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Michael Scott Sensitivity Training - The Office US

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Because it's ok to make fun of race and gender, but not falling into a pond. Watch The Office US on Google Play: https://goo.gl/zV92hg & iTunes https://goo.gl/qbYX3Y Subscribe // http://bit.ly/subOfficeUS More of The Office US : http://bit.ly/1lZxNaL BUY Season 1 of The Office U.S. on iTunes: http://bit.ly/1s51o0u Welcome to the official YouTube channel for The Office US. Home to all of the official clips from the series, the funniest moments, pranks and fails. Think we should feature your favourite episode? Let us know in the comments! FB : https://www.facebook.com/theofficenbc Twitter : https://twitter.com/theofficenbc Website : http://www.nbc.com/the-office -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Why not watch "All Life is Sex // The Office US" ➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCZ4xk8Xojc -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (1156)
K JR (19 hours ago)
1:47 I love how Toby is holding his laughter after Michael mentioned he fell into a fountain in fact you can hear a bunch of people holding There laugh at 1:50
Abdullah Tariq (2 days ago)
Who the fuck made fun of erin being orphan?
Gemini Writer (3 days ago)
Fuck, now I can’t look at Dwight without looking at his nose..
ximbabwe0228 (8 days ago)
I cant believe Michael made an effort to be nice to toby
Matt Az (9 days ago)
Poor Dwight, small nose, small d**k
Fire eater 9107 (9 days ago)
The thumbnail says it all.
Alex Nicole (9 days ago)
when michael calls toby the lemon head i lose it every time 🤣🤣🤣
AlinaTowers (10 days ago)
Dweight is so gorgeous, except his nose.
Sombrekillel818 (11 days ago)
"Who let the lemon head in"😂
Vikram Singh (15 days ago)
I cant unsee Dwight small nose now lol
that's mY OPINION (16 days ago)
I have never watched a full episode of the office but these clips are making me lol so much hshs I have had a hard day so I'm thankful for it.
St4zher CS (18 days ago)
Jim face looks so desperate no offense
Elise P (18 days ago)
Dwight's nose really isn't "small". He probably meant to say the tip was average. But the width of his tip and sidewalls are a bit wide compared to his eyes
NRAman 1776 (23 days ago)
“What do you want me to write??” “Just put Kelly...” 😂😂
NRAman 1776 (23 days ago)
Who let the lemon head into the room?😐
Can Arat (25 days ago)
My godd. Guess I'mma start this whole thing from the beginning for the 4th time soon. lol I missed it a lot.
Valerie Nyerick (27 days ago)
“Can you kick me out of the meeting?”
Valerie Nyerick (27 days ago)
Sex with a terrorist 😂😂😂
ᴘʟᴀɴᴛ (1 month ago)
*I will claw your tiny nose off*
Stormi (1 month ago)
iT’S oN ThE LiST.
Eric L (1 month ago)
“You are a waste of life and you should give up” Why is that so funny 😂😂😂
Simrah Malik (1 month ago)
For Erin it says, "Orhpan," awww.
Anthony Mosco (1 month ago)
I love how the phones keep ringing and no one cares
CaliforniaRoll (1 month ago)
I see Jim’s face, I click
Dana Peterson (1 month ago)
Why was Michael wearing tennis shoes?
Ivon Craig (1 month ago)
I love how Creed's eyes are always shifty. Like he's looking for an escape route if he's outed.
Dirty Wash (1 month ago)
Black Mamba (1 month ago)
Huge gut 😂
Black Mamba (1 month ago)
Who is a lemon-head 😂
League of Ewoks (1 month ago)
Your nose!?
Amber Okimaw (1 month ago)
“Can you kick me out the meeting now?” 😂😂😂
Nick Pekurny (1 month ago)
Who let the lemon head in the room? You are a waste of life and should give up.
Person Human (1 month ago)
Rob Bonavoglia (1 month ago)
"You are a waste of life, you should give up."
Iggy Bunn34 (1 month ago)
I miss these days 😂
2019 Ford Focus (1 month ago)
sex with terrorist
Kilaaa 713333 (1 month ago)
That nigga Toby a lil bitch 😂😂this why I fucking love this show !!
Fuck Off (1 month ago)
Toby is the lucky one. He’s always getting kicked out of the meetings
tøp trash (1 month ago)
who let the lemon head into the room
Jorge Alvarez (1 month ago)
Political Correctness in a nutshell, haha
Sami Wynn (1 month ago)
“who let the lemonade head in the room”😂😂
Kiyoshimo (1 month ago)
Everyone's faces when Toby walks out crack me up. They all want to burst out laughing.
Marathon Traveler (1 month ago)
It’s gotten to the point that like five times a day when something is happening I make a Jim face at the nonexistent camera
ROY FR (1 month ago)
The U.S.A version is utter shit. It just misses the point completely. Gervias knows this but just wants the cash to come rolling in.....
Tasneem Jaber (1 month ago)
“You’re a waste of life you should give up.” I feel soo bad for Toby but it’s funny. 😆 😁 😄
Dashing Fury (1 month ago)
Are we seriously going to ignore meredith having sex with a terrorist
dumb nibba oof (1 month ago)
1:11 nut*
Gabo Prado (1 month ago)
Who here????
