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How Expensive is Traveling in FINLAND? Exploring Helsinki

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In this video I explore Helsinki, the capital of Finland and show how much things cost. NEED GEAR FOR YOUR TRAVELS? Visit Gabriel's Amazon e-store for ideas: https://www.amazon.com/shop/gabrieltraveler PLANNING A BUDGET TRAVELING TRIP? "Gabe's Guide to Budget Travel" is a travel guidebook that's packed with practical travel info. For more info CLICK HERE: http://amzn.to/2hRlQFi Or check out "Following My Thumb", Gabriel's book of adventure travel stories: http://amzn.to/2EaWk7Q More books by Gabriel Morris: https://www.amazon.com/Gabriel-Morris/e/B001JS0KOS/ Support Gabriel's videos on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/gabrieltraveler Follow on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gabrieltraveler Join the "Love of Travel" Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/224985807515334/ Gabriel's travel page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Explore-the-World/226239094115488 Follow on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/gabrieltravel Lots more adventure travel at: http://gabrieltraveler.com Video created by Gabriel Morris, who is the owner of all video or photo content. Filmed with a GoPro HERO6 Black. Get it here: http://amzn.to/2zPXIgm. Gabriel is a world traveler and travel writer who has been adventuring around the world off and on since his first trip to Europe in the summer of 1990 when he was 18 years old. He is author of "Gabe's Guide to Budget Travel", "Following My Thumb" and several other books available on Amazon.com and elsewhere. Thanks a lot for watching and safe journeys! How Expensive is Traveling in FINLAND? Exploring Helsinki
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Patricia Bracken (1 day ago)
I have been to Sweden, Norway, Denmark. Very advanced Countries. All beautiful. Living in Europe it's easier for me to travel to other parts. Flights cheaper. Also Europe has thousands of years of. history.
Patricia Bracken (1 day ago)
Norway is also very expensive.
Holo Holopainen (1 day ago)
I Have seen Many Helsinki Videos - IT really pays off to Watch videos in advance ! Eat & acco / Enjoy Watching !
BOB MD (2 days ago)
Why is this city so expensive there's nothing so special and it looks creepy roots are dirty buildings looks like 70s. Deserted areas not a special kind of meal
Maguy Joseph (6 days ago)
Finland is expensive
jesuisravi (7 days ago)
may I ask how much money you spent on the 6 month journey around the world that you mention in this video? 8,000$, 10,000$ or what? I've seen quite a few of your videos but I don't think you have ever said what an entire tour costs. Be good to know.
jesuisravi (6 days ago)
+Gabriel Traveler sounds right
Gabriel Traveler (7 days ago)
Good question but I really don't know. I make money online while I travel, so I don't keep track of exactly how much I'm spending. I'd say a good guess at an average amount per month is $2,000, not including airfare. So in total somewhere between $12,000-15,000 for the six months.
Sávio Faschet (28 days ago)
DAMMNNN This is expensive has helllllllll!
Kalle Konttinen (1 month ago)
Did you notice that on the restaurant was admiral Juhani Kaskiala at the next table. He was commander of the Finnish Defense Forces couple years ago.
ValoXIII (2 months ago)
Would have been cool if you didnt just check out the most expensive places in the city. Still. cool video!
kernowrock555 (2 months ago)
So... you 'Finished' your trip around the world with 'Finnish' folk ! how very 'apt'! :)
Gabriel Traveler (2 months ago)
Haha, true.
D A B (2 months ago)
Helsinki gang! I am from helsinki
gauravzerogravity (2 months ago)
I paid 8 euros for a shitty veg burger of burger king at helsinki airport
poikatiikeri (2 months ago)
You didn't say you don't TIP in finland. Prices include it.
Lischu (1 month ago)
Yes you can tip if you feel the service was exceptionally good but tipping is not mandatory.
dude (2 months ago)
I don't travel as much as you. But every year I choose a couple of countries and cross the atlantic. Last year was Berlin, oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Warsaw, kiev, Sofia, Skopje, pristine, Istanbul, valetta, Rome and Lisbon
Gabriel Traveler (2 months ago)
Not bad!
dude (2 months ago)
Man, when you have been there. I was last November waiting the boat to the island, took some pictures of a guy at the sauna in the frozen weather. Maybe it was you
dude (2 months ago)
If it was I can post it at Instagram to you
garm0nb0z1a (3 months ago)
Helsinki really isn't that expensive, I found it to be much cheaper than Los Angeles or Seattle. There might be a blog/thread out there that can give you tips on how to do Helsinki on the cheap. Even without this, my wife and I were spending about $15-20 each on very good meals and about $5 per meal from the grocery store. Also found a bar with $5 pilsners (cheaper than other cities mentioned above).
