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Aliko Dangote: Africa's richest man | Talk to Al Jazeera

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The continent's wealthiest businessman talks about job creation, success and the opportunities Africa provides. - Subscribe to our channel http://bit.ly/AJSubscribe - Follow us on Twitterhttps://twitter.com/AJEnglish - Find us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/aljazeera Check out our website:http://www.aljazeera.com/
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Abongile Bitsha (1 day ago)
You will know he's rich when he pronounces money in dollars😏
Tay Dlomo (1 day ago)
Horrible interviewer 👎👎👎, I respect this man's work ethic and I'm motivated by what he was able to build for himself and his fellow country men.
mykaelprince Banks (9 days ago)
Very well spoken , excellent interview , Félicitations à lui et son succès
David Johnson (17 days ago)
She is a very good interviewer and gorgeous
Aaron Daniel (18 days ago)
She is trying to get this man to slip up so bad
FileThis Information (19 days ago)
She would not be a successful journalist in the United States. He questions are inappropriate.
Echetabu Emeka (21 days ago)
I want to hang out with Aliko Dangote!!! GOD BLESS DANGOTE.
rich kemp (22 days ago)
This chick needs lessons in good journalism. She constantly interups him. She is a victim of Insitutionalized Slavery Conditioning, disrespecting her own. She would never carry on like this if she was interviewing a European Billionair. She is to be pitied!
Ebenezer Ohunyon (26 days ago)
The humble talks aside...Dangote is very good with his numbers...he has all the figures and projections right at his finger tips... I am pretty sure he audits all his companies himself.
Goodluck Iworima (27 days ago)
today i learnt a lot listening to Alinko Dangote his a very great man i really love the interview he had with ajazeral, one day i will love to give more to humanity just as his doing, there is no legacy greater than the one u gave to humanity for a better future i pray i do more as his doing now in the future,his a great inspiration to the black
Goodluck Iworima (27 days ago)
wow i really enjoyed Alinko dangote speech i pray God to bless him and continue to make him rich and wealthy in Jesus name i pray Amen
Fanny Clavert (28 days ago)
Yeah girl let these stupid people know,the richest black man in the world is African and is a Nigerian citizen 😁
Brilliant man !
We don't keep our money in the bank, we invest it. Thanks for the lesson
Bongani David Baloyi (1 month ago)
Good Questioning Skills
king Swebe (1 month ago)
The king of africa. God blesed you aliko dangote
Gloria (1 month ago)
Pls, don't forget that he is the only man in Nigeria that was allowed to do business for almost 200 million people because he is a Fulani man. Why won't he be the richest man in the world? Stop fooling us Ok.
Solange Bee (1 month ago)
So humble may God continue to bless you
Ahmad Malam (1 month ago)
Keep being amazing, Aliko Dangote.
Yussuf R Nyeupe (1 month ago)
Must be like the richest Swahaba Abdul-Rahmaan bin Auf
Yussuf R Nyeupe (1 month ago)
About religion, he failed to express and he will be counted for it, Every Muslim must participate fully in the development of religion in all aspects
Carmen Fox (1 month ago)
Aliko dangotel, I would like to see dangote take over the building infrastructures and build the continent of Africa. Get rid of the Chinese. Show the world that Africa and African can do it. The Chinese are decivers. These people are there, not only to exploit our resources, but there next aim is to poison out people in food and medications, but our people are blind to see. They can't stand us ,pretty soon, they will be the next colonizers of Africa. Most of our leaders are dumb. They have no vision for their countries and their people. May aliko Dangote continue to build Africa.
aminata kunda (1 month ago)
Aljazeera please train this young lady to not cut people off when they speak sooo unprofessional!!
Philip Ninson (1 month ago)
Wooow what a humble successful business man. You are my role model. May God increase your age. Amen
African Defender (1 month ago)
Lot of confusion and the stories never fly straight the internet and main stream media YouTubers and YouTubers with their own channels with all these money makers Africa should be on top yrs ago,too much confusion,the world should be on point with all these university educated men and women every thing should run smoothly remember the universal education means they should know how to fix all problems.
Moses Mulamba (1 month ago)
this areal focused african business mogul
Wow what a great job u have done but I need ur help please contact me 8731943559
MaRcuS VeGaS TmP (2 months ago)
Aliko is actually the most humble and honest billionaire. I love his lifestyle. God bless me like him
Evans Daniel Arap Rotich (2 months ago)
Thats a genius right there.
Anderson Pyaban (2 months ago)
motivated, and annoyed by the bs qsnts of close ties to gvt,political advantage.... yeah you get all these when you invest millions of dollars which was not easy to build
BOOM 2030 (2 months ago)
Put some respect on that man's name buuuur🐤
Nature Boy (2 months ago)
I like the fact that today's Africans are beginning to think collectively. Is beginning to look like the African century.
chrispine ogode (2 months ago)
This lady doing the interview just can't let the man talk
SuperKwame1 (2 months ago)
A lesson to the red necks who believe stolen the the Africans justified their intelligence from Africans,they have higher intelligence than blacks, well how do they match their intelligence with this D. group!
