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25 AWESOME Things Your Handwriting Says About You - Graphology Secrets Revealed!

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Do you know all the awesome things your handwriting says about you? The study of handwriting - graphology - is an amazing way to learn all about yourself and the secrets of the personality of others. These graphology secrets will give you the power to learn all about someone with just their signature. If you’ve ever wondered what does your handwriting say about you, you HAVE to watch this video! We will give you the fast facts on handwriting analysis that will totally blow your mind. Try this video as a graphology test to learn the graphology secrets that you want to know. Get ready to be amazed with these 25 Awesome Things Your Handwriting Says About you. If you want to learn what your handwriting says about you, then this video is a smart place to start. If you right big or small that says something about your personality! Similarly, if your handwriting slants to the left than that reveals deep personality secrets. If you write in cursive there are even more lurking in your handwriting that graphology can reveal. Pay attention to the loops in your cursive and the points on your cursive letters - this is where many of the handwriting secrets can hide. Ready to learn something new? Watch this video to learn 25 amazing things about handwriting and leave us a comment letting us know what you think about graphology! Full List, Photo Credits, and Sources: https://list25.com/25-awesome-things-your-handwriting-says-about-you/ SUBSCRIBE - http://bit.ly/2uwq6BJ Follow us on: List25 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/list25 List25 Instagram: https://instagram.com/list25/ List25 Twitter - https://twitter.com/list25 List25 Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/list25/ See more Top 25 lists on our website: http://list25.com The handwriting of you and those your know is hiding tons of secrets that you can unlock with these graphology tips! Write something down and check out your handwriting styles and what they say about you or your friends. Have wide e loops? Seems like you’re open minded and like to try new things. Have a big and loopy l, then your handwriting says you’re relaxed and spontaneous! If you have a ton of pressure on your pen when you write, that also says something about you - and it’s not what you think! If you think the space between your letters and words is not important, then you’re wrong. Just as important as the letters you write is the space in between those letters - too much space means you could be pushing people away. Want to catch someone in a lie? Try these graphology secrets to catch even the best liar! Get ready to learn something new and see what graphology secrets are in our top 10. If you enjoyed our video, you’ll enjoy these List25 videos as well: 25 Ways to Tell if Someone is Lying to You - https://youtu.be/YAwkChIa7FI 25 Things You Didn’t Know Could Be Hacked - https://youtu.be/NJy4XTKhw_w
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Text Comments (512)
Lena Pajak (6 days ago)
My handwriting is a mixture of all of these
Ayush Satyam (8 days ago)
I have multiple hand writings. I write differently on each page.
Stella O (9 days ago)
So, what if a left-handed person was tortured to and are writing with their right hand now despite their instinctive left handedness. In this case do all theories go out of the window? I personally was made into a right handed... Buy only for writing. As a result, my handwriting was all over the place during my school years. I was sticking to a style of writing for some time and soon giving it up for another. As an adult I have adopted letters and numbers I have seen others do and Luke them, but I surely not have my personal style! By the way... Knives, scissors, all tools - I always use my stronger left hand.
Kay Young (9 days ago)
people like me who are left handed write with as left slant.
Arderl John Manabat (11 days ago)
teacher should educate children regarding the writing of the students.
Dorothy Cooper (12 days ago)
Cool! I found out I'm a schizophrenic introvert!
Kefale Alemu (12 days ago)
Poo Poo Head (13 days ago)
write on!!!!!
Bill Williams (14 days ago)
What does it mean if you switch between printing and cursive in the middle of a word?
Pancake Batter (15 days ago)
I have *confident* chicken scratch. 😁
Asj Johnson (16 days ago)
wait, what? Schizophrenia? I thought varying tilt would mean adaptable or something? (although, I've found out I can make easy italicized letters by tilting the page I'm writing on, so which way my letters slant probably depends on what angle I'm writing on the page.)
Marisol Huerta (19 days ago)
My handwriting says I’m a total fucken psycho ... which is weird because I rescue animals, president of the PTA, and volunteer at the hospital 🤔
crazyrvlady (21 days ago)
The biggest problem w/ graphology is the lack of inclusion of physical variables. Someone w/ arthritis or beginnings of carpal tunnel have changes in their writing. Someone like me a Dyslexic, have all sorts of weird additions, and slants to their writing. We also write big in mixed messy cursive style. Unlined paper is our kryptonite. Just a few thoughts on the topic.
Emily Riley (21 days ago)
My handwriting says that I might have schizophrenia so that’s fun.
Helen Pierce-Lamoureux (23 days ago)
I don't know what my handwriting says, but You're cute!