Tony (1 month ago)
Lol, I like how the HR rep has to kick himself out of sensitivity training XD
Cherry-soda-is-bae 2.0 (1 month ago)
But Lemonhead is right!! 😅
Santiago Ospina (1 month ago)
Is this ln netflix?
Ajaws2414 (1 month ago)
“You are a waste of life and you should give up” The way he just says those things completely straight faced without dying is amazing
jkadoodle (1 month ago)
Erin: Orphan
Tony From Syracuse (2 months ago)
if I was from Dunder corporate and I saw how michael talked to the HR rep Toby, michael would have been out on his ass on the spot.
Sam Zheng (2 months ago)
Bring this show back so we can learn to stop being offended about everything again.
Cheetoh Puff (2 months ago)
We have said things, countless times
Tard Wrangler (2 months ago)
If I write it down I cant be charged with it.
Ezequias S. (2 months ago)
this scene its actually genius
Calvin Klein (2 months ago)
"who let the lemon head into the room?" lol
Xx FlamselkMusic xX (2 months ago)
Miachel you make fun of us everyday
Alpha Male Lifestyle TV (2 months ago)
Lmao am I the only one who can stand Toby? He’s totally sensible but he’s hella annoying.
Maurya Patel (2 months ago)
Woah Meredith took it to whole different level at 3:11
Weelio (2 months ago)
Andrew Fechenbach (2 months ago)
Show this to a SJW and have fun
Arnatri Bandopadhyay (2 months ago)
I have the same problem as Dwight, my nose is a bit too small. I have been mocked over it for years now. So for the first time, I could really relate to Dwight's problem. 😢😢
Mark Lowney (2 months ago)
Sangry (2 months ago)
What's the episode?
JaDe Stewart (2 months ago)
Guianosic M (2 months ago)
Creed: If I write it down I can't be charged with it It can't be a The Office episode without Creed! A few seconds is all he needs!
daniel wood (2 months ago)
Anyone ever notice that Ryan is spoon-bending kid from the Matrix?
Kauri 798 (2 months ago)
Looks at camera.
Saif Heat (2 months ago)
Raise your hand if you stopped watching The Office after season 7.
Orppranator (2 months ago)
“Do not mock list” The nazis also made lists.
BeyondBr1aNn88 YT (2 months ago)
2:15 that’s what she said
BeyondBr1aNn88 YT (2 months ago)
1:25 please give Michael a better marker
Blossom Serena (2 months ago)
“I will claw your tiny nose off.” Though, Dwight’s nose is alright.
Ryan Stewart (2 months ago)
0:10 I LET OUT A CACKLE!!!!!! omfg
Jay Brown (2 months ago)
When Michael left it was a very disappointing drop off
Thalidomide (2 months ago)
Can't read what it says under Erin's name. Can someone help, please? LOL.
Kayla Calabrese (2 months ago)
*It's on the list*
Joshua Martinez (2 months ago)
Toby said 🗿
Emily Das (2 months ago)
I will claw your tiny nose off
vamperkillzshy (3 months ago)
"Just put Kelly" "if I write it down I can't be charged with it" 😂😂😂😂 God I love you
John Jones (3 months ago)
You’re a waste of life in you should give up😂
philmstud2k (3 months ago)
"Can you kick me out of the meeting now?"
Samuel P (3 months ago)
*If I write it down, I can't be charged with it.* - Creed
joe pep (3 months ago)
Toby's response about the 2nd fountain is Classic.. 😂😂😂
Nadir Khan (3 months ago)
What was written under Erin's name?
TheTankingPigeon (3 months ago)
Who let the lemon head into the room? *You are a waste of life and you should give up...* ...is what I WANT to say......
Skotabig Johnson (3 months ago)
What episode and season is this
Creed Bratton (3 months ago)
Did one of you tell Stanley that I have asthma. 'Cause I don't. If this gets out, they won't let me scuba. And if I can't scuba, what am I working toward?
silky johnson (3 months ago)
Pure democrats!
silky johnson (3 months ago)
So much tolerance by the left!
I'm guessing you're a republican? So, shut up. Your kind doesn't even deserve to live under a rock covered in shit.
Jason black (3 months ago)
Love how he pointed out the reality that gay people choose to be do they're not born that way😂
It's meant to show Michaels ignorance and stupidity, dumbass. Also, "choose to be do... "? WTF
Dean Mohamed (3 months ago)
what episode is this?
Greg Gallagher (3 months ago)
At 2:37 did you notice Michael was wearing sneakers with his suit
DonutWarLord (3 months ago)
What episode is this??
Brandon Likes (3 months ago)
What season and episode?
Sam (3 months ago)
Erin's an orphan...I had no idea, but why's it on the list...cri cri
saihil singhai (3 months ago)
If I write it down, I can't be charged with it?
Samuel Brown (3 months ago)
Who let the lemon head into the room.😂😂 the way he said that was so damn funny

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