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How to Get Apple Products Cheap

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http://www.lockergnome.com/blade/2011/11/30/why-you-should-consider-a-refurbished-apple-product-this-holiday-season/ People who don't care for Apple products will harp on the company's famously proprietary practices and comparatively high prices in relation to what they like - and that's fine. But the people who love Apple products accept these perceived drawbacks as necessary for the company to continue its high standards of quality control. That's why Ron Schenone (who, for the record, has a great deal of experience with Windows machines as well as those running iOS and OS X) has no qualms about recommending Apple-certified refurbished units as being as good as new - just cheaper. Here, he shares his experiences with refurbished Apple products; he's gone through the trouble so you can determine if "going refurb" is the right path for you. You can watch the entire live TLDR episode here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wseuDFo-4Cs https://profiles.google.com/chris.pirillo http://twitter.com/ChrisPirillo http://www.facebook.com/chrispirillo
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Text Comments (142)
Temani Knight (1 year ago)
Half way empty fir me
Michael Huff (2 years ago)
I couldn't agree more, Chris. I purchased two of my Chromebooks refurbished from Acer. I saved nearly $200 on my Acer Chromebook 14 with 4GB RAM. It's really a good angle to approach when purchasing and it cuts down on waste.
America Pride (2 years ago)
Why is the Mac Pro desktop so expensive
J o n a t h a n (2 years ago)
i got a nice macbook pro I upgraded it to 510 ssd and 8gb ram and the machine fly's. i had it second hand on eBay i also changed the battery. i made sure it was a i7 quad i can run final cut pro, after effects easy..
America Pride (2 years ago)
At Best Buy a 42 Apple refurbished is 189 is that too good to be true
America Pride (2 years ago)
Should I buy a refurbished Apple Watch from Best Buy
Chris Pirillo (2 years ago)
+Preston Gerimonte - with a warranty, there shouldn't be a problem!
Fidel (3 years ago)
Preowned MBP from authorized apple stores. Saved 50% with MPB which faster ghz newer MBA, Apple didn't take a bite, so to speak.
Michael Street (3 years ago)
how come your audio is always low?
Adam Olympia (3 years ago)
Good points. Refurb is a great option .. Just picked up a Refurb iPad 4 64gb for my 8 year old daughter for $240 or so .. brand new battery, mint condition screen , came with case, as good as new as far as I'm concerned.
Robert Morin (3 years ago)
I know one legitimate third-party Apple dealer would be B&H Photo and Video. That's who I'm looking to get my iMac through, and they normally do have some sales on them from time to time, which is nice.
MrNatetheepic (3 years ago)
learn to repair them. i bought an iPad 2 with a cracked screen for $40 and a new digitizer for $10. total cost of iPad 2 (granted it an old one but who cares for the price) $50.
chad Hall (3 years ago)
As soon as I heard refurb I was like nope
Angeelo Gov (1 year ago)
Certified Refurbished directly from Apple has great quality
Context Matters (2 years ago)
Yeah they're awfully strong. They withstand drops from Space.
J o n a t h a n (2 years ago)
its not that bad macs are strong machines.
Rayane (2 years ago)
why not, my friend. I think refurb is good, what's your opinion on that ?
Sierra Medrano (3 years ago)
Sir Knight (4 years ago)
School starts tomorrow and you are so right. Saved a ton on three products for less one item brand new. I now have a MacBook, iPad 3, and mini iPad 3. All for 700.00 the MacBook alone would be 989.00 even with my affiliate discount. I enjoy reviewing your videos.
Michaela and Ashley (3 years ago)
From where
Raja Prem Sadarangani (4 years ago)
@REGINALD GREEN where did you get it from?
Divine (4 years ago)
The guy's first statement was so idiotic, I couldn't bare to watch it any longer.
dilworth6113 (3 years ago)
+Divine damn right
Zach (4 years ago)
Buy refurbished. I've never been let down. Not even just Apple. 
Zach (4 years ago)
@Joegeddon117 I've never shopped on Groupon, but if it's through them directly and no third party then I'd probably go for it.
Zach (4 years ago)
@AaronWalkerVLOGS I just got the 27 inch I mac refurbished. Other than the box you can't tell it's refurbished. My Canon dslr I bought refurbished. It's not like you're not getting a quality product. I would say though only buy refurbished from the original manufacturer. 