J D (24 days ago)
This sounds about as accurate as palm reading.
#Shabby Girl (26 days ago)
I have fibromyalgia and my handwriting says ouch!!!
the only one I disagree with is the cross in a t. Everything else was spot-on
MandM Rocks (30 days ago)
I don’t dot my i What does that mean?
Christopher Heathcote (1 month ago)
My Physics teacher told me someone could tell a lot from my handwriting. I used to shade in the complete circles and shapes my writing created. Any idea what that means?
FTL (1 month ago)
Seems like i'm bipolar now
Eric Erickson (1 month ago)
My writing, at least my signature suggests I should be an MD
Baek's smile, My life (1 month ago)
Why does this all graphology is wrong abt me ...😂
Your video is great and contains a lot of new interesting facts but I've missed a bunch of them because I didn't really got what you meant I wished it would have been clearer for retarded people like me 😂😂 Thank you soo much !!
Reese Roberts (1 month ago)
Beg to differ about the signature being a mess when the handwriting is otherwise normal. As a manager I had to sign an initial hundreds of documents every day. Over time my signature and initials became completely unreadable due to efficiency AND it made my signature nearly impossible to forge. So, not stressed, hiding something, etc. Just being efficient and security conscious. 🎅🤶
Mary Riley (1 month ago)
Apparently my handwriting is pretty ordinary. With kids not being given cursive writing class in school these days and everyone emailing instead of writing letters, as I do, myself, it's a wonder everyone's handwriting isn't schizo.
Jody Sanders (1 month ago)
I use all capital letters,so I can read what I wrote at a later time.
Matilde Zelaya (1 month ago)
OMG, I have high blood pressure.
Michelle Pepsi (1 month ago)
I don't dot my i
Bonne Parker (1 month ago)
I'm a freaking schizoid. I'm a very outgoing person who is lefthanded , as well.
Chromium Animations (1 month ago)
My handwriting is like cursive, but it does not connect, AKA Monotype Corsiva.
Anastasia Ch (1 month ago)
My L looks like an oversized e 😂
Andre Arthur (1 month ago)
4:11 “... you’re either unstable, or an unskilled writer” hahahahaha I’m surely the second one...
George Robins (1 month ago)
My handwriting shifts from slanting left to slanting right in the middle of a word... Shit. Schizophrenia runs in the family. Well then. I do have D.I.D. tho so it might be related to that, since each of my personalities writes slightly differently.
J Bonaroti (1 day ago)
George Robins 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Qayam Patel (1 month ago)
Prophet Muhammad(saws) and imam Ali imam jafar sadeq said 1400 year ago :The Handwriting of Man is symbol of intellect and Merit..........this is bad luck of Muslims who gave up knowledge of ahlebait......and going to school of Munafiq SAHABA and becoming terrorists.
Howzer The man (1 month ago)
Graphologie is a load of bullshit
KeswickCamp08 (2 months ago)
my signature (lets say in a store on the card reader, not when signing a document) is extremely sloppy because Im often extremely anxious in and trying to rush
KeswickCamp08 (2 months ago)
I write 2's with a loop because when I was in first grade my teacher was mean to me and when I made a normal 2 she said "What is THAT supposed to be??" when i said "Its a 2" she said "No its not! THIS is a 2, are you stupid?" and did the loop thing. 17 years later i still make my 2's with a loop.
BAM 24 (1 month ago)
Teachers suck. Ive had sooooo many teachers just like the one u had. Still, decades later suffering from the mental shit they caused.
KeswickCamp08 (2 months ago)
"Youre iether unstable... or an unskilled writer" lmao
Vincent Chak San Li (2 months ago)
The capital letter I is god damn accurate. My paternal loop is very small, Because I never met my father.
MsMinoula (2 months ago)
My parents have very similar handwriting. Mostly cursive, though some letters might slip. I have seen a note that my father wrote, my mother replied and I thought my father was getting a brain damage, answering to himself. Plot twist: they didn't even get along back then. Also, I share a lot of similarities with my parents' handwriting but we are extremely different people. My brother, on the other hand, writes totally differently. However, he does have pretty much the same job as our father. So really, I don't see how can graphology can help with understanding someone.
