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Sri Lanka round trip

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We spent two weeks on this Island and visited mainly the South-west and South side. Sri Lanka is wonderful country with wonderful people. The highlights of this trip were certainly Ella with the “Nine Arche Bridge”, the train ride thought the mountains and the Safari in Yala National Park. Places that we visited : • Colombo • Unawatuna • Weligama • Ella • Yala National Park • Ella • Negombo #srilanka
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Text Comments (74)
Katelyn (21 hours ago)
Amazing footage and so glad that you got to see sooooooo much wildlife on your safari !!
K Di Asela (5 days ago)
Thank for coming 🙏
Chirag Nivas (21 days ago)
hi..good video, but no narration...pls mention the place of stay like hotel name and its rating..of all the places you visited
SARUWATH (1 month ago)
Very nice video if you like please check mine also
Mong Mong Marma (2 months ago)
nice to meet you
Mong Mong Marma (2 months ago)
WBMT Bandara (2 months ago)
Thank you very much for visiting my country. There are more attractive places to visit. Come again, thanks
Pradad David (2 months ago)
Nice video. Visit again
Hansa Welgama (3 months ago)
Sri Lanka is my motherland❤️
emmanuel silva (3 months ago)
belisimo viaggio.
Myrah R. Reichert (4 months ago)
Nice music .nice vlog
Irosha SL (4 months ago)
Nice video i like video plizz subsribe me
chathura madusanka (4 months ago)
Nice video for gorgeous srilanka 🇱🇰 👍
Ran And San (4 months ago)
Thanks for coming SRI LANKA!!
kaw yar (5 months ago)
Ding ding ding dong dang dong
tharuka dharshana (5 months ago)
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Karymi Namyning (5 months ago)
Nice video. We gaan over een paar weken. Vroeg mij af in welk jullie gezeten hebben in Colombo. Thanks alvast
Armand Hielkema (5 months ago)
We zaten in hotel Colombo Red Cinnamon. Mooi hotel. De stad vonden we iets minder. Erg druk.!
Milinda Geenath (6 months ago)
Veri nice video
Amazing video. This is mine https://youtu.be/ANFjCO938rc
Malaka Bandara (6 months ago)
Woow ..nice my country
Mahin Seneviratne (7 months ago)
Nice video of Ceylon.... thank you
Raju Risaldar (7 months ago)
Like your beautiful video
Sampath Sandaruwan (7 months ago)
Very nice vedeo thank you for visiting my beautiful country...
shyamal navodya (7 months ago)
Thanks for sharing with us 😊
vanhiresrilanka dotcom (7 months ago)
nice video
Shovo Sokal BD (7 months ago)
no Food pic 😋 caz i love food 😀
shelan nirmal (7 months ago)
Nobody can tell any word, this is the best country in the world. I can see in you and your wife face. Thank you for visiting in my country, also i like to tell you come back. Good luck for your next travel..
Chamara Gayan (7 months ago)
Sir you missing kandy most beautiful city
A Z (7 months ago)
I'm tired of those vidz of rich favored kids going to third world countries and boasting on social media ^^
Subasingha Chinthaka (7 months ago)
nice video of handy Sri Lanka.... thank you
Real Hero (6 months ago)
My motherland I miss but I’ll back soon there😃😃
Eesan Kathy (7 months ago)
Same here
shelan nirmal (7 months ago)
I miss too bro..
Travel with Chathura (8 months ago)
Try this out ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5DjnU-wnrs&t=44s
dilruk19 (8 months ago)
Not a round trip. KANDY is missing...
Amila Gayan (8 months ago)
Really enjoyed your vedio, thanks for visiting Sri Lanka
Top5 Facts (8 months ago)
Thank You very much for visiting our beautiful land. Where You from Mr Armand?
Armand Hielkema (8 months ago)
We are from the Netherlands.
Mohomad Jiffry (8 months ago)
Thanks to came our conutry i hop you both enjoyed
Dinuth Madushankha (8 months ago)
Always Welcome to Sri lanka
Joshua Fernando (8 months ago)
Awesome guys.. Thats some tour u did there in Sri Lanka. and thanks for sharing all ur experience. some only shares rural parts of SL. u made sure to show the developed and the tourist attracted places in our country as well. while remembering there are more places to go, this reminds me how many variations my country do have. hope u enjoyed it here. i enjoyed every bit till end. keep it up!
f4faisal vlogs (8 months ago)
Lovely https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lXWY0TVGTA My Langkawi travel vlog
Sunanda Jayakoday (8 months ago)
Nice video
JH Sitinjak (8 months ago)
Good Video Mr, regards I from Indonesia, Lake Toba
Felix Perera (8 months ago)
Awesome video. Professional.
Xplore Japan (8 months ago)
nice video!
shalani dissanayake (8 months ago)
Thanks for coming to visit my country i'm enjoy this video 🇱🇰 🇱🇰
Ashok Kumara Kumar (8 months ago)
Hi salani
Pathum Lakshan (8 months ago)
What was the video camera?
Armand Hielkema (8 months ago)
I used my phone and the Dji Osmo Mobile 2 to record the video.
Thilanka Rajapaksha (8 months ago)
Debra Perera (8 months ago)
Debra Perera (8 months ago)
Ohhhh... good... But i have to say. you missed some places such as Dambulla, Jaffna, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa....
Armand Hielkema (8 months ago)
We stayed in the Cinnamon Red hotel.
nilanka shan (8 months ago)
thanks for viedeo proud of my country
Michael Durairaj (8 months ago)
Come agin
Michael Durairaj (8 months ago)
Thanks guys i never seen lot of places in sri lanka.
Anita Boos (8 months ago)
Sri Lanka is a very beautiful and varied country. I enjoyed your video! Thank you for sharing.
tracey hopkins (8 months ago)
Loved the video planning on a trip there next year, can i ask what month you went there ?
Armand Hielkema (8 months ago)
At the end of May and beginning of June
Manuel Belchior (8 months ago)
Manuel Belchior (8 months ago)
and the first music is
Nipuna Dewage (8 months ago)
Hhdhesa Jdueueu (8 months ago)
❤ 🇱🇰
SIJU KV (9 months ago)
Dears, come and visit kerala, india
prav3 praveenkumar (2 months ago)
Nice video
Nuwan Madusanka (5 months ago)
what's wrong with you people? He invites to his city, anything wrong ?
Lanka Shama (8 months ago)
Hak hak haaaaa
Ashraf Bakhsh (8 months ago)
Is karala a beautiful city in india ?
shehan tharindu (9 months ago)
love it sir ,come again
Suren tillekeratne (10 months ago)
Loved the video : ) Thanks.

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