Craig (2 months ago)
5 bucks for a beer isn't cheap.
onlineprint. fi (3 months ago)
Beer cost 2,50 euros/ 0,4 L to the "roskapankki" Helsinki Kallio
z ahio (3 months ago)
I think that those prices were pretty standard and not tourist prices. Of course you can find cheaper places too, but many places are like that. Alcohol law just got looser than it was before, so you can find more places with happy hour prices, because they can advertise those now. Too bad you didn't come here few weeks later. The warmest summer maybe ever and spring turned into summer really fast.
Oscar Gold (4 months ago)
Ten points for ordering "herring steaks"
Samski (4 months ago)
Thanks for sharing! You're very gifted. I really like to travel as well:)I not too long ago shared my first ever video - My travel diary in Queenstown. Eep!Would certainly adore your feed-back on my video/editing so I can also develop like you!
Samski (4 months ago)
oh sorry... i thought I mustn't of sent it. Thank you :)
Gabriel Traveler (4 months ago)
Hey, yeah I checked it out actually and posted a comment. You must not have gotten the notification. It's under the video.
dewan King (4 months ago)
Looks pretty plain
Mr. Putler Gollum (4 months ago)
Next time when you in Europe - visit lesser known tourist destinations, like: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Georgia, Azerbaijan.
Mr. Putler Gollum (4 months ago)
Yeah, l saw after that, that you visit some of these countries. By the way l'm from Lithuania. Sėkmės (good luck).
Gabriel Traveler (4 months ago)
I've been to some of those: Slovakia, Slovenia and Montenegro, and would love to visit the others. I've seen quite a bit of eastern Europe, here are a few of my videos from there: https://www.youtube.com/user/gabejedmo/search?query=Balkans
propel GT (4 months ago)
On tää suomi niin kaunis maa👌
Törp Mörp (4 months ago)
If you eat at lunch time (11am to 2 or 3 pm) you can find plenty of all you can eat buffets for under 10 €. There are a lot of cheaper places to eat and buy food than those you mentioned
prakash abhi (5 months ago)
Boring place
Juuso Peltoniemi (4 months ago)
I agree. Nothing to do in here Finland.
Manuzki (5 months ago)
5:20 that cheaper prise is only for people that have and use "S-Etukorti" in English S-Bonuscard.
KoRno (5 months ago)
Those are Helsinki prices. Not finnish prices.
Cris Yorke (5 months ago)
I was in Helsinki, and it's okay. Tallinn and Tartu are worse.
Gino de la Paz (5 months ago)
You were in my neighbourhood :) Ravintola means restaurant in Finnish.
Gabriel Traveler (5 months ago)
Cool, thanks.
Sakshi S (5 months ago)
Finland doesnt exist
Gabriel Traveler (5 months ago)
Feel free to elaborate.
5000Kone (5 months ago)
The straight translation of Helsingin Tuomiokirkko is Helsinki Judgementchurch XD I´m not sure why but all big Finnish cathedrals are called in Finnish "Judgement church".
asis the gamer (6 months ago)
Render Wood (6 months ago)
Restaurant Sea Horse (the last one you visited) is nice classic place, it has huge food portions (when compared to Helsinki standard). It actually happens to be about the only restaurant where you need to leave your coat and pay for it. (It's because they want to be old school and have the man in the front as they did 80yrs ago). Only other places for mandatory coat-charge are the late-night discos. Also due to the fact that tipping is not mandatory in Finland, these prices are not even as expensive as in NYC.
Christopher Schmidt (6 months ago)
I live in Europe in the north of France next to Germany l have my own home and car and I live in carpinteria California Santa Barbara in the winter time on the beach I have been looking at your videos and I live like that from Chris 😎
Michael Walters (6 months ago)
Good Shit
nixo000 1 (6 months ago)
These are the most expensive streets in the whole finland, so you can take half of the prices off
Keke Kuningas (6 months ago)
Living in Helsinki, its not that expensive if you know where to go.. Like 1 mile outside of central all prices are like half from that, what was in video.. Ofc if want to go to 4-5 stars restaurants, it will cost more :D Like that König was 4 stars in 2017, but seriously, you will get same or even better food from small restaurants outside from central.. And there is Kämp near of König, there small coffee cost 10e and its like served in golden cup.. Sandwich 15-20e.. Hotel room to night 400e, small one... Penthouse - 20,000e per night.
J Gavin (6 months ago)
Those prices are cheap compared to UK.
