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Pro-Vaccine vs Anti-Vaccine: Should Your Kids Get Vaccinated?

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We brought people together who both support and oppose vaccination to see if they can find middle ground. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEjubilee 👈 Featuring: Dr. David Epstein: @MVP_Pediatric (Twitter) Gary Shlifer: @drgaryevolve (IG) Dr. Bob Sears: facebook.com/Dr-Bob-Sears-116317855073374/ Melissa: facebook.com/immunityed/ Follow us on INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/jubileemedia/ Join our company! https://www.jubileemedia.com/careers Are you a loyal Jubilee fan? Join our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/407942859721012/ Want to be in a Jubilee video? Fill out our casting form: https://goo.gl/forms/EYJEIGgtGTOrb8GC2 | ABOUT | Jubilee exists to bridge people together and inspire love through compelling stories. We create shareable human-centric videos that create connection, challenge assumptions, and touch the soul. Ultimately, we aim to inspire people to LIVE DEEPER. | SOCIAL | Jubilee Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jubileemedia Jubilee Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jubileemedia/ Jubilee Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/jubileemedia Jubilee Website: https://www.jubileemedia.com Jubilee MERCH: https://www.jubileegear.com Help us caption & translate this video! https://amara.org/v/f5rE/ For brands interested in partnering with Jubilee, email us: [email protected]
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Text Comments (30038)
Seth Jackson (3 minutes ago)
i hope the woman understands that if her child has an issue with their immune system she is relying on herd immunity to keep them safe!!!
Leon Wagoner (19 minutes ago)
*preventable diseases have entered the chat*
Leon Wagoner (27 minutes ago)
Lmao imagine arguing against the professionals
KimmyL (39 minutes ago)
"The bridge is only 99 % safe so I will swim across these rapids instead." "I ate icecream and then I broke my leg. Icecream causes broken legs."
BeanBag343 (44 minutes ago)
Anti-Vaxers, let's go on a field trip through time! We will go back in time before vaccines and modern medicine, so I think you'll LOVE it! Our first stop: 14th century England! See that group of people forming a *ring around* that dying man? He has *the* black plague! His face is very *rosie* because he's having difficulty breathing due to contracting pneumonic plague! His *pockets* are *full of posies* to help rid him of the foul stench of death. Uh-oh, he just died. Now they're throwing him into a fire so he'll turn to *ashes* , lots of *ashes* , in order to prevent the disease from spreading further! Oops, because there's no modern medicine, those people have all contracted the plague, and now they are all dying, too. And there they go, *They all fall down!* Next stop: 19th century France! See those people dying in the street? Those people are suffering from measles, smallpox, rubella, and influenza! See, because there are no vaccines yet, people have no immunity to these diseases. And for the poor, which 97% of these people are, living in squalor is the only option. So they are exposed to one disease after another until they die a very slow and painful death! Just look at how happy their kids are! They're smiling because their mothers are finally at peace and no longer suffering. Such a shame, though, that they too will soon die since most children don't live to even turn 8! All because there are no vaccines! How wonderful! Now let's take a trip to 20th century America! It's 1914, and the US is entering World War I! But what those soldiers do not know, is that anyone who does not die on the battlefield will be bringing death to millions of people world wide; many of them children! Let's fast-forward to 1918 now! It is the month of October, and over 100,00 Americans are dying in just this one month alone due to an epidemic of the Spanish flu! You see, when the soldiers fought in WWI, the living conditions in trenches on the battlefield were very unsanitary. Anyone who does not get killed by bullet or a grenade will either die from the Spanish flu, or bring it back to their hometown and spread it all across the country! In fact, it is estimated that around 6% of the global population was killed simply by this disease! In fact, more people died of the Spanish flu than they did in battle! Isn't that wonderful? Just look at those little girls in their pretty pink dresses, lying in bed, and coughing up blood! Aren't they adorable? Why don't we go visit the 1940s now? Look at all these people wearing braces on their legs, using crutches to walk, and dying of paralysis! Isn't it lovely? This is the world before the Polio vaccine was invented! Many men, women, and children were either permanently handicapped, or died as a result of contracting this highly contagious disease! Oh, that little boy's coffin is so pretty! You see? The world was such a nicer, safer, and healthier place before vaccines were invented! Who cares if that kid in your daughter's preschool has an auto-immune disorder and cannot be vaccinated? He'll contract pertussis or measles or chicken pox naturally. And if he dies, then it is simply the circle of life! No vaccines required! And what about this false news that measles is making a comeback? That's just the media trying to scare us! Measles aren't real, it's just a made up story our parents used to scare us into thinking we had to be vaccinated! Ah, we've had a wonderful trip today. I hope you enjoyed your time with us . . . Oh you're all dead.