Ebuka Enoka (2 months ago)
She’s a terrible interviewer.
B Q (2 months ago)
Chol Akuany (2 months ago)
Good and rich humans like him will never get involve such a stupid scheme! Only heartless idiots do. Al Shabab, do your hear me?...only idiots harm the innocent humans. Just be a man and wage a war on Sahara Desert...can you do it? He is clean...all clear!
Chol Akuany (2 months ago)
Boko Haram, the loose idiots outlaw who kidnapped children?
Chol Akuany (2 months ago)
There is nothing wrong about working hard and being rich as long long as you treat your employees right. USA slave owners have done that and no one is questionining their riches. Bravo rich man....
Chol Akuany (2 months ago)
Corruption does not stop business....even innocent good businessman are involved somewhere in my homeland, Africa.
Chol Akuany (2 months ago)
To me, being wealthy is not the problem. A company built on Humility like Kodoo in Canada is likely to grow. Humility, neighbourly kindness and global network may help...after all, our World is now globalized. This is 21st century that requires human respect. Our women must be our number care.
Tracy Knox (3 months ago)
He is a smart man.
Concepta Felix (3 months ago)
Inspiring! May the lord bless Africa with 10 people of your like,
fomukom sam (3 months ago)
Let the king speak, interviewer kept interrupting him. have some respect
abdikheir osman (3 months ago)
In contrast to this humble & ethical guy, most Nigerians are known to be fraudsters, corrupt & arrogant. I wonder who’s their role model.
Terrence Mashonga (3 months ago)
Great interview. Mr Dangote is a model businessman in Africa. His principles of doing business are exemplary.
Bongani Mhlabi (3 months ago)
ooh gosh this lady, ive watched the AKON interview now this with Mr Dangote, im really disturbed by her style and way of interviewing, im really sure there are ways to do it much better with a little more respect and a good attitude of one whose willing to learn from the billionaire than her to teach the man, GOSH !!!!
mohammed ismail (3 months ago)
Mr. Ali I would to invest in Somaliland and see that golden opportunity and have all materials needed for cement factory to run and Ethiopia nearby too.Also salt industry another opportunity avail .
Ray Songambele (3 months ago)
Allah bless you,for establishing many Factories in Africa,including my Country!!
julius johnson (3 months ago)
I wish i can find a way where i can buy his products online. I think us african americans in america can do our part to uplift africa.
Ray of Lyte (20 days ago)
julius johnson I wish more African Americans and blacks in the diaspora can invest more in Africa instead of foreigners that don't have our best interests at heart.
Wesley Chenoweth (3 months ago)
Wesley Chenoweth (3 months ago)
"Corruption Doesn't Stop Business"
Wesley Chenoweth (3 months ago)
"We don't keep any money in the bank, we fully invest"
Punisher Lee (3 months ago)
How to Know a Nigerian: Repeats "I mean" and "you know" 😂
Ray of Lyte (20 days ago)
Punisher Lee idiot how much did you make from that statement?
BLKCOBRA/NINJA 5 (3 months ago)
Peace Seeker (3 months ago)
Excellent questions asked by the interviewer, and impressive and informative responses by Mr. Dangote.
Evans Tshikane (3 months ago)
He is so kind and simple i like him
Adedotun Adesanya (3 months ago)
Great interview, I look forward to seeing other African leaders raising up our continent.
Uzoma Olumba, GRI (3 months ago)
He spoke like the wise man he is. side note: that interviewer was the worst i've ever seem. I should never allow him to fully complete his thought and was way too informal
adam hasan (3 months ago)
Spot on and he doesn’t keep his money in the bank like other Nigerians as he doesn’t want interest to be paid to him as Allah has forbidden interest and made commerce halal. The first thing Jesus peace be on him done when he came to power was to get rid of the bankers and interest. The reason why the housa Tribe is so envied and admired compared to euroba ebu for there intelligence education and manors communication. It’s because the housa are Muslim it’s simple as that. He is very close to Allah and his religion he is being intelligent with his answers in regards to religion saying it’s private.
Mikail Atolagbe (3 months ago)
Well, that's a side of Aliko. My office was opposite his marble house on VI and I used to see him drive -with his friend- to attend Jummaa service at Eko Hotel in the 90s. He should learn to live Islam the more and get married too. He should also live his word that no man can gain everything. I thank him for bluntly telling Folly Bah (AlJazeera) that corruption has no birth place, Europe, US, Asia are all harboring corrupt persons and promoting corruption in Africa.
Jose Luis Teixeira (3 months ago)
Great Interview Sir Aliko Dangote. But the lady interviewing needs to work on her manners in terms of not interrupting when someone is talking
Innocent Magaji (3 months ago)
As a Nigerian, I'm very proud of Dangote and his achievement around Africa.
