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Prayer For Soul Cleansing - Soul Cleansing Spiritual Prayer

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http://rtrgtr.co/r/depyt/ Prayer For Soul Cleansing - Soul Cleansing Spiritual Prayer Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to catch all the latest prayers uploaded to the channel! :) http://ow.ly/21na30iNCKC You can SUPPORT and PARTNER with the ministry here: http://ow.ly/uDhX30kjdKy You can SHOP for ministry merch here: http://ow.ly/RS6s30mzUJw SOCIAL TWITTER: http://ow.ly/uy4N305sjNH FACEBOOK: http://ow.ly/ysyj305sjMH INSTAGRAM: http://ow.ly/dH7g305sjJV WEBSITE: http://www.dailyeffectiveprayer.com Prayer For Soul Cleansing - Soul Cleansing Spiritual Prayer This is simply a video I’ve put together where I would like to pray for anyone within the sound of my voice. All I ask you to do is to agree with me as I pray and we seek our Heavenly Father regarding prayers for soul cleansing. Please continue to meditate on this prayer for yourself. Speak it daily or listen to this video over and over again and allow the Word of God concerning this soul cleansing spiritual prayer to reach deep into your spirit. Scriptures: Mark 11:20-25, Luke 13:11–12, John 8:32, 10:10, 14:6, Philippians 1:6, 3:13–14, Romans 6:4, 8:2, 2 Corinthians 5:17, 1 John 1:7, 3:1-2, James 1:21, Matthew 5:44, 2 Peter 3:9, Romans 12:1, 6, Philippians 2: 13, Hebrews 10:38, 1 Corinthians 6:20, Psalms 50:15, 86:12, Colossians 1:13, 3:17,23, Matthew 5:16, 25:21, Ephesians 4:15, John 10:10 Watch More Prayers Below: I Am a Christian Declaration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gg3coAxA-cQ Prayer For a Refugee https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mbGMREAfkk Prayer For a Broken Heart https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sy7gL6iyMww Prayer For My Daughter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyJ3Y73pFus Prayer Before Giving Birth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgDG-eBwnCE Prayer For Victory https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xn7Ax8o8YpQ Prayer For Twins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogCOJfPv21g Prayer For Job Opportunity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5gcJA18yeY How To Pray and Fast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xw2uhbBdSVI Prayer For Workers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7oFx-kXGdA Prayer For Others https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwL5x-v8jLs Prayer For Divine Mercy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2_6i0Dfa7A Prayer For Workshop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCB9y6z2OEE Prayer For a Sick Friend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELuo8Ul8bIY Morning Prayer For Students https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49lNF0vxQck Prayer For Friend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgouO620ecI Morning Prayer For School https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuT2JKtzxCE Prayer For Bedtime https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2vaeYVBhc8 Morning Prayer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0ClLfhl6Iw Prayer For Godly Spouse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8gL1QEHhdg Prayer For Thanking God https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uppWgVg6eOU Morning Prayer For Students https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49lNF0vxQck Prayer For Little Children https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lb5E_jC5gLs Prayer For Fruit Of Womb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcq_w4AwoO8 Prayer Against Witchcraft https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpurahMUFpA Prayer For Angelic Protection https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xO0szzQha6s Prayer For Entrepreneurs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IQzG_FCuqs Powerful Prayer Against Kingdom Of Darkness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqmLvsgSy54 Prayer To Jesus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UchcO-PUgU0 Prayer For Releasing Power Of Jesus Blood https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDolLS76cRw Prayer For Soulmate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1l26Z5bsRYA Prayer Of Love, Peace, and Light https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRCO1JU5_rM Prayer For Enemies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztBSwC1mLtw Prayer For Sales https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlMrFSlX_Zc The Lord’s Prayer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouGYSbLZB_E © Copyright DailyEffectivePrayer.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdEexQNq618
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Text Comments (388)
Roger Turalba (16 hours ago)
Right Fromleft (22 hours ago)
Father my wife and I surrender our will and our life to you now in the name of Jesus. Your will be done.
Level9Gay (2 days ago)
Thank you so much 💖 god bless you, please pray for me
Christian Royal (2 days ago)
Filomena Rodrigues (3 days ago)
Father I ask Forgiveness of all my sins, and remove all the works of the enemy that those bounding me, Father cleanse me and refresh me within. Father set me free and my sons. Thank You Father.
