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Pro-Vaccine vs Anti-Vaccine: Should Your Kids Get Vaccinated?

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We brought people together who both support and oppose vaccination to see if they can find middle ground. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEjubilee 👈 Featuring: Dr. David Epstein: @MVP_Pediatric (Twitter) Gary Shlifer: @drgaryevolve (IG) Dr. Bob Sears: facebook.com/Dr-Bob-Sears-116317855073374/ Melissa: facebook.com/immunityed/ Follow us on INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/jubileemedia/ Join our company! https://www.jubileemedia.com/careers Are you a loyal Jubilee fan? Join our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/407942859721012/ Want to be in a Jubilee video? Fill out our casting form: https://goo.gl/forms/EYJEIGgtGTOrb8GC2 | ABOUT | Jubilee exists to bridge people together and inspire love through compelling stories. We create shareable human-centric videos that create connection, challenge assumptions, and touch the soul. Ultimately, we aim to inspire people to LIVE DEEPER. | SOCIAL | Jubilee Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jubileemedia Jubilee Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jubileemedia/ Jubilee Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/jubileemedia Jubilee Website: https://www.jubileemedia.com Jubilee MERCH: https://www.jubileegear.com Help us caption & translate this video! https://amara.org/v/f5rE/ For brands interested in partnering with Jubilee, email us: [email protected]
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Text Comments (39281)
Kiley Hebert (55 minutes ago)
You should make make a middle ground video of teens vs older adults and talking about politics, social media, education etc!!!
Surely Azurely (1 hour ago)
pro vax doc: yeah one kid had his limbs chopped off bc he got a disease he wasn't vaccinated against, and this is one of many diseases that anti vaxxers are negatively affected by anti vax mom: VAX MAKE HAND ARTHRITIS!
Lapy (1 hour ago)
I'm graceful that my parents aren't morons and actually got me vaccinated.
Lily Vaughan (1 hour ago)
Antivaxxer: Vaccines are dangerous!! **polio has entered the chat** **measles have enter the chat** **logic has left the chat**
Lily Vaughan (1 hour ago)
I hope the antivaxxers kids die x
Colorful Days (2 hours ago)
I like David, he seems like a humble guy. Can't stand the two antivax ladies! If only there was something where you can reverse all the vaccines and then give it to all the antivaxs and see how they feel after that. Ironic most of them have been vaccinated but choose for their kids to not be.
analog stick (3 hours ago)
anti vaxxers look different
he11onhighhee1s (3 hours ago)
Wow Melissa is the worst
kristina Labra (3 hours ago)
The fact all these people are so blinded with Vaccines, these vaccines are so poisonous with Mercury, Lead, aborted stem cells, etc. How can unvaccinated kid be harm to people with vaccination?? That's the stupidest thing ever to assume. There are people walking around with live viruses. Look at the Big Vaccine companies have been paid 3.4 BILLION DOLLARS how is that healthy??? There have not been studied you can even look at the label box, it said it HAS NOT BEEN STUDIED. Children are DYING and are continue dying look up Autism and vaccines. Until it happens to you or your love ones things change, its true my son got the Hep B shot and started getting seizures, no way is he getting his shots again. Everyone talks about death, should go directly to the CDC and look up death certificates for vaccinations and see how many deaths and injuries happen because of them. Vaccines are protection, because I have seen people getting Flu shots with boosters and still end up getting the flu, or Hepatitis. Its all a game to BIG PHARMA as long as you ignorant people keep buying intoxicating vaccinations they will keep their lavish lifestyle. Everyone should be informed the side effects of every medication and vaccination. Some of these DR blindly hand out medication instead of looking for more natural remedies, that are far more powerful than any pharmaceutical drug that causes serious illness even after treating the side effects. Its been proven that vaccines can cause harmful effects to everyone, why do they check for lead if they administer vaccines with lead?! Thats the biggest oxymoron thing to do. You want to be healthy? Eat right, keep hydrated, stay active, eat organic & pasture raised, go to a holistic clinic that treat the conditions and not the symptoms. I am 100% on board with mothers who chose not to vaccine their children. And for those who believe vaccines are protection I encourage you to seek REAL ANSWERS, and print out an ACCEPTANCE OF RESPONSIBILITY SHEET OUT TO YOUR DR INCASE YOU OR YOUR KIDS GET REALLY SICK YOU ARE ABLE TO SUE SOMEONE, these people are smart and devilish they know vaccines are the cause of AUTISM and many other autoimmune disorders!! Stay awake America!!!
