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How Expensive Is Japan on a budget? Japan Travel Tips

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How expensive is daily life in Japan? Here's all my favourite Japanese Snacks, drinks and booze, with the prices so you can experience the best of Japan on a budget! Enjoy the video? You can donate to the channel! Paypal.me/jasonislostshow Your generosity is greatly appreciated! What did I miss? Comment below with your Japan Travel Tips! As a student in Japan while studying in Tokyo on my Japan year abroad, I needed to keep my expenses low while still experiencing as much of the country as I could. i quickly learned what were cheap Japanese food and was was expensive. Is Japan expensive? It depends on where you shop and what you're looking for. Japanese Conbini (convenience stores) are everywhere and sell a surprising amount of cheap Japanese food. If you're travelling Japan on a budget and searching for Japanese snacks, that should be your first stop and get yourself an epic Conbini Haul! Cheap Japanese snacks are everywhere, as are vending machines where you'll find all sorts of Japanese snacks and Japanese drinks including my favourites, Japanese Kiwi Fanta & Peach Fanta! If you're travelling Japan or Studying in Tokyo, I'd also recommend Origin Bento for all sorts of cheap Japanese food at an excellent price! Just how expensive is Japan? You'll find it's quite affordable if you know where to look! See you at the conbini! From this video you'll get an idea of the typical Japan cost of living, and as I spent most of my time in Tokyo, the Tokyo cost of living. Do keep in my all these Japan travel tips when you're planning your own Japan travel budget for your Japan trip! I do hope you'll check out my other Japan adventures! For more Japan travel tips or adventures from my Japan year abroad, subscribe to the channel! Popular Videos: Inside Japan's Cheap Love Hotels - https://youtu.be/vzGl4u4fI6U Tokyo Pokemon Center! - https://youtu.be/lqlSoTfuhTA?list=PLM... Sapporo Snow Festival - https://youtu.be/pWgB6eYLu54 Hi I'm Jason of 'Jason Is Lost In Japan', a British guy studying Japanese and posting regular videos about Japanese culture, adventures, travel and toys! There are many videos about studying abroad in Japan, surviving Tokyo, eating bizarre foods and adventures across Japan. Please check out my other videos, and I encourage you to subscribe and leave me a comment below, as I read and reply to every one! I do not yet have a Patreon, but you are quite welcome to tip me via paypal: paypal.me/jasonislostshow All tips are very much appreciated and all funds go towards future videos. Thank you for your help in buying my studio lighting! You'll of course get a shout out in a video too! (Amount is not mentioned, you can opt out too, just leave a note!) Thanks for watching the Jason Is Lost YouTube Channel! If you enjoy, do Subscribe and leave a comment! I read them all! Intro/Outro Music: Blanket Fort by Catmosphere (Via Argofox) https://youtu.be/OP_x6NAjdg4
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Text Comments (28)
S Electa (15 days ago)
great video :) btw you look like a young Nick Knowles
Eric Barut (1 month ago)
Compare to Honolulu if you choose right the restaurants in japan is much cheaper than Honolulu
Jason Is Lost In Japan (3 months ago)
Terry Carroll (7 months ago)
STRONG ZERO! That stuff is the best!
Jason Is Lost In Japan (6 months ago)
It is interesting how something is so relevant to happiness and disaster =P
Maurice W (9 months ago)
I rarely go to the conbini or use the vending machines. It's cheaper to go to the super especially around 8pm. One word, Waribiki.
Jason Is Lost In Japan (9 months ago)
The 8pm Waribiki is the ultimate Japanese experience! I miss it so much!
Jaime Raynen (10 months ago)
Cool video bro
Jason Is Lost In Japan (9 months ago)
I'm pleased you enjoyed it!
elnet1 (10 months ago)
I was in Osaka, Japan for three months in 2014, and how I managed to eat on a budget was to find the small/medium sized markets in the rural districts. They had a variety of fresh foods and also a lot of grab and go prepared dishes. So, I would stock up on packages of Chicken Karrage and rice, cooked fish, sushi and meats, eggs, udon and ramen. Only occasionally I would eat out with friends or go to a bar, it kept the expenses down to a minimum.
Jason Is Lost In Japan (10 months ago)
Gyomu all the way! Life changed when I invested in a convection oven, I was stocking up on frozen food from those super markets!
yanukan (10 months ago)
I loved the brand of canned coffee called UCC. Might be a bit milky to some people and I'm not a coffee drinker primarly but DAMN that stuff was delicious!
Jason Is Lost In Japan (10 months ago)
Yeah it's an acquired taste, not as sweet as Britain's Lucozade.
Jason Is Lost In Japan (10 months ago)
Ah, I was a huge fan of FIRE coffee, a bit sweeter and not too milky =)
yanukan (10 months ago)
Also, I really didn't like Pocari Sweat, just tasted like strange medicine flavoured water imo lol
ergoris Ursus (10 months ago)
Really interresting video, i hope so much more !
ergoris Ursus (10 months ago)
@Jason Is Lost In Japan I follow you for a long time. I love a lot of your series (foodies traveling and Gundam too). Ok 6 months left for lucky bag again, can't wait for it.
Jason Is Lost In Japan (10 months ago)
I'm pleased you enjoyed it! I hope you enjoy my other Japan videos!
Watford Fc (10 months ago)
Great video and so helpful . My wife has a small business and I have a pretty good job but we are not massive on the idea of expensive restaurants etc as it’s just not us , so whilst in Japan we will probably eat at fast food chains street food etc so this video massive help , cheers mate
Jason Is Lost In Japan (10 months ago)
I'm pleased this came in handy! You'll find the conbinis are ideal for pretty much anything, and there's all sorts of cheap bento or ramen restaurants that are very affordable.
ewan270 (10 months ago)
This website told me all I need to know about Japan https://aroundtheworld858586923.wordpress.com/around-tokyo/
*THE ONLY 2 JAPANESE RULES* *YOU'LL EVER NEED TO REMEMBER ...* 1. Don't be a Logan Paul 2. Please refer to Rule #1
Jason Is Lost In Japan (10 months ago)
I believe those are also the rules for being a sensible human being...
TheMissValkyrie (10 months ago)
Am I first? Am I? XD Remember me? Lol. Still love your videos.
Jason Is Lost In Japan (10 months ago)
I'll put a diss track together to bring he young crowd in!
TheMissValkyrie (10 months ago)
Jason Is Lost In Japan Awww ^^ You really deserve more subscribers.
Jason Is Lost In Japan (10 months ago)
How could I possibly forget you?! (〃ω〃)

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