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Magic Man Levitates Off The Ground - Amazing Floater Special Head !

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Magic Man Specail Head Floats in the air using a stick over carpet. Indian Magic while holding a stick in one hand at 3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica guy painted White Full Video: http://youtu.be/5_XT3FDS32 Americas got talent Special Head Levitation Shocks the Crowd he holds a stick in one hand over a carpet.8 This Magician is man floating in santa monica 3rd street better than Chris Angel Levitation revealed. This is like Magician Impossible Balance Indian Magic Leidseplein Amsterdam. Magician Ramana uses indian magic tricks to perform in Leidseplein. The Amazing Levitation. I'll teach you how to levitate. Man sitting on nothing. Magic's Biggest Secrets Revealed Video.
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Its_Zyan (2 years ago)
why doesn't he lets go off the wooden metal..shit..? when he was standing hmmm somethings in there that goes up hes shirts sleaves that he doesnt wanna show the people
Jaylan Bateman (2 years ago)
digimon teamjacob (2 years ago)
Yea, there are videos of street performers that show the set up on how they do this. It's basically a chair supported by the cane, but it still takes some talent to pull it off. Some of the street performers doing it would be in that type of floating position the entire day.
michael benusa (2 years ago)
that is so strange
Hazey Haze (3 years ago)
it's a counter weight under the carpet. People should think about why he has the carpet.
I-_FLexFIt_-I (3 years ago)
Where yo ass was at when I trying to buy some blow😂
Andrew Duangtavanh (3 years ago)
that's easy
IAmDa Cyborg (3 years ago)
you know its fake cuz his arm doesn't move there's normally a metal bar connected from the pole to a small seat he sits on
Sante Gayle (3 years ago)
Teeko Max (4 years ago)
devon h (5 years ago)
To DJkloop?  Respectfully...Magic is just a word.  What if I said I have a device i discovered by accident that when used with the burning of a sacred herb,  opens a vortex into the 5th dimension,..materializes 'Bad' intent- and then ,at a 45 deg angle,..sucks the bug or whatever it was in my kitchen right into the perimeter of the triangle made from tin foil,thus reversing its polarity and burning a 'reverse image' - into the foil as well as leaving '3 concentric' rings on the round center holder - where the herb was burned?  As A result of this,..it was seen that the inverse of the triangle w/ a circle in the middle was then surfacing -in 'red' - from the handle of my large 1 pint tea cup. All forensic evidence available upon request.  No smoke.  no mirrors. It is the 'combination' of 451 deg,tin foil, and the all seeing eye of God- working in concert in an infested area , to cleanse the home.  We can talk about it -if you like. I am an engineer/programmer-no illusionist.
Yolo Bae Swaglord (2 years ago)
+devon h I guess it actually does make sense haha. It's how he/she intended it to be xD Dank meme /10 I like it
Yolo Bae Swaglord (4 years ago)
I've read comment over and over. You don't make a single fucking sentence that makes utter sense.
Jay Gujji (5 years ago)
I feel like slaping the white off his face lol lame
Miles (5 years ago)
"Amazing Floater Special"
OrwellianOrator (5 years ago)
I don't think he understands the gravity of this situation.
dawit G (5 years ago)
kkkkkkkkkkk this is old trick
HEEM HOUSE (5 years ago)
Kick the stick! Lol, it's still a good trick!
Mohamed AIT YOUSSEF (5 years ago)
is vere ize
osmel abdul (5 years ago)
by doing that sound this guys earn more than me. i got a wrong job...
ronald ferreira (5 years ago)
his sitting on the chair a tall iron planted on the ground and under his robe and bad acting is a chair
Ed Rhodes (5 years ago)
Of course it's fake! Nobody can really levitate. But it's still entertaining.
Ed Rhodes (5 years ago)
Because they want to show their appreciation for the entertainment?
Jesse Locks (5 years ago)
Hurt your foot
Vasko (5 years ago)
No, he'd fall if you kicked it hard enough.
Palooza Palace (5 years ago)
Ryan Adam (5 years ago)
Wy do people throw away Their money at the nonsense.
iSi Films (5 years ago)
I can do that Hold my Beer...
Childish Galpino (5 years ago)
Kick his stick see what happens
3EMPARKOS (5 years ago)
00:30 no you are smk weeding xaxaxa
theMrASSASSINo (5 years ago)
I think. It's all a lie... You believe in that shit? Fine than -.-'
snappydoodad (5 years ago)
Nah, it's not a metal brace to a seat. The bar just sticks up his ass; that's why he's called "special head". LOL.