Flower (2 months ago)
6:49 what does this mean ? That it varies between hard and light, or that it is consistently inbetween hard and light ? Thanks
Harold Hart (2 months ago)
Marcia Doyle (2 months ago)
Interesting. My hand writing is a mix of printing and cursive and yes I’m pretty relaxed. However I find as I get older, my writing is more and more like my mother’s and she is an extrovert of the highest order and I’m a classic introvert. I tend to write the way I’ve been told to write and that depended on which state school I attended at that time. NSW I had to print a number 2 as you see it typed here, but in Tasmania I had to use a loop. Victoria didn’t much care about numbers but they hated my Tasmanian style of cursive script and insisted I change it to something between that of NSW and Tassie. My hand writing literally seems to scribble all over the place.
Kaizen Jhayzie Okamoto (2 months ago)
I researched about graphology a lot and I tried it with my friends(I did it with the whole group) and we found a side of our friends we never knew about. All of the things I told them(that I didn’t know about them) were correct
Chinesegirl (2 months ago)
I was lucky enough to have learned cursive back in 3rd grade. I moved to a different state where the school was less advanced academically. I had an 8th grade spanish teacher that required our answers to be in cursive. Many lacked the skills to do so and was frustrated that he was the only teacher who required that. Along the lines of learning cursive in 3rd grade, I also developed my fast typing skills. This time, IL did require students to take a class in that but still they were academically behind considering that I exceeded the tests back in 3rd. Now I don't think they even have those classes anymore as a requirement. I enter college and I see people who will type slow or with two fingers or with just one hand
Mariana Castelan (2 months ago)
I'm a fucking procrastinator 😤 it's true
Cole Thompson (2 months ago)
It was slightly accurate or I have no clue who I am.
Avieshek Rajkhowa (2 months ago)
But I don't write in cursive?
r v (2 months ago)
I'm relaxed
Barbie (2 months ago)
Jasmin (2 months ago)
Until 6 grad they forced us to right cursive and the last 3 years it was forbidden (different school) so my handwriting is a mix of both
afrikaz3m (2 months ago)
My handwriting reveals I have herpes.
Steve Abbott (2 months ago)
I’m 64 and my hands are shaky...bite me!
Lola M. (2 months ago)
I do not recognize my writing anymore since I’ve been using a keyboard for the past few years...
jo son (2 months ago)
Maybe IRS are hiring graphologist to CHECKS on who are CHEATERS !.
Rebecca Blogs (2 months ago)
With less and less writing, how can we find out someone's personality
peekeyeseek (2 months ago)
But most folk text and type
Nao Wright (2 months ago)
Makes sense. My son has almost no ambition and his 's' has almost no point. My hand writing has changed from being open to being more closed since I was married, and that is what has happened to me. Because of the fact his family is rather critical in their judgements I have become more closed and reserved in my communication. My 'I' has always been rather large and that bothered me until now. I have always had a good relationship with my mom and dad.
Lisa Lentile (2 months ago)
Combination of print and cursive also big and loopy
YASNA RAD (2 months ago)
You said that if the dot of the letter i is on the left the person is procrastinator but in an other video i heard exactly if the dot is on the right the person is like that😐
Alec Noah (2 months ago)
This is just a horoscope for handwriting.
Patience Tarron (2 months ago)
Correct to a t, which is hilarious because I rarely hold credence to things like this unless they are exactly correct.
Neelufar Khan (2 months ago)
heheh i can't keep secret thats true🤣😂
list25 (2 months ago)
Note to self: Never tell Neelufar any secrets. LoL
JP Lloyd (2 months ago)
On the money!
Brigette 5280 (2 months ago)
My writing never looks the same. What does that mean? I’m probably unstable.....
Redgze Dhenz De Guzman (2 months ago)
you're right about everything what is discussed here... got it! ;-)
Dennis Ovahn (2 months ago)
My handwriting changed after I got married..
John D. Dodson (2 months ago)
If you write in cursive it means you're old
Alex Alestareon (2 months ago)
I don't think I'm normal but my hand writing says so... I have a mix of cursive and print and it's slightly illegible. Maybe that's where I can get away with being a weirdo
Alex Alestareon (2 months ago)
Don't have determination to cross the full length of that t
Anna E (2 months ago)
I have open a’s and O’s but I’m great at keeping secrets
Alona Linda (2 months ago)
Felt as it is almost exact match 😊
_fxreflyxl_ (2 months ago)
oh dear
MaryAnn Brackman (3 months ago)
Oh yes, right on target. I've noticed people who have their writing examined are usually found to be pretty much as their writing says they are.
