i wonder why?
Edana Schmidt (2 months ago)
LOL .. their world wasn't lost .. humans just hadn't been there to muck it up for them. 😉
Chobits Computer (2 months ago)
there i living
busybillyb33 (2 months ago)
43:15 Oops sorry. *closes door*
Rich (2 months ago)
I'm not sure, but at the 52:06 mark of the film, it looks like there's a leaf! lying on the floor, if it is one....how did that get there?
True Wyckoff (2 months ago)
Darth Synmor (2 months ago)
If you think about it these Island People live atop a gigantic mountain range..
Skrallizar (2 months ago)
Imagine if they did this kind of expedition with today's technology, or next year!
Paula G Whyte (2 months ago)
If only I didn't have such terrible claustrophobia I would LOVE to do this!!
ButterflyQueen Geraldine (2 months ago)
This Narrator is everything
Ljubisa Nm (2 months ago)
e morgent od meteora nije sigurnoooooooooooo
Belinda A Martin (2 months ago)
David Attenborough & video stunning . Music hideous - sounds like docu music from the 50’s
Chrisfragger1 (2 months ago)
Why anyone likes this guy is a question I would LOVE to be answered... IF he had his way he would literally kill every human being on the planet.
Val Mo (2 months ago)
NEW GAME: Having a shot each time you hear M. Attenbourough say SEALACAMP !!!
Matthew Smith (2 months ago)
2:30 a wild paradise that has been untouched ? Paradise my ars, anywhere that hasnt been touched by the western world is complete sht hole
Thomas V. (2 months ago)
That Disney music though, Jesus Christ
Remie Nervar (2 months ago)
wow is so cool
Dust's Animal Jam Guide (2 months ago)
Samir Dave (3 months ago)
Thank You For Your Greatest Achievement Moments Sharing With The World. With Best Regards To You & Your Team For Your Work That Give More Knowledge & Eye Open To All That We Are Very Small In All Another Animal They Survive Without Damage Environment. If They Survive In Very Hard Environment In Very Easy Way So Why We Don't Try Like This. One New Think - That If You Are Slow You Survive More. If You Go Fast You Win Race But Survive Chance Less. The Creature - Elephant, Whale , Tortoise Etc.. Thanks Again. With Best Wishes To All.
Jojoy noob (3 months ago)
i know this place in my country.. im from indonesia ... and im very shock i eat this fish every week ....
Jules Dussault (3 months ago)
I don’t know why scientists supposedly scientists talks about evolution and involving it’s so dumb of not see a monkey change to a man yet or fish to a man or anything else animal were created To their own kindI says Jehovah the Creator of heaven and earth
Mike Rotch (1 month ago)
Jules Dussault did you really call someone else dumb? Look at what you “wrote”. It’s nonsense....if you can’t put together one coherent sentence I don’t think I’ll believe anything you say...
Amado Harbov (3 months ago)
the jelly nose fish does not new fish it founded at rivers and Nile at Sudan and Egypt and it electric fish it has many fats more than meat
Trippy J (3 months ago)
as soon as i was about to go to sleep, rip
Frederic Yang (3 months ago)
I love nautiluses
Manu M (3 months ago)
Where do I find part 2 or when does it get published?
Wildberry Citrus (3 months ago)
28:34 Was that real?
Jason WB (3 months ago)
Mr. Attenborough, 92 years old and still rocking. He must really love his work.
Thatonedeepseaguy Films (3 months ago)
42:47 I think that’s a jellynose fish.
REB Bal (3 months ago)
Thanks for the video. Very well done. Very informative.
jerrieson eustaquio (3 months ago)
is that a statue on 54:39 ????
aminluqman hakim (3 months ago)
feel like i'm watching Hayao Miyazaki film: ost feel a bit like how Hayao Miyazaki will direct it
Pia Salvato (3 months ago)
What an amazing documentary!!! Love Sir David Attenborough!!! Classiest of them all!!!!!
hot rod daddy (3 months ago)
only 3 of the oceans have been explored.. we know more about the moon than we do the ocean.
videoclipits (3 months ago)
It will soon be past tense...lived. Unchecked human growth and ignorance will eventually kill everything in the sea.
