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Couples Photoshoot Behind the Scenes in Natural Light

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I hope you all enjoy today's couples portrait session behind the scenes video which we filmed while Dan and I were visiting beautiful Scotland! A massive thank you to Tamar and Matt who were our models for today's photoshoot, please check them out on Instagram (links below) as they are really talented photographers + film makers. All photos edited with my New York Lightroom Preset: https://www.digitalfilmactions.com/lightroom-presets#/new-york-lightroom-preset/ Tamar: https://www.instagram.com/tamarhopephotography/ Matt: https://www.instagram.com/mattwilloughbyfilm/ See you guys all next Wednesday! -- MUSIC: All the songs in my videos are from Artlist! If you sign up with this link: https://artlist.io/artlist-70446/?artlist_aid=Julia_Trotti_212&utm_source=affiliate_p&utm_medium=Julia_Trotti_212&utm_campaign=Julia_Trotti_212 you will receive 2 extra months to your subscription for free 💛 -- FIND ME ON // Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/juliatrotti Lightroom Presets: https://www.digitalfilmactions.com Blog: https://blog.juliatrotti.com Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/juliatrotti Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/juliatrottiphotography Dan @ I Make Films Website // https://www.imakefilms.com.au Instagram // https://www.instagram.com/danpodbierezki -- VLOG CAMERA SETUP // Sony a7s mkii + Sigma 24mm f1.4 PHOTOGRAPHY CAMERA SETUP // Canon 5dmkiii Sigma 24mm f1.4 Canon 35mm f1.4 Canon 50mm f1.2 Canon 85mm f1.2 Canon 135mm f2 -- Thank you so much for watching! xx
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Text Comments (172)
mapleshear (25 days ago)
Julia :D What are the flower in 08:45? Beautiful couple and location! I can't stop giggling they're so sweet and cute!
Lomini Hall (1 month ago)
You don't like the sun , Lmaooo😋😋😋😋
Lomini Hall (1 month ago)
Or your shadow , cause when i'm see some pictures you edit ,i saw some of shadow or black , That's your style?
Lomini Hall (1 month ago)
When you edit , your photos on light, did you always put up your Contrast?? Or??
Gabe Dy (1 month ago)
That is me in 7:44. Sorry for the inconvenience @julia!
gewww24 (1 month ago)
Where do you focus for multiple subjects?
Zjoue Photo (1 month ago)
Really enjoying this channel - very skilled photographer and videographer, very generous to let us see a whole shoot and how you relate to the clients/models, and approach posing and angles.
Steve Trujillo (1 month ago)
Any reason why you chose to use the Canon as opposed to your Sony camera?
Lens boi (29 days ago)
Color and lenses. No brainier.
Jenny (1 month ago)
Hey. Like your videos so much.. How do you focus and where? Manuel focus or automatic?
Reinaert De Vos (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing it was Nice to see How you handled their poses and such. I definetely learned something there! ☺️ I do prefer the RAW’s more but that is more a personal opinion. The top down shots in the flower fields were awesome!
Berry Nuts (1 month ago)
It would have been nice maybe if the guy's free hand/s were relaxed and not clenched I noticed in the first part of the shoot especially. But overall it was perfect and beautiful photos.
tannia aviles (1 month ago)
me encantan tus videos, siempre aprendo algo nuevo. Gracias por compartir.
Veronika Speváková (1 month ago)
Oh... can't describe how much I enjoyed this video! Beautiful atmosphere, stunning photos... you are an incredible photographer! Thank you for doing this :)
Julia Trotti (1 month ago)
Thank you! 💛
Lucas (1 month ago)
Hi Julia! I'm Lucas. I'll send my portrait to your email (please tell me your email), and I hope I can evaluate my portrait next time.
johan bauwens (1 month ago)
I'd buy a battery grip if I were you. :-)
Abhishek Jadav (1 month ago)
Great clicks and awesome place for photoshoot. That white flowers background was so good. 👌👌👌
Julia Trotti (1 month ago)
Thank you!!
veerraju Veerra (1 month ago)
Hi I am newly get into the photography so I have a doubt, in some photos you use 8000 shutter why? I didn't understand can explain please!
veerraju Veerra (1 month ago)
@Julia Trotti thank for clearing my doubts thank you :-)
Julia Trotti (1 month ago)
I like to shoot with a wide aperture of 1.4 for depth of field and bokeh, it means that it lets a lot of light into the camera. So for the photo to not be overexposed, I have to raise my shutter speed :) Also, just in case: some crop cameras also only go up to 1/4000 Hope that helps!
