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Seadragon longplay with cheats (Apple II - Adventure International)

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Sea dragon (http://www.mobygames.com/game/sea-dragon) was one of the few action games from Adventure International, published in 1982 for the Apple ][. The player needs to navigate through a dangerous sea cave and free the sea dragon from captivity. Credits: Cover art - www.mobygames.com
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Gamer Epicurean (1 year ago)
Sea Dragon!!!! Fun game back in the day.. for about a day. Thanks for the post
Werecomingtogetzui (2 years ago)
Cool game, but the fact snake at the title screen has human nose is so cringeful XD
Dennis McEntire (3 years ago)
We used to play this in my high school on the black Bell & Howell Apple //s -- thanks for posting this!
John Anderson (3 years ago)
Thanks for posting this!
John Anderson (3 years ago)
Yes I am. :)

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