Eυδοκία (1 hour ago)
If we all had the same opinion as anti-vaccine people ,most of us would die and this is worst than having,maybe, arthritis from getting vaccines. So do it to protect yourself and then the others that can’t get them bc they don’t benefit from them (and they shouldn’t of course ).
Kushie54321 (1 hour ago)
Why do they make them stand up and walk to seats with every question? I found the format to be annoying
Eυδοκία (1 hour ago)
David is so opinionated about everything.I really admire him!
marcus peavy (1 hour ago)
The main fallacy with this video is that they present the uninformed in an equal platform...
Veigo (2 hours ago)
Anti-vaccine people sound gay
Brian (3 hours ago)
lol I could tell from the thumbnail which one was anti-vax.
Bella Fisk (4 hours ago)
I love the anti Vaxers just immediately shutting the pro vaxers downs. Like their not even thinking about the other opinion. It looks like to them they are set in stone right. Frustrating.
Madrid boo (4 hours ago)
I'm incredibly surprised by the amount of people who commented are pro–vaccine (and some being blatantly disrespectful) of those who choose to opt out. I thought there would be more people who supported the anti–vaccine. Just an observation.
lmao okay (5 hours ago)
"wahhh i'm putting everyone in danger and bringing back deadly diseases that haven't been seen in decades why does everyone hate me :(((((" is basically what they're saying (in simple terms)
Isaiah Shelton (5 hours ago)
it makes sense. im pro-vac btw
Isaiah Shelton (5 hours ago)
im baked
Isaiah Shelton (5 hours ago)
bruh it is 1 in 1,000,000 cause, mfker there is 7 billion people in the world
Crawdad (5 hours ago)
If everyone thinks you are irrational, then you may be irrational..
julianna banfe (5 hours ago)
kat von d has entered the chat
MargaritaMolly (5 hours ago)
I had a vaccine injury too. The reward outweighs the risk regardless.
Camila MS (5 hours ago)
I have a question. First of all, How dare you?!
Naika Aliyah (5 hours ago)
how is this a debate?
Gage (6 hours ago)
Black Plague: "Am I a joke to you?"
Michael Johnson (6 hours ago)
When the Physicians in the video went to school longer than the antivax kids live
Michael Johnson (6 hours ago)
Next up: Random antivax housewives pretend to be smarter than doctors
Adam (6 hours ago)
No vaxx no education period! These people are example of how dangerous mind can affect people.
Adam (6 hours ago)
Until your kids infected with measles then how eff up things going to be. Man I wish people are more educated.
LillacStudios (6 hours ago)
Good lord, someone invent an invisible time machine so anti-vaxxers can understand that it's far worse for everyone to not vaccinate. Sure people who have reactions can just stop vaccinating, but doesn't mean people who don't have reactions and who are just paranoid shouldn't vaccinate.
1woo (6 hours ago)
I don't agree with the idea that "because there are side effects we shouldn't give out vaccines". Yes, there are side effects, but with so many other medications AND herbal remedies, you can't discount the benefit as a whole. That lady pisses me off.
