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SUPER Kung-Fu Fantasy Movies 2018 ● Best Action Movies Hollywood Full Movies English

27137 ratings | 8042613 views
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Text Comments (1267)
Lone Hameed (38 minutes ago)
I love this movie oss
Jay Jones (3 hours ago)
Great movie from Dallas TX
Rasel Rana (5 hours ago)
nic movie
tonyelbows (10 hours ago)
with their hats like that, I assume they had elongated skulls, like in Peru or Egypt. Or, they are emulating "nobles" with elongated heads. Think about it.
Shalina Baniega (1 day ago)
Tarkan arif (1 day ago)
Best movie I Love..
Yhannie Ji (1 day ago)
Awesome movie thanks for uploading 👍👍👍
SUSUMA (1 day ago)
狄仁傑系列啊。趙又 廷主演。
Hdjdhcvv Hdhdjcb (1 day ago)
kuldeep kumar (1 day ago)
Nice movie
kuldeep kumar (1 day ago)
Nur Bohay (1 day ago)
Chitam Nguyen (1 day ago)
Việc nam có ai xem với mình ko hi
Shafwatar Rahman (1 day ago)
Begus pilemmah
harry truman (1 day ago)
nice movie
Kun Rinku (1 day ago)
Get nhat phim kg jich tieng♣
S W (1 day ago)
BDHG MR4 (1 day ago)
Superb quality good job...
yuvaraj yuva (1 day ago)
Movie name
Aissa Zoubiri (1 day ago)
فيلم جميل جدا
Xuan Pham (1 day ago)
What's the name movie?
Tamika Spence (1 day ago)
Why do all these futuristic Chinese Kung Fu movies posted in their original language. Hello, they're English here too... Smdh
Gda yg sub indon apa??
Sonia Ramos (1 day ago)
Best movie, best flying ever. Thanks for sharing 🙏
VAISHNO MOVIES (2 days ago)
hindi me dal ese.
Birdy Birdy (2 days ago)
superb movie😍😍
ماجد الشمري (2 days ago)
فلم حلو جدآ
Kun Khmer Official (2 days ago)
This is really nice, I like to watch it
Nekeia Flowe (2 days ago)
I loved it!!!!!
hdy fjd (2 days ago)
funny kungfu
Yoy Sopha (3 days ago)
Prem Dangi (3 days ago)
Markus Panduwinoto (3 days ago)
dee ace
Bharatjee Jaiswal (3 days ago)
This movie in hindi ka link vejo
Wade Sharp (3 days ago)
its in chiese noooooo.....budget as
robert healy (3 days ago)
where is closed caption? all i see is advertisement..ok there, but for so looooong
nonkululeko diba (3 days ago)
Strong message. I loooooooooved it 😭😭❤️🔥
Mix Source (3 days ago)
Sorry i dont understand sub english
Ninja Swagg (5 days ago)
Awesome movie👍👍👍
xavier jack (5 days ago)
i love it
Ochewa AKA (5 days ago)
better movie, from Malawi
Abdul Qadeer (5 days ago)
Zabardast move
imy (6 days ago)
Leonardo Garcia (6 days ago)
Freaking nice movieeee I love all the asian movies specially Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. They Know how to make Movies. Thank you!!! Btw the website is not working.
MR ROY REMIX (6 days ago)
Sub me beak
AroldoEscobar (6 days ago)
Y no entendi
god god
Bahrul Muhit (7 days ago)
Sub a Indonesia
alex chaudhry (7 days ago)
i really love all your moves, this is a very cool channel i subbed
Slave of Earth (7 days ago)
Nice sorcery and good story. I like it. 😀
Airol 674 (7 days ago)
Make Naruto movie like this ..made in japan..That really looks real likes this movie of course big bang...hello japan i wait Naruto movie in real live like this ...
Gracias por poner estas películas chinas en su idioma natural, nos encantan aquí en mi casa
Generoso Abiul (7 days ago)
Nice movie
Ghatani Rajesh (7 days ago)
wow amazing
Yaduvanshi Dhan Raj (7 days ago)
Kurt Patterson (8 days ago)
Visual treat. Love from Jamaica.
Yong Hee (8 days ago)
Amarjeet Chauhan (8 days ago)
hindi cahiye
fais khan (8 days ago)
Really a great movie.
J. Reapmusic (9 days ago)
Mayo Grazias (9 days ago)
Very good movie worth watching 😊. Star studed film with great actor and actress.
Md Bidyut (10 days ago)
so nice of you
Rochelle Ochea (11 days ago)
very nice fantasy movie
Geraldo Meduranda (11 days ago)
Craig Boyd (11 days ago)
usman khan (11 days ago)
Nice move
Nilo iligan (11 days ago)
I like that movie
Izhar Saputra (12 days ago)
Judulnya apa min?
Eko Ashika (12 days ago)
Apik .. tpi or mudeng bosone 😆😆
Harry Saputra (12 days ago)
NPD Free (12 days ago)
Hằng diệu (13 days ago)
Phim hay tuyệt, tiếc ko dịch tiếng việt
brahim soussi (13 days ago)
ifolki iga ma izara yan tanmirte
Hằng diệu (13 days ago)
Phim hay
Lalsingh Rajput (13 days ago)
Nice Movie
FIRE YT-Gaming (13 days ago)
Excelente, saludos y bendiciones
Umair Khan (14 days ago)
Urdu in
Sarah Ferrer (14 days ago)
I always love the traditional Chinese movies ❤
Fabra Lufuma (14 days ago)
wow what a nice movie with subtitle! i like it
Patrick Valver (14 days ago)
if you do not like the movie, do you not like it in French too?
Groc (15 days ago)
Detective Dee. The Four Heavenly Kings 2018 [ English Subtitles ].
Saadul Z (15 days ago)
thank you so much :)
حمو مستر (15 days ago)
اذا عربي صلي على النبي وضغط لايك
harinarayan pandey (15 days ago)
Sale Hindi me dikhao
Apon Bakshi (15 days ago)
Nice movie
Al Amin (15 days ago)
Great movie from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩
Lakhan Kushwah (16 days ago)
Hindi me dalo
mon jamuk (16 days ago)
great movies from china
Arta Eve (16 days ago)
Actually, whats the title of this movie ? This movie have a season 2 or not ?
RivMus (16 days ago)
Hello noodlegirl1224 Your name of the movie please. Thank you
WILLIAM AND FAICAL (16 days ago)
So hot hot movie 🎥 hot men Chinese
Shahed Shariar (16 days ago)
Wonderful movie
Julius Gonzales (16 days ago)
part 2 please
Tharson Son (16 days ago)
Nice move
Võ Vũ (17 days ago)
Có Ai cho Tôi biết Phim này có tiêu đề là gì ko zay? Cám ơn.
Lucu Lucu Aja (17 days ago)
Nice movies please subtitle Indonesia
onwe chimezie Promise (17 days ago)
One word AWESOME from nigeria# living in Philippines
kabol habbi (17 days ago)
haha i can feel

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