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Kodak Black, 21 Savage, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty & Denzel Curry's 2016 XXL Freshmen Cypher

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Text Comments (185149)
Norris Thompson (3 minutes ago)
Best chemistry in an xxl cypher
Jdor D (25 minutes ago)
Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is the way the truth and the life. Whatever you got going on give it to Christ!
Chan Justin (39 minutes ago)
never see 21 that happy :( i luv 21 Savage
tobi israel (46 minutes ago)
Nov 2018?
zack baked (53 minutes ago)
Best one hands down
James VEVO (58 minutes ago)
They violated Denzel by putting him Here
walton rogers (1 hour ago)
Can Lil Uzi get his flow back??? I think Denzel took it.
DC Toxic_ (1 hour ago)
I want the beat🔥
Malvin Hlomani (1 hour ago)
Kodak killed
Blac youngster15 (2 hours ago)
Yachty had some bars
Abdisamad Mahamud (2 hours ago)
Best of All XXL Freshmen cypher
Kimbilet Meni (2 hours ago)
Lil uzi you r bitch I hate you nigga
Space Invader (2 hours ago)
Denzel killed this shit
Handsomeknight (2 hours ago)
Who here before 104 mil views?
Game Take (2 hours ago)
Tell that lil bitch I got money
badt1 (2 hours ago)
Kurt Pittard (3 hours ago)
21 21 21 21
Caiden Ridgway (3 hours ago)
Who's gonna be listening in November
adis memisevic (5 hours ago)
How this shit still boomin after so long? I mean it’s a sorry ass beat
Anthony Gaming (5 hours ago)
Still the best xxl 🔥
Aayush Gaur (5 hours ago)
The captions for this video got me weak
Scrubbles : ゼロ (5 hours ago)
uzi should ditch the autotune cus he go harder without it
Justin Y. (6 hours ago)
Not sure whether the best cypher was kodak with the "sorry ass beat" line or x stopping the beat and going all demonic
Dylan Burdett (7 hours ago)
still the best cypher to this day don’t @ me
? ? (7 hours ago)
Kodak the type of person to look up and down before crossing the road
Stacy Best (7 hours ago)
deception lord (9 hours ago)
i showed this to my grass now i got weed
Diamond Brady (10 hours ago)
https://youtu.be/DmEIzAIc_zo Brady Blunt soon 💎💎
GRAVY (10 hours ago)
When Kodak didn’t realize he was so high could barely rap
Viviana Castillo (10 hours ago)
This video was better than the all of the 2017 xxl freshmen
zaynacandy (10 hours ago)
i love how 21savage is just chillin w the double cup lean
Steven Higgs (10 hours ago)
Feedri (10 hours ago)
zaynacandy (10 hours ago)
best cypher out there 2018
Brandon Moxley (11 hours ago)
Scer scer tie
BlackBird Gaming (12 hours ago)
Last decent cypher... Let's get a RIP in the chat to all after.
Meme Central (12 hours ago)
Everyone in this cypher got rich except denezel rip
semenelin666 (12 hours ago)
Brain dead, eye drops Pain meds, cyclops Daybed, iPod "May-back", Maybach Trainwrecks, sidewalks Payless, high-tops K-Fed, iHop Playtex, icebox
Tomi Trouble 35 (12 hours ago)
Denzel’s verse🔥🔥
The Punisher (12 hours ago)
Why does lil yachty's "GOD DAMN " sounds like lil pump at the moment?
mason94123 (12 hours ago)
21 Savage is a legend u can just see it
SkippyDingleChalk (12 hours ago)
can someone please give me the link to lil uzi's jacket!!!
TBNRlightning (12 hours ago)
I like this one cause they looked like they were having fun
Z BEATS (13 hours ago)
Legends has it to this day...
