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What are These Weird Soviet Russian Lenses!? - Awesome Fan-mail

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So a very kind viewer sent me a box of kooky old Soviet era, Russian lenses, the kind that have the old-school M39 Leica rangefinder style lens mount... So that's pretty awesome!
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Jeremy (4 months ago)
Hey buddy, looks like you've got a Red "P" Jupiter 50mm f/2! The most expensive and sought-after of those lenses! Where is your review on it? I couldn't find it :(
Krishna Gunessee (10 months ago)
Wow indeed awesome fan mail. Wish i could have that Jupiter 3 or 8
BaddaBigBoom (2 years ago)
The Jupiter 11 (and 11a) are excellent lenses - very sharp.
Alexandra Stegantseva (3 years ago)
your lenses are: jupiter-11 (4/135) jupiter-8 (2/50) jupiter -3(1.5/50) all three are based on zeiss sonnar lenses. have no idea on how they perform on digital the last lens is an industar-61 ld (marked simply i61), a 2./50 or 55 Soviet Tessar, one of the most popular 50mm primes containing lanthanium glass optical elements
Aniket Basak (3 years ago)
I have the last lens. its a industar 26m f2.8
dizzy rider (3 years ago)
I wish Iwas recieving that package
Andrei Gold (3 years ago)
Super lucked out with the Jupiter 3 lens. absolute gem.
sighland (3 years ago)
Might have worked with my old Zenith Sniper.. It had a fabric shutter, but worked like a mule, tougher than a monkey spanner..
Peter Rumondor (3 years ago)
Watching this video only make you envy.
Michael Loderstedt (4 years ago)
All of these lenses are quite good, especially the Jupiter-3, which would be worth fixing. I love my Jupiter-8, a Zeiss Sonnar copy and very sharp- yours is a good generation early sixties or late fifties I think (the first two serial numbers are the year of manufacture). You're a lucky boy!
Johannes Seibert (5 years ago)
can you put the lenses on a canon dslr without a adapter with glass in it? would be interesting
Nils Oberheim (5 years ago)
hey blunty are you going to make a test of the lenses? or have you all ready made on? like to see this :D
iloper (5 years ago)
i want one of those... :)
Dimitris Servis (5 years ago)
BTW unknown fan, if you find more stuff under your bed and you read this, I can send you my address too!
Will Price (5 years ago)
From Russia, with love...? Sorry! Had to say it!
Tiago Cotrim (5 years ago)
I'm curious to see how they worked out! If you decide to make another video, I'll definitely watch! :)
igetsmart (5 years ago)
a good excuse to get the new RX100MII -    yes RX100 was/is awesome for it's size - and the RX100M2 even a bit better -  so a perfect justification to get it.  Maybe I need to smash my RX100 to justify the upgrade :)     the dilemma my RX100 is just working so well I just have not been able to create the justification - If Fuji comes out with the X30 as a 1 inch sensor etc it might be the only one in the small camera class to challenge the RX100M2   - but I am not sure if those rumors are true -  but the X20 has a faster lens so assuming the X30 will have the same lens and if it has a larger sensor then would be interesting - Are any of these Russian lenses top glass ?  or are any new once any good?
murillocoringao (5 years ago)
I can't wait for a video showing what images come out of these lenses
loudpanzer (5 years ago)
I really like the industar 61 (the 52mm f2.8 small one there) however they are hard to get a good copy, gotta order like 4 at a time lol 
mrN3w7 (5 years ago)
You lucky thing... those are really, really nice lenses to have. I'm sure you will enjoy them! I have both black lenses as well. The black 55mm is Industar 55mm The other black one seems to be Jupiter 3 (love these lenses) The other small, silver one is Industar as well The longer lens is a Jupiter 11. Will be fun to play with them on that Q ;). Oh and... hello from Canada :).
