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++NEW Magic Clover slot machine

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A simple little game. ++ Please Subscribe & Like: http://www.youtube.com/user/sasakigs?sub_confirmation=1 --- Random $$ Slots www.RandomSSSlots.com Slot Calculator & Casino Info www.facebook.com/randomssslots
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O K (1 year ago)
Enjoyed this video. Thank you!
O K (1 year ago)
Random $$ Slots Very simple. It reminds me of Magic Pony (kind of childish) in some way.
RandomSlots (1 year ago)
A simple game
Jennifer Goodwin (1 year ago)
Can I just copy Tom's comment and pretend I wrote it?  Not much to say about this "simple little game" from Banyon, and you've already said all of that.  I can't even find a connection to Microgaming (like your other recent Banyon games had) that I can point out  (Where's Brian when I need him!!!).  Guess the library is closed for Thanksgiving Week. But I do like Leprechauns -- particularly the red haired one from your video of  Ireland --  so thumbs up for the videos, Random, and congrats on the 560 credit win...11x your 50 cent bet.  Begorra! 🍀
RandomSlots (1 year ago)
Maybe it is more exciting if you are playing at Max Bet
Tom J (1 year ago)
No exploding dinosaurs? Does the chair even vibrate? What kind of slot machine is this?
O K (1 year ago)
Random $$ Slots You say the funniest things!
RandomSlots (1 year ago)
If you eat a big helping of beans about an hour before playing this game, the chair will vibrate then...
wlwal1 (1 year ago)
A very simple game, but that bonus was not that great! Even with that wild In the center, and those re-spins, did not win very much! Good thing you got a bonus early!
RandomSlots (1 year ago)
Yes, on games like this, it is good to get the bonus early (on all games, for that matter, now that I think of it)

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