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Budget Travel FAQs Answered ($ Saving Tips)

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I'm finally sharing a chatty video about traveling on a budget! Want to hear about something specific? How to find cheap flights: 2:34 Buses/trains: 6:07 Accomodation: 7:23 General tips: 11:28 Find me on Instagram: @kaileemckenzie https://kailee.id/instagram Save on Airbnb ($40 credit) https://kailee.id/airbnb It will reserve the credit for you if you sign up now, even if you don't have a trip to book ;) Thanks for helping us travel! What I'm Wearing: no makeup- I left most of it in Paris by mistake ;( Thom Krom Blazer- https://kailee.id/2KBbudz All Blues Earring- https://kailee.id/2zj2Gnh Metallica Tour Tee (Copenhagen Show, '17)- https://kailee.id/2u6L1tc Staatsballett Family Rings- https://kailee.id/familyring Skyscanner: https://kailee.id/skyscanner I've been posting daily vlogs a ton on my second channel! Check them out here: https://kailee.id/dailykailee Opening Up About Leaving NYC Video: https://kailee.id/2JqEOD7 My brand: STAATSBALLETT @staatsballett.co http://www.staatsballett.co Check out my website: http://www.kaileemckenzie.co I sell a lot of my old clothes, accessories and home decor on depop! I also have an e-book where I discuss starting my brand. @kaileemckenzie https://kailee.id/depop Shop my wishlists, top stores + recent favorites here: http://www.kaileemckenzie.co/shop Shop my Amazon picks here: https://www.amazon.com/shop/kaileemckenzie For promotional and business inquiries contact [email protected] Music by Culpeo: https://soundcloud.com/culpeo/downtime This video is not paid for promotion. Some links may be affiliate. :)
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Text Comments (39)
Maria Mendoza (3 months ago)
Hi! Can I use the Airbnb code even if I already have an Airbnb account and never used it?
Freedom To Seek (3 months ago)
Awesome vid!
Maximilian Petite (5 months ago)
Jermaine Harper (6 months ago)
Are you still looking for apartments while traveling for when you go back to the states? Or how are you guys gonna do that?
Les Poitras (6 months ago)
Nice video ! 😄
Irena Hojsak (6 months ago)
this came just at a right time bc i want to book a flight to berlin in semptember do you think i could get away with 900€ for two people for a week?
kaileemckenzie (5 months ago)
sorry for my delay in response! I believe so :)
Abisola Dolapo (6 months ago)
COME TO NIGERIA!! That’s where Im from and I would love to expose you and Avery to the culture
Rowan Jenner (6 months ago)
Would the $40 off air bnb discount work if I'm paying in £'s rather that dollars do you know? Also, if you're doing a lot of moving around in one month or less it may be worth getting an interail pass in Europe to make trains cheaper!
kaileemckenzie (6 months ago)
Rowan Jenner it should still :)
Kiera Lucash (6 months ago)
This video has me so excited about traveling to France at the end of the month!
Alba (6 months ago)
Kailee, do you use a data plan when you're traveling?💕
kaileemckenzie (6 months ago)
Yes! Avery and I both bought prepaid vodafone spain sim cards on amazon before our trip. We just reload them whenever necessary on the vodafone site. For $15 we get 2gb of data roaming (which has worked everywhere we've been) and 50 mins of intl call/text. It's been great so far!
LivingLikeLex (6 months ago)
Have you tried Kayak.com?
kaileemckenzie (6 months ago)
not in a while!
Lidia Migowska (6 months ago)
very informative video, can't wait until I can actually use this these tips haha love from Poland, hope you like it here!
Stephanie Kulhane (6 months ago)
I love you sooo much , Kailee. Stay smiling and keep up the wonderful work with everything as always!🤗💕
Cathal Reilly (6 months ago)
Cathal Reilly (6 months ago)
Carissa Wong (6 months ago)
Great timing because I'm trying to plan a gap (quarter) year.
Taylor Mayes (6 months ago)
Do a what’s in our suitcases video!!! My mind is blown that you fit both you and Avery’s belongings entirely in those two cases - especially since you’re both fashion bloggers
kaileemckenzie (6 months ago)
Yeah! I'm planning to do a video that shares my entire wardrobe- since it's pretty much all with me! It helps that Avery and I can share some clothes too :)
Victoria (6 months ago)
Ive never even been on a plane before or off of the east coast but one of my dreams is to spend a month in Italy and I hope to do it one day no matter the cost lol
kaileemckenzie (6 months ago)
<3 <3
Eilidh Catherine (6 months ago)
this has me so excited to travel im going to Australia in 2 weeks!
xxx (6 months ago)
love your videos and your vibe lately <3 you look so happy
Sarah (6 months ago)
KAILEE 😩I'm mad disappointed that you made all of your older videos private including your vlog channel... *Cardi Bs voice* WHAT WAS THE REASON?! 😪I mean whatever the reason is I respect your decision I guess it was just a little.. surprising
kaileemckenzie (6 months ago)
aw, my apologies! I didn't think anyone was still watching them. I guess we all have moments when we cringe at our looks, voices, etc. from the past? every once in a while I do go through and private old content just because I don't feel like that's an accurate portrayal of me now! I'm still always trying to become a more "real" version of me...if that makes sense haha.
erin (6 months ago)
can’t find any flights on skyscanner nearly as cheap as the ones you got 😭
kaileemckenzie (6 months ago)
aw ;( always check out of surrounding airports too! in europe it definitely is cheaper
Lexie Lombard (6 months ago)
Kate Mendoza (6 months ago)
This is the most informative video regarding travel. Thank you so much kailee! Visit Vienna when you have the chance!!!
kaileemckenzie (6 months ago)
yes!! really been wanting to. thank you for watching :)
HipsterTRAsh (6 months ago)
Ooo love the setup
Gabby Agustin (6 months ago)
yes i love the one earring look !!
kaileemckenzie (6 months ago)
a mix of having an accidentally stretched ear on the other side and also thinking the one earring look is cute 🖤 ;)
Sara N (6 months ago)
You should come to Scandinavia! <3
kaileemckenzie (6 months ago)
I'm finally sharing a chatty video about traveling on a budget! Want to hear about something specific? How to find cheap flights: 2:34 Buses/trains: 6:07 Accomodation: 7:23 General tips: 11:28
Vienna Skye (6 months ago)
love this ! 🖤

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