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Most Expensive Rolex Diamond Watches for Men and Women | JUST EXCLUCIVE

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The company is considered as number one producer of wristwatches in the world and this is why its products top the list of the world’s most expensive watches. Let’s discover more about the most expensive and luxurious Rolex watches in the world through taking a look at the top 10 most expensive Rolex diamond watches that are presented to you here. 列出男士和女士最昂貴的勞力士鑽石手錶 | Λίστα των πιο ακριβών Rolex Diamond ρολόγια για άνδρες και γυναίκες 1. Rolex GMT 116769TBR – $485,350. Here is the most expensive Rolex diamond watch in the world. The price of this watch is chiefly responsible for making it highly ranked at the top of the list as the most expensive diamond watch ever made by Rolex. This magnificent and stunning watch costs $485,350 thanks to the dazzling features that can be found in it. 2. Rolex Platinum Pearlmaster 18956 – $276,000. Rolex Platinum Pearlmaster 18956 was released in 2011 and is available as a special edition watch. Its case measures 39 millimeters in diameter and the features that it has include a unique diamond meteorite dial, baguette diamond bracelet, bezel with 40 diamonds, amazing double-quick set that is made of sapphire crystal, hidden clasp for more elegance, Oyster 20 mm bracelet, platinum case. 3. Rolex Datejust Ladies White Gold Diamond Pave Watch – $109,350. This fabulous watch is made of 18k white gold and is pave diamond since it is completely covered with diamonds especially the dial. It features automatic movement, hours, seconds, minutes and date functions. The watch’s case is 26 millimeters in diameter and is encrusted with 150 diamonds. All of these features increase the price of the watch to cost $109,350 making it the most expensive diamond watch for women made by Rolex. 4. Rolex Datejust Ladies Yellow Gold Diamond Pave Watch – $105,950. This watch is ranked as the 4th most expensive diamond watch made by Rolex; however it is the most expensive watch to be made of yellow gold. The watch is made of 18k yellow gold and features pave diamond dial, automatic movement, hours, seconds, minutes and date functions. The watch’s case measures 26 millimeters in diameter and is encrusted with 150 diamonds. The bracelet is also inlaid with diamonds making the watch cost $105,950. 5. Rolex Watches-Daytona White Gold-Diamond Bezel – 116599TBR – $103,084. It is one of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona Watches. The watch features an 18K white gold case that measures 40 millimeters in diameter, end-pieces which are encrusted with 48 diamonds, bezel with 36 baguette diamonds, enamel Arabic numerals, pave diamond dial, black strap and 18K white gold clasp. Information Collection -- www.topteny.com Information link-- http://bit.ly/2v2oIqU Finally thank you topteny.com -------------------------------------------------------------- If you have any question then comment,if you like the video And share with your friend. If want to see more video Then subscribe the channel And stay with us. ----------------------- Our Google+ = http://bit.ly/2ubcoSx Our Twitter = http://bit.ly/2ug9ko Our Facebook = http://bit.ly/2toU5b8 ----------------------- Top List 4K TV------ http://bit.ly/2tY7iYd Watch Brand -------http://bit.ly/2vaob6M
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