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13 Charles Capps - Releasing the Ability of God thru Prayer 01

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1986 - Releasing the Ability of God thru Prayer 01 These and more video's can be found at Jeh's Video Bible School http://jhlavac.mnsi.net/word/bible/vbs.htm
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Juud Chimaoge (2 months ago)
Thank God for discovering Charles Capps teachings! It's changing my life.
A.2.J. HOLYLOVEAFFAIR (2 months ago)
So! Basically When Someone Is Speaking And Holy Spirit Alerts As Empty Rhetoric! Could We Kindly Say! You Don't Believe What You Are Saying! So! Why Should We Be Expected To Believe Words Spoken! Let's Look At The Promises That Produce Evidence 2.Continue Devine Will Of God's Subject Matter At Hand!
Sherry Beckley (7 months ago)
Thank you for the series!
Jennie RedRose (5 months ago)
Sherry Beckley amen
Boyer Barner (1 year ago)
The teachings of Charles Capps, if you apply them, will change your life.
TheBimp92 (1 year ago)
Takero Kenzaie (1 year ago)
Blessed by God
Preme Supreme (1 year ago)
Lourdes Oliva (1 year ago)
good teacher.
thobisi moloi (1 year ago)
I have listened to all faith preachings, but not to this magnitude, Charles Capps has exceeded my expectations
Stephanie Perez (1 year ago)
Wonderful Father God I receive today's Revelation wisdom and knowledge of your Word Amen
Berhane Kibrom (2 years ago)
Praying for financial relies
Charles Capps has given us the Best teachings!!☺
moorednc (2 years ago)
Just got the book to study along! Thank you for sharing!
Ik Victor (2 years ago)
Great message.
LINDA PEARL Ndlovu (4 years ago)
Beautiful, Thank you for sharing
John Randolph (4 years ago)
Charles Capps

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