Dearbhaile Mc Crory (3 hours ago)
In our school it is mandatory for all girls to get the cervical cancer vaccine and everyone to get up to date with our MMR vaccine flu shot and anything we missed as a child and if our parents don't sign the form the doctor signs it or the teacher or our parents are rang. 😂🤣
Szabó Gergő-Bence (3 hours ago)
*_Tetanus has entered the chat_*
luii morningstarr (4 hours ago)
My husband was 100% vaccinated and had chicken pox and measles. My parents never did anything with me and all I ever had was chicken pox. A doctor once told me that because i had CP i could never get it again. My husband can also never get CP again (not sure about measles) My little brother was a extremely intelligent kid but when he was 4 years old he got his boosters and within 3-6 months he was considered Mentally handicapped and Autistic... But... my husband again fully vaccinated is the most intelligent person i know. All vaccines carry a dormant version of that illness, But they also have mercury in said vaccines a well known toxic element that has even been proved to attack brain cells, Nerves and organs you name it. I think if someone is hell bent on vaccinating themselves or their child they should ask for a non-mercury vaccine. (they have these for flu shots). To each their own.
Sammy .H (5 hours ago)
no one: anti-vax parents: being vaccinated isn’t a personality trait
Austin B (6 hours ago)
David seems like a good man. I’d let him be my doctor
Austin B (6 hours ago)
Pro-vaccine side: Doctor Doctor Company Owner/Parent Disease Carries aka Anti Vax side: Designer/Activist Parent/Advocate Doctor Anyone else seeing a trend here?
Jay Soman (6 hours ago)
There doesn't need to be a discussion here. Vaccines work, science works. I can't start questioning tomorrow if water is actually good for me or not ? Trivial things shouldn’t be raised to such a platform
Tv Taco (6 hours ago)
12:10 i think, Vaccinated Kidd have umbrella's, sometimes an umbrella has a malfunction but usually its fine. Anti VAX kids have no umbrella and a few without is fine but when a lot don't have an umbrella, the rain starts hitting kids around them. And suddenly boom, The rain is measels
Sora Park (6 hours ago)
Marisa looks like the woman from despicable me 👃
Sora Park (6 hours ago)
“They’re safe-ish” wtf woman, don’t get your facts from Facebook 🤧
This was awesome. Thanks for doing this video
andromeda (7 hours ago)
yep. just blame your arthritis on vaccines. makes sense.
Arctic Leafy (7 hours ago)
anti-vaxxers will soon die out.fair enough ain't it?
Arctic Leafy (7 hours ago)
call anti-vaxxers pro-disease.should work.
Arctic Leafy (7 hours ago)
vaccinated children are more likely to get autism because un-vaccinated children are dead
Sav's World (8 hours ago)
Bob out here killing his clients
Trippi Julii (8 hours ago)
Video hasn’t started and I already know imma be irritated af 😂😂😂
Rip to anti vax kids
Hermione Sissix (10 hours ago)
My heart and soul goes to the doctor with the epileptic daughter. May nothing but good happen to him and his family.
Hermione Sissix (10 hours ago)
Also the irony of the bang lady talking about compassion...thats a two way street lady...
Flora Li (10 hours ago)
When you’d rather have your kid die than have seizures that can be cured
Megan Montoya (10 hours ago)
Marisa needs to stop interrupting. Take mental notes and respond. Interrupting is childish.