OM G (1 month ago)
I feel bad for julia for she is single but taking photos of the cutest couple.😂😂😂
Dan Podbierezki (1 month ago)
Last time I checked she wasn't single 🤣
Carlo Seno (1 month ago)
You, my friend, is an awesome photographer. Love the shots!
Julia Trotti (1 month ago)
Thank you! 😊
Tasha Ashley (1 month ago)
Smiling throughout the whole video!
Matt Grebe (1 month ago)
Those were beautiful. Definitely gave me inspiration for an upcoming shoot
Julia Trotti (1 month ago)
Thanks so much 😄
ELR260 (1 month ago)
oh, love that couple they got me, from start to end of the video I was smiling...
Julia Trotti (1 month ago)
Yes they are so sweet together! 💛
Feroz S (1 month ago)
how are your subjects so sharp at 1.4 like from head to toe!
Julia Trotti (1 month ago)
I have 2 videos up on my channel about how I shoot sharp photos in case you're interested in watching! 2 big things: the 35mm has nice depth of field but it's not super crazy like an 85mm, so you have a little more leeway with what's in focus. I also make sure to keep my couple both at the same distance from my camera to make sure they're both sharp :)
Philophobia (1 month ago)
Love the edits.. It gives them flavors.... 🤭🤭🤭
Ar Gie (1 month ago)
I’m starting to love your videos. They’re great! -Love from Philippines
Julia Trotti (1 month ago)
Thank you 💛
József Ködbaum (1 month ago)
Hi Julia, How often do you crop your images? I’ve just bought my 35mm lens and I always have a feeling that “there is too much background, I should crop the image” and so on. I came fro aps-c eorld, so I am still learning using the 35 with FF body, so I don’t know whether the crop is really necessary or not.
Julia Trotti (1 month ago)
I crop maybe 5% of my 35mm images - so not much at all! The ones I crop are usually shots I've taken while walking so the composition wasn't perfect. If you're used to closer crops then the 35mm might take some getting used to, but I think it's a very flattering and interesting focal length for portraits :D
Darryl Stubbs (1 month ago)
Some nice shots,just wanted to ask how you can walk and shoot at the same time and get sharp images.Always love watching your videos.
Julia Trotti (1 month ago)
Thank you! A couple of reasons, first one being practice! The next is high shutter speed, having my focal point in the correct spot (for walking shots I normally put it around someone's neck/chest area as it's a larger spot for the camera to focus on while everyone is moving around so much) and I shoot in one-shot mode :) I have a couple of videos up on my channel about focusing in case you're interested!
Esme (1 month ago)
High shutter speed?
LadyJaneG (1 month ago)
Love your approach...and the way you direct the couples to interact! I will refer to this video again! Great video~
Julia Trotti (1 month ago)
Thanks so much!
Karen Muehlfelt (1 month ago)
Julia thanks for sharing this behind the scenes look at directing your couples! I do seniors and kids and families and events , so couples is new to me! I learned a lot!
Julia Trotti (1 month ago)
So glad you liked it! 😄
UMANG (1 month ago)
Very nice 👍
Fabien Boogielup (1 month ago)
Really I like your work ! Tell me if you pass near Paris and we'll love to make a photoshoot with my wife ;)
str lite (1 month ago)
Touch noses? How about if two couple got big nose...
Kyle Wong (1 month ago)
I recently shot my sister and her new boyfriend and I completely was not ready to shoot them haha. I felt awkward as hell. It's super interesting to see the different vibe you can get out of shooting couples VS individual portraits. Thanks for sharing with us Julia! :)
Rebecca Johnson (1 month ago)
couldn't take my eyes off the wife's dress 😂 so stunning 👌💕
avinash karod (1 month ago)
Which lens is using?
Julia Trotti (1 month ago)
Canon 35mm f1.4 mk2 :)
Jeremy Hearne (2 months ago)
Great ideas for couples shoot with locations and poses. I was wondering how you get such sharp focus shooting at 1.4---I have the Sigma 35 1.4 and I'm hesitant about shooting so wide open with 2 people.
