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It's All About Customer Experience: The Latest from Jira Service Desk - Atlassian Summit U.S. 2017

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(Re-upload with fixed audio) At Jira Service Desk, we've been busy rolling out new features across our portal, knowledge base, international support and more. Come listen to Shihab Hamid, Product Manager at Atlassian, give a product deep-dive covering the latest features shipped with real examples that go beyond the basics. We will cover topics like: Designing a request catalog Growing and managing a knowledge-base Branding your service desk and making it human Multi-channel service desk that makes it easy to get help Localizing your service desk Going beyond multi-channel with an embedded service experience All colored with real examples that go beyond the basics.
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Ot Ratsaphong (8 months ago)
A great webinar on how to configure Jira Service Desk to save time for your customers and your team, and provide great user experience for your customers. Thanks!!

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