Chloe Ann (10 hours ago)
Marisa, stop.
Kirxas (10 hours ago)
To all the antivaxxers: If a vaccine is so bad for your child being a weakened version of the virus in a reduced quantity, imagine what the actual one will do
Sadie Akin (11 hours ago)
“My kid can’t come to school because it’s not safe” If you can’t bring guns to school, why can you bring a contagious disease
maccifyme (11 hours ago)
Google educated soccer moms annoy me sooo muuch I don't even know why I'm watching this
Me Not you (11 hours ago)
I have 9 kids..... I was a pro vax parent!!! All three scenarios are in my house.... on time vaccines, with my oldest... delayed... and no vaccines...... I have kids with severe allergies, autism and adhd.... parenting these real issues are tough!!!! Without a doubt, my no vaxxed chil is the healthiest!!! No allergies! No eczema, autism, adhd.... I do not care what all these parents who don’t have kids reacting in your home after the “trusted shots”....have to say!! PhD’s are taught 0% of their studies about reactions... my pediatrician just shrugged when we had major personality changes after severe fevers! I will do right by my kids!!
giannab (11 hours ago)
they look like they’d be antivax
thesuperninja209 (12 hours ago)
I would not want to take any advice from people who have a degree, are anti-vax, and say they researched bad things about vaccinations; if we didn’t have vaccines we would probably die or get severely sick from most things in our lives & it’s especially cringeworhy when the first thing college professors or even high school teachers say is don’t use biased or questionable sites.. 🙂
ツfleebles (12 hours ago)
what does anti vaccine kid and anti vaccine jokes have in common they never get old
Flut E (12 hours ago)
If u get in a fight with a anti vax spit on your hand for poison damage Edit: choose how humanity dies Heat or diseases
Mr. Nipps (12 hours ago)
6:18 auto immune is hereditary
Manuel Santos Costa (12 hours ago)
"Not doing a service to research and science moving foward"
Nobody: Lady with bangs: seiZuREs
Mask Off (12 hours ago)
People should get vaccinated to protect other people in our community who can’t get vaccinated themselves because of the disease they already have like cancer
Jace Vanderhorst (13 hours ago)
1 time Google search experts vs doctors and medical health experts.
Ryan Russo (13 hours ago)
rather have arthritis then being dead.
Queen Penguin56 (13 hours ago)
Melissa be wearing too much makeup to be real. Kinda feel sorry for her kid...
All Equestrian Elizabeth (13 hours ago)
Safe-ish really really Melissa hun get measles if you don’t research all you have is your words Don’t name your kid melisssa
Payton Smith (13 hours ago)
Anti vax woman with bangs is just ugh. Why even take your kid to the doctor if you’re literally just going to say “you’re wrong I’m a parent I know my kid” like???
Yunive Moreno (13 hours ago)
I mean... There was a 6 year old kid who got tetanus, it's the first case in 30 YEARS, and you know why? Because the parents were anti-vaccines
The Roblox Sisters (14 hours ago)
I kinda disagree when she said “The doctor doesn’t know my kid after 10 minuets” I mean sure they don’t know their personality but they have something to compare to. They can tell if maybe they are behind with their development like speech and motor skills. Parents can sometimes be blinded by love, they can sometimes be like but that’s just them when they really need help. Just my opinion.
my youtube (14 hours ago)
There is not much I think the government should be involved in mandating but I think if I were to push something vaccines might be it. I'd rather have a "autistic child" over a gruesomely sick kid that ends up dying or disfigured for the rest of your life and crippling them. Not saying autism it's caused by vaccinations.Facebook should not be where you get your scientific journals from.
