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Unboxing... Yet Another Omega Dynamic! What Makes Omega the Best Watch Brand?

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Welcome to another Episode of Clock Stock & Barrel, where we offer a consumer's opinion on everything watch related. Today we discuss... NOTHING! Just unbox therapy. - Clock Stock & Barrel
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Davey Marana (3 months ago)
Have you already sold it?
Matthew Davis (4 months ago)
Bulova tuning fork Accutrons are very cool. I have a couple of them. Would have been great if during your wrist check we could have heard the high pitched hum of the tuning fork. They are not, however, quartz movements. Modern day Bulova Precisionist/Accutron II high frequency quartz movements sweep at an amazing 6 beats per second! And I just bought a first generation Dynamic. I can't wait to receive it! Your video was a lot of fun to watch, and your lovely personality really shines in this format.
spookyspoots (1 year ago)
2 Dynamics, that's awesome lol. It's always refreshing to see non-speedy Omega videos.
Nick Reitzel (1 year ago)
What do you value the non-chronograph Dynamic at? Also, what is the service cost on the Dynamic?
Jason Webster (1 year ago)
Omega build watches that are little more contemporary than Rolex, yet still adhere to a clean aesthetic that emphasises practicality and legability. There has never been an Omega watch built that couldn’t allow a person to tell the time through a quick glance at the watch face.
Tom bryan (1 year ago)
i looked up bull ova, nothing. there is a watch company called bulova though. not bull ova
Tough Solar (1 year ago)
It does look really nice on the bracelet. I am a fan. Glad to see you not wearing the Journey shirt--no diss on Journey in any way though. Haha! --Michael
Tough Solar (1 year ago)
Clock Stock & Barrel Oh I love Journey. Just giving you a hard time. --Michael

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