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10 EASY Fashion Tips To Level Up Your Student Style | RMRS Young Man Image Videos

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Text Comments (141)
Andrew Keith (2 days ago)
Double shirt is just weird.
j denton (4 days ago)
I cannot shave everyday b/c i have sensitive skin
TheAspergerGuy (5 days ago)
I AM NOT A WALKING BILLBOARD!!!!! Thank you for mentioning that no-logo is preferred. More people and companies need to start realizing this. It is so frustrating to find winter hats, socks, shirts, pants, etc.that have logos. I'm sure that there are some people that buy certain clothing because of the brand and want to display it.
Rene Lesch (5 days ago)
Hey I am 16 years old and I am slowly getting into dressing better. Mainly because start realising that I only have about two years before I graduate and thean I have to apply for a job. Now I have a pretty small waredrobe, but it isnt very interchangeable. So my question would be how can I change that without throwing and rebuying everything, because I am kind of tide an a budget?
j denton (4 days ago)
Goodwill/thrift stores
Alex Hedlund (5 days ago)
I can only find that perfume in a full black, i can't find the one with that pattern yours has in the video, would you mind letting me know which one that is?
KuroAcedia (6 days ago)
What kind of personal uniform would you suggest?
Dan Van D (6 days ago)
If you're lucky to have a personal locker in school like I do, I can strongly recommend to have a nice blazer hanging there for when those last minute company invitations or coffee date happen. Saved me a few times! I also keep a basic grooming kit there.
Kevbox2008 (6 days ago)
4:10 ... and three straps with two buckles from Anson Belts ...! ;^)
Diana Uhlman (6 days ago)
Brilliant video.
VEE727 (6 days ago)
It's ironic the bomb makes you calm. Hope you didn't use real ones for the same purpose when you were in military 😂
Double collars
David Sage (6 days ago)
You couldn't have said it better
Mark Asher (7 days ago)
Hey Marine, you mentioned once that you were fired after you got your Masters, I think your viewers would benefit hearing what happened and based on your success as a Marine Officer it affected and caused you to reflect on what happened. Semper Fi Marine and P.S. Go Army Beat Navy
Real Men Real Style (6 days ago)
Hey Mark - I talked about it in this video: https://youtu.be/fyZ4teYht8A
Sneekinabout Om' (7 days ago)
Man... I wish I'd seen this as a teenager... My fashion sense at the time was basically teen movie long sleeve t-shirts and baggy jeans... Lesson learned :)
Neat, thank you again since gived!
K. Gordon R (7 days ago)
"Look the part". Could you please elaborate on that. Perhaps a future video. I had a friend who lost a job and I think it was because they did not "look the part" and their internal customer service skills, or lack thereof. I believe some people could benefit from a video in this.
Real Men Real Style (7 days ago)
Hey Gordon - If you're applying for a job where you need to dress in a suit and tie --- wear it for the job interview. If you want to be seen as a professional - you need to level up your style.
Michael Chan (7 days ago)
As a new college student, remember your #1 priority is grades. Unless you’re going into business or the arts, they would overlook your appearance for your talents. They might even welcome the fact that you look a little unkept. Stay focused though.
Peter Schuster (7 days ago)
Good video. But why are you wearing two collars? I think one is enough. In my opinion, a t-shirt would look better under this wonderful sweater. Btw... Where can I get this polo sweaters from? Much love from Germany.
Oh noes! Oh noes! (7 days ago)
So agree with the logo stuff. I am not an advertising billboard and your tacky massive logo can often ruin what would be a nice piece of clothing. I gotten to the stage I almost always turn down even small logos on clothes such as chest logos and be happy if the large ones would disappear forever.
Real Men Real Style (7 days ago)
Exactly - that's my point as well.
ammar ali (7 days ago)
I'm glad you made this video Antonio because it got to the point where I associate bad style the word "student" it is unfortunate and I hope more student starts to dress better.
Real Men Real Style (7 days ago)
I completely agree with ou.
Mícheál Breathnach (7 days ago)
5:10....20 metres aways....thanks for going metric....sounds soo much better ;)
Max Weber (7 days ago)
Dear Antonio, I want to thank you for your well informed advice. I used to walk around in a black shirt, green trousers without buttons and sandals (Uarggggg) But after a recent break up I decided that I wanted to up my style and not drown in the masses of sloppy dressed hipsters at university. As a student i save money when it comes to drinking so I can spend it at my tailor :D I am now very well dressed and got incredebly confident with myself. Thank you for being a great tutor on the way. Greetings from germany.
