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Man Stands His Ground Against A Thug On The Subway! "I'm Gonna F*ck You"

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Man Stands His Ground Against A Thug On The Subway! "I'm Gonna F*ck You" facebook/liveinthehood instagram/liveinthehood twitter/liveindahood1
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Text Comments (72)
Calvin25X (9 days ago)
People need to get to work or home in peace and there's always these sons of bitches causing trouble.
andrewf0784 (13 days ago)
This is a person who needs to be locked away in a padded room.
Zaywitdakicks 4 (23 days ago)
Yo pause 😭😭 and the lady on the train mad annoying stfu mind ya business before u get killed on the train
donmorris (1 month ago)
Mental illness is real
D R (1 month ago)
You ain’t fuckin nobody
esketit (1 month ago)
"you look good, 'i'll fuck you right now nigga" What a threat
CoolBoyClick (1 month ago)
Are you proud of that 🤦🏿‍♂️🤣🤣🤣
Deutschrap Alben (1 month ago)
I wanna meet a wannabe thug too :c wanna beat sum ass
P chamberlain (1 month ago)
CNN headline.... "white racist threatens black man on subway." pull that shit in Texas you goof and you'll get thrown off public transportation missing your teeth.
Zombie 187 (1 month ago)
Danny Eric Benavidez (2 months ago)
Around 2min mark That's how you shut Any Loud Mouth gettho thug punk crackhead trashy ass Up with out lifting a finger. Sit Your Crackhead Ass down nigga No One cares who you say you killed and Fucked...human feces with eyes shut your ass up.
Dave C. (2 months ago)
He dindu nuffin'
CheZstuff8024634 (2 months ago)
Damn that was the most awkward shit when he said you look good tf
LEgiON0022 (3 months ago)
Clearly a case of toxic masculinity if I'm to believe the latest Gillette commercial. The bald man shouldn't have raised his voice and shouldn't have put his bag down ready to get physical. He clearly should have been passive and show no aggression whatsoever.
Tory Wyatt (1 month ago)
God, fucking un-cultured swines here guys 🤦🏼‍♂️
CheZstuff8024634 (2 months ago)
Guys it was a joke
Savage Cabbage (2 months ago)
Watch the Gillette commercial idiots. Jfc...
Draeios Kronos (3 months ago)
What a fucking retard why wouldnt you get ready when someone is an inch away from your face.
CX VI (3 months ago)
In a situation like that you have to show that you are willing to get physical. If you don't show any aggression in a situation like this, if you act "passive", then that's just going to prompt the other guy to beat the shit out of you, because to him that's gonna be a sign of weakness.
jv (3 months ago)
lol this was so funny
ben08820 (3 months ago)
Too many dindu nuffin in new york
markrod420 (3 months ago)
just like us
Inked Skin Deep (4 months ago)
Admits to spending 25 years in prison, uses sex as a threat & then admits to being gay? He was someones special baby dumplin in the can.
silvrx19 81 (4 months ago)
Im not a big man nor somebody trying to gangster. But if I was in that guys place I would punch him square in the nose so soon as he tried to get close to me like that because he was an immediate treat.
Steven Graham (3 months ago)
silvrx19 81 silvrx19 81: Not for nothing I think your initial observation was spot on. Although it ended well and I totally admire and respect the way the gentleman being harassed handled the situation, there were too many instances where things could have gone wrong. Disturbed and intoxicated individuals are totally unpredictable and should not be allowed to get within striking range. At a safer range you can attempt to safely control the situation without placing yourself in harms way. If I felt the individual was not a true threat, I would attempt to move or if unable to, push him away and instruct him to keep his distance. If he continued to invade my space with threatening remarks and gestures, a short, sharp punch to the gut can drop a person, especially if inebriated, without causing them severe damage. There are options if you sense the threat’s not severe but things can go very wrong in an instant, even when facing someone you view as physically impaired. The man being harassed was clearly unafraid and probably highly capable of hurting the other guy. He exhibited great control and tolerance but I feel he made an error in controlling space and distance and it could have cost him. That’s why I agree more with your initial reply. Just glad this one didn’t end violently. Be safe. Peace.
silvrx19 81 (4 months ago)
* threat. After watching the video till the end I noticed the guy just wasted beyond comprehesion and needed help.