Kalle Ketelä (6 months ago)
erottajanpuisto was the area in helsinki the hostel was in
weapea (6 months ago)
For food, go to Lidl, dont use restaurants. For sleep over, go to someones home. That K shop is the most expencive in here! The seawater is safer than it looks. If you want to live cheap, make friends in Finland and they tell you where is the cheapest places!
Mikko Maakari (6 months ago)
The dollar is very weak compared to the euro nowadays. Therefore Europe is quite expensive for Americans today. Using airbnb and finding the right places to eat makes it cheaper.
Micah Bell (6 months ago)
Here are some words you might need if ever visit Finland.😀 Hello👋 - hintti👋 How are you doing? - vedä kätees kyrpä? Can you help me? - mennääkö panemaan? Thank you - painu vittuun You look good - vitun läski This is so good - täyttä paskaa I love your country! - tää mesta on perseestä! Where can i find toilet? - haluatko turpaan kusipää? Hope i helped you out🤗🤗.
Sampopankki (6 months ago)
Yes, Helsinki is very pricy especially in the center where tourists visit. Come to the countryside and I'll grill you a salmon straight from a river with baby potatoes right from the backyard. Just bring your own beer.
Gabriel Traveler (6 months ago)
Sounds delicious.
Seba P (6 months ago)
all those restaurants were the most expensive ones in the entire city. You can get quality food for half that price from restaurant chains like, Classic Pizza, Chicos or santa fe.
babycat (6 months ago)
lets just say that Finland is fucking expensive.
Jan Klaeui (6 months ago)
How did you like helsinki? Its small huh?
Polina Bentley (6 months ago)
It is not the name of Hostel in Finnish!
s Ray (6 months ago)
Kallio is the part of town where you find cheap beer, food, prostitutes, drugs and live music! Lepakkomies is the bar where you see the local bands.
Nasty Nilson (6 months ago)
Straight translation for Helsingin tuomiokirkko is Doomchurch of Helsinki. :D
Kikkelis Kokkelis (6 months ago)
I live in Finland and its the best country
Flea bitten (2 months ago)
I hope it doesn't turn into Sweden
Outolempinimi (6 months ago)
You could have had reasonable priced meals at Unicafes which few of them are located right at the center. They are catering mainly for university students as you would guess by the name and for them the prices are ridiculously cheap by any standards, full set of meals starting around 2.5 euros. Can't remember from top of my head how much the regular price is but should still be good value for the money.
Miqz0 (6 months ago)
Erottajanpuisto is the name of the street the hostel is on, not the name of the hostel itself
Maksym Frantsuzov (6 months ago)
Why is everything so expensive? There are probably billionaires living in this city.
Stacking Benjies (6 months ago)
You can very likely count Finnish billionaires with one hand. Heck, probably with 2 fingers haha. Finland has progressive and aggressive taxation for people who make insane amounts of money, because no one needs money like that.☺️ The restaurants he showed were likely some of the priciest basic restaurants in Helsinki center. Of course you can spend a lot less or a lot more too. But yeah, it's no secret that the Nordic countries are a bit pricey in some things.
u aint me (6 months ago)
I live in finland and this seems really expensive.... :D
Ristomatti (6 months ago)
BTW Erottajanpuisto is name of the place where hostel is located
kill3rfin (6 months ago)
Helsinki is helsinki in finnisb. Helsingin means Helkinsi's
okayyymc3 (6 months ago)
Helsinki is literally Helsinki in Finnish. Helsingin is just how it's spelled in genetive. Helsingin = Helsinki's.
diamonddog257 (6 months ago)
looks like Canada....no-one around : ....hey gabe;.......[uhh]........er................did you get 'any'?......the finns are even better women than swedes...... cs
Fortune (6 months ago)
@13:15 "Finland is not cheap" Correction: Helsinki is not cheap, you need to travel further inland. I'd also recommend rentals as opposed to hostels, provided you're willing to commit to something, Finland can be an amazing place to live. For example, optical internet (300Mbps or 35MB/s) can be as little as €60 per month.
Ff (6 months ago)
Why the fuck would someone want to get here :D?
Sanna Hyrsky (7 months ago)
That "yogurt" stuff is call quark.
Mikko Maakari (7 months ago)
He found all the most expensive places in the center of Helsinki. He found the burger for 16,90 euros at a michelin star restaurant. At a Burger King around the corner you get two whopper meals for 10€. The weak dollar also makes everything expensive for Americans. A beer will cost 8 € in the center of the city, but if you take the tram to Vallila or Kallio they sell you a pint for 3,5€, and at Musta Härkä in Vallila the pint costs only1 € at happy hour from 9-11.