Joseph 1960 (3 months ago)
your late.... China already doing a clean up of ocean floor....
Brian A Davis (3 months ago)
A single species shouldn't be able to reproduce 100 million years; theoretically wouldn't a species succumb to genetic entropy?
Lensflare Deviant (3 months ago)
+Brian A Davis Exactly. Only now we're making those who would normally not be able to have kids able to have them. We're stopped natural selection and breeding is no longer a matter of being 'fit'. Worse socioeconomic's actually promote breeding among those who shouldn't at the expense of those who should.
Brian A Davis (3 months ago)
+Lensflare Deviant From an evolutionary point of view, if you live to reproduce; you are the fittest. Evolution does not care if you think someone is...or is not, fit.
Lensflare Deviant (3 months ago)
+Brian A Davis There is no difference from your genes perspective but the process are diametrically opposed in terms of how they work and their final result. Survival of the fittest is the natural way, survival of the unfit is the artificial way. Calling natural selection and artificial selection the same because they both involve 'selection' is such an over simplification it defies wonder. It's not the selection that is important but how that selection is made.
Brian A Davis (3 months ago)
+Lensflare Deviant P.S. from your genes perspective, there is no difference between natural selection and artificial selection; its all selection. Survival of the fit... as you would say.
Brian A Davis (3 months ago)
+Lensflare Deviant You certainly can discard it. However, I find it reasonable that all things must experience entropy (Lynch calls it genetic drift). Lets say: your and my alleles no longer replicate themselves after 80 - 100 years (about 1200 cycles); it follows that our sex cells will no longer replicate and our spices die out ... maybe 1200 cycles (aka generations).
Department of Thought (3 months ago)
Absolutely fantastic film. DA is the best natural history presenter ever. Obviously the Japanese have a specimen of the jelly nose in a jar. That's what they do; kill everything in the sea. I can't think of another nation that causes as much damage to ocean fauna as the Japanese.
Joe D (3 months ago)
Damn it's a shame that Sulowesi just got destroyed, looked a good place.
Green (3 months ago)
10:48 dude double checks that the top hatch is closed properly. Lmao.
Russell Payne (3 months ago)
where does all the money come from to fund these junkets.
Lensflare Deviant (3 months ago)
Science and research foundations (publicly and privately funded), government grants, university grants, etc.
Meria Johnfroe (3 months ago)
Why may I, ask do they dive at night! What if something happens wrongfully! How will they help them! Strange except for taking pic at night for many fish will come out at darkness!
Lensflare Deviant (3 months ago)
They're hunting for a fish that only comes out a night.
Lady Bucket (3 months ago)
37:30 the way they scoot around is just absolutely adorable!
Okami no Tamashi (3 months ago)
documentaries about nature: *exist* religious people: GAWD!
James Robert (3 months ago)
True North (3 months ago)
This video was absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much for uploading this and allowing me on the expedition from the comfort of my living room.
Uopfy Ofyfy (3 months ago)
nature at its finest
Dave MacDonald (3 months ago)
The asteroid theory has been thoroughly debunked. Even the Alvarez brothers are warbling. Intense volcanism due to India colliding into Asia caused the extinction which lasted over a thousand years, not overnight. The pebble that splashed into the ocean doesn't even line up with the fossil records. It's a Carl Sagan cold war anti-nuclear myth. It also shows that no matter what we do to avoid green house emissions, every time a volcano farts the world gets warmer. Like Trump says, we're all screwed anyway so lets keep driving Hummers, eating beef, and burning coal.
Lensflare Deviant (3 months ago)
+Dave MacDonald I have never said there was no volcanic activity nor did I ever say it wasn't a contributing factor. I have only been saying that the impact theory has not been discarded or refuted in favor of any other theory single theory. This is just another example of your interpreting (or making up) facts that suit yourself and shows how you continue to play fast and loose with the truth. Since there is lots of evidence that both happened the current theories are utilizing both events. You have discarded that in favor of advocating for only one. "Anyway, even a year is too long an extinction period and we know it was longer than that." this statement is confusing. Extinction events tend to take generations to fully manifest why you would say a year is to long is.. baffling. Further your assertion that celestial events are somehow not part of the natural evolution of the planet is utter nonsense. We have evidence of many impact events including many very large ones. As for the rest.. Pot meet Kettle almost everything there I have already demonstrated applies far more to you than me. You shame yourself continuously.