Adalia Mann (14 hours ago)
A girl that I go to school with got seizures from a very basic vaccine
Adalia Mann (18 minutes ago)
Nathan C. The vaccine was the one that you have to get before every school year, so yea, a very basic vaccine
Nathan C. (11 hours ago)
What does that even mean? A basic vaccine? Also, even then, are you saying that you'd discourage others from getting vaccinated? Let's say that person has no hope of getting a vaccine, else their health would be at risk again, doesn't that mean that everyone else should get the vaccine, in order to help that one person who couldn't get vaccinated?
coco1241000 (14 hours ago)
gary was not having it
CyborgCreeper Playz (14 hours ago)
Don’t Worry Anti Vaxxer Parents, Your Kids Won’t Get Autism. Cause’ You Can’t Get Autism When You Are Dead.
That one guy named May (15 hours ago)
The one with bangs kind of annoys me tbh. She seems very hypocritical by not really listening to the other side while wishing for the opposite. I can appreciate the idea that she and her kids had reactions and uses that as an idea to not get vaxxed. That's totally okay, but I feel like they rely on emotion too much for their arguments and not enough facts. The whole "vaccines are safe" "safe-ish" "they wouldn't be put out if they weren't safe" bit there really showed that to me. Everyone can totally live life the way they want, just make sure you know the consequences to yourself, your family, and every one around you. And that's not specifically for vaccines either.
lucia amicarelli (15 hours ago)
I don't think vaccines are a matter of opinions. This video should be taken down because is misinformative and misleading
Valerie (15 hours ago)
Honestly, it sounds like all of these people are pretty uniformed. Especially the pro vaccine doctors. They said that vaccine injuries are not common- 1 in a million? No. Vaccine injuries are very common. Anything from getting the actual virus FROM the vaccine to seizures, epilepsy, eczema,severe food allergies, autoimmune disorders, autism, ear infections, death, etc. so many vaccine injuries and deaths are looked over and ruled as “SIDS” or a complication from a disease. And when they said the risks outweigh the benefits? No. And when they said that vaccines WORK??! No. All these comments down here are dispicible. Bullying the anti-vaxx mothers? Please realize that anti-vaxxers get their information, not from Web MD or Wikipedia, but from the world health organization, Doctors-who have actually done the research, vaccine education specialists, thousands of scientific studies, etc. And most doctors are not extensively taught about vaccines. They are only taught that- vaccines are safe and effective, and how to administer them. Most doctors have NOT read the actual vaccine inserts. Or read the studies. And most doctors trust the CDC and Big Pharma. Which are BOTH convicted frauds. This video is misrepresenting the Anti-vaccination community. If you want to make a video discussing this topic, please get fully informed people. Please don’t comment down below if you just wanna fight. If you are interested in vaccines and the truth, please follow @brittneykara and @theaulaniproject on instagram. Or you can follow me @valerielivesnaturally on insta. Not trying to plug people. Just trying to help save lives and inform people. Have a great day everyone!
fakecIout (15 hours ago)
I had a crush on a girl. I figured out she wasn’t vaccinated. I straight up blocked her on social media because i actually started talking with her. I moved on. I am now in a releationship with a vaccinated much more beautiful girl who doesn’t carry diseases.
fakecIout (15 hours ago)
Scott P yes
Scott P (15 hours ago)
You're a hero
Chloemcelroy3 ! (15 hours ago)
Y'all these comments are too funny! These parents (anti-vax) are really trippin tho😂 Barnes and Noble sells medical books they should really buy one
JD z (15 hours ago)
4:25 I recently got over pertussis (the whooping cough) I am pro-vaccine but I will say, I was vaccinated and still got pertussis and gave it to my dear friend. BUT, if I had not been vaccinated, it would have spread to far more people and the disease would have been much worse than it was. I received antibiotics to make me no longer contagious but there was nothing they could do to stop the disease from spreading further so I ended up dealing with it for a couple months. And to top it off, it was during exam time -_-
Scott P (15 hours ago)
The same thing happens even if you don't get the vaccine. You develop a cough and then get over it. The only ones at risk are children, elderly, and immune compromised.