Antwan Winston (3 days ago)
Im in agreement in JESUS name amen
Luzia Da Silva (4 days ago)
Amen. I agree in Mighty Name of Christ Jesus.
Lori Armstrong (5 days ago)
In Jesus' living loving name we pray ~ Amen 💗🙇🏻‍♀️💗
Ayanna Horton (5 days ago)
Hello do you have a prayer to close up the places that the demons have vacated , after the deliverance prayer ? To be sealed with the Holy Spirit etc
DailyEffectivePrayer (5 days ago)
You can search my channel to see if there's something applicable:)
Antwan Winston (6 days ago)
Im in agreement in jesus name amen
Lisa Camaratta (14 hours ago)
I agree and receive in Jesus Christ name for the body of Christ and for myself and my son Mark Camaratta Jr. and my daughter Lisa Camaratta Jr. and my fiancee Albert Neferdorf Sr. and his daughter Brittany Neferdorf and his son Albert Neferdorf Jr. and all our enemies and for all friends and for all of our hearts minds spirits bodies and souls and our sons and daughters and brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers and friends and elders in Christ amen. I thank you in advance God. Praise the Lord and his name forever amen. Bless the Lord. Lord let thy will not mine be done in the precious mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord and savior.
Tsun-Tsun (7 days ago)
Like, did he delete my sins by deleting my internet history? Cause that's what I do when trying to be pure😔
Jay Jay (8 days ago)
veronique thomas (8 days ago)
Amen and Amen. Thank you very much for this inspiring prayer. Be blessed.
Teresa Cummins (8 days ago)
Glory to to God I am in agreement with this prayer for soul cleansing, mind renewal in Jesus name I pray Amen
Carole S (10 days ago)
I want to be whole. For my myself but most of all for my kids. I know He's working but I feel like such a failure the more I try to make the right changes. It's so hard to to discard some things that are attached to who I love but it's my and our stumbling block. Please help me to truly put You first. Knowing is not as hard as Doing... Even at my own expense. Please help me Lord. Please bring me your HOLY SPIRIT to strengthen me.
Carole S (10 days ago)
Please Lord. Help me to let you Free me. In Jesus's name. Glory. Amen.
Shunta Wiggins (11 days ago)
I agree with you
Takoye West (12 days ago)
I agree in Jesus name
Christine Aeria (14 days ago)
I agree, Amen!
Tequicie Gray (16 days ago)
Thank you Lord!!!! This such a Powerful Prayer!!! I Believe and Receive it in the Powerful name of Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!!!
I'm in agreement with all believers in the Royal family of faith according to God's will and purpose uncommon inconceivable favor with uncommon inconceivable blessings mentally spiritually physically & financially within God's wisdom and prosperity by fire and by force in Jesus name from this day forward into infinity amen 😇🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Tamara Espinoza (18 days ago)
A deep repentance! And turning away from sin! Resist the devil and he will flee! Help us to dive deeper in Christ! To truly love others as are selfs! To forgive as we want to be forgiven. To love as we want to be loved! To truly cherish life in Jesus name amen! Kindness and love to all! And to be Jesus to ourselves! What would Jesus do ask our selfs! Be creators! Carry each other on are backs after he had a long day hardworking still come home and say something sweet like how was your day darling is there something I can do for you. Having a cup of ice water 💧 wiping sweat of his forehead!
In Jesus Name Amen
alicia alapan (19 days ago)
mhiz golden Barry (20 days ago)
Scottty69 (20 days ago)
Thank You Jesus!
Melisha Hitz (20 days ago)
Please I ask you to pray for my husband laying in the hospital almost . since last year July for he had brain cancer and they removed by the power of our living God Lord Jesus and doctor said he removed completely.after the surgery they ask him to do the radiation for 17 times we did also after that he was not even OK until now they swing now he have his brain again water around getting expanding I ask what is the solutions they said nothing they can do .they not even care of him now one month in hospital they telling me to take him home I don't know what to do.I only have hope on God . God please help my husband Alfred take this sickness from his brain and the whole body .please pray for him who giving all this prayers person. I am everyday reading all your wonderful prayers please pray for Alfred . God thank you for answering my deep prayer my heart is broken spirit but I still have hope on You my Heavenly Father ..and Your Holy Son Jesus name. Amen
DailyEffectivePrayer (20 days ago)
Praying for your husband.
Shunta Wiggins (21 days ago)
I agree with you
Christine Aeria (21 days ago)
I agree, Amen!