Julia Trotti (1 month ago)
Thanks! I make sure to keep them both at the same distance away from my lens so they can both be in focus :)
Wan Ariff (2 months ago)
whoever dislikes this we need to talk 😤
michael rondon (2 months ago)
I love your work Julia. so beautiful pictures. i like the unedited a little more, but i think 3 of them with that preset was perfect. That's just my preference. keep up the good work Julia.
Luddy Tshepo (2 months ago)
Beautiful video Julia .... its such a delight to watch you shoot. When you shoot at f1.4 with couples, which eyes/face do you focus on?
Julia Trotti (1 month ago)
Thank you! I usually focus on the face or eyes that is supposed to be the main focus of the image, for example when they were standing side by side and Tamer was looking at the camera and Matt was kissing her forehead, I would focus on Tamer's eyes. If they are both the focus of the photo, then I just pick whichever one and make sure I keep them both at the same distance away from the lens so they can both be in focus.
Dzikie życie (2 months ago)
Love your videos ❤️ You speak very cleary, so I can also learn English.
Julia Trotti (1 month ago)
Thank you so much!
Regenweibchen (2 months ago)
I love these natural looking poses!
Sandip Patel (2 months ago)
Julia, you'r photo-shoot's are always great and there is always something to learn from it, i like it, if you can answer one thing, like even most of photos are taken at F1.4, why both object are in focus?, i would like to hear from you.
Sandip Patel (1 month ago)
@Julia Trotti Thanks for clarification, keep it up
Julia Trotti (1 month ago)
Thank you! There is a little more leeway with depth of field on the 35mm lens at 1.4 compared to say an 85mm at 1.2. I also make sure to keep them both at the same distance away from my camera/lens while taking photos to make sure they're both in focus :)
jenna carney (2 months ago)
So jealous it’s sweater weather where you are and it’s like 90 degrees where I live. 😫😫😫 Also, beautiful work and amazing video as always
Julia Trotti (1 month ago)
I personally can't think when it's so cold haha I definitely prefer the warmth! 😂😅
fotoboi iso (2 months ago)
love the angles on the partner of yours who took the video, gives more perspective
Joseph Pancho (2 months ago)
Loved watching this couples’ shoot! More of this please! So much inspiration and posing ideas. You’re such a natural Julia!
Julia Trotti (1 month ago)
Ahh thank you so much! I would absolutely love to share more of my couple photography 💛
yvonne constancio (2 months ago)
Beginning photographer here... why does the shutter speed range from 1/1600 to 1/8000 during this photoshoot?
Julia Trotti (1 month ago)
I use my shutter to control my exposure, so on this day it was sunny and cloudy constantly, we were also sometimes shooting in the shade and sometimes out in the open where it's brighter. So I usually had it on 1/8000 when we were out in the open and the sun was out since it's so bright, and 1/1600 when the clouds came by and we were shooting more in the shade as it was a little darker. Hope that helps!
yvonne constancio (1 month ago)
Esme thank you for the reply... I do know about preventing motion blur... what I was more specifically curious about was that the motion/action of the couple didn’t seem to be much different in relation to the varied shutter speeds.
Esme (1 month ago)
High shutter speed to stop/freeze motion and to avoid motion blur
Rebecca Wood (2 months ago)
I recently found your account and all your videos and information are so good, thank you for sharing so much with us who are so keen to learn! Sorry if you have answered this before, do you shoot full manual in these situations or with one of the other modes?
Julia Trotti (1 month ago)
Thank you so much! I always shoot in manual :)
Nathan Green (2 months ago)
Another awesome video. Loved the photos. Missed you not having a video last week 😥
Nathan Green (1 month ago)
Oh no that's no good. I wondered if that might have been the reason. Good to hear you're feeling better now though. Your new video was pretty cool too
Julia Trotti (1 month ago)
Thank you so much! I missed not posting as well 😭 I ended up getting really sick so I had no energy to edit anything :( Feeling back to normal now!
anmol rakhasiya (2 months ago)
I really loved this video. It was fun to watch this video.
