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Driving around Los Angeles Downtown At Night

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Driving around los angeles streets at night, you can see the skylines of los angeles and how beautiful they look at night, this video was filmed on a sunday night around midnight ©all rights reserved tall buildings building
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christopher trotman (15 days ago)
Could I use this for an IG video?
Bernd Klüver (1 month ago)
There's no litter nowhere. Somebody told me that L.A is a dirty city. But that's not true !
Mar D (2 months ago)
That is the only way to drive in LA  - at night
Aenomicron (2 months ago)
mute this video and open another tab with Stylo - Gorillaz. Definitly won't regret it.
Lord Skara (2 months ago)
Hey it's Los Santos!
Dennis Kerp (2 months ago)
Hey Why is the video fastened? 😕
Sam Lee (2 months ago)
The only city i love the most
Foxy Xoxo (4 months ago)
Where is the map? And u only have that car PHFF that’s NOTHING.
Majin Swerve (7 months ago)
I'm in LA like every year (I go to LA, if I'm on some sort of break from school. Like winter break.) And my aunt lives in Beverley Hills. So when I go, i lay down on the recliner chair and look at the view of Downtown LA and the whole city. It is the most peaceful thing ever!!
Tellr9/Ryan Telles (7 months ago)
here's some music that would be perfect & fitting for this video : https://youtu.be/hHFNuVRorG4
TopTactics_ AiMc (7 months ago)
Pollution so bad, you can’t even see the stars :(
High Society (7 months ago)
Great footage man! I was curious if I could use any of this footage for a cutaway on a short film I'm making? I'm only an aspiring filmmaker but I'm willing to give you credit of course. Let me know what you think, and if not I understand completely.
OVER LORD (7 months ago)
Playing vtm bloodlines back in the days i was blame developers for the empty streets of down town LA at the game,now i know the game was spot on, what a dreadfull city, a city of fallen angels indeed.
None Ofurbusiness (7 months ago)
Reynaldo Giovanni (8 months ago)
Flickers of the canyon fire Its hands raised like a gospel choir If we live forever, let us live forever tonight....
Omar Abou-Zied (8 months ago)
Here's the soundtrack: https://youtu.be/4Y9F79kDT4E
mia feiling (9 months ago)
Excellent video, thank you very much for uploading it. You have a very good channel. Like!
Gabriel Ratliff (9 months ago)
I love Los Angeles, CA.
C B (9 months ago)
Beautiful downtown. Where are all the people?
Synapse (10 months ago)
Real Poetry (10 months ago)
at 46 secs he's on grand ave. Whenever I take the street home after work, I usually ride my motorcycle thru there. It's pretty dope riding thru L.A at night on a motorcycle. Relaxing.
Eltronixmusic (11 months ago)
Great job! Any way to contact you directly regarding use of this video in a music video?
droptheeye (1 year ago)
Absolutely love your video... my name is George. i'm a singer songwriter and have just recorded a song called drive with me.. would it be possible for me to use some of your footage for my video.. would really appreciate this as i love the feel of los angeles at night.. i will credit your channel...many thanks
Jose Carranza (1 year ago)
This is LA, but it's this empty?
Luke7892777 (1 year ago)
I will live there for sure!
Lucas Souza (1 year ago)
Gta V remastered
goPlay (1 year ago)
Video is accelerated.
cali (1 year ago)
The fuck? Shits a damn ghost town
ec os (1 year ago)
Put on some smooth jazz while you're watching this video. You're welcome. ;)
At night, there are fewer cars. Riding Easier
passsacaglia (1 year ago)
Love this!!! What camera?? Good lights and ok sharpness!
Psych Corp (1 year ago)
Ferxanity X (1 year ago)
I love my city💙
Cocaine Methgregor (1 year ago)
he is not speeding, the vid is on faster speed.
Lostjoy IX (1 year ago)
I like it.
mystery 4ever (1 year ago)
why? so fast ? slow dawn...
Badger Badger (1 year ago)
Puts the speed of the video at 2. Gta5 irl.
Zex Zex (1 year ago)
How fast are you driving? Approx? Because it looks pretty fast. Or was the video sped up?
Zex Zex (1 year ago)
Ah, so the video is 2x faster? Because it looks like you're flying.
LA streets (1 year ago)
approx 40 m an hour
ass• scanner• (1 year ago)
Why is L.A 's night's so quiet ?
Pouffecal (1 year ago)
Ca ressemble à n'importe quelle ville de Seine-Saint-Denis, mais en beaucoup plus propre...
Pouffecal (1 year ago)
L'Os En Gelée, la ville ou Anne Hidalgo n'a absolument aucun pouvoir de nuisance.
Matthew Johnston (1 year ago)
Much better than Tralee
vual grimoire (1 year ago)
Driving in circles in empty downtown just burning gas. Night life isn't downtown in LA. Its in Santa Monica, west hollywood, the strip, Venice, Manhattan beach etc.
Ali Alidrissi (1 year ago)
great city i wish i could visit it someday
Brenna Jordan (1 year ago)
driving awfully fast to be in a downtown area where any one person or many could be crossing the street
KHRN Star (1 year ago)
Is it the lasted GTA 5 Graphic Mod ?? !! 😅
Lawson Russell (1 year ago)
I'm watching this video and listening Blade runner blues, and it's like being on film.
Dino Bernardone (1 year ago)
Feels like you are in a bat Mobil 😎
Global Now (1 year ago)
Wasting all that Gas going in circles lol didn't even drive to the hood!