Lord Hood (5 years ago)
It almost doubles the price, wich he then can sell
Lord Hood (5 years ago)
A friend of mine is experimenting with buying old ipad 2s and upgrading them to the apple A7 chip
Aidan Sweeney (4 years ago)
I don't think that'd go too well. Plus you have to upgrade to the 1GB of memory that the Air has vs the 512MB of the 2 to get the performance of the Air with the A7, of course you don't have to, but just sayin'
Mikey Meegan (5 years ago)
do they ship to Ireland?
StewartLucrative (5 years ago)
Quit squandering your money, work overtime, and don't have any kids when you cant afford them.
Alexandra Wux (5 years ago)
Yeah, but not these ones! :|  http://www.ealuxe.com/most-expensive-apple-products-in-the-world/
Reese's Tech Pieces (5 years ago)
whenever I get a new apple product u always give my older one away to family
rubin hay (5 years ago)
Refurb is still super expensive lier
Trevor (5 years ago)
Since im an Apple fanboy i own just about every single thing that Apple ever made. I buy most of them refurbished and trust me... You save soooo much money. A few months ago i saved a few hundred dollars on refurbished apple products so i bought a second iPad Air
Hakan Aker (5 years ago)
God,just talk directly and briefly.
François N (4 years ago)
Yeah that's a whole 4 MINUTES of your life you will never get back!
Mikule Walters (5 years ago)
Tech Rat Reviews (5 years ago)
Apple doesn't really ask questions if you use the student discount...  So pretty much anyone could get it.
Fabian Rothfuchs (5 years ago)
You forgot to mention that refurb devices actually passed QA twice :-)
You can buy certified refurbished apple products that apple refurbished themselves with a seal of approval. I saved $100 on my iPad
robert surratt (5 years ago)
I have the same rebel. Great camera!
Ivan Goncharuk (5 years ago)
I purchased a iPod 5th generation refurbished model for about 250 dollars (32GB) Waiting for the package to arrive to see how well the quality is.
moldyrefrigerator (5 years ago)
Got my Sandy Bridge i5 MacBook Pro used for $750, much better than spending $1200 on a new MBP.
Sam Snipes (5 years ago)
When I see an item with the word refurbished on it... the first thing that comes to mind are all the things that may have gone wrong and may still be wrong but i admit this is because I have no idea what the required state an item must be to be placed back on the self with just a refurbished sticker so I was wondering what are the things you can expect from a refurbished item such as a mac or anything else. Am i going to see scratched and dings?
How to basic (5 years ago)
I saved 100 dollars on a mini hd note book buy buying a different model that didn't have the dvd drive since I only watch movies on Netflix and don't need any extra hardware that the computer doesn't come with
cloud thunder (5 years ago)
thumbs up if anyone would like to have a new Mac for $30!!! apple.freebiejeebies.co.uk\961129
cloud thunder (5 years ago)
15 days ago a got a brand new mac and a brand new ipad mini 32 GB All of this, with just $30. I know this is surreal. But it's the best site I came across. and it sure beats the refurbished prices BY MILES
cloud thunder (5 years ago)
Awesome! funny video man. I too bought a refurbished mac. It's not working now. But during my attempts in saving money to buy a new mac directly from Apple with warranty and receipt, apple care, etc. I stumbled upon this site 2 months ago. I reviewed and it seemed cool. I payed a $30 service and showed it to some of my friends. They on their side also made a purchase and passed on to their friends and so on... I got a brand new Apple iphone 4s 38 days ago
james hartwell (5 years ago)
What is your monitor in the back ground please
Scoots MgGoots (5 years ago)
The first time he said it, I thought he said reefer...
BLinkK - (5 years ago)
jew's... wanting cheap apple products. and shit
samljer (6 years ago)
if DIVERSITY was accepted, it wouldnt have to be forced. end of story.
Nhu-Thuan Pham-Bui (6 years ago)
I got a htx 8x for 200 new at the box on craigslist.
Gemma Woods (6 years ago)
How many times has he said refurb?!?!
Tech Help by Dave (6 years ago)
Apple's isn't. Apple OFFICIAL refurbs have BRAND NEW shells and batteries. Literally - a BRAND NEW front, back, and screen.
