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24 cheapest cities in Europe (part 2)| Travel | Destinations | Budget travel

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https://wanderlust-magazine.com/europes-24-cheapest-cities/ 13. PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC Gothic style architecture along with immense history and breath-taking views. Estimated Daily Budget: US$66 / day. 12. VILNIUS, LITHUANIA Various styles of architecture and charming Old Town. Cathedrals, churches and historic monuments. Estimated Daily Budget: US$66 / day. 11. RIGA, LATVIA The city of Riga is known for its wooden buildings, art nouveau architecture and medieval Old Town. Estimated Daily Budget: US$62 / day. 10. ZAGREB, CROATIA Yet another Croatian city offering its charm, history and architectural beauty to its visitors from around the globe. Estimated Daily Budget: US$60 / day. 9. SARAJEVO, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA The city offers a tremendous amount of parks, waterfalls and hiking trails, and is an excellent base point for nearby day trip getaways. Estimated Daily Budget: US$56 / day. 8. CESKY KRUMLOV, CZECH REPUBLIC Incredible views, a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful architecture, vast number of historic and UNESCO world heritage sites. Estimated Daily Budget: US$50 / day. 7. BELGRADE, SERBIA Nikola Tesla Museum, the church of Saint Sava and Belgrade Fortress are among the most popular must-see landmarks of the city. Estimated Daily Budget: US$49 / day. 6. ISTANBUL, TURKEY A diverse city offering a vast amount of mosques, churches and palaces. As well as some of the country’s best markets. Estimated Daily Budget: US$49 / day. 5. BUDAPEST, HUNGARY This major European city is filled with old castles, fortresses and UNESCO world heritage sites, among other famous landmarks. Estimated Daily Budget: US$48 / day. 4. SOFIA, BULGARIA Ancient town of Serdica in Sofia center. One and only gratitude cathedral near by. Churches and the National Historical Museum with the famous gold Panagyurishte Treasure. Estimated Daily Budget: US$46 / day. 3. KRAKOW, POLAND An architectural paradise full with medieval castles and other historic landmarks. Stunning natural beauty. Estimated Daily Budget: US$45 / day. 2. KIEV, UKRAINE Kiev may come across as somewhat a hub for the Christian Orthodox religion with a massive amount of churches, cathedrals and monasteries. Estimated Daily Budget: US$44 / day. 1. BUCHAREST, ROMANIA Our cheapest city in Europe offers many architectural landmarks. Remarkable parks and gardens. Estimated Daily Budget: US$43 / day.
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Λουκάσ SRB (3 months ago)
Good video but you could put more beutiful pictures of Belgrade😂

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