RovexHD (3 months ago)
But burger king is shit. Why go to Finland to splash on American junk food?
Mikko Maakari (6 months ago)
Yeah and I forgot to mention that you can explore Finland really cheap with Onnibussi. They have 1 € euro fares to Tampere and Turku if you book thru the internet, and even if you buy the ticket from the bus the fares are about 5-25 euros to anywhere in Finland. Yees and the rest of Finland is much cheaper than the tourist area in Helsinki.
Mikko Maakari (6 months ago)
Hesburger has a great hamburger sauce and mayo. At Restaurant Lappi you can eat reindeer. I suggest that you move out from Kauppatori and the city center, so you will not get ripped off. Explore Helsinki and Finland. Everything costs half the money outside the tourist area in the city center, and you will get to know the culture and people that way.
Stacking Benjies (6 months ago)
Jussi Karlstedt For sure burger is a burger, but it would be better to at least have one at Hesburger which is a Finnish burger joint, rather than in BK which is American.☺️ Oh well, just my thoughts. Reindeer with mashed potatoes would be the must have Finnish dish for a traveler imo, though the downside is that it isn't very cheap...
Mikko Maakari (6 months ago)
A burger is a burger. A 17 euro burger is not that different from a 5 euro burger. If you wanna eat traditional Finnish food you can go, and eat at Restaurant Lappi, or Helmi grilli. Lunchplaces also have traditional Finnish food on their menu. There is more ethnic food in Helsinki than Finnish food.
Caldera (7 months ago)
For a more wallet friendly view of Helsinki, check out Life of Boris' trip to Finland.
Henri T (7 months ago)
Helsinki is expensive place.
Mario Losberg (7 months ago)
I forgotten and winter and spring... summer wibes here... greet's from Croatia... :)
GameCorner (7 months ago)
Too expensive
Poor Coyote (7 months ago)
A quick city tour in Helsinki really gets on your wallet, but its not that bad when you travel into any smaller town and avoid buying too much from the main streets like you should always do while travelling. Barcelona for example is a great one for this, 1 liter beer on the mainstreet restaurants was 13 euros, but you can walk into a bar next block and pay only 1-2 euros for the same.
Jaakko Heinonen (7 months ago)
Went to most expensive part of Helsinki... and to one of the most expensive grills in the *TOURIST AREA* to say that its one of the cheapest. (I get that its your first time in finland but still there are much cheaper places literally 500m away.) and the beer... basic beer is from 4 to 7€ and premium beer and imports go up to 12€ or something (but yes is very expensive that I will not deny)
Esmo (7 months ago)
Eating outside is usually very expensive in Finland, especially in Helsinki and those fancy restaurants you visited.
rainasto (7 months ago)
It is really nice to see videos from foreingners about Finland and especially Helsinki. I'm living in capital area and there is also way more cheaper places also in Helsinki if you travel little bit away from city centre :) I hope you had nice trip in Helsinki, Finland!
Antti-Kalle Karasti (7 months ago)
It frustrates me when I see videos from Helsinki city center and tourists looking at the expensive prices! I can say Finland is not that expensive.. You just need to know places where to go! Altought what a nice video! :) Next time I can give you some advice :)
ks t (7 months ago)
Hi! I live in finland but not in a Helsinki. you have to go outside of helsinki explore the contry maybe there is more interesting stuff! like our nature, animals, lapland, sauna, food culture,education, many others thinks! JUST EXPLORE!!!!!
Marianne (7 months ago)
The reason why there wasn't many people in the cold pool: It was too warm spring day so you might just as well go into the warm pool. It has to be -20 Celsius so that people enjoy the cold pool. Otherwise it's just boring... XD Also, you can get cheap food if you don't go to fancy restaurants (I mean, they are literally the fanciest restaurants, because they are in the capital city of Finland). Maybe we should make a guide for every country, for different experiences and budgets. That way it wouldn't require that you know someone from the country who knows all the prices and culture habits and so on.
Sari Salmela (7 months ago)
Helsinki is Hell and paradise at same time and finnish people dont care about anyone and you never get married with woman if you are lesbian in this dark and cold rat hole :( :( :(
Stacking Benjies (6 months ago)
Sari Salmela Hope you get some help for your severe sounding depression. There's tons of lesbian couples/marriages in Finland...
Se Tietty (7 months ago)
I have to say that those bunk beds are ugliest thing I've ever seen. And I'm from Finland. You chose worst hotel in whole country.