Dave MacDonald (3 months ago)
You're funny. I like you. You'd be fun to get going over a drink. Maybe we could even play a game of asteroids. The flatearthers were actually the ones who held to an incorrect theory that the evidence so obviously contradicted. Nowhere in the 14th century literature was there any contradiction of the heliocentric universe accepted by the establishment until someone pointed out the obvious. Anyway, even a year is too long an extinction period and we know it was longer than that. And now you're admitting it might be volcanism triggered by an impact. Of course a butterfly's wings could have triggered the volcanism, but no one would say a butterfly brought down the dinosaurs. And if you're saying that it doesn't have to be all one or another, I would say that was wavering from the Alvarez position which of course they have never wavered from. Occam's razor, which is a simpler explanation: a process which occurs every day, or a celestial event. Love your simplistic, arbitrary, dishonest, pandering, quibbling, defective, superior, self-serving, idiotic, shameful, cowardly friend.
Lensflare Deviant (3 months ago)
+Dave MacDonald The fossil record shows the extinction took.. time. How long exactly can not be determined but I would agree with the idea of hundreds or even thousands of years. This doesn't rule out a impact in anyway. The changes made by the impact (including the triggering of volcanism) didn't all take place in a single day. It was a lively day but your appreciation of how the impactor extinction works is very simplistic. The entire ecosystem went haywire. There was massive losses across the species spectrum including among marine vertebrates so where you got the notion that it didn't is beyond me. You're stating that the impact theory is wrong is simply not supported anywhere except by you. I can't find any published sources that say that it's a theory that has be discredited or discarded so it's appears to be a figment of your mind. You also seem married to the whole notion is that is has to be either one or the other which again isn't the opinion of the scientific community that I can find. More and more it's sounding like you simply found a source that convinced you and you've decided arbitrarily. That's dishonest. Again. Worse this is flat earther logic where the only 'truth' is that which panders to the belief with everything else being discarded. In matters with things so far in the past nothing is so cut and dried especially the ability to date any of the events with any precision. It's starting to feel that your quibbling more out of a wish to be 'right' more than 'correct' which is again the same defective logic system employed by the flat earth community. Lastly if writing a reply is shameful why have comment sections at all? Why comment at all? To let dishonest statements stand unchallenged is your idea of superior? That's yet more self-serving logic and genuine idiocy. All you want is to be insulated from any contradiction of your OPINION. An opinion you shamefully try and pass off as fact. So you've moved into both cowardly and shameful.
Dave MacDonald (3 months ago)
What's shameful is a person who purports to be intelligent even writing replies on YouTube. Anyway, the fossil record shows the extinction occurred over the course of a thousand years, the time period over which the volcanic activity was at its worst. End of story, the asteroid theory is wrong. The marine life that should have been affected by the collision the most didn't die. End of story, the asteroid theory is wrong. The elements found in SOME areas of the world AROUND the same time can be explained by volcanic activity. I'm sorry, I didn't intend mockery and insult so much as humour. If you don't appreciate my sense of humour I'll refrain in future discussions. My diatribe does seem to have hit a nerve though, even if I am a dishonest, ignorant, self-exposed fool (and a troll ;) ).
Lensflare Deviant (3 months ago)
​+Dave MacDonald So much contradictory data? Such as? I suspect you know far less than you claim and your understanding of the situation is flawed. At least thanks to me you were able to at least get the relationship of the Alvarez's correct. The rest is still you just claiming one theory is more accepted than another because it's self serving not that you actually know anything. _"The rest of you should know that people defend a position more vehemently when they realize they were wrong."_ which explains why your reply starts with veiled insults and continues to mockery? The weakest for of debate from the weakest position. You both expose yourself and make a fool of yourself in a single step. Shameful.