B M (3 months ago)
Folly Bah Thibault - the best Africa has to offer ♥♥♥♥
Yah Yisrael (3 months ago)
I don’t know what this man wants to say. Does he want to tell us that he is the only allowed by people in power to be the only cement manufacturer and the only rice importer with other essential commodities. Will he tell us that he was given a special exchange rate? Alike Dangote is not rich but holding money that belongs to other Nigerians. Rubbish.
Jolly- Ogoma Ihekwoaba (3 months ago)
He is not afraid to take up big tasks.
Tonny Culvin (3 months ago)
I would love to read his 📖 if at all he's authored one. Long live RICHEST BLACK MAN,we r proud of!!
Jibola Jimson (4 months ago)
There was no sugar in Nigeria? how about Bacita sugar,what happened?
King Razak Usher (4 months ago)
This guy is only the richest man in Africa on Forbes but when it come to having money in Africa this dude will not be even closer to top 100 and we all know that
Ray of Lyte (20 days ago)
King Razak Usher really? You know this because?
Okolie Newman (4 months ago)
The man is a legend
phil phil (4 months ago)
The idiot silly Chinese was helping economically and technically to the ungrateful African .they will betray the Chinese with no doubt. Black mean savage like all the wild animals in africa. It was concrete of.the reality.
Anita Arroyo (12 days ago)
I would be grateful if you would educate yourself.
do es (4 months ago)
Nice interview
YouTube Administrator (4 months ago)
Meanwhile in the rest of Africa......
Winnie Osika (4 months ago)
Very well conducted interview,,kudos to the journalist
Hell Hound (5 months ago)
That lady is intimidated by him and envious
William Mucheru (5 months ago)
Respect to Aliko Dangote. He knows his stuff
Chima Chinda (5 months ago)
Dangote is one of the few Nigerian businessmen whom I respect and somewhat trust unlike the political charlatans in our country. On another note: The reporter is absolutely gorgeous.
jj (5 months ago)
I wonder how long before those evil people from Europe kill him
iceplay18 (5 months ago)
aliko pls give me a job , any job
Best 37 (5 months ago)
Woow what a man he is i admire him
Sen484 (5 months ago)
It's a shame how when an African does something great, people can only seem to use the opportunity to slate white people in some form or another. Most of us are happy for them too y'know? Don't lump us all in the same basket, racists.
shops trends (5 months ago)
wow the best interview everr!!!Dangote is so humble woow!!!!chaiiii.God bless his soul
069694487 (5 months ago)
This interviewer clearly has a bias against Nigerians
Kudakwashe Hamandishe (5 months ago)
"FInancing a compaign for good gorvenance"......
Izuchukwu Kensely (5 months ago)
Lie he is a criminal Nigeria government take all nieces from Biafra people and give it to dangote everything in the zoo called Nigeria belong to dangote all business in the zoo called Nigeria belong to dangote so he suppose to be the richest man in Africa I pray when Biafra come I promise dangote he can't smell ten points criminal you know what I tell you is gospel truth
the breaking news (5 months ago)
Love it
Steve Mac (5 months ago)
What he said about religion it’s so true so true one god and don’t be a fanatic no FANATIC
Sufiyan Memon (5 months ago)
Don't worry, America will come to give you some freedom and democracy.
Yeshiwas Guadie (5 months ago)
Well done Mr Dangote ! But, why do most of African billionaires put their money in the banks? What is your opinion about domestic investment and job creation to the local people?
ALLY JUMA (6 months ago)
Itz amazing!..i do appliciates that!.thanks aliko dangote!
Laurine Nyanjwa (6 months ago)
Really encouraging
Nnamdi Stanley Adom (6 months ago)
Update: 650,000 barrels per day. It can even be scaled to 2.5 million barrels/day. Currently, Nigeria as a whole exports 1.8 million barrels of oil/day. People don't understand the scale of this project. What's even crazier is the project includes 12,000MW power generating power plant. Currently, Nigeria as a whole generates 7,000MW of electricity. Nigeria is going to look very different from in the next few years.
Riia-montana (1 month ago)
For the better Amen!!
Slimbeachem Pickensmoore (6 months ago)
When she interviewed Bill Gates she didn’t mention that some view him as a villain, so why cast that aspersion on Mr. Dangote
hassan agaba (6 months ago)
James Oppong Yeboah (6 months ago)
Yes África is enogh weak so we need strong intutition, Africa is sufring too much why? Our leaders use to study in abroad with our enemys so when they finished they also brimg wickedness in Africa to wicked us nothing else. Our leaders study wickedness to come and rule us in ÁFRICA so they don't care about us just like white people. So Most High said they will pay for all what they have done to us period
Jjajja Sauda (6 months ago)
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Start Out Studio (6 months ago)
man,, that lady is really beautiful..
tunde oye (6 months ago)
This are the criminal that Captured the Nigeria State
know The Way (6 months ago)

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