Real Men Real Style (7 days ago)
Love my German viewers. Hey Max - You're doing great. Keep it up!
jack masingita (7 days ago)
Thanks Antonio...we need more of such videos for you men
Chazeet (7 days ago)
I love this straight to the info no fluff
Kobe Bryant (7 days ago)
The first half is an ad lol
Adrian Hanekom (7 days ago)
It's good for me because I wanna be and singer so thanks for the video brother
Adrian Hanekom (7 days ago)
+Real Men Real Style Can't wait for today video Antonio when you coming to South Africa
Real Men Real Style (7 days ago)
Happy to hear this video helped Adrian.
Razer Smash (7 days ago)
just found your channel <3 i think iam pretty much grateful amazing video !
Real Men Real Style (7 days ago)
Welcome to the RMRS community Razer Smash. Looking forward to reading your comments here.
Rueal Rai (7 days ago)
Proust effect?
Shuvonda Clark (7 days ago)
Great video and advice especially for me at this point in my life because I am a Law student
falconxblast (7 days ago)
Nothing wrong with a shaved head - just maintain it properly :-)
anton gyllander (7 days ago)
Great advise for my self and others who are intrested in menswear but have a limited budget while studying at high schools or universities.
anton gyllander (6 days ago)
+Real Men Real Style My favourite brands are probably: Eton, John henric, Gant.
Real Men Real Style (7 days ago)
Hey Anton - Cheers! Where do you buy clothing? Any favorite brand☼?
MAR_TV (7 days ago)
Proud to say you've inspired me Antonio! As a student, my style game has shot way up (I wear a dress shirt, tie, and sweater almost every day), I get tons of compliments, and my confidence is higher than ever. Thanks so much for the great content!
Real Men Real Style (7 days ago)
Great comment here Mar. Thank you!
Javi C (7 days ago)
Lukael Lach (7 days ago)
That double collar looks weird , Antonio.
gokul basnet (7 days ago)
Great one for young man Wish to be a student and improve my style since 20
syed Hassan (7 days ago)
Thank you very much sir Love from pakistan❤
Marcus Johansson (7 days ago)
This is the sweet spot for a video. I think that the shorter videos around 8-10 minute videos are going better on YouTube for me personally at least. The shorter videos are in a spot where you have time to watch between classes, at a coffee break or at a small break in studies or work. 😃 I love the content you provide, these tips are not only for college students I even feel this video can be used for all men. More specific the younger audience.👍 One question though. What happen to the Mahi-leather giveaway? 🤔
Real Men Real Style (7 days ago)
Hey Marcus - Yes! We've already picked out the winners and notified them.
The Life Formula (7 days ago)
Great tips. Look good feel good
Alpha Strength (7 days ago)
Get a girlfriend, it is the best option ever
Alpha Strength (6 days ago)
+Real Men Real Style everyone will respect more
Real Men Real Style (7 days ago)
Why would that be the best option?
Nathaniel Thomas (7 days ago)
Amazing video sir!!! You are my favorite YouTuber and are a role model to me. I sincerely thank you for the guidance and motivation. - Nathaniel
Real Men Real Style (7 days ago)
You rock Nathaniel. Thanks for this nice message.
ChickenBoy260 (7 days ago)
Does anyone have the link to that Spice Bomb fragrance
Real Men Real Style (7 days ago)
Hey ChickenBoy260 - check this out: https://www.amazon.com/shop/realmenrealstyle?listId=1Z6H2JMUBE2SQ
Uli Sitompul (7 days ago)
just the video i was waiting for! thanks Antonio!
Steve Munguia (7 days ago)
"shots of wild turkey" lol, love me some wild turkey 101 🦃
Andres Mata (7 days ago)
What type of book bag would you recommend to a college student that’s on the business field and dresses good?
Real Men Real Style (7 days ago)
Messenger bag works!
TheFranticgamer (7 days ago)
I like the emphasis on routine. It really does help success because you don’t have to think, you can just do.
Lizo Joseph (7 days ago)
I love your shirt
Jyotir Aditya Maloo (7 days ago)
I was really waiting for something like this. Keep up the work!
Jyotir Aditya Maloo (6 days ago)
By the way, can you please make more video about student lifestyle.