Ah 11 (1 year ago)
watch this video with this song THE GAME - ONE NIGHT INSTRUMENTAL and just get lost in thoughts....
buzzert (1 year ago)
Desperately needs a soundtrack.
Adil Zia (2 years ago)
where in L.A. is this?
Renee Lewis (1 year ago)
DB Cooper (2 years ago)
I  lived  their  57  years  I  don't  miss  that  hell  hole  one  bit
feslerae (2 years ago)
call trevor and see if he wants to hang out
chakra98 (2 years ago)
what graphic mod are you using.. it looks so real
Andre Gilbert (2 years ago)
born and raised in the heart of South Central L.a. The best downtown skyline view is at night driving the 110 freeway North from the city going into Downtown. Actually good view on a sunny morning too.
iAmAnonymousTom (2 years ago)
Would be so much better if this wasn't unnecessarily sped up......
akngac5 (2 years ago)
Reminds me of GTA!
malcolm forest 92 (2 years ago)
once more of those skyscrapers are built. L.A going to look more massive.
Nasri Mgambo (2 years ago)
anyways la is the best city that really catches the reality of cities in computer games
Nasri Mgambo (2 years ago)
comparing to new york city la appears almost empty by night. Thats why new yorkers cant stop making noise about how their city never sleep
ClackRec. (2 years ago)
Which NFS is it?
미스타윤 (2 years ago)
u.s.a is best in the world after all
Princee Erick (2 years ago)
Its All About Los Angeles,Fuck The Rest🙏🏻🙏🏻🌴🌴☀️☀️
Lake Nona (2 years ago)
This is fast forwarded right? Lol cause if it wasn't this guy would be reckless driving.
Bmiller9219 (2 years ago)
why the hell everybody driving so damn fast
باحث علمي (2 years ago)
it's nice city.
Auto Montage MO (2 years ago)
Make these types of videos and edit them like a montage like I do on my channel. Please check it out
Jessi G (2 years ago)
The stop lights are weird
Helga (2 years ago)
Where's Lacroix's tower and the Tremere chantry lol
I-Love-Music (2 years ago)
Many Thanks* But normal Speed would be much better..." And changing Speed on YT to 0,5 is unsharp.
Bichop Bakley (2 years ago)
Every time I feel like losing motivation, I come to this great video, although I am not even from LA nor from the U.S (actually I am Syrian) .... I hope one day I will make it to the U.S and spend the rest of my life over there. Anyway, thanks for filming and uploading!
Taje017 (2 years ago)
Bichop Bakley one day you will pal
Naoufal Takroumt (2 years ago)
what happened to the sound at 2:40 . would have been better if it stayed on
Spiral W (2 years ago)
Like for Trump 🇺🇸
Marlo Rice (2 years ago)
The sound is gone on some area love the vidoe
ebikefan (2 years ago)
Love the wide empty streets. I should ebike LA someday. :)
Fdny chaser (2 years ago)
where are the ka buses
Let me Cure You please (2 years ago)
This feels like being in The Purge: Anarchy only without the violence
jamari . (2 years ago)
moving here after high school. SOOOOO excited!!! p.s. is the city always this empty ?
Taje017 (2 years ago)
jamari ! Who u moving in with u got family there
Fdny chaser (2 years ago)
no taxi out at least
Fdny chaser (2 years ago)
newyork is always busy and newyork is better
Let me Cure You please (2 years ago)
jamari ! Kinda
Dusty (2 years ago)
Wow!!!! beautifulllll
Pencil fluff...... (2 years ago)
What kind of car are you driving?
paulchen evil (2 years ago)
nice video
Nick Quut (2 years ago)
what car is it ?
YaboyRey 99 (2 years ago)
cool vid keep it up bro
Kyle Pasta (2 years ago)
What kind of car is this? Audi? Bmw?
Taje017 (2 years ago)
Kyle Pasta haha
Kyle Pasta (2 years ago)
@Taje017 no it's the Velociraptor 2000 XL
Taje017 (2 years ago)
Kyle Pasta the 2014 dragon sfx 5
Johnny Jungkyum Kim (2 years ago)
this is a realllyyy cool video. did you shoot it with Gopro??
Minibeatz™ (2 years ago)
South central where the gang at in Los Angeles because I say in Compton
The One (5 months ago)
Really you live there is it safe?
Wolfie D (2 years ago)
wish the view would have been a normal view, that contrasting view is not so cool!
Ricardo Callado (2 years ago)
los santos real life
YorumiTech (2 years ago)
i went there last year >_<
Sam M (2 years ago)
Boring ass place. Been there, nothing much to do. Downtown Chicago and New york city are real fun. Especially Chicago's loop and River North are amazing!
nikita70 (2 years ago)
This is absolutely aweinspiring!!! Feels kinda... strange and surprisingly familiar in the same time... I had an importunate impression of something between prophecy and deja vu or flashback as I watched this video... I'd bet I've been there, one way or another, in this life/dimension or the paralell one. Strange shit, honestly. I have to watch it again as being high on weed or so.
Sammy Jay (2 years ago)
I just puffed and watched this it was nice
Google User (2 years ago)
The driving seems so easy
Cysiek msp (2 years ago)
like i lowe losange les sam i cat
アトムkitty (2 years ago)
Seems so nice and safe.
rusty nuts (2 years ago)
Nice looking city. It's got a very weird and cool light to it at night.
Akhil Vijayan (2 years ago)
Lil Ze (2 years ago)

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