MalloryDoesMusic ? (6 hours ago)
thank you mom... that you so much for not being one of these anti-vax wankers
Lool XD (6 hours ago)
| EPIC DIY Tutorial! | How to Resurrect Your Child Using Essential Oils + Rosemary and Chives|
Lool XD (6 hours ago)
2:53 Melissa in the background lookin like she gonna be in the Get Out sequel
Lool XD (6 hours ago)
all i know is, all the essential oils and lack of vaccines can't damn come close to solving the mystery that is the pure size and wacky definition of the melissa girl's cheekbones
Sam Quattrociocchi (6 hours ago)
"Just because you don't have a D-R in front of your name, that doesn't make your opinion any less valuable." It literally does, though.
Julia Haddad (6 hours ago)
I feel like this needs to be said. People should be pro vaccine even if there kid is not vaccinated. HEAR ME OUT most of the stereotypes around anti vacation is that there just ignorant or just want to go against society or whatever but smart (like the people on the show) people don't vaccinate their kinds because (or at least it's what I understood) of the rare side affects that have happened to their kids, I feel like everyone should understand that vaccines are *extremely* important but that they also have terrible side affects. So instead of immediately saying vaccines are bad or just going in blind you should test your kid for these side affects to avoid either the risk of getting the diseases the vaccines are trying to prevent or to prevent having bad side affects that could harm the child. But that's just my opinion and I'm no doctor or parent.
Zackary Bullard (6 hours ago)
I think identifying people specifically as "pro-vaccine" just to counter anti-vaxxers is a bit much. Maybe "rational people" vs anti-vaxxers would do it.
Tsuki Shiro (7 hours ago)
demonitized! lol
Emily (7 hours ago)
Kinda shocked Kat Von D isn’t in this.
Töbry (7 hours ago)
I feel like not vaccinating your kids is just like a free trial of parent hood.
iver (7 hours ago)
Who would you trust? The designer who gets her facts from the internet or the doctors who have studied for years to become experts in their fields
Töbry (7 hours ago)
8:50 they earned the dr by going to medical school for years, whilst mothers, on the other hand got nutted in. No disrespect to mothers or anything I just feel like doctors know what they’re saying for the most part.
Is402831 (7 hours ago)
so much missing from this "conversation"
ThFewThProudThLEGIT (7 hours ago)
2:30 when you realize there’s an essential part of the argument you haven’t thought about.
avril abarquez (7 hours ago)
melissa and marissa woO
Asiah Butler (8 hours ago)
“Just because I don’t have a ‘Dr.’ infront of my name doesn’t make my opinion less valid” okay.. why do we make people go to school for years upon years before we can trust their opinion? I’m sure you’re googling session makes your medical opinion equal to that of a doctor 😂😂
Dongus Jongus (8 hours ago)
we only get diseases because of 3rd world immigrants, VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM
Kottonkandy09 (8 hours ago)
Anti-vaccine? More like pro-getting-your-child-and-/-or-other-people-killed, am I right lads?
TheSwiftOofer - (8 hours ago)
These anti-vaxs have there tinfoil hats stuck all the up their ass, lmao.
li d (8 hours ago)
Fuckwit yank anti vaccination nutters need to see a film of someone suffering from Tetanus.
good boi dean (8 hours ago)
Drs. Don’t always have the time to spend 30+ minutes with you discussing your child. That is was phone triage are for ect. Drs. Spend decades in residency and they know health better than you, and also endless studies supporting their recommendations. These women need to be more realistic of what they are asking their health providers.
Ria (8 hours ago)
Gaby A (9 hours ago)
It isn't just the way you think which is bringing upon this hostility, it's your actions and the effect that your actions will have on the population around you.
Nathan Biller (9 hours ago)
4:01 This isn’t about hurting anti-vaxxers feelings. Countless airborne viruses are protected against due to vaccines. If you catch one of these sicknesses, yes, you create the risk of passing it on to others in your general vicinity. And yes, people with vaccines may catch other sicknesses/diseases. They are still far more protected from sickness in general than those without
Gaby A (9 hours ago)
A doctor's opinion DOES matter more than a non-doctor's opinion (in regards to health). That "D-R" in front of their name means something. It isn't just there for decoration..