1. Jupiter-11 135mm f/4 made by KMZ in Krasnogorsk city 2. Industar 61 L/D 55mm f/2.8 made by FED (factory was named by the name of Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky) - not rare, but good and sharp standard multicoated lens, that made of Lanthanum glass. Carl Zeiss Tessar copy. 3. Jupiter-3 50mm f/1.5 BLACK - TASTY & VERY RARE lens even in Russia. Black version is made by ZOMZ in Zagorsk city. Officially this lens is Carl Zeiss Sonnar 1.5/50 copy. 4. Jupiter-8 50mm (5cm) f/2.0 - Also good Sonnar copy, Made by KMZ.  PS: Sorry for my bad English =)  Hello from Russia, Comrade ! xD
Northernone (3 years ago)
fantastic knowledge.
BanAnnaDashTV (5 years ago)
The Brand of the lenses is called "Jupiter"
Lisa E (5 years ago)
The Jupiter 3 should be a really nice one if you can get the aperture ring to work on it again, it's a copy of a pre war Carl Zeiss Sonnar. In good shape it should have some quite beautiful characteristics.
Ivan Parshenkov (5 years ago)
Hey Blunty, I wonder, could you please make a video explaining lens optical characteristics (chromatic aberration, distortion, ect) based on these wierd lenses?
STEELSKI (5 years ago)
Try it on the Pentax Q.
KiddsockTV (5 years ago)
That was awesome. can;t wait to see the pics.
rexa tasch (5 years ago)
Like for the line about the russian mails. I literliy spit ater all over my desk lol 
Lemon Tree (5 years ago)
OMG that broken RX100 really hurt my heart... :( Don't throw it away, replace the screen!
branislavpetkovic (5 years ago)
Blunty, looks like Santa came earlier this year :-) 50mm f/2 is Jupiter 8 which is exactly copy of Carl Zeiss Sonar 50mm f/2 135mm f/4 is excellent Jupiter 11 lens, built like a tank, ugly as a tank, ranking 10 out of 10 on Pentax forum 50mm f/1.5 lens is Jupiter 3 lens, there is a huge variation in quality but if you have a good one it could be an excellent lens. It was standard lens on Zorki camera which was Russian version of Leica. That 55mm f/2.8 lens is Industar N-61, and it is an average lens. Industar tried to make lens comparable to Leica 50mm f/2.8 but they failed.
Bernardo Delgado (5 years ago)
Please do a review on these lenses :D I'm just trying to get some Jupiter lenses on ebay but they are a bit hard to find in the US :/
Matheus Saar (5 years ago)
Dude if you want to look them up simply turn on on-screen keyboard and change keyboard language to Russian and use it as you normally would :)
Lewis Herd (5 years ago)
@SonyAustralia, that's customer service done right.
Milan Svitek (5 years ago)
Russia exports joy now, does it? ... What would have been even more awesome is if that newspaper had been a page from "Superman: The Red Son" ... That would have been awesome.
Milan Svitek (5 years ago)
Alright +Blunty ... Very true... How about a photocopy?
Blunty (5 years ago)
That would not have been awesome... because that would have meant a destroyed copy of Red Son, one of the best "Elseworlds" stories.
TheThomasMalthus (5 years ago)
BTW those are all in Leica Screw Mount. You can get an adapter from Rainbowimaging (I am not affiliated with them, just a very satisfied customer) which you can adjust to achieve perfect infinity focus.
TheThomasMalthus (5 years ago)
Hey Blunty, I am somewhat familiar with these russian lenses so I can tell you that what you have are: Jupiter 3 50/1.5 Industar 61 L/D 50/2.8 Jupiter 2 50/2 Jupiter 11 135/4 The Jupiter 2 and 3 are two of the most highly regarded russian lenses as they are essentially Zeiss Sonnar copies. It is said that the Russians took the lens designs and some machinery from the Carl Zeiss factory itself during WWII. The story can be found here: http://ussrphoto.com/wiki/default.asp?WikiCatID=35&ParentID=4&ContentID=1586 That website is also a cool resource for russian lenses. A quick google will also give you lots of reviews for each lens. The Industar 61 L/D is also quite a gem. I never had the chance to own one but from what I've seen the colors are fantastic. The L in the L/D stands for Lanthanum, which is kinda radioactive. If the glass is a bit yellow you can leave it out in the sun for a while, which clears up the yellowish tint. Cheers!
itube612 (5 years ago)
Sorry to hear about your sony camera. I admire your courage to open a soviet russian bag. :-)
David King (5 years ago)
that Jupiter-3 is an awesome lens (and worth like $200 usd)
loudpanzer (5 years ago)
im jelly of blunty right now, I agree the Jupiter 3 is awesome! I have a Jupiter 9, myself, one day ill get a Jupiter 3 to add to the collection 
Tiger (5 years ago)
jupiter 11A 
crankysmurf (5 years ago)
In Soviet Russia lenses focus you!