Yong Keng Ashton Lim (3 months ago)
Captivated by his voice. Thank you, Sir.
jaco kruger (3 months ago)
at 14:50, its over 400 million years dated and no change what so ever to it? WTF, evolution get your fucking lazy ass over there and change that fucking lilly NOW!!!!! evolution needs time to show or notice change, you are embarassing our scientist that carbon dated that shit, and we said time is needed to see change, fuck you evolution
andy d (3 months ago)
One thing would be on my mind in that sub.What if it implodes??
lassisvulgaris (3 months ago)
It has probably been pressure-tested in advance....
Jon McBurney (3 months ago)
Amazing nature
Oh DeAr! (3 months ago)
what if...
David Buschhorn (3 months ago)
14:46 Yikes. That looks like an alien ready to clamp onto your face and lay eggs down your throat.
SmokeStack (3 months ago)
that new fish was probably blinded by ur bright ass lights ur blasting in it's eyes.
Erik Iacopelli (3 months ago)
That would have scared the FUCK outta me, Fucking turn my head n that HUGE fish is right in my grill like WATS UP BITCH?!?! lol
Erik Iacopelli (3 months ago)
looks like a animals spine crawling away lol
jerry pfaff (3 months ago)
200 million years ago, show evidence please, oh than its 400 million years
lassisvulgaris (3 months ago)
To understand science, you need a certain level of education, mainly within biology, physics, mathematics and chemestry. In you case, understanding of "radioactive decay" could be helpfull....
Rick Quest (3 months ago)
Why would a fish like this have eyes when it's total darkness this far below sealevel and is clearly blind? Isn't it like backwards evolution?
lassisvulgaris (3 months ago)
+Rick Quest That is what I said, or did I state that enivironment adapts? We are not born with everything, but evolution takes a long time. So, again, cave-dwellers have lost the use of eye-sight, though many of them have eyes. Many birds have wings, but they can't fly. Probably because there are no predators, or they are big and fast. You might call it "backwards evolution", since evolution is as much trial and error, as it is adaptation. But if you call evolution dogmatic, you have not understood the principles of it.....
Rick Quest (3 months ago)
+lassisvulgaris Are you listening to yourself? You're saying at first we were all born with "everything" and through the years lost use of the things we no longer use? Ridiculous. We adapt to our environment not the other way around. The dogma needs to end now.
lassisvulgaris (3 months ago)
No. Cave-dwellers, like fish, insects, and mammals, have eyes, but are blind. That proves evolution, since they lost the use of un-necessary organs....
test blustacks (3 months ago)
Random and inappropriate background music. Why?
Serve Almighty w\ guitar (3 months ago)
I fail to understand why they are looking for a fish that they know exists, and has been seen and caught bye the locals.
Mike Rotch (1 month ago)
Serve Almighty w\ guitar because it hasn’t been caught on film in its environment.
camilo daraghma (3 months ago)
I think it was a dark sea too because the waterlevel was simply higher.
Pandaku (3 months ago)
Seems like most people don't like the sound track. I immediately knew it felt somewhat cinematic and captivatingly mysterious , nostalgic even. Then the credits roll in and BAM!, it was Joe Hisashi! I knew it! Definitely reminds me of Nausicaä Valley of the Wind! I love it.
Sean Sbragia (3 months ago)
What amazing specimen!
Juicelad (3 months ago)
2:30 tiddies
Hugh Jaanus (3 months ago)
I hate when Brits say "modden" not modern.
Alchemic Overdrive (3 months ago)
15:25 WTFFF
Mike Emmons (3 months ago)
Groupers: The Arseholes of the Sea.
Dust's Animal Jam Guide (2 months ago)
Oh god XD. Sir, I full agree! XD
Jack Harper (3 months ago)
With out a question he's the very best at keeping us ingaged and concerned. In a wonderful world.
Slave Of Self (3 months ago)
lassisvulgaris (3 months ago)
You can probably BUY the series somewhere.....
Chris Craven (3 months ago)
I have no doubt I'd be doing the same thing as Erdmann down there seeing these things-cursing, and grinning like an idiot
Deinonychus194 (3 months ago)
The unknown coelacanth-like fish definitely isn't shy whatsoever but with few eyes to see it, it's really not surprising!
