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Truth About Sex: Big feet = Big package?

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You know what big feet on a man mean, right? This is the show that puts the most popular sexual myths to the test using science. See more of Playboy TV and full nude episodes of The Truth About Sex here: http://bit.ly/Q7Etij. Find us: playboytv.com playboy.tv
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Text Comments (8)
Shahid Khan (11 months ago)
Average length of flaccid penis ...6 inches ...wtf lol
Keen Rays (2 years ago)
How tall is the guy with 14inch feet?
Keith Freeman (2 years ago)
Keen Rays I was n still am 6'8
Sel Vlogs (2 years ago)
Lol small penis got sad and wouldn't let his face he shown
arch lover (4 years ago)
I am certain that each one of these dudes has not only a nice foot but a nice big cock too.
Dane Polok (4 years ago)
14 inches... thats a size 20, right?
Keith Freeman (2 years ago)
Dane Polok nah. I wear a 15
8wealthyone8 (6 years ago)
Yes,... am good in every way. Blesses Arek

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