Jessie Ayala (22 days ago)
Mia London (23 days ago)
Hi and thank you for all these prayers you post for people you are truly a blessing to many and you should put down a mailing address for donations or either a cash app so people can bless you.
DailyEffectivePrayer (23 days ago)
Ah, thank you so much. There are a couple ways for people to support this ministry in every video description. God bless you richly for your kind words! :)
Scott Hall (23 days ago)
In Jesus name Amen!
nichola cole (24 days ago)
Amen amen amen
nichola cole (24 days ago)
I strongly agree and I believe in the mighty name of Jesus I pray amen
tomato beam (25 days ago)
Halleluyah! Amein amein on behalf of me, my wife and my family and our dwelling places in the name of Jesus Christ!!
Marion Hegarty (25 days ago)
Father, you are the sculptor & i am your clay,& your will shall be done in the mighty & powerful name of Jesus Christ Amen.
Jesus princess (26 days ago)
In Jesus name amen
Janet Hemerling (27 days ago)
Amen I agree received and believe in the name of Jesus Christ thank you Lord amen
Vivian Preston (1 month ago)
Thank you!!!
Sylvia's Garden (1 month ago)
Irene Oon (1 month ago)
I agree and receive in Jesus Name. Amen !
Jessie Gerou (1 month ago)
I agree in Jesus name!
Deidra Fleming (1 month ago)
In Jesus name amen🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Arosh Ali (1 month ago)
Amen in jesus name may I have prayer for soul cleansing
Arosh Ali (1 month ago)
Amen in jesusname may I recieava blessing of soul cleansing
Luke Grigsby (1 month ago)
Amen this is what I needed it has made we realized a lot about my stress and my life and soul thank you again have a blessed day
carson.by.nature (1 month ago)
Thankyou my God for cleansing my spirit with the blood of your son Jesus! I repent from all my sins and selling my soul. Amen
Kathleen's Caouette (1 month ago)
Thank God for God!!****All praise and glory to You God our Father!****AMEN
Stella Nyarko (1 month ago)
Vale Persevere (1 month ago)
For anyone else who're having trouble catching up, or just would like to listen to every word and express it within your heart, set the playback speed to 0.75 God bless you.
pearlgenuine (1 month ago)
in Jesus name, my soul is cleansed. Take over the situation in my life Father Amen. Thank you for helping me to pray.
T Nguyen (1 month ago)
Please clean my soul from all bad, negative and evil sins. Thank you for a new life with a bright future with more Love. In Jesus name Amen.
doreen tha (1 month ago)
In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, I receive, claim for myself and believe this wonderful prayer 🙏, amen.
Stephanie Dews (1 month ago)
Sir I just want to inform from the bottom of my heart.... Thank You and God Bless you
badjan Elizabeth (1 month ago)
Carrie Lovett (1 month ago)
I received this prayer I am agreement with this powerful prayer amen
Heather Hicks (1 month ago)
Agreed. Amen.
LISA WILLIAMS (1 month ago)
I receive and agree in the mighty name of jesus amen amen amen
Ali Christ (1 month ago)
Hallelujah! Amen .
Ali Christ (1 month ago)
Ali Christ (1 month ago)
In agreement I believe and receive by faith all that we have prayed in Jesus name. Amen.
Susan Prey (1 month ago)
I am in agreement for me and my children in Jesus name
Alice Plevnarovska (1 month ago)
God forgive me for all my wrong doing in my past ,PLS bless my future with love,strength,abundance and happiness amen
Maria Cortez (1 month ago)
Thank you So much Amen
In Jesus Name Amen in Jesus Name Amen in Jesus Name Amen in Jesus Name Amen in Jesus Name Amen in Jesus Name Amen in Jesus Name Amen in Jesus Name Amen
In Jesus Name Amen
kathybling bling (1 month ago)
Thanks for these powerful prayers in Jesus name
Iris Wilson (1 month ago)
😭 tears of feeling and knowing my soul has been cleansed😆🙏🏾‼️❤️
Lynda Johnson (1 month ago)
Thank you LORD GOD for this day in JESUS name.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 🙏🙏 🙏🙏 🙏.
nchum yanthan (1 month ago)
Thank you Sir glory be to God
Ali Sandoval (1 month ago)
I agree and believe I will receive this today in Jesus’s name! Amen.
lI-MissSparkles-lI (1 month ago)
S C S (2 months ago)
We pray in the almighty name of JESUS CHRIST our LORD GOD & SAVIOUR. Amen ✝✌
Bill Cole (2 months ago)
May our heavenly father richly bless you and the family and keep you safe. In Jesus name- Amen.