Sam Boekelman (16 hours ago)
Being against vaccines is like sky diving without a parachute because you're scared the parachute will fail
Scott P (15 hours ago)
Not quite. It's like knowing that 1 out of the 10 parachutes will not deploy and hoping that you do not pick that one.
Karen Conteh (16 hours ago)
There is no reason to not get vaccine for the measles because there is no scientific evidence off people dying from getting the vaccine Quoted by my science teacher to know the name likes to 50👇🏽
Curry Boi (16 hours ago)
I saw the title of the video and went straight to the comments for the memes.
Paul Frumkin (16 hours ago)
There is no middle ground here. You're either for vaccination or not. You can't equivocate an email from your crazy grandma reading "fwd: fwd: fwd: vaccines cause autism proven!!!!!111!!!!" with 10-15 years of medical training. It's insulting to doctors and frustrating to people who work in the medical field and see people needlessly die. I honestly think that if someone has decision making privileges for someone like a child or elderly person with dementia, and they die or get seriously ill as a result of a refusal of the guardian, then the guardian should be charged with neglect or even manslaughter.
Heheiw Egajeiw (16 hours ago)
The anti vaxxers are making stuff up
RoboRabbit (16 hours ago)
Man: It happens once i- Lady: No, no. *its just like Trump*
Carleigh S (16 hours ago)
I am the second of 6 kids I had a severe allergic reaction to one of the vaccines my parents didn’t resort to calling all vaccines terrible they pinpointed the vaccine I was allergic to stopped giving me that one vaccine and moved on continuing on to vaccinate all my siblings. Just because a vaccine affects one person negatively doesn’t mean it will affect everyone negatively. Things happen educate yourself find the problem and fix it
Nadia Roumane (17 hours ago)
Yeah vaccines have side effects, but who in their right mind wouldn't choose them over the deadly diseases they're protecting us from????
E Sullivan (17 hours ago)
Fine, we’ll even admit that vaccinations don’t always work, but it’s worth a shot.
Master Chief (18 hours ago)
You people have brought back measles to America
8:50 well maybe not on subjects such as gay marriage or pineapple on pizza but when it comes to medical treatments? Yes, the ‘Dr’ in front of the paediatrician’s name does indeed make their opinion more valuable than your opinion, Melissa. The doctor does not need to know your child well to know that they are sick, or not sick. They do not need to know that their favourite tv show is paw patrol or that they hate ketchup. All the doctor needs is a medical degree, knowledge and awareness of your symptoms(and more i know but they certainly do not need to spend every waking moment caring for the child to get to know if it is sick or not.) . And if you describe the symptoms CLEARLY to the doctor, then perhaps would not misdiagnose your child 😁.
undrdog (18 hours ago)
Yes you all have had vaccines. You are all still here.
Celia Marie Gibbs (18 hours ago)
There is such thing as juvenile arthritis lady with bangs!!
why could i tell from the thumbnail which was pro vax and what one was anti vax?😂
Limelight Hailey (18 hours ago)
Just don’t give my kid polio
lily overpeck (19 hours ago)
it kinda pissed me off to see all of the non doctors acting like they know more then the ones phds. like people there have studied for years, they know more than ur Facebook research.
ya yeet_64 (19 hours ago)
Vaccines joined the chat Measles left the chat Anti-vaxxers joined the chat Measles joined the chat
da wae (19 hours ago)
are you kidding me they really brought bob sears
Scott P (19 hours ago)
What is wrong with that?