Lion King Energy (2 months ago)
These shots are beautiful!! What a lovely couple and stunning location!
vijayac84 (2 months ago)
Could you do few more couple photoshoots? It’s such a treat !!
Julia Trotti (1 month ago)
Aw thank you and yes I would love to share more of my couples photography!! 😄
Slxxpy Jan (2 months ago)
I'm a photographer as well and I know what's good --> 7:37, 9:02 and 9:35
Vlottje (2 months ago)
Love this🤤
Beatrice Ahmad (2 months ago)
Julia..wow...so bomb this photoshoot😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Julia Trotti (1 month ago)
Thank you!! 💛💛
Christian Santizo (2 months ago)
Amazing coverage and before and after pictures! Do you use any for of lens filter when shooting?
Julia Trotti (2 months ago)
Christian Santizo thank you! I have a UV filter on all my lenses but it doesn’t change the way the images look at all, it’s just to protect my lenses.
Ana Velasquez (2 months ago)
People feel the right to criticize a lot because you haven’t done a couples photoshoot on your channel. I loved the edits. It reflects your style 100%. My favorite photo was when they were laying down on the yellow flowers. I really suck at pictures laying down. What are some good tips?
Ana Velasquez (1 month ago)
Thank you! I’m going to definitely practice those shots more. They are my fav!
Julia Trotti (1 month ago)
Thank you! For laying down, I like to get couples to look at each other as a profile looks a little more flattering (I feel like faces can look a bit squished when laying down!), or if someone is looking at the camera then I sometimes ask them to put their hand or something under their head to elevate it a little to avoid that "squished"/laying down look on the face!
刘旗辉 (2 months ago)
I love your color style, look at a point your video I pause about to try this imitate your color. So hard it.. You want to have in the text version of the video just fine, thank you give me color style inspiration.
viviana campos hernandez (2 months ago)
muchas gracias por compartir tus conocimientos <3 saludos desde Chile <3
Megan Rachael Mae (2 months ago)
Julia Trotti (1 month ago)
YAY I hope you liked it! 😄
Megan Rachael Mae (2 months ago)
giovanni (2 months ago)
Julia, you do such a terrific job communicating with your subjects. So impressed with your direction and style.
Heidi Anderson (2 months ago)
Your sweaters always give me life. I love them so much. And this video too ☺️
Ana Velasquez (2 months ago)
This was really helpful! Thank you!
kamane muse (2 months ago)
I liked video, but missed communication with a couple. It does seem that sometimes couple felt a bit awkward and not sure if they are doing things right. Don’t know, maybe it’s me, but I didn’t feel that you and the couple weren’t “connected” 😊
Julia Trotti (2 months ago)
kamane muse I actually cut out a lot of our talking from this video as I wanted it to just be a fun behind the scenes! My couples/wedding photography and direction etc is something I’m putting together for workshops 😊💛
derekmackphotography (2 months ago)
not a fan of the pre-set, you just ruined good natural light imho
Gabriel Navas (2 months ago)
Prasad Dhumal (2 months ago)
The couple is adorable!
marcio barbosa (2 months ago)
Que coisa mais Linda de se ver
TVe200 (2 months ago)
A DSLR make a lot of noise compered to a mirrorless.
big joe (2 months ago)
I love the unedited one... Diff..pple...diff..taste
Leonie Campbell (2 months ago)
I don't know why but I enjoyed the raw pictures more than the edited ones. Great shots though❤
Ale Kapfo (2 months ago)
I'll be glad if I get to see more of couple photography. Thank you for this one
Sarmed Ozil (2 months ago)
This is the cutest couple shoot i’ve seen!💕
paul jose (2 months ago)
Raw n unedited
Vasia Pupkin (2 months ago)
Julia if you be in Manchester, drop me a text and we can meet up!? 😁
yannis (2 months ago)
love the photos
GilbertTV (2 months ago)
so you came to the UK & didnt come by & say hello... haha... I hope you enjoyed our lovely spring ... Glasgow botanic gardens is such a cool place to shoot , the greenhouses make for interesting backgrounds.. loved all the shots , you captured them so well..
Rey (2 months ago)
Just watching this I feel how lonely I am.
Frames by Fresh (2 months ago)
Question, for the shots that their heads aren't close together, who do you focus on? wouldn't one be sharper than the other especially at f1.4? Or do you not focus on the faces for these type of shots?
