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Marketing Minute #010 “Storytelling: YOUR Brand Story" (Brand Strategy) #MarketingMinute

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Why is storytelling so important in marketing? At some level or another, we all want to connect, and stories offer a number of ways that you can connect your brand with your current and potential customers. The stories behind your brands or your products or even your marketing campaigns provide the basis by which people can understand not only your purpose, but the origin of your purpose... in essence, why your brand exists. This means that your brand story is a crucial part of the development of your brand persona. It can bring your brand to life, communicating an ongoing journey that each of your customers can join. Your brand story is a means by which we can connect with you. It’s the human element of what otherwise might be considered only an institutional entity. Because it’s so important, your brand story should tell the journey of how your brand is traveling from where it once was, to the place where it can connect with your customers. So when you communicate your brand story, create space for your customers to join you on your journey. **Subscribe to my channel to make sure that you don't miss the future episodes of Monday's Marketing Minute.
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KING STÂR (1 year ago)
hii sir i wana start ice cream business so how i tell my story plz mentor me
nerded guy (3 months ago)
one year have past and nothing happen

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