HiddenBl4de (7 days ago)
To be honest I don't like the collared shirt inside of the long sleeve polo, sorry
T Vang (7 days ago)
What would you recommend besides a tshirt?
Alexander (7 days ago)
I love how all your videos are so precise and you clearly have some knowledge or did some extensive research for all your video topics. Love it.
jazz dinleyen adam (7 days ago)
Senin allanı yerim eyvallah ahbap çok güzel olmuş
Ayan Biswas (7 days ago)
Damn I love how you're creating a rabbit hole of interlinked videos! Great strategy 👍
Real Men Real Style (7 days ago)
Finally, someone noticed. 😁
krulty (7 days ago)
I used to be goth (I still am at heart and I still wear all black day to day) but I've reached an age where I feel I'm too old for black nail varnish and knee high boots. I want to look stylist and mature, but I still love black clothing and I don't feel comfortable in grey or navy suits. Most men's style advice says not to wear a black suit (other than formal wear). But I want to know what about if it patterned like a Pinstripe or a Check? What about if its a Textured suit like herringbone?
krulty (6 days ago)
+minonano I've looked at charcoal, most are too grey for my liking. I have seen a couple of very dark charcoal suits that I like. But I'm not sure if they are so dark that they might as well be black and even those I only like the more casual side (seen a charcoal herringbone tweed suit with a back velvet contrast collar that I like), the more business ones in charcoal don't look that good to me. But I've seen many double breasted black pinstripe suits that I think look amazing. I'm not too worried about my style overbearing my personality though as I've got quite a strong personality. If anything my arse length hair and full beard dominates my appearance no matter what I wear lol.
minonano (6 days ago)
Just my two cents but a black suit seems too formal or solemn, almost "too cool". I guess patterns and textures could take the edge off but I think regardless, it depends on your situation and if you have the confidence to pull it off. I personally liked my black suit when I was a much heavier guy because I thought it made me look leaner, but now I feel like the suit overpowers my personality and have put it away for a while. I guess what I want to say is; try it. Also I guess you could look into charcoal gray, just a slight hint of white down from a black suit?
storysupport (7 days ago)
Ah yes. The wonderful coverage. Part of your physical make up is one’s posture. I think that always needs to be mentioned and considered, first even, discussing style and bags.
J Abhaya Dev (7 days ago)
Im also a student from India I have to wear same uniform but how can i make it more beautiful and look cool. . Please reply sir
J Abhaya Dev (6 days ago)
Real Men Real Style red checkered shirt and grey pants which is tucked in
Real Men Real Style (6 days ago)
Wearing accessories would help. What uniform do you wear at school?
Josh Beattie (7 days ago)
As a current university student, I've always wanted Antonio to make a video that focuses on student style and wear. I appreciate the tips, they will certainly help! (P.S. I'm currently studying in Sydney. Crazy right?Antonio, should definitely visit sometime).
Real Men Real Style (6 days ago)
I would love to bring my family there Josh. Maybe in the future.
Myth Gaming (7 days ago)
thank u for all these tips 😊
Real Men Real Style (6 days ago)
fclp67 (7 days ago)
Mahi is the Thursday boots of leather accessories
Canadious (7 days ago)
Cleanliness and good grooming goes a long way for students and first impressions. Shows you put effort into things.
fclp67 (7 days ago)
Time to solve someone's problems for a good pay
fclp67 (7 days ago)
Looked at mahi leather today haha they have real good prices
Real Men Real Style (6 days ago)
I know right?
Lefty Elomis (7 days ago)
5 days with the same shirt and suit: guys, I'm not filthy. I changed pocket square, tie, shoes, hat and sunglasses ;)
Francisco Vasquez (7 days ago)
As they say Work witht what u have not what u dont want
Solid information. Sometimes the problem isn't the clothing, is people haven't yet discovered what is their personal style. Congrats
Edward Lim (7 days ago)
Hopefully I remember these great tips and this video in a year after I graduate and enter the real world as a young adult
Real Men Real Style (6 days ago)
You can use the support article for guide - https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/student-style/
Fazle Rabbi (7 days ago)
I like the companies you choose to endorse. Good video 💪
jose ocampo (7 days ago)
Still fascinated by the quality of the content. I’ve been watching you since 2016. Amazing work.
jose ocampo (6 days ago)
Real Men Real Style If I had to choose, I’d say it was the one about the types of watches. My eyes don’t see watches the same anymore. Since then, I’ve become a watch lover.