MrAntifunctional (7 months ago)
As a Finn, daamn I hate the American view of Finland 😀 Tempted to of course say ”This is not...” like many natives do about their country but I can definitely see a bit of a cooler side of it 😆
Mike (7 months ago)
Helsingin = "of Helsinki" Helsinki = Helsinki ::PPP
yrkeswebtrollet dotcom (7 months ago)
Thinking those people who living in Finland evry day with those expensive price’s and even the income in Finland was small.
mattijees (7 months ago)
Erottajanpuisto, means You're fired Park
Tommy Holmblad (7 months ago)
In Helsinki (Helsingfors) the prices are higher than for example in Österbotten (Vaasa/Vasa) The average sallary is also alot higher in the capital area than in the rest of Finland..
Meitti (7 months ago)
Do keep in mind Helsinki has higher cost of living than pretty much most other cities in Finland, almost a separate entity from the rest of the country.
Aku Silvenius (7 months ago)
Gabriel. Thank you for the work and research you've made for travellers :)
Päivi Nuutinmäki (7 months ago)
Helsinki is as expensive as San Francisco if you are acting like a tourist. Almosta everything was more expensive in SanFran. And btw. The places you loojed for meal in arestaurant are almost the most expensive in Helsinki ;)
Mustafa Saadaldin (7 months ago)
My advice is to eat at buffet restaurants, 10 euros will be more than enough
ktammi (7 months ago)
for 10e you get a great buffet here...
Oscar Sundell (7 months ago)
I live in finland
DuBstep115 (7 months ago)
cheapest options should always include mcdonals cheese burgers 1 is 1 euro.
Henri Holopainen (7 months ago)
You could get free hostel well almous like hostel experiense by couch surfing and The person who is The owner of The House could show you Helsinki
RovexHD (3 months ago)
Anna Paakki (7 months ago)
You just didn't know where to find cheeper options :D In the heart of Helsinki there are restaurants with a really good price-quality-ratio..Next time try this: https://www.ravintolailves.fi/en/ There are plenty of little restaurants/pizza places/pubs/cafes in the center area that are quite inexpensive. You just have to find them, they are located in the side alleys. If you take a bus outside city-center, you'll get a pint of beer like 3-5 euros or so.. And I mean you don't have to travel far, a couple of kilometers or 2 miles...and there's food being served also!
ded (7 months ago)
I was really confused why those prices were so high. I am from Finland, I live in a town near helsinki but its wayy cheaper
Biggles Biggleswade. (7 months ago)
I know a couple of friends who got really bad food poisoning in the Seahorse restaurant. Would advise to stay clear..
Christian Jull (7 months ago)
Finland and Helsinki get significantly more reasonable if you live here (permanently). There are many things that are considerably cheaper than other 'cheaper' European countries that you won't encounter until you live here. For example, district heating and heated water, which are produced from the excess heat of power stations and 'piped' into apartment blocks. This is a lot cheaper and included in electric bills. Permanent residents also get cheaper travel cards (the train trip from the airport costs €4.20 for a local with a travel card - 80 mins unlimited travel in 3 city regions). If you live here, you also know where to go shopping and where to avoid (e.g. the difference between visiting the tourist-geared Old Market Hall near the Market Square and the local-geared Hakieniemi Market Hall). Lol, and not going to centrally-located expensive restaurants (in Helsinki terms), and places in the tourist Market Square when staying in hostels. Decent tourist guide books will tell you this! Oh, and there is free wifi EVERYWHERE, even the airport. Yes, many things are more expensive, but pay is proportionally higher, and the higher taxes are used very well compared to non-Nordic countries.
dude (2 months ago)
I 've been there last November and I can tell you I was very disappointed cause I couldnt get free Wi-Fi as was told in all places, such as central station, but a guy offering perfume and marijuana
Jupe (7 months ago)
Helsinki is just Helsinki in Finnish. "Helsingin" would be "HelsinkiS". As in "Helsingin Tuomiokirkko" would be "Helsinkis Cathedral".
Roy Hakanen (7 months ago)
Yeah ! Finland
Maggie Reman (7 months ago)
#whatevertheheckthatmeans 😄😄😄
Antton (7 months ago)
Helsinki is the capital of Finland and more south you are the more expensive it is. Ofc turist attractions are also expensive anywhere so best thing is go up north and buy your food from places that dont look so glamore
pilkkuvijo (7 months ago)
It is expensive if you are tourist, but if you live in Finland then it is pretty cheap.
Nyx (7 months ago)
Or then you can visit the countryside where you may just get everything for free, not recommended though lol
loxboy (7 months ago)
He went to Helsinki city centre, which is one of the most expensive places in Finland
ashullu (7 months ago)
haha thats why we dont eat out

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