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Men in the shower

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Why did they sll stare at him when he was taking a shower? For his well-build body or something else?
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Ɲɛѵɛʀɱѳʀɛ (2 months ago)
Frederick Lewis (2 months ago)
Cooper Small (6 months ago)
John Prentice (11 months ago)
сер жант (1 year ago)
Разочарован малость.
Black Panther (1 year ago)
That was horible
JayeBird (2 years ago)
Foujan Shah (2 years ago)
zooeyhall (2 years ago)
They blow a klaxon when the guys go to the shower?
william burnham (3 years ago)
love group showers
william burnham (3 years ago)
love group showers
Matthew Hough (8 months ago)
Meeting up
Antoniio (3 years ago)
They were getting ready for the butt now they hate jeans
TheOrchidFan (5 years ago)
Megan .H (5 years ago)
So studied!!
CLARA orta (2 years ago)
sz Todd the!- Io yr-oop Pl I
CLARA orta (2 years ago)
sz Todd the!- I yr-oop Pl I
CLARA orta (2 years ago)
sz Todd the
Minh Anh Trần (5 years ago)
fuck ass ^^
Sargis Muradzyan (2 years ago)
you are very seksi gay, give me your fon number.
Kevin Mansell (5 years ago)
you are gay for watching this video lol
Dul Gani (11 months ago)
orANg xxx itu bagus ya
Bigdog0124 (6 years ago)
Ha lol
JanellElizabethMeyer (6 years ago)
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alex garcia (6 years ago)
Ha I would wear my jeans at least they'll be washed to
Whadda Yaknow (6 years ago)
well said
Derpenshire~4lif (6 years ago)
@delavalmilker In some prisons they do.
delavalmilker (6 years ago)
So--they sound a klaxon horn when the guys are going to the shower?
Dan Smith (6 years ago)
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Thomace Mesh (6 months ago)
Can I see
kyle rininger (6 years ago)
The people who disliked were raped in the ass
Natranr Plays Games (6 years ago)
Watching this from my shower.
Fresh Clip Media (7 years ago)
oh god why is this in my suggested video's
ChortortleC (7 years ago)
I'm convinced. From now on, I shower in jeans.
Dante Mendoza (7 years ago)
I don't think that jeans will stop a ass raping in real life.
ernest_hemingway666 (7 years ago)
real men dont use water.
Jimmy M (7 years ago)
ahhhhhhhhhhh wtf
Richard Clark (7 years ago)
Xurreal (7 years ago)
omg when he went to go pick it up, i thought he was accepting his fate
delavalmilker (7 years ago)
Never drop the soap!
Genesis Quinonez (8 years ago)
I luv gay men i get excited and wet
Edu Fer (8 years ago)
bad!!! bad commercial..
isthatallitis (8 years ago)
@ParanormalityTRUE god's coming wink wink wink
Peter Lewandowski (8 years ago)
701 people thought it was a gay porno
LUISRO620 (8 years ago)
jajajajajajajajajaa hilarious!
Lycanthrope (8 years ago)
hahaha this is fucking funny hahahaha
Simon Landqvist (8 years ago)
kontact666 (8 years ago)
@DomaYuset well, what about a "surprise mouthsex" scene on him then?
Samuel Enrique (8 years ago)
Samuel Enrique (8 years ago)
wow men in shower get 7 mil views... Good to know that there're many horny females out there lol jk
brandimation (8 years ago)
@TheIcelandicPatriot i would drop the soap on purpose too.lol
Marcus Fenix (8 years ago)
@DomaYuset Plus buttsex is good for you!
Walter Carcamo (8 years ago)
@DanielTheWalrus fuck you
Kalli Hewings (8 years ago)
Aliyah M. (8 years ago)
Kevin Nivek (8 years ago)
@DomaYuset NOPE, going down on one knee can get you face fu*ked!
EZ Kids nowy (8 years ago)
@jpbx1982 No, it plays on every FUNNY negative stereotype...
jckfmsincty (8 years ago)
The music is a boner killer.
ga0gao (8 years ago)
i wonder if men in prison actually joke about this haha
Tarhiel (8 years ago)
@SmokingKoala :D Nice comment :)
jacek krawczyk (8 years ago)
Nie lubię gdy ktoś naśladuje lub powiela film...