ArtsDesigns (5 years ago)
5:16 it says "jupiter 11", 5:18 "jupiter 8" :)  (newspaper doesn't say anything useful..)
Daniel Bradshaw (5 years ago)
You'll have to get the RX100 M2 now lol.
halfcelestialelf (5 years ago)
Hey Blunty,  I know these lenses aren't commercially available anymore etc etc etc.  However this has piqued my interest, could you please do a review of these and show off some of the shots you get. I am sure your wonderful donor would love to see the fruits of your fun as much as the rest of us would. :) 
3Dwitch (5 years ago)
Wow, congrats on the mail or something! I'm not actually that into photography but watching you get all excited about it is still awesome!
tomitar (5 years ago)
Blunty, is there going to be a follow-up video on shooting with these lenses? I would be very interested to see how the 1.5 50mm works out!
MarvinDerRoboter (5 years ago)
My gf just told me that those are most likely german lensenses which were produced in the old DDR/GDR and exported to russia. The 135mm f/4 seems to be a pretty good lens. The were first used on the exacta mount and she also owns that lens. (Might be Meyer Optic, Görlitz).
Clara Pagett (5 years ago)
Willl you do a video explaining there purpose and history if the lense nerds contact you? I don't know much about optical lenses so I am genuinely interested
PeeHooo (5 years ago)
Sony Australia (5 years ago)
Hey Blunty - Sorry to see your RX100 bashed up. We'll have a look around to see what we can do to bring you back together with another RX Cyber-shot. Stay tuned :-)
Abhishek Ray (5 years ago)
Hello blunty ,,You got 4 awoesome lenses , Jupiter 11 135/4(zeiss sonnar copy), intustar 61 55/2.8, jupiter 3 50/1.5 ( zeiss 50/1.5 copy) and Jupiter 8 50/2 ( zeiss 50/2 ) copy !!! good parts in m39  so can easily be adapted onto you m4/3 ,or blackmagic or NEX camera ,cheers blunty!!!
psionicdreams (5 years ago)
Flurry (5 years ago)
Юпитер-11 лол! Они от телескопа чтоли?
Flurry (3 years ago)
+Tom Arkwright I have no idea how your comment relates to mine.
Tom Arkwright (3 years ago)
+SourPepperRat Why are you asking? You know the history. лол!
WhatTechShow (5 years ago)
And you got them for free? Hole shit, those are worth quite a bit when all together! I have a collection of vintage lenses as well.
SUPER XINVADER (5 years ago)
Awesome video. Hope you make another with your test footage. I'd love to see what you make of them.
RobertoMC (5 years ago)
The russian postal service is just one man in a row boat.. Lmao 
Phiniox Glade (5 years ago)
I've got two of the four lens in the video and have recently been retesting them in my #LensesINeedToRetry series. I like the Industar 61 55mm f2.8 (the black one) and Industar 26n 50mm f2.8 (the silver one) is not much. Industar Wiki http://camerapedia.wikia.com/wiki/Industar Industar 61 55mm f2.8 - My opinion with samples https://plus.google.com/115067742716599094489/posts/8manxMMpCCX Industar 69 28mm f2.8 Pancake - My opinion with samples https://plus.google.com/115067742716599094489/posts/Ukpt8vAAkJ3
Jason Hermann (5 years ago)
Good stuff +Phiniox Glade  Thanks for sharing ;)
kindleusr (5 years ago)
You are welcome, Blunty. Actually I wasn't a big fan back to those days (it was the same day, I'v watched your video for the first time), but for now I obviously am. Should subscribe.  And it was a spacer ring wrapped in newspaper (I'm not quite sure) - it could be handy in sort of macro-shooting. 