Charles Bellotti (13 hours ago)
Wasn’t no food but rice 🍚
Charles Bellotti (13 hours ago)
Skinny Kodack throwback
Your Dad (13 hours ago)
Seeing 21 like this is actually really nice
ThatGuyTho _ (14 hours ago)
After 3 years man... Still fire🔥
Dgodd Slave (14 hours ago)
Im in NYC. I think i gotta fucking shoulder - 21 savage
Noah Hatcher (14 hours ago)
Denzel is the only one worth a shit here
totonho, the creator (14 hours ago)
tudo no efeito da prometazin
Victor Lopez (15 hours ago)
Kodak look like the bitch from the matrix
Victor Lopez (15 hours ago)
Denzel the only one trying not to hype people up 😂
Victor Lopez (15 hours ago)
Denzel the only one flowing these niggas are legit retarded
Lorena Torres (15 hours ago)
yah yah yah yah yah yah yah yah yahyah yah yah yah yah yahyah yah yah yah yah yahyah yah yah yah yah yahyah yah yah yah yah yahyah yah yah yah yah yahyah yah yah yah yah yahyah yah yah yah yah yahyah yah yah yah yah yahyah yah yah yah yah yahyah yah yah yah yah yahyah yah yah yah yah yahyah yah yah yah yah yahyah yah yah yah yah yah
WICKEDTHE619 (15 hours ago)
amari badiyo (15 hours ago)
Waifu Senpai (16 hours ago)
This rappers have unique flow but still underrated..so sad,love them all
Bryson Morgan (16 hours ago)
lil boat has the best cypher ever
Galaxy Styles (16 hours ago)
0:12 vs 2:11
Bayonle Oguntimehin (16 hours ago)
x1.25 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
rollingturd 123 (17 hours ago)
took my kids to the store cuz we ran outta soda
Marcelon Mvrs (17 hours ago)
lol i swear Kodak A FUCKING COMEDIAN LOL!
Joshua Pullin (17 hours ago)
The Assassin Raptor (17 hours ago)
Imma kill all of you fuckers
DoggoDoesThings (17 hours ago)
I love how they all hype eachother up and laugh, it was probably a really good time for all of them there lmaoo best cypher yet.
BAD X (17 hours ago)
Rest in power
Tom Bolan (17 hours ago)
denzel was the best tho
Can someone compare what Denzel looks like now and this?
Matthew DePari (17 hours ago)
21 Savage part 🔥
Ayoub Craft (18 hours ago)
The best team
AJdaGAMER (18 hours ago)
The only freshman class where everyone is still relevant.
Aksel Tuksammel (18 hours ago)
This needs to be in Spotify
Lil Gaschamber (18 hours ago)
3:34 21 probebly thought he was the worst until he heard that
tim_q z (18 hours ago)
Always in my recommends.
ONLY KINGJNICE (19 hours ago)
Miss the old uzi😢
Joey Hach (19 hours ago)
Denzel was lowkey fire
yungdonniejacuzzis (19 hours ago)
LITLLE BOYS (19 hours ago)
Fuck yes
Russ is an L (19 hours ago)
This is this best one just because of how lit it is
andrea sksksk (19 hours ago)
I love uzi but denzel is the better
Reign (19 hours ago)
Yachty actually went really fucking hard
The Fishee (20 hours ago)
Someone said they can’t rap Me- get outta here, they did great!
Giannis lloris (20 hours ago)
21 and lil uzi they killed 🔥🔥🔥
stabz.z _101 (20 hours ago)
One of life’s mysteries 3:24 communication with outer space and 👽 21 21 21 21 🛸 UFOs
BoomBoyXP B (20 hours ago)
I showed this to my brother ... now hes a rapper
dukesilver (20 hours ago)
Mehreen Kazmi (20 hours ago)
Curious?? Feedback? https://soundcloud.com/byrdraps/pmo
Damn wings (20 hours ago)
Victor VoitaZ (21 hours ago)
21 savage- trap lord in da haus
Mcmac Cel (21 hours ago)
Mumble music🙃
Pegasuss STC (21 hours ago)
CKS-BREEZE ಠ_ಠ (21 hours ago)
I sent my bitch to the store cuz we ran out soda😂
Chuyo the Cpn (22 hours ago)
This go hard dont care what no one says
Tony Arroyo (22 hours ago)
lil uzis part will always be my fav
Franco Andres (22 hours ago)
Fina las weaaaa
Offline Horizon (22 hours ago)
The only decent raper in this is denzel and yachty
Offline Horizon (22 hours ago)
Why did tupac have to die
Jay this channel Sucks (23 hours ago)
3:23 nigga like ahhh fuckkk what should I say without sounding dumb
lil Track (23 hours ago)
please look at my sound https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwZJwcr7aEg&t=2s

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