Julia Trotti (1 month ago)
I make sure to keep them both at the same distance away from my camera/lens to make sure they can both be in focus! You also have a lot more leeway on a 35mm at 1.4 compared to something like an 85mm at 1.2 Hope that helps :)
Jéssica Angelo (2 months ago)
same question here!
brittany wheeler (2 months ago)
Julia, your work is amazing. Love the videos!!! Thank you for sharing!!
Julia Trotti (2 months ago)
brittany wheeler thank you so much! 💛
kyle arthur (2 months ago)
i like all of them
Daniel Klemann (2 months ago)
Superb as always !!!
timzanation (2 months ago)
Love the shutter sound. Great video. Great couple. Great photographs.
Julia Trotti (2 months ago)
timzanation Thank you!
kyle arthur (2 months ago)
this shoot makes me feel lonely lol
Julia Trotti (1 month ago)
Aw no :( 💛💛
jelly (2 months ago)
Fantastic. It's the video I want, God.
Robert Peddlar (2 months ago)
Watched a bunch of your videos but first time commenting. It really helps to watch your work as an aspiring photographer. Thanks for sharing.
timzanation (2 months ago)
I agree. It is wonderful to watch someone shooting.
Patrick Holmes (2 months ago)
These are super cute
Kazuya MASUDA (2 months ago)
XxxXEraYXxxX (2 months ago)
Thanks you for the video agian <3 but i think u used the wrong preset :( the ones without edit looks more good <3<3
Tatiana Jones (2 months ago)
I agree, I like the edited ones. There’s something about vintage photos that’s just magical and tells such a story...all about preference
Julia Trotti (2 months ago)
XxxXEraYXxxX thank you! It’s all just personal preference 😊 I like the edited ones more as I wanted a washed out/vintage look specifically for these photos.
puluq emil (2 months ago)
beautiful pictures, wow
Arianna DeCarolis (2 months ago)
Thank you so so much. I’ve been looking for these types of videos all day yesterday! I appreciate it so much. You’re incredible.
Julia Trotti (2 months ago)
Arianna DeCarolis thank you!
Jaskaran Singh (2 months ago)
this shoot is sooooooooo cuuuuuuttteeeeee 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Langit Merah (2 months ago)
Duy Tân (2 months ago)
Awesome 😍 quá đẹp 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳
Shaira Shinozuka (2 months ago)
Been waiting for this kind photoshoot bts
marvona (2 months ago)
beiko (2 months ago)
I love the yellow flower shots laying down!!
Julia Trotti (1 month ago)
Thank you! I think those were my favourites too 😄
Noealz Photo (2 months ago)
That's a lovely couple, plus an even lovelier photographer : )
Frank Surdal (2 months ago)
Beautiful video. Can I ask. Where did you focus to get the two of them both in focus since you used F1.4?
Julia Trotti (2 months ago)
Everyone hit the nail on the head, I have my focus point on one of their eyes and made sure to keep their faces the same distance from the camera. The 35 also makes that a little easier, I would bump up my aperture if I was using an 85 😊
Frank Surdal (2 months ago)
TheThirdErnest alright. Thanks alot for the information👍
TheThirdErnest (2 months ago)
Frank Surdal she’s using a 35mm so even at 1.4 the background isn’t going to be too crazy compressed. It keeps the scene in the picture. Plus a lot of these pic were take close to their backgrounds so that doesn’t help with trying to blur lol
Frank Surdal (2 months ago)
Yeah, your probably right. But with F1.4 I’d say it’s a bit risky when both faces should be totally in focus. But, I reacted also on that there is not much bokeh in these pictures. Shouldn’t it be a little bit more with that F stop?
timzanation (2 months ago)
I think the key is keep moving to try and keep both faces the same distance from your camera. So if you focus on one person's face or eyes. And then recompose. At the same time you're recomposing. And maybe even at the same time the other person is moving. You're moving to keep both faces the same distance from you. This is why it's easier to shoot with blurry backgrounds with just two people then it is with a group. The more faces you have. And the more differences there are between the camera and the different faces. The higher aperture number, and smaller aperture diameter you need.
Natasha M (2 months ago)
The pictures in front of the white bush are my favorite!

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