BlueStoneMusical (5 years ago)
Let me make its simple for you as you didn't get my last statement. He is YES using the staff for support and balance as he go into a meditative state to achieve focus enough to "levitate" though all he is doing is using the staff to hold himself while he raises his legs. You may think this impossible without a trick but there is no special magic or spiritualism in use only control of the body by focusing the mind. For example Shaolin monks use martial zen to go beyond normal human limits.
trippedbreaker (5 years ago)
To the credulous: As popular and widely performed as this stupid trick is, you will never see one of these guys do it in form-fitting clothing. You'll also never see them do it on ground that hasn't been prepared in some way (e.g. with a rug, etc). Even if you haven't seen the videos showing how the trick is done (a metal platform hidden in their clothes, which supports the actor's weight through the "cane"), this kind of curious consistency should be a sign that something isn't right.
theMrASSASSINo (5 years ago)
Well, actually under the carpet was a hole and he puts he's cane in it. You can see it on americas got talent
Bootskoot589 (5 years ago)
my bad, I obviously should know that by now since I've been hearing it since I was 5 years old. thanks for the info, cute Minecraft videos by the way
Katy Saccomanno (5 years ago)
"Do you have a sizable tip for me?"
1spoan (5 years ago)
So you really belive that he's levitating? And if so okay don't but he's not using his "mind" to float thats it.
1spoan (5 years ago)
Look closer and you will see theres hole in the carpet
Marki Spacilova (5 years ago)
that's easy. there is an explanation in other youtube clips, just do your research and you will find out why he always have to hold the stick. lol
BORN MUSH (5 years ago)
there is a steel rod and a chair underneath his dress or robe or whatever. he plants the cane in the ground and attatches the seat and rod under his dress to the cane. very simple trick
TMG GBGOWANS (5 years ago)
Pulseless (5 years ago)
That's true.I watched a video to prove it look this up: How Special Head levitated on americans got talent. it proves EVERYTHING
Ali Cina (5 years ago)
Its a stick you screw it to the ground and it has a seat with it that you sit and cover it with your clothes
MrSmackzter (5 years ago)
it can be detached.
Bootskoot589 (5 years ago)
First off, it's levitation, not meditation, unless it's some kind of spiritual meditation and you think when you have achieved whatever goal it is while your meditating you'll levitate, then idk what God offers that, otherwise, I'll explain it to you .___. The one trying to prove levitation takes a flat heavy piece of material with a beam that goes up from one end of the flat piece, strait up, and then to the side over the flat material, high enough to support a person; conceal said material. :)
Hoss Hoskins (5 years ago)
A sturdy metal base, an iron rod, a body brace and a small seat for his small ass. The guy is an illusionist - out of character this guy himself does not claim he has real powers to levitate. I don't believe you really think he does either. You sound too eloquent and educated to really believe that a truly "enlightened" person would paint himself white and flaunt his skills as a street performer for small change. I call you out. You are a Poe.
EJSFilms2K (5 years ago)
LOL saw this dude on AGT and he bombed on the live show
goldenxscholars (5 years ago)
lol you're dumb
Arsen Ekinci (5 years ago)
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BlueStoneMusical (5 years ago)
Reaching a meditative state can give you control over your body, yes the can is being use for support and they are not claiming to be able to levitate only perform incredible feats of the body through control gained through meditation. I practice meditation and no not for these reasons but I can see how through much practice and focus you could achieve this level of control. What exactly do you think he is hiding under the rug or his robe...
Bootskoot589 (5 years ago)
uh, ever notice there's always a cane, but there's a rug under it, and they never walk away from it in front of people, and they have long clothing? Hmmm....
ArthurVandelay (5 years ago)
Queenceba29 (5 years ago)
Indian yoga trick..just youtube it..Magicians nowadays have to be more creative and original. But pros for your efforts..
Spiider Byte (5 years ago)
WTF how does he do it
CHARLES NGUYEN (5 years ago)
thats special head
woop woop (5 years ago)
-.- really?
Arksy (5 years ago)
He had a invisible chair
RobloxHacksAndTricks (5 years ago)
@manitsmatt He is correct, just saying.... and the guy on America's got talent used his own way that I don't know of.
Justin Proctor (5 years ago)
I hope to god you are trolling. If not....Please dont have kids.
Dontavia St.julien (5 years ago)
The cane goes through his shirt and they have a seat attached to it! Spoiler alert!
Jordan Boehmer (5 years ago)
its fake a metal rod runs down his leg to a small platform hidden
CONVERZE IsTRu (5 years ago)
that is special head
md ik (5 years ago)
Its fake he just want to get money.