The Bandit (3 months ago)
hw to make the world a better place.......get rid of mankind
Fun Trump-fact (3 months ago)
Whoever botched the musical overdubbing should be shot. The dramatic melodic cues and strong rythms are just plain insensitive when the narration is on point. The music is well composed, just falls short on placement. That said, this is a wonderful documentary.
Diary of a Goat-Lass (3 months ago)
Anyone else reminded of Relicanth from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald? Nice to see what it was based off of. :P
Ryaquaza 1 (3 months ago)
4:45 WOBBEGONG!!! Love these adorable sea pancakes
Herluf Clausen jr (3 months ago)
there is an old looking pipe or staff thing at 50:05 in front of the fish which might be from some civilization?
Rasta Putin (3 months ago)
No, how would a 'civilisation' get under water in reality?
Snarly Whiplash (3 months ago)
shame the ocean dead now thanks again fukishima
John Sinclair (3 months ago)
Sorry can't listen to someone who has seen so much and yet stubbornly puts all life down to blind chance. I simply can't listen to someone so stupid.
lassisvulgaris (3 months ago)
John Sinclair To understand science, you need a certain level of education, especially in mathematics (in your case to understand probability), biology, physics and chemistry. Life IS blind chance, or rather chemical reactions. The Universe is utter chaos, unexpected things happen, by chance, or by accident. If you can present scientific evidence of anything esle, be my guest. Just remember, that if you believe in a creator, you must also show scientific evidence, that there is one.... As Stephen Hawking writes in his last book, "Brief Answers to Big Questions": "Some people think God created space and energy, but science tells a different tale.". So if you don't understand the priciples of science, then the stupid might be yourself.....
Rasta Putin (3 months ago)
Life isn't chance, it's evolution, it is almost fatalistic, but it is proven fact, so youre the one who is ignorant!
Zombie Linda (3 months ago)
26:42 That looks is absolutely fucking terrifying.
Zombie Linda (3 months ago)
12:47 No way! Is that legit? That's so freaking cool.
nicole crystal (3 months ago)
at 1 47 the researcher says "oh shit" ect- not really for a david attenboro vid
Bill Buehner (3 months ago)
Why not bring an rov down with the Nadia and swim the rov into the caves
deepdragon2 (3 months ago)
David Attenborough... love this guy so british and dramatic all at once....
Ryu primeus (3 months ago)
Y do ignorant people insist on saying that the Earth is millions or billions of years Old this is a LIE and the is NO EVIDENCE.
lassisvulgaris (3 months ago)
Ryu primeus Science is something you understand, and to understand it, you need a certain level of education. Especially physics and chemestry. The evidence of Earths age, is derived through somehing called "radioactive decay. So eaths current age is about 4.700.000.000 years (give or take acouple of millions....). If you are not on that level, and if you don't understand the principles of science, you are the ignorany.... The problem with creation, is that you first have to present scientific evidence, that there is a creator. Then you must present scientific evidence, that a creation has taken place. Be my guest, go ahead.... In Stephen Hawking's last book "Brief Answers to the Big Questions", he states: "Some people think God created space and energy. But science tells a different story".
Rasta Putin (3 months ago)
Yes, it is proven fact, backed up with millions of pieces of evidence, what there is no evidence for is anything in the bible, you moron!
Cinezoic (3 months ago)
David Attenborough = Hero
808Fee (3 months ago)
Scheiffer Bates? I can't take this seriously. Damn it!
Hugo Gordon (3 months ago)
Entire vid ruined by the terrible and loud background music...
Haden Mackowiak (2 months ago)
Stuart McGill (2 months ago)
I'd agree with you there, Hugo.... :-/
Slave Of Self (3 months ago)
yep, cant stand it neither. sounds like made for disney and ADD retard toddlers.
Peter Gambier (3 months ago)
Fantastic film thanks and what is so sad is what we humans are doing to the oceans from acidification to the terrible disaster at Fukushima along with all the plastic and waste we dump every day.

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