Cherrioke (9 hours ago)
I can understand why the anti-vaxxers are against vaccinations to a certain extent. However, research and statistics do indicate that vaccinations are more helpful than not. Otherwise, children would not be required to have certain vaccinations to be in school. The children that have experienced poor reactions to the vaccinations are in the minority; so if you choose not to vaccinate them going forward because of valid health risks it poses to them, I can understand that. But it’s not necessary to spread the message to the majority that vaccinations as a whole are harmful... so I commend YouTube for demonitizing the anti-vaxxer platform.
Cherrioke (9 hours ago)
In addition, I do acknowledge the children and adults that have been affected adversely by certain vaccinations and I have compassion for them, because that’s terrible. But perhaps promote more research and make people aware and be transparent , but don’t need to detract from the idea children are better off having vaccinations... because they truly are better off for getting them, in my opinion.
Caroline (9 hours ago)
bangs girl needs to understand that she isn’t the only “victim” and there is immense compassion on the side of pro-vaccination.
Kimmy Dora (9 hours ago)
These people are very lucky vaccines are easily accessible to thier country and the fact that these people are professionals they already know. Here in the philippines 11,000 measles cases and over 189 deaths are happening right now. Me and my brother contracted it but lucky for us we were vaccinated and it didn’t got worse. (Sorry, english is not my 1st language)
Lea-Renee Iddles (9 hours ago)
Correlation does not mean causation.
li d (8 hours ago)
Increased ice cream sales cause shark attacks on beach goers!
Tim Hawley (9 hours ago)
I've never had a vaccine since I was five and I'm doing just fine. I understand they're effective to an extent, but I don't think they're necessary when a disease like mumps, for example, has been eliminated from the United States. It's only been returning since the new mumps vaccine has been introduced.
Maelstrom (9 hours ago)
Lmao she said her opinion as a mom on medical treatment is equal to a doctor who spent 10+ years of their life training to make these medical decisions
Annalise Audrey (9 hours ago)
Wait they had a Marissa, Marisa and Melissa ??? bro wut
Tyler M. (9 hours ago)
Informed doctors and an ICU doc vs. google search warriors
keegs63 (10 hours ago)
this should not even be a debate...
No papa Jones (10 hours ago)
I’m an anti vax kid🤷🏾‍♀️
Hailey Is Happy (10 hours ago)
How tf are you supposed to be anti-vaccine first of all it saves lives like I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want your kids to get polio measles chicken pox tetanus cancer causing stds and much more, plus in many places you cannot attend school or jobs if you are not vaccinated. So if you all want your children to be severely sick and possibly spread them to others go for it, but I won’t be sorry for you.
LightningGrace (10 hours ago)
that woman who said she developed arthritis, how do you think she felt when the dude brought up the fact that his little girl had it and listening to the doctor helped? it just blew away half her point by using a little side story
Aurea Gallardo (10 hours ago)
These doctors are so patient and ironically less condescending than these people with ZERO training.
Madison Brown (11 hours ago)
Oof. When the doctor was sharing his daughter's story, all were in submissive listening position...except for Mellisa mom bangs...she looked very...off. Very imposing position. Wrong attitude.
(11 hours ago)
Marisa is the Know it all that Doesn't really know anything
Never Give up (11 hours ago)
Sorry but the way you get parents not trusting the doctors is when their child gets a vaccine and then starts acting different or becomes withdrawn or even sick for a prolonged time and the parent tells the doctor and the doctor shrugs it off. That's how you get parents not trusting dorctors.
Jake Sakre (11 hours ago)
Parents don’t vaccinate their kids because they remember how much it hurt them when they were little so they would rather have them pass away then have their arm hurt
ha hahah (11 hours ago)
"I might not be able to send my child to school because of the way....I...think..." OK lady. Answered all my questions with that statement
The Tea Sis (11 hours ago)
*TikTok has entered the chat*
Greg Chipelski (11 hours ago)
That Melissa girl is exactly what I imagine anti-vaxxers to look like
TheTribalButterfly (11 hours ago)
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do one with Flat Earth people!!! That would be equally hilarious!!!
sam canizales (11 hours ago)
Bangs lady: "the vax community is hostile" Bangs lady: *personally attacks and blames everything on pro-vaxxers *
Amy Edwards (11 hours ago)
before i clicked on the video i already knew the lady with the bangs was gonna be anti-vax
NinjaPrincessGaming (12 hours ago)
I understand both sides of this argument but I think that personally I am against vaccinations. I don't hate or disagree with the other opinion but I think there are definitely two different ways of thinking.