Alessio4231 (4 months ago)
Disgusting worthless piece of gutter trash
TheBull916 (4 months ago)
Typical thug
Josh Dunn (5 months ago)
Silly negro. All talk. Talk talk talk. Always
CLOOSY (1 day ago)
aye man just watch the video n move on no need to say extra shit
WolvoExPunk1 (5 months ago)
The crackheads sweatpants look like they are about to fall down.
jon kidd (5 months ago)
Its trying so hard to scare him
John Stephanos (6 months ago)
Standing up for himself against a bump that can barely stand, yeah right
Dark Side83 (6 months ago)
Typical troublemaker
Katahra Ford (6 months ago)
J.R. Vasquez (7 months ago)
Here is the simple answer to these particular problems. EVERYONE stands together and says SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN OR GET OUT! That's all it takes.
sean west (7 months ago)
😂 😂😂lol😂😂😂😂
resistance (7 months ago)
The only good white guy I've seen in a long time.
Jesus Christ (3 months ago)
One of the many shitty black people I see all the time.
Inked Skin Deep (4 months ago)
Boooooo! You stink!
The 4th (4 months ago)
resistance you’re a dumbass, you’re one of these stupid ass people who play the race card I bet.
(5 months ago)
Lol your a dipshit
resistance (6 months ago)
+carrot top get lost. I dont want anything from anyone asshole.you are a white person who thinks other people get from you. No. The white race had stolen from the world. Read your history.
Keenstone (7 months ago)
"Everybody knows you're gangster now, so why don't sit the f#ck down and shut the f#ck up?" GOLD!
Tyler Horton (7 months ago)
what Train is That
John Guertin (8 months ago)
why dont they show this on the national news????
514BMXJay (27 days ago)
Cause "crazy nigga/hero white man" doesn't sell right now
8534964 (1 month ago)
Can't go against narrative they have been pushing for so long.
Prime Soundz (2 months ago)
John Guertin because the guy is white 🙄
Joe McKee (8 months ago)
did this dude really just say “I don’t give a f*ck about cops, I did 25 to life for killin my moms and pops” 🤔 wtf is wrong with people?!?!?!
arealmench (9 months ago)
I love the stern and fearless attitude of the white dude. Probably a marine with skills in martial arts.
Oliver Cromwell (9 months ago)
The crackhead looked away or lost his balance so many times. I guess their guy knew he didn’t have to strike him.
Erika (10 months ago)
Guy is such a lost cause. Needs therapy and to get off the drugs.
Frank King (1 month ago)
+Logwarrior Forever Sick fuck
Logwarrior Forever (1 month ago)
He needs to be taken out and shot.
Mr. Peanutbutter (10 months ago)
That bitch yapping in the background. Defending the "gangsta nigga." She must be in BLM
Tyler Craig (10 months ago)
“Good! Everybody knows you’re gangster now, so why don’t sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up!” Hahahaha that shit had my dying 😂
7Earthsky (10 months ago)
I would not have let that feral crack head within arms reach of me....If he would have attempted to he would have a knee to his balls and a concussion to match his sore plums.
Amaze (2 months ago)
archisaurus (10 months ago)
There are so many low life assholes on the nyc subway it’s unbelievable
Simon Ginks (11 months ago)
Why are people so terrified of this dude, just cos he tries to act like a gangster? They should have all just joined together and bashed the fuck out of him, teach him some fucking manners
Dt Nigga (1 year ago)
1:57 someone’s phone pw
kyle (1 year ago)

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