Blunty (5 years ago)
+kindleusr Yup, figured that out as soon as I stopped recording ;) 
kindleusr (5 years ago)
+Blunty Aperture ring of Jupiter-3 50 1.5 placed in a very front of lens. 
Blunty (5 years ago)
Heh :) Even more awesome of you then. (and I just found the spacer ring - so glad I didn't accidentally toss it out with the newspaper already - I love macro stuff :) Thanks again, again. :D
PirateB99999 (5 years ago)
OMG :( can you get the screen replaced? nice to spread to love around the world :)
Chompski (5 years ago)
no from Russia with love joke blunty? I am disappoint 
Blunty (5 years ago)
I'm not much of a Bond fan. 
Amir Gholamian (5 years ago)
Hey Blunty, thanks again for all your videos. I occasionally check in and watch a few of your camera videos and despite me infuriatingly knowing nothing about cameras at all I really do enjoy your videos. I would be interested to see a followup video with photo samples and a little back history of each lens :) PS: Any tips on where to start out learning about cameras and photography in general? There is a lot on the interenet but i was wondering if there was a particular website or book or something that you approve of? Cheers
janijtube (5 years ago)
Looks like a very nice set of lenses. I have some russian lenses too, looks like none of what you've got there though, but a couple of very similar ones. Good lenses if you stop them down a bit, but not very good wide open - although your mileage may vary as it seems these lenses are very much individuals, one may be rubbish and an another specimen of the same model may be Leica-like piece of excellence. I guess you'll be reviewing these lenses in some later video? :)
Blunty (5 years ago)
It's a safe assumption that I'll revisit these lenses in a future video with some results, yes.
CONSOLETRUTH (5 years ago)
Amazingly aweaome. Giving a good sized set of lenses to a camera fuy is loke giving rocks to a crack head :-P
Louis Brooks (5 years ago)
It's a miracle that Russian Santa from Rise of the Guardians manages to get around the world in one night.
Louis Brooks (5 years ago)
Have you tried turning it off and on again?
darksideofdonny (5 years ago)
very cool, def do another video with the results of ure fun! sry bout ure broken camera bro
Kenneth Kinastowski (5 years ago)
Very Nice set og lenses. I own the 55 mm. That is attached to my old russian FED camera. The history is somewhat spy like. Because it's pretty much a russian Leica. As I'm told the russians stole the drawings of the Leica cameras and lenses after WW2. But all I can say is, that it is truly great lenses and the camera is a brick of a camera. That spits out very nice pictures.
iello911 (5 years ago)
NICE gift indeed! those old soviet lenses are little known and often dismissed, but they can be truly excellent options. the jupiters are Zeiss Sonnar designs, manufactured in the USSR since after WW2 using design, machines and technology that came directly from Zeiss (part of war restitution deal).  the earlier lenses were even made using german glass (early 50s), then they used soviet made. in order to find out the date, just look at the first 2 numbers of the serial, that is the production year. i have used several of them on Leica cameras (both film and digital), and on M4/3 and Fuji - using adapters - with EXCELLENT results; i am still using a 1960 2/50, as a matter of fact! enjoy them, if you like the character of old glass you are going to love them! p.s.: i think the RX100 is fixable, no need to throw it out!
MegaProjectpat (5 years ago)
If you can come up with a list of the western worlds equivalent for the same time period, I'm sure we can scrounge together a list for you to do a USSR vs. West's lens off, may not be able to scrounge all of them here in New England but your audience is quite large and diverse :)
Phiniox Glade (5 years ago)
+Yugophoto continuing on your thread : The Helios 44-2 is a clone of a Zeiss lens, the optic if clean are very sharp and processed swirly bokeh but lack contrast and are very prone to flare. The are the taking lens of choice when adapting 16mm Anamorphic Projector lens to m4/3 and I've had great result on APS-C (https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/115067742716599094489/albums/5902986104014695409/5902986674737296578?pid=5902986674737296578&oid=115067742716599094489)  They can be adapted to most SLRs withut issue but the Canon 5D has issues with most of the Helios 44s and 44Ms as the mirror can hit.
