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Fight in the Ground Like Men

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UN Air Supremacy has always dealt a serious toll on the GLA. GLA Forces are often enraged by the UN's excessive use of their air power that they have called them "cowards" for not fighting in the ground. The only thing is, the GLA is the one hiding in holes and tunnels to avoid the UN Forces. They use Stealth to sneak up on UN Positions instead of just facing them head-on. So, is the use of air power really cowardly, I call it strategy to hunt down and destroy the illusive GLA. (Video copyright of Command and Conquer Generals of EA Games)
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iccu. 1991 (1 month ago)
Americans coward , fight in the grounds Like a man 笑笑 haha 😂
Denny Lukman (11 months ago)
I fight like men on the ground, by using a bunch of Palladin Tank, Humvee filled with missle defenders and pathfinders, and maybe two or three avenger, along with medic in safe zone for retreat and repairing. Say the one who hides from head-on fight you GLA scum! XD
Denny Lukman (11 months ago)
Then again, GLA urgently needs more firepower in their arsenal. I must admire their sneaky tactics. Ugh, if someone somehow combine GLA and USA tactics and power into one commander, that commander will have field days to kick anyone challenge that! Not to mention if give time strong enough to pwn the whole China if necessary (glare at their censorship yet their arsenal that screams command and conquer generals)
Flying Endeavor (11 months ago)
Denny Lukman Preach Brother xD those GLA scum makes use of stealth and hides in holes and tunnels.. Scum!
Kagan Roy (1 year ago)
ugh this game predicted the rise of Isis
Degree23 (2 years ago)
I played the shit out of this game
Flying Endeavor (2 years ago)
+Degree23 Indeed
Degree23 (2 years ago)
Oh yeah me too. I would love a remaster though
Flying Endeavor (2 years ago)
+Degree23 Yeah.. :( Oh wells, I did see some of the gameplay footage.. I honestly would prefer the original CNC generals, just with better graphics or more missions.
Degree23 (2 years ago)
Remasters would be awesome! It's a shame that they cancelled Generals 2 though :(
Flying Endeavor (2 years ago)
+Degree23 Indeed :D Hopefully ^^ Generals is just such a nice game. I just hope they remaster it.... same goes for Red Alert 2.

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