KREATIV (6 years ago)
KREATIV (6 years ago)
Lol it still hasn't uploaded @
andrewyoder88 (6 years ago)
Honestly I don't really trust refurbished products. Yes they work but the quality is definately a step lower. Just from my own experiences, I have more trust in used products that are still in good shape than refurbished
ZayLong (6 years ago)
sounds like an internet problem
nyjeterss (6 years ago)
I WORK at an awesome PAWN SHOP that sells ipads etc left and right pretty well priced saving at least 100to80 bucks rather than a brand new one....or more...but also have 30 day warranty in it as well...so you can get great bang for you buck in that sense....the late 2011 macbook pro 13" im using now i bought it there for 600 when they sell refurb 900 so think in everyway possible !!!
magicks25 (6 years ago)
He's so cute. :)
Screen1cf (6 years ago)
Build a hackintosh
MJMproductions8821 (6 years ago)
1 year today!
davvvideos (6 years ago)
The iphone 4 I am using to type this comment on is refurbished.
thebalu (6 years ago)
Thumbs up if a Mac is also a PC.
Subbieman650 (6 years ago)
@PMathan76 hahahahahahahahahahaha you could not be more wrong!
Dawson Seibold (6 years ago)
you can also get referbised on Apple
Panquake (6 years ago)
o iDRifT3R HD (6 years ago)
personally i think people buy new because you have more chances of nothing going rong at most of the time its easier just to take it straight back to the shop and get a new one and theres a better feeling i think when you get something new than second hand because you feel like it yours and your the only who has touched it.
kim kizyma (7 years ago)
i saved 25% on my iphone 4, right when it came out, buy buying refurb.
TJC450 (7 years ago)
I think they would take care of them. and they have a full one year warranty
alexrgz28 (7 years ago)
Just bought a refurbished iPad 2 from apple for 319.00 saved 80 dollars.!
hello . i would like to know if you can help me to broadcast live on justin.tv with a great HD and good audio ... please make a video how to do it ,,, thanks
blacktearsburning (7 years ago)
so i can save money if i buy reefer? XD sounds nice
PickeringSamuel (7 years ago)
I bought i preowned 3gs on ios 4 (£120), unlocked to any network (jailbroken) updated to ios5, it bricked my phone because it had been unlocked restored it through to completly remove the jailbreak took it to the apple store and they replaced the phone with a brand new iphone (£3XX) i beat the system
DannyJSchwe45 (7 years ago)
Is referb safe even when it goes for macs/iPods? I mean you never really know what they did with it..how do you know if its ok and not going to break down on you?
Zeroethorder (7 years ago)
@LICKPIMP How enlightening, I'd never thought about it that way. I guess that settles that, then. Thanks for clearing that up.
John Fick (7 years ago)
I got my iPhone for $350 from a seller on Amazon! It was in flawless condition. I ended up dropping it and breaking the screen, and Apple replaced it for $150. At the end, I payed $500 for a BRAND NEW 32GB iPhone 4. Off contract they go for like $700 if I'm not mistaken!
Cole Hammontree (7 years ago)
stuff it
blackblob500 (7 years ago)
Save money buy a mac mini
Hossam Mourad (7 years ago)
I like this red t-shirt.
mikesdav (7 years ago)
@lockergnome Thumbs up if doesn't make a difference! Alot of people like apples, But I for one LOVE Ice cream sandwiches.
Refurb is your best shot in my opinion, but don't get your expectations too high that you're going to get a "steal". Apple's products retain their value once used. I've spent a lot of cash making my move to Apple, but I think it's worth it if you're going to develop for iPhone or the Mac Store.
shashi27100 (7 years ago)
@lockergnome ya you do have PCs but truth is truth you are an Apple Fanboy so accept this BTW don't consider me an hater i am your huge fan
Chris Pirillo (7 years ago)
@AKCharlie47 - Thumbs up if @lockergnome also has PCs!