Adesh Rai (3 months ago)
My writting is so messy😂. Each of my alphabet figure shape changes😂 need sometime to figure out what i have written
Patricia Dunn (3 months ago)
Graphology is a science in the same way psychology in general is a science. You can't measure depression or attachment disorder but we diagnose people with these maladaptive conditions every day. In the case of graphology, we actually do use precise measurements for height, width and slant. Document Examiners testify in court every day and that most often includes the traits and tendencies in a handwriting sample. It takes years and years of study and practice to master this science/art (again, like psychology and often medicine it is both.) It's a pretty strong position to take in saying: "...take it with a grain of salt." Perhaps a better way to say it is to weigh it in with the balance of all other evidence. Remember that it is the brain that is doing the writing. The hand is just an extension of that. As graphologists, we are looking at how a person deviates from the letter forms learned in school. Do they elaborate on them or simplify them? If so, in what ways? Many of these tendencies are measurable. Also, not all traits and tendencies carry the same "weight" in an analysis. Also, it's important to know where a person was taught. Worldwide there are many copybook systems for cursive. Graphology is fascinating and uncannily accurate but it is very specific and very complex and many things must be taken into account when analyzing a sample.
Soumen Sinha (1 month ago)
I agree with you. I have studied graphology, but not practicing. Yes it is a science as psychology. I can argue against many comments but to understand many of the points one should have some basic idea about handwriting.
Patricia Dunn (1 month ago)
+Charlie Espaillat The school I learned from is no longer in business. I'm sure that if you do some research online, you'll find some good ones! Best of luck!
Charlie Espaillat (1 month ago)
I appreciate this comment! Many are just saying "this is useless" despite his disclaimer (to the extent I wonder if it was added later or they are just jumping the gun) Any suggestions on a reputable source to start learning about it from?
Dah Butter Asian (3 months ago)
scdriver007 (3 months ago)
My handwriting varys on which magazines i cut the letters out of
a snacc (1 day ago)
scdriver007 lmao
Vixen mom (3 months ago)
You sound sick???
David Morris (3 months ago)
How about, like me, if you start large and tidy but gradually shift to tiny and only legible to oneself?
Anabela (3 months ago)
very interesting! only thing I want to know is what it means if I put hearts on my i's 😂
Laika (3 months ago)
Plot twist; I dont dot my i's at all
Carla Lowe (3 months ago)
You nailed me!
EUNICE PARK (3 months ago)
What if i have 2 handwritings...? I use one when drafting and one for assingments to hand in.
Ja Boi (3 months ago)
In most videos of this topic they say that my handwriting is manipulative and I’m organized ?
Donna Johnson (3 months ago)
Wish you’d done more on ‘non joined up’ writing.
elmohead (3 months ago)
I used to be the center of any parties. People love me. But ever since that buzz saw accident at the timber mill, I no longer have a personality.
Laurie Miller (3 months ago)
Apparently, I’m a schizophrenic psychopath with violent tendencies. Good thing I don’t deal with many people. I only babysit for infants.
James Edmonds (3 months ago)
Handwriting analysis is a fake science. It means nothing.
Elaine Merrill (3 months ago)
I cuss, and am sarcastic, avoid commitment, I have sloppy hand writing... Genius skills, plus cat lady
neon williams (3 months ago)
I seem to have quite a few of these styles; I have quite a few fonts depending on the time of day...so I don't really know what I am lol
Jerry Gautier (3 months ago)
Well My signature doesn't look like my handwriting, which I write fast and looks like a scribble because I started doing that in the Army because you have to sign your name so much that it is just making your mark on the paper you signed because you are being rushed. I see a lot of military with similar signatures.
Debb Stanton (2 months ago)
And doctors! And now even I use just a scribble on those funky boxes the delivery guys make you sign - my handwriting on them or at grocery stores is never good!
Viking Ghost 117 (3 months ago)
Wtf is cursive! j/k... but seriously... haven't touched cursive other than for my signature... what's that mean.... What if I don't write... what if I type in 12 pt. Times New Roman font?
Debb Stanton (2 months ago)
Font doesn't matter because you as the creator of your document or whatever you're typing, gets to decide what looks best to you for your project. :)
Paul Davenport (3 months ago)
I stopped writing at all. Am I dead, dreaming or need help?
Davina Test (3 months ago)
What does this say about doctors writing ? They are notorious for writing illegibly
jen (3 months ago)
my handwriting is tiny and all my teachers get mad at me bc they can't read it but i legit cannot write big
53shades (3 months ago)
i wrote ungodly microscopic in middle school bc i did not get along with my english teacher and it pissed her tf off
Nidhi Chauhan (3 months ago)
My father has schizophrenia and his writing is perfectly slanted all the time... Hehe so that one is wrong
helen rodriguez (3 months ago)
Zzinteresting analysis need to hear more

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