Yugophoto (5 years ago)
+MegaProjectpat A lot of the russian lenses were direct copies of german lenses, some of the early ones were even made using original german (zeiss and leica) parts or machines. So if I was going to compare the russian lenses to something, it'd be the original german versions.
MegaProjectpat (5 years ago)
what I mean is, I'm not sure if any old 50mm would do the trick or is their a brand type it was meant to compete with:P
Ben D (5 years ago)
Please post a follow up video with some footage you got with these things! Fascinating.
relinquis (5 years ago)
don't bin your sony, might be worth fixing at some point. lovely lenses you have there. such a generous guy/girl to have sent you them. i wonder if they are similar to the old Zenit lenses from the same period in terms of optics/image quality. play time!
Very nice. Fun lenses. The black 55/2.8 is an Industar N-61. The other ones are Jupiter 3, 8 and 11. I use the Zenit version of the J11, and I find it very sharp.
Yugophoto (5 years ago)
+Blunty Lucky lot you got there. The jupiters are loved by many people, the jupiter-3 (50mm 1.5) in particular is a hell of a nice find. The industar is unbelievably common but its pretty sharp, I use one on my old canon screwmount. The jupiter-8 (50mm 2.0) is considered 'dreamy' (read, a tad soft) wide open, but people still love it a lot.
MegaProjectpat (5 years ago)
The communal internet peoples on hand knowledge never ceases to amaze me!
Hotcooler (5 years ago)
Heh Was just typing that in :)
Blunty (5 years ago)
Roger that. That info pretty much matches up with what my Googling has uncovered :) Cheers
ashlinwang (5 years ago)
Are they for you to keep? Or to borrow?
Blunty (5 years ago)
A gift. Rad eh? :)
Jan Šinkovec (5 years ago)
aww i know how that feels :S
SchneiderMan (5 years ago)
Now with radiated glass elements, yay!
branislavpetkovic (5 years ago)
C'mon, think positive. After 30+ years of using Takumar lenses I don't need any kind of focus assist beam in the dark.
Phiniox Glade (5 years ago)
+Blunty Like my Super Takumar 50mm f1.4, Super Takumar 55mm f1.8 (or is it f2) and my Canon FL 58mm f1.2 (looks like a VB bottle)
Blunty (5 years ago)
Not entirely correct. SOME lenses of this era used Lanthanum, as an additive in the glass, which is _mildly_ radioactive. They were not "radiated", they are radioactive (slightly).
Asako Ichihara (5 years ago)
What a delightful haul. You have some wonderful fans. I hope you show us more on these in the future.
Blunty (5 years ago)
I imagine sooner or later I'll be showing off what they do once slapped on a camera. 
Christopher Barraud (5 years ago)
look it as an excuse to upgrade to the RX100M2. Although since the lens retracts, I assume the screen is the only thing that is broken so thats quite easily fixable. I'm assuming you havent investigated this option yet. 
Christopher Barraud (5 years ago)
I've brought this to the attention of your pals at Sony. Hopefully they'll be able to help you out :)
edshotsdotcodotuk (5 years ago)
+Blunty have you got a quote for a repair at all? i know most digital cameras aren't cost effective to fix (RIP my S90 that had sooooo much dust in the lens barrel) but surely the RX100 would be a justifiable amount?
Christopher Barraud (5 years ago)
any chance using the live-HDMI output to assist in shooting?
Blunty (5 years ago)
If one could afford to, one would. At least it wasn't my only camera so I'm not FUBAR'd when it comes to creating content.
Joseph Cox (5 years ago)
By Russian Soviet you mean they're from the RSFSR?
Joseph Cox (5 years ago)
Alright, I feel a bit stupid but thanks for the clarification.
Blunty (5 years ago)
By Soviet Russian I simply mean Soviet-era Russia. That's clear enough for most I'd have thought.
nexij (5 years ago)
Юпитер stands for Jupiter.

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