RashaadRahh (5 years ago)
Why yes that is Lol
hotdrucy (5 years ago)
Hey that's special head
pardoyking (5 years ago)
he has a metal rod in his sleeve and a chair attached under his robe he is a fraud
Joshua"s Stalker (5 years ago)
yeah he has a back brace instead
Eloy Vicente (5 years ago)
its the same trick as the leaning trick. Instead of the metal rods going down his legs it goes along the staff to his arm and attaches to a body harness. The metal rod attaches to a V shaped plate under the foot which hooks a nail to the staff. The nail is attached to a metal platform under the carpet
NOAHROCK10 (5 years ago)
because the stick has a platform attached to it..?
Ruffles Gruber (5 years ago)
the stick attaches to a harness, where he sits on a seat.. its fake
johnecorona (5 years ago)
Woah, whoa, .....take it easy pal, this is crazy...everyone knows Howdy Doody is fake!
tom toney (5 years ago)
fake he is sitting on air
manitsmatt (5 years ago)
search it, the trick is very simple
RobertsDigital (5 years ago)
Lochness monster, UFos, Big foot are physical Satan is a spirit being
RobertsDigital (5 years ago)
He is the same guy from Americas got talent.....here he painted himself white
melissa (5 years ago)
Look up how special ed did his trick on youtube and it shows you the whole thing..... its actually kinda cool......
Serbian- Ortodox (5 years ago)
Actually I did see 6-7 UFO's! Even mine grandpa :P!
ISA's Sekai (5 years ago)
It's simple, This is a very common trick. The stick he is holding is more than just a stick. It is a mechanism that goes through his sleeve under it's butt where a small plate is where he can sit on. Look it up. As I said it's a common trick, and there are videos here on youtube that shows the whole mechanism
laksono adi (5 years ago)
ada disini youtube.com/watch?v=etSivpBHUmEv
Castlegrad (5 years ago)
fake and gay >:(
marco echevarria (5 years ago)
i would like to see him do it without the robe. And to the hippie guy on the right he is sitting on platform. thats why the pole is on his knee not holding its. Kinda cool though.
Daniel Podbereschi (5 years ago)
If it was not for the net most ppl would not have known how its done
MrLazersharp (5 years ago)
lol he cant do it without the stick because the stick is a weird chair thing. i seen it on the interwebs lol that guy wasted 50 bucks
Scarlet_Lunacy (5 years ago)
hm, interesting. Can you send me a diagram or video of this?
manitsmatt (5 years ago)
The cane is attached to a huge platform under the carpet, he always holds on to the cane because up his sleeve runs a metal pole from the cane down his rob and forms a small seat for him to sit on. Goodbye.
amanda clash (5 years ago)
ive seen a few of these vids they all seem to be holding something he's sitting on a metal plate! fake as it comes sucked in people!
hotlick (5 years ago)
hotlick (5 years ago)
ha so easy when you see how it works, like all magic, thnx
Knuwl (5 years ago)
He's balancing on a walk stick y is it called magic man levitating when its just a dude balancing on a walking stick
Fábio Martins (5 years ago)
there's a thing called gravity. it pulls you down.
AbStrAct721 (5 years ago)
Nobody thier knew the secret its not the secret that fools u! Its how the secret is hiddin. And dont say impossible because nothing is impossible its just a big word used by small men who would rather live in the world given to them than explore their power to change it! Magic is a way of taking peoples minds off everyday problems and making them believe yes magic is 'fake' in a sense but magic is the happiness u bring to other people when you show them magic not the secret impossible is anothe
marco echevarria (5 years ago)
Reece Williams (5 years ago)
there is a button on the stick that flicks the plank he sits on straight, notice how he is stiff and cant move at the end.
iris (5 years ago)
the stick in his hand has a stick along his arm so it keeps him up
Lanc3ypooh (5 years ago)
U can see a pole underneath his cloak of the arm and a bend when a elbow is suppose to be but its like ) that and no elbow if u kinda look at it and when he grabs his hand yeah it kinda shows when u get too close they protect themselves lol but its still cool
Tabitha Hoffman (5 years ago)
Its originally from India. They hid a seat under the robe and it is attached to a bar to make them appear to be floating.
Aaron james (5 years ago)
Just enjoy the guys show, fake or not he's just trying to entertain to make a living.
icebox829 (5 years ago)
that's all he can do? umm excuse me i don't think you can fucking float
daren (5 years ago)
It is a seat under his dress
YouLikeTehKawk (5 years ago)
OP, hacker. plz report
askaphilosopherable (5 years ago)
Is he calling the wookies to earth??
elias abdalla (5 years ago)
Nice one ....

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