Real Men Real Style (6 days ago)
Wow Jose! Did you have any favorite videos from 2016?
Dominic Cruz (7 days ago)
That's a great video and thanks for the advice you just put on the video something it's helpful for the job interview thanks again
The Little PRO (7 days ago)
Your channel is so underrated regardless of the subscribers
Ghazal Ahmed (7 days ago)
Even I'm a girl but I'm watching it 😝bcz I like your videos 😂😂
Mohammad Kayyal (7 days ago)
Hi, I'm a brown guy with black hair. What colours do you think that are good for me ? 😀 Thnaks
Real Men Real Style (7 days ago)
Hey Mohammad - this guide should help: https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/color-wheel-menswear/
Chandan Kumar (7 days ago)
Sir which type of suit or blazer is better regular fit or slim fit
Tibor Szabó (7 days ago)
Depends on your body type and age
joy ethan (7 days ago)
Just the one that i need, thanks Antonio, you are the man
These are great tips I wish I had when I was going to school.
Anonymos Anonymos (5 days ago)
UNLEASHING POTENTIAL - PSYCHOLOGY VIDEOS why do u comment on all videos
Riz Kler (7 days ago)
Great vid Antonio that applies to all gents.
Shivansh Jindal (7 days ago)
Hair looking great
Yuvan Vlogs (7 days ago)
Antonio , please do a video on types of hairstyle for the perfect face shape Please.....
Eranda Edirisooriya (7 days ago)
Woohoo! 😄 I was looking up for this exact information! Thank you so much for addressing the student audience again! 🙂👍 Antonio, can we have more of these content periodically?
Andrew W (7 days ago)
This is fantastic! Thanks Antonio!
Martin Piasecki (7 days ago)
Lucky 603 view lol
REBEL'S World (7 days ago)
first time commenting i really love your videos
tapash das (7 days ago)
I hv Antonio and Alpha M😎
Chandan Kumar (7 days ago)
tapash das Antonio and Aaron
I love these type of videos. Pls post more of them!
Real Men Real Style (7 days ago)
Hey Karthikeya! Will add this to my queue 😀
kourosh eftekhari (7 days ago)
Plz give me heart im a devoted follower
I probably like u more than alpha now
Thanks bro
Real Men Real Style (7 days ago)
The Dudeman (7 days ago)
Needed this video
The Dudeman (7 days ago)
Ayush Upadhyay (7 days ago)
all I can say is, i needed this video.
qarhsi (7 days ago)
#early Antonio, can you wear a scarf in summer? If yes, how to go about?
qarhsi (7 days ago)
+Real Men Real Style seen it before, but not convinced by this article hahaha. i am more keen on your opinion!
Real Men Real Style (7 days ago)
Check this guide by Mr. Porter - https://www.mrporter.com/journal/a-gentlemans-guide/how-to-wear-a-light-scarf/451
Al Farecee (7 days ago)
Kaisir Vevo (7 days ago)
hmm #kaisirvevo
arjunaadithya nayani (7 days ago)
Wao. This video is highly needed...👍
Happy Facts Lifestyle (7 days ago)
Fantastic video!! Great to start of with physical characteristics, work with what you have, not against it!
Ayush Upadhyay (7 days ago)
congratulations for 1k subscribers mate!
Real Men Real Style (7 days ago)
Cheers Happy Facts Lifestyle!
Eye Heart Sushi (7 days ago)
Eye Heart Sushi (7 days ago)
Somesh Pal Vines (7 days ago)
Best youtuber for mens...like for aggreed
Real Men Real Style (7 days ago)
https://bit.ly/2qlbyBo - MAHI Leather Holdall https://bit.ly/2Mn1c0E - MAHI Leather Duffle bags Use code RMRS for a great discount - or RMRSBULK - a larger discount with FREE SHIPPING if you're buying more than 4 items! Video Summary: Figure out your individual style - 0:17 Physical characteristics - 0:35 Resources - 0:54 Physical and Professional Environment - 1:19 Find items that get better with age - 1:50 Stop believing your education is all you need - 3:26 Build an interchangeable wardrobe - 3:58 Have a daily uniform that is a cut above - 4:37 Avoid oversized logos - 5:04 Know and use the style pyramid - 5:20 Pay attention to your grooming - 5:47 Use liquid courage to your advantage - 7:02

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