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MLP Season 8 In a Nutshell: Ep. 13 "The Mean 6"

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its amazing how they never figured out what happened lol super special thanks again to the awesome Wubcake for helping out: https://www.youtube.com/user/PinkamenaVA
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Wubcake (10 months ago)
Thanks for having me again! ^^
Josh Brony/train/pilot (10 days ago)
What did you do this time?
tw (12 days ago)
I zap you!
Wubcake you’re the tree right
Funtime Toy Chica (1 month ago)
go away
Paradraw Zombie (1 month ago)
You were perfect.
Dali Ton (3 hours ago)
Sryy i type so much *A glitch*
Dali Ton (3 hours ago)
Dali Ton (3 hours ago)
Dali Ton (3 hours ago)
Cute little birds more like sub little turds OOOOOO
ItzMiraculousMya (9 hours ago)
They said "camping" 20 times, LOL!!!😆😆😆😂😂😂😂
Itz Alpha (10 hours ago)
I-I mean flitter floosh should be: flitter flush
Itz Alpha (10 hours ago)
Itz Alpha (10 hours ago)
It’s time you name fletter floosh, fletter
Harley Gaming (13 hours ago)
Warring this video uses over used word ho and what the hay and the sound effect oooohhh for stupid insults
Grecia Munoz (1 day ago)
chrysilis:yes i got hair too!and Dna
Grecia Munoz (1 day ago)
yeah baby!
*what the hay*
Yay camping *hohohohohoho*
I found the camping. And now I lost he camping again. What the actual hay
maru dally (1 day ago)
da tree part de best in da world
Mr. LegoVids (1 day ago)
It's funny how the mane 6 couldn't say things right
your boi yeet (1 day ago)
To sum this up... " Yay camping! "
silver chaser (2 days ago)
WNDY Gacha lover (2 days ago)
My friend: hey Wen- Me: WHAT DA HAY My friend: uh....what did u watch? Me: what da gay? *GAY*
Wrong name your saying pony
Lexicat Gacha (2 days ago)
“YAY CAMPING” This is how many times they said camping XD / / / V
Glittergalaxy 101 (2 days ago)
Katarzyna Zeganek (2 days ago)
Katarzyna Zeganek (2 days ago)
Filter flush roasts
Fluffy Marshmallow (3 days ago)
This is better than actual MLP
Lunaton YESSS (3 days ago)
Queen Christmas
Sara Presson (3 days ago)
We exsist now
Genexmau (3 days ago)
*DianaTheAltean* (3 days ago)
Bootiful -fans
kazi md salim (3 days ago)
What the fuck
hafizullah sakhi (3 days ago)
I love the trees voce
Hyejin Kang (3 days ago)
*yay camping*
It's so funny!😂
Moist (4 days ago)
*you insulted my camping*
Kitty gatcha girl (4 days ago)
rachie (4 days ago)
Gets bored with the video and switches back to browsing Instagram. Sorry, that's not gonna happen. *I ZAP YOU!* Internet turns off.
UwUthememe (4 days ago)
ARTheartAYLA (4 days ago)
I die of laughter every time i watch these.. WHAT THE HAY
Flitterfloosh Clone is good at roasting
momo-malt-gern ## (4 days ago)
What the hay --> 0:45 1:32 1:37 1:41 1:47 1:57 2:03 2:10 2:28 hohohohohohohoho --> 0:11 0:25 2:24
Tiffany Echternach (5 days ago)
2:38 The "I zap you" of justice!
Cathy Newbi (5 days ago)
*H O H O H O H O H O H O H O H O H O H O H O H O*
The Floofer (5 days ago)
Oh my god. It happened again. “Cute little birds” *my mind* dumb lil’ turds “More like, dumb little turds” o-o
-cookie Queen- ;3 (6 days ago)
I am your haters i hate this video
You can't be plural hater
Hephalump Games (6 days ago)
hhohohohohohooh yay camping
Jordxn (6 days ago)
What the hay
Original Oriel (6 days ago)
I like this more than the original.