miriam ruth (19 hours ago)
Jubilee should be more careful with the panelists they select. For anyone trusting Dr. Bob Sears (maroon shirt and glasses) and his "credentials" as an "Anti-vax" or "informed consent advocate"; Dr. Sears contributed to the 2008 measles epidemic in 2008 San Deigo by "intentionally undervaccinating" patients. People like him who knowingly harm, are just as dangerous as the ignorant people who feel they have credibility because of their "research". Sugarman, DE (April 2010), "Measles outbreak in a highly vaccinated population, San Diego, 2008: role of the intentionally undervaccinated", Pediatrics, 125 (4): 747–55, doi:10.1542/peds.2009-1653, PMID 20308208 Perkes, Courtney (December 29, 2008), OC's Dr. Bob Sears discusses measle outbreak on NPR, Orange County Register, retrieved January 22, 2015
Scott P (19 hours ago)
That is the typical fear mongering common of the pro-vax side. California had a personal and religious exemption law that allowed people to opt out of vaccines. The state still has a medical exemption acceptability. Dr. Sears simply followed state laws by granting exemptions where it was fitting. He is not forced to give vaccines to people. That is an authoritarian government you are seeking. There was no measles epidemic. The number of cases of measles is cyclical and will have natural increases year to year. Under vaccinating likely contributes to it, but it certainly is not responsible for increases because we see measles in adults who have been previously vaccinated. Why? Because a vaccine does not create long lasting immunity to measles. Furthermore, nobody dies from measles in this country and severe side effects are even more rare than a side effect from a vaccine, so what are you so worried about?
Scott P (19 hours ago)
The CDC vaccine schedule has never been tested for safety. That is a fact. The vaccine insert states that severe vaccine reactions can happen. Current medicine cannot predict what person will have a vaccine reaction. Therefore, is it really fair to blame a parent for wanting to be cautious about giving a vaccine to their child whose neurological system is still developing?
TC1TheOrginal (19 hours ago)
I hate this we entertain stupidity
autumn the moth (20 hours ago)
“Well I’m worried that-“ *we’re worried that your child’s gonna get the Black Plague, Melissa.*
autumn the moth (18 hours ago)
Scott P true. I should have thought that joke out better
Scott P (19 hours ago)
There is no vaccine for the black plague, so that would not save you anyway.
Evan Markos (20 hours ago)
“Parents know there children best” Them diseases bout to know your child real good
Laurie 3 (20 hours ago)
Vanessa Leimbach (20 hours ago)
god when he created anti-vaxxers : god : how much dumbness and ignorance do you want? anti-vaxxers : yes
Book Butterfly (21 hours ago)
*Whooping cough, small pox, measles, polio have joined the chat*
Scott P (19 hours ago)
It's pretty weird for something that has been eradicated from the world (i.e. small pox) to join a chat.
cheese cracker (21 hours ago)
Why are people being so overdramatic over autism, like your kid isnt going to die sooner just because they cant interact really well with people, Seriously people, chill out.
Scott P (20 hours ago)
Are you justifying the risk of vaccine-induced autism?
Dahlen Olson (21 hours ago)
“Just because you don’t have a ‘D R’ in front of your name doesn’t make your opinion less valuable”... Yes it does, they are more educated on the subject.
Book Butterfly (21 hours ago)
No matter how civil these debates are, anti-vaxxers will never cease to trigger me. Edit: of course this only applies to people who are like “I read on Facebook that vaccines cause autism / other neurological illnesses” and when medical professional deny that claim they go “NO BUT-“
icecreamsandmich cherry (21 hours ago)
Kids who aren’t vaccinated should not be in schools with other children it’s much of a risk of passing so many things to other kids
IK Kharel (21 hours ago)
I don't choose to get my vaccination.
IK Kharel (21 hours ago)
I don't choose to get my vaccination.
IK Kharel (21 hours ago)
I don't choose to get my vaccination.
IK Kharel (21 hours ago)
I don't choose to get my vaccination.
IK Kharel (21 hours ago)
I don't choose to get my vaccination.
IK Kharel (21 hours ago)
I don't choose to get my vaccination.
Jorge Lemos (21 hours ago)
Me:**snezzes in a anti-vaxed kid** Also me: Mama, just killed a man
Cam Murr (21 hours ago)
OnE iN a MiLlIoN iS nOt A nUmBeR ?
Bry Isch (21 hours ago)
That story of the doctors daughter made me cry. Actually bawling.

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