RayburnPower (8 years ago)
IvorEdKontas (8 years ago)
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angie nguyen (8 years ago)
haha...nice jeans work every bit
Uphie Abdurrahman (8 years ago)
Remi Borgen (8 years ago)
Stupid stereotype!
rockkong1 (8 years ago)
123 there coming for you 456 plz get me a beer
TheIcelandicPrincess (8 years ago)
if if would drop the soap in a prison i would do it on purpose:)
Noah Gioscio (8 years ago)
themalephicuey is right
Ese Victor (8 years ago)
homofaggotqueer69 (8 years ago)
i have a boner
Segepop (8 years ago)
I wonder if we could make women being potential rape victims funny. Of course not... It's disgusting how we, as men, can actually laugh when a brother's pinned to the wall and about to endure one of the most degrading acts of violence. There is no way rape can be funny... unless Porky Pig rapes Elmer Fudd.
S.c. Nouvice Walzas (8 years ago)
@SmokingKoala I like my men like I like my coffee. Ground up and in the freezer.
blackpager (8 years ago)
I was like... "oh no not the soap..."
Ten Mashi (8 years ago)
@awgikhsan Have fun with your book and religion, really, enjoy it. :) Can I, and many others, please just continue our lives? Too bad I might go to hell for being bisexual, but it's not your problem.
ijustlovetea (8 years ago)
LOL"Decide what's best for your ass" xD
wfoy2000 (8 years ago)
Classic take on the prison metaphor regarding the slippery soap in the shower. Bravo timing on the wide shot of the jeans! This is marketing at its best.
Even though our religion allows us latitude, more than most, to ponder and reconsider some issues, homosexuality is clearly and explicitly condemned by the Quran (7:80-83, 11:77-79), the Prophet, and his progeny.
x8jackB (8 years ago)
haha nice commercial. "Stocker saves you from butt-rape"
AshKilamande (8 years ago)
do not, i repeat, DO NOT drop the soap.
DomaYuset (8 years ago)
What I don't get is why dropping the soap is a huge deal. Can't they pick it up by going down on one knee, rather then bending over by the waist? Wouldn't that be smarter, and more difficult for the other inmates to spring a 'surprise buttsex' scene on him?
TheCelineDionChannel (8 years ago)
Kyle Port (8 years ago)
Anyone want to shag me?
Nepente333 (8 years ago)
exhorder 93 (8 years ago)
that was funny but really gay commercial
Linjorna (8 years ago)
^^ funny...he dissed them all!
littlemexicantheif (8 years ago)
youfano (8 years ago)
Don't drop the soap baby!!!!
John Stone (8 years ago)
someone is going to get their bread buttered tonight !!!!
JUSTIN MIRZA (8 years ago)
funny lol
Sammy Bradley (8 years ago)
@HolyCow3000 true story bro
inconceivabledark (8 years ago)
"ooops damn why'd they have to make the soap so slippery? " why did he have his jeans on in te shower anyway lol?
Furriesaremine (8 years ago)
@globehunter2 i do agree with that. Nobody knows how to please a man better than another man XD
pradlee (8 years ago)
@globehunter2 come on, that's like saying that gay guys' greatest desire is to have sex with women
Sco2b (8 years ago)
@globehunter2 lolz
TheStarlessAeon (8 years ago)
@14Srb88 loooooool
togwm (8 years ago)
rastafury17 (8 years ago)
@fizwizx i do. i do it all the time. it's best for my ass
Eric Delaune (8 years ago)
HAHAHA!! I knew it would be something like this.
Hahahahahahaha that was awsome!!
MrGangrel1992 (8 years ago)
@BDubXOne u think TheSexyBitchOnCrack is silly he may be silly but he is right :P
Ma8tthew (8 years ago)
MIDNAq1LINK (8 years ago)
I'd drop it on purpose in there. SO BAD!
elwynbrooks (8 years ago)
Glorious xD
Lazybug (8 years ago)
XDDDDDDD LMAO ROFL.. he looked like he was just ade up with his fate, then this "decide what´s best for your ass" XDDD
guyinterrupted (8 years ago)
Duh, it's so he doesn't get gang-raped in the shower obviously. Pretty clever I think.

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