Oumeima M (12 hours ago)
Oh god i love seeing people who majored in social studies disgard hundreds of years of research after reading a book or two
Jeyfeather 1234 (12 hours ago)
Vaccines are for the weak. Tea is the cure for everything.
Turtle With Tophat (12 hours ago)
*Mother Knows Best starts to play*
Khairi Kennedy (12 hours ago)
1:54 No doctor would ever say that Arthritis sometimes doesnt come from age Rheumatoid arthritis isnt from age I developed arthritis when I was 10 No doctor would ever say that dont lie Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk
William Pirker (12 hours ago)
Doctor: the side affects are one in a million Desighner: No, no that's not true
Coby Babbitt (12 hours ago)
i didnt vaccinate any of my kids and the one that lived turned out fine
rainbowgirl678 (12 hours ago)
How is this even a debate? Should I or should I not neglect my child's health? I mean come on!
Caroline Meyer (12 hours ago)
honestly as much as i try to be open towards all different opinions. everybody should be free to voice their own opinion and follow that. but the vaccine- issue is no longer about opinions. it‘s a freaking question of health of our whole community. how do people not get this?
Chelsea Errea (12 hours ago)
You don't want vaccinant kids, but you want to send them to school where there are thousands of germs!!! The law preventing your unvaccinated children to go to school, not only protects the other children, it is protecting your unvaccinated child as well Marisa! Just saying you might want to design a homeschool.
Zoe Kernohan (12 hours ago)
This is an argument that is based on false research, hippy or holistic health views and uneducated people.
Chris Somma (12 hours ago)
Anyone else concerned that the pediatrician is ant-vax
Buff Clash (12 hours ago)
There's something called docters antivaxxers don't just research all your information.
Join The Progress (12 hours ago)
Wow...comment section loaded with employees in the Sick Care industry and pharmaceutical reps, lol.
Miya Clay (13 hours ago)
the anti vax mom is completely misunderstanding pro vaxers. NO ONE is telling her to give her child vaccines if it will harm her child. people want kids to get vaccines that WILL NOT be harmed to protect children like hers. she is completely missing that point and no one pointed it out.
Doggosaurus Rex (13 hours ago)
The anti-vax jokes never get old... like the children of the anti-vaxxers
Mogami Kyoko (13 hours ago)
I don't think people are against the concept of vaccine but more like the formula and the way they're given to kids. Like in my country you give newborns a shot of 15+ different vaccines at once filled with dangerous components. They be testing stuff on us, we feel like big pharma aren't being honest even with doctors and other medical professions about what's really in it. It think it's valid to want to be fully convinced & have proper answers instead of accepting blindly what they give us. I wish the old safer vaccines formula were back.
Bea Rose (13 hours ago)
Oh this is ridiculous
Carrie Poppy (13 hours ago)
This is great. I am 100% pro-vaxx, and I think my side can do a better job of listening honestly and speaking to real concerns. The risk-benefit analysis still comes out in favor of vaccines, but that doesn't mean these concerns aren't genuine and valid. Thank you for making this.
Ayesha Aamir (13 hours ago)
Wait.. how’s bob a doctor n anti-vaccine? Maybe I’m wrong
TheStyleOfTheTimes (13 hours ago)
How you gonna sit there and disagree with a doctor like that. Anti vaxxers are literally putting their children in danger I don't understand how they don't see that
Dongus Jongus (13 hours ago)
Kasandra Castaneda (13 hours ago)
Melissa is honestly the most ignorant one.

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