Queen Christmas What they hay I zap u
Scribble Paw (8 days ago)
This whole thing had me rolling 😂 when they all were arguing about camping then they all said "what the hay" I died. Lmao
Cheetaspot Aj (9 days ago)
*get me the elements* "Yes queen Christmas" *Hohohohohohohoh*
Gacha Liad (10 days ago)
I like the tree's voice
Hayden Loffarelli (10 days ago)
Soda-chan 509 (10 days ago)
Queen Chrysalis:hohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoh Me:Jesus, Santa!
“We'll take the elements for ourselves lol” “Sorry, that's not going to happen” “Oh no” “I zap you” Tree of harmony is the sassest character ever
crystalRplaysOZ (10 days ago)
*what the **_h a e_*
Teagan Leigh (11 days ago)
Rainbow dish
AxeKillerBoy YT (11 days ago)
✴ xXPeytonXx ✴ (11 days ago)
whAt tHE acTUAl HayY
starbolt (11 days ago)
That one ‘cool’ kid who roasts everybody 0:58
Jacob Sartorius (11 days ago)
cuTE bIrDs, MoRe LikE DUmB LiTtLe TuRDs
Salma Ayman (11 days ago)
What the hay :-(
j j jasmine lol lol (11 days ago)
This is how much I loved this video ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💘❤❤❤❤❤💘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Sis And bro HD (12 days ago)
Is she called queen 👸 Christmas 🎄 because she’s ho ho ho hoing
Yeetpasito (12 days ago)
Can i be upset sugar ;v;
Yeetpasito (12 days ago)
The voice of the element tree is gr8
ViViSenpai ViViChan (12 days ago)
One word. *Flitterfloosh*
Mullins Family (12 days ago)
Ha ha ha ha!😻😻😻😹
Rj Peoples (12 days ago)
Hohohoho it's not even Christmas
Amazement (13 days ago)
Amani Burrison-Weeks (13 days ago)
Ivy Meow Meow (13 days ago)
Dhruv Lepcha (14 days ago)
1:01 to 1:22
Rj Peoples (14 days ago)
So funny Xd 😆
Robert W. (15 days ago)
2:03 " you monster :) "
Oksana Marinchenko (15 days ago)
Is it siri
gloria cusing-bautista (15 days ago)
I like it and the hohohohoho makes me laugh lol
gacha Movies (15 days ago)
Suniyah Miller (15 days ago)
Fluttershy is crying very hard
Edwyn Padilla (15 days ago)
Queen Christmas?
Edwyn Padilla (15 days ago)
How she laughs is like hohohohohohohoho
Isabelle Perfection (15 days ago)
Queen Christmas
midnight plays (15 days ago)
Queen Chrysalis should try out for Santa Claus
Speednight Studios (16 days ago)
*yes queen Christmas* *HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO* Chrysalis quoted, she don't know she wife of santa
Sparkly Donut (16 days ago)
stoplight: i HATE CAMPING
TheFlamingPhoenix Z (17 days ago)
1:06-1:24 those are roasts
Eks Dee (17 days ago)
"Your so bad at flying you make the united airlines look good" Me: OHH!! TAKE THAT BIRDS!! OOH-- *cough* OHHH
Kit Vicious (13 days ago)
Eks Dee actual mood 😹this is better than The original The creators of The true episode: whAT THe hay
Bõbâ UwU (17 days ago)
*"what the hay"* *"what the hay"* *"what the hay"* *"what the hay"* *"what the hay"* *"what the hay"* *"what the hay"*
TheCasualKitsune ! (17 days ago)
And somehow they managed to stay oblivious to all of this.
Rose Shard (18 days ago)
Ultimate I zap you 2:42
Rose Shard (18 days ago)
2:11 what the hay what the hay what the hay
Nga Nguyen (18 days ago)
Nathalia Cardentey (18 days ago)
Camping camping camping camping
Nigel colledge (19 days ago)
VM Sage (19 days ago)
Zhuo Xiaobin (19 days ago)
Zoey G (19 days ago)
Gamer Cartoon (20 days ago)
0:12 she laughs just like santa
Ichiro Araki (20 days ago)
1:02 Flitterfloosh said Cute little birds? More like dumb little turds That is not savage that is bullying.
it's neither savage OR bullying, it is flitterflooshing.

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