Britt Yasmine (2 months ago)
Thank you , thank you , thank you so incredibly much for all your prayers love and light I am incredibly grateful for your time, energy, love, light and genuine kindness I cannot say how incredibly grateful for all.your time , effort and beautiful ministry. Thank You Thank You Thank You So incredibly much May God continue to bless you and keep you from all harm and may you reap all the beauty you sow for me , my family and so many others GOD BLESS may abundance, salvation and all goodness be with you and your beautiful family.💕💜❤️
DailyEffectivePrayer (2 months ago)
All Glory to Him! I'm so glad to hear the prayers are blessing you:)
Drew Gilbert (2 months ago)
Navin Rai (2 months ago)
Amen pleazpray for my family thank u
DailyEffectivePrayer (2 months ago)
Lifting your family up in prayer.
TINA SELLENBERG (2 months ago)
Amen and amen I agree to it alll in Jesus name and blood ,drops like flys never to return or influence us ,looose from us with alll YOUR Jesus wis. Rev. and in us And love for us as your own,under our feet YOUR blood bought bride Jesus ,GLORY IN TO THRU HISSSSS HOLYGHOST AND ALIVE LIFE GIVEN POWERNMIGHT NOW AAAMEN!!!
Vandessa Daniels (2 months ago)
Heavenly father we gathered together come into agreement with wonderful powerful name of Jesus Christ Name Amen
Servant Girl (2 months ago)
I receive this prayer this day. I agree with you, man of God, and I decree and declare my soul be made whole in Jesus’ Name! I decree and declare healing for my soul! Thank you Jesus for healing every wound all the way back through my childhood. Thank you for healing all of the hurt and pain throughout my life. I forgive every single person that ever hurt me, and I pray for their salvation. I pray that You God heal and deliver them today in the name of Jesus! I am so so grateful to You Father! To God be all the Glory! In Jesus’ Name! Amen! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! You are worthy to be Praised!!!
Dean J (2 months ago)
Thank you for bless me and my fiance 👏👏👏
Frøx Frøx (2 months ago)
Goodbye, everyone. I may never see you again, but to all those reading this, may I see you in the Kingdom of Christ in the very near future.
Murungi Kelly (2 months ago)
Amen. Thank you lord for saving and cleansing my soul. Glory
SongCreator71 (2 months ago)
GOD Keep our minds bodys & souls clean in JESUS NAME.
T Nguyen (2 months ago)
Thank you, Heavenly Father for clearing and for your forgiveness. Please renew my mind and soul Father. In Jesus name amen.
Sara Barela (2 months ago)
Amen in Jesus name i receive agree decree declare for me my family all associated acquainted with all viewers and family in Jesus mighty name Amen 🙏🙏🙏🎈
Sara Barela (2 months ago)
Amen in Agreement in Jesus name Amen 🙏🙏🙏🎈
Stanifa Dotson (2 months ago)
Okay I be hope so
AMOURSTARX mia (2 months ago)
God I wanna come too you today even tho I lost my little angel that he’s in heaven with you I give my self away so you can use me here I am & here I stand everything is in your hands my life is not my own for you I belong I give myself too you pray my grandmother gets healing from cancer amen
Glenys T (2 months ago)
Truly a devine blessing you share with many an amazing ability to give of yourself to aid us who so desperately need the awesomeness of god in prayer. Thank you Blessings be
Seth Sanders (2 months ago)
Erika Miller (2 months ago)
I agree God cleanse my soul. I wanna be right before you. In Jesus name AMEN 🙌🙌
Walter Perry (2 months ago)
Lord prayer for cleaning soul for rest of my life. forever in the mighty name of Jesus's Christ Amen
Vera Wright (2 months ago)
I believe and agree with this prayer for my son Lance. Thank you for cleansing his soul. Whom the son sets free is free indeed. The blood of Jesus has washed him clean. Amen
John Allen (2 months ago)
I am in agreement amen
Fatal One (2 months ago)
Mauvy D (2 months ago)
Yes lord bless
Joan Sibbald (2 months ago)
God bless you and give you the strength and voice to help save us. Thank you for your prayers, by the blood of Jesus and his promise, we came together, and I am clean again. By God's grace, my faith, and your beautiful words, I will use my talents and forgive our enemies. I will lay them all at the cross.Ty ty ty we will overcome this world.

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