Quentin Karmark (7 years ago)
I agree to a certain extent that 'you're never really gonna know" - except when your kids come back from the first day of school following the holidays and they say "Mom, Dad.... everyone else has the newest one." LOL
bkpickell (7 years ago)
@joshsnyder20000 Hackintosh isn't all that great. You have to buy certain hardware that can be hard to find, because most of the hardware is outdated. Not to mention driver issues. I would rather pay and have a Mac with a warranty.
bkpickell (7 years ago)
@alanbstard4 To be honest it was a Pegan holiday long before it became a Christian holiday. The Christians decided it would be a wonderful idea to move the birthdate of Jesus to coincide with the Pegan holiday, just so Jesus wouldn't be outdone by the Pegans.. LOL
Alfonso Azzo (7 years ago)
@joshsnyder20000 He's built a lot of computers breh
bkpickell (7 years ago)
@cpucrash0 I wasn't insulting anyone. Too bad if you can't handle someone calling it a holiday. By the way I am a Christian, I was just pointing out the flaws in your statement. This country is no longer a Christian country. You will just have to live with that. This Country is a melting pot of different cultures. Christians are starting to become the minority in the country. And by that I mean that there are starting to become more other religions as a whole than there are Christians.
Blair Rankine (7 years ago)
The brand new 8gb iPod touch is now only £169
Lewis Wes Senior (7 years ago)
I would never buy a refurbished iMac but maybe a Mac Pro.
levelgx (7 years ago)
@cpucrash0 because christians aren't the only people who give gifts this time a year. You can thank the pagans for christmas lol
candoit (7 years ago)
Start saying for a mac, now, for next Christmas.
ThaWiseJester (7 years ago)
@cpucrash0 Christmas is not the only holiday where there is gift giving etc this time of year,so he uses the broad term "Holiday Season" Tv shoves Christmas down our throats enough talk about holiday control freaks
Negan (7 years ago)
@lockergnome lol Festivus
bkpickell (7 years ago)
@cpucrash0 Believe it or not, there are a lot of religions in the US that do no recognize Christmas. Ever hear of Judaism? That's a pretty large religion here in the US. How about Jahovas Witness? And believe it or not; there are a lot of Muslims here in the US. And most were born here. It's a little presumptuous of you to say that the US is a Christian country.
Chris Pirillo (7 years ago)
@cpucrash0 - Because I respect those who celebrate Festivus.
John Coleman (7 years ago)
@cpucrash0 Because Christmas isn't the only holiday this month? Not everything revolves around Christianity.
ps3psnps3 (7 years ago)
@cpucrash0 he's being politically correct
FTLsFINEST (7 years ago)
Coby rilee (7 years ago)
EBay all the way you can find some really good deals on MacBooks on eBay
Shatabda Dhar Gupta (7 years ago)
Exchange offers can also save money where you go and give your old product to get a new one in rebated price.
Wavetest3 (7 years ago)
dont forget student student dscount I got a Mac Book Pro with 3 year Apple Care for £1250 instead of £1960
UncleMiyn (7 years ago)
oh he said refurb i thaugh he said something else reefer
Rockmandash12 (7 years ago)
I Just got a netbook for 160 referb when new is about 350 :) i would recomend a referb product, you can get referb apple products via the online apple store or amazon.
Sam Del Valle (7 years ago)
I am gonna buy a new Macbook Pro 13 inch this Christmas but now Im looking into a refurbished Macbook Pro 13 inch for $929 which is a GREAT price compared to $1199 but its from February 2011 which has 320 GB and the ones from October have 500 GB but its a small price to pay for a cheaper Macbook Pro I guess.
Matt Thomas (7 years ago)
@turtledrum13 if you do, you will still get the same as buying a brand new item.. a year of apple care then 2 years prier if you wished on doing so.. I been saying this for years, but I would not get an apple item that is like years old that you can not do anything of the current stuff, that would be a big mistake, but if its for easy tasks, then I would go that route
turtledrum13 (7 years ago)
It's refurbished... That annoyed me so much. Lol
vivelecorn (7 years ago)
I got my early 2011 MBP brand new from apple by calling by phone to order. I called with a simple question about discounts, and ended up that the person I talked to said she could give me a discount of around 10% for the laptop. Saved me a good $200 ;-). She told me that usually if people call Apple and inquire about a discount, they usually are generous about giving one granted your not already a student or military person, both which I'm not apparently but still saved money!
mmagymratreviews (7 years ago)
You have a kid?
ableite (7 years ago)
@hardcoretilldie313 in